Barry the Fish with Fingers

Barry the Fish with Fingers Life under the sea can be as dull as dishwater until Barry arrives that is See Barry is no ordinary fish he s a fish with fingers And fingers mean finger puppets finger painting knitting countin

  • Title: Barry the Fish with Fingers
  • Author: Sue Hendra
  • ISBN: 9780375958946
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Life under the sea can be as dull as dishwater, until Barry arrives, that is See, Barry is no ordinary fish he s a fish with fingers And fingers mean finger puppets, finger painting, knitting, counting to ten, tickling, and all sorts of fun things It isn t long before all of the other fish want fingers, too Life under the sea will never be the same again SueLife under the sea can be as dull as dishwater, until Barry arrives, that is See, Barry is no ordinary fish he s a fish with fingers And fingers mean finger puppets, finger painting, knitting, counting to ten, tickling, and all sorts of fun things It isn t long before all of the other fish want fingers, too Life under the sea will never be the same again Sue Hendra s hilarious text and bright, bold, colorful art will have youngsters begging to read this story again and again From the Hardcover edition.
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      325 Sue Hendra
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    • Lucy Banks says:

      A firm favourite of ours! We love the bright, bold illustrations, and the storyline is hilarious. Just the fact that he has 'fish fingers' on his 'hands' makes me chuckle!

    • Sita_belen says:

      Fantástico.Ya os dije que este curso tengo que enseñar a leer a mis alumnos antes de compartir nuevas historias con ellos, pero eso no quiere decir que no veamos bonitos cuentos en clase.Llevo varios días buscando algún cuento motivador para contarles en estos primeros dias y este me ha enamorado. La historia es genial y las ilustraciones no pueden ser más bonitastienen colores muy llamativos y se pueden trabajar muchos contenidos a través de sus dibujos (la vida en el mar, las caracterís [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      This is a great read-aloud for little ones for the following reasons:1. It's funny.2. Not a lot of text per page. Most of the time it's a single sentence.3. Simplistic (but great) illustrations.4. Wonderful bold and bright colors.5. 3 and 4 make seeing easier for the kids in the back.6. Friendly characters who do things children love.7. It's funny.8. A great twisted end. Most adults will have guessed it and most little kids won't make the connection but I still found it wonderfully subversive.

    • Emily says:

      Adorable and twisted. And depicts what a bunch of fish doing "jazz hands" would look like.

    • Baby Bookworm says:

      This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, everyone! Our book today is Barry, The Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra, a fun and silly story about a very unique fish.Life can be sort of humdrum in the ocean. Sure, all the fish look different, but their fishy lives are a bit dull. That is, until Barry arrives. Barry is a fish – with FINGERS! Barry can use his unique appendages to do all sorts of interesting things, even save lives! [...]

    • Heather says:

      Barry is a fish with fingers. He arrives at a new place in the sea and instantly becomes the favourite fish of the area. Unfortunately another fish, who used to be the star attraction, is pushed to the side.The new fish welcomes the attention he is getting, and doesn't think about how it may have affected others around him. It is only when the other fish (who used to be the most popular) is in danger, that things are put into perspective. Barry realises that he has made the other fish sad by sho [...]

    • Meredith says:

      Was all set to add to my ocean life fact/fiction unit until I got to the end. I did suspect from the illustrations that I might know where Barry got his fingers unfortunately, it's a very British term that won't translate to my PreK. Also, it's like us wearing ground-up people on our hands. Ew.

    • Jennifer Mitchell says:

      What, do you find yourself asking, would a fish with fingers do?Oh, so many things knit sweaters, play the piano, save lives.

    • Jill says:

      I just can't decide about this one. The story is cute, the pictures are cute, but. Barry's fingers are fish sticks. And at the end, all the fish end up with fish stick fingers. It's so weird. I wanted to see what other readers thought about this one and it seems like a few felt like I did, but many more seemed to enjoy it, so I will include it in the Fish-themed storytime kit (but only because we already have it--I wouldn't purchase it) and let those that use it decide if they want to use this b [...]

    • Vicki says:

      A good book to show children the importance of using your fingers. Colorful pictures with cute expressions on the sea creatures faces.The only "weird" thing is that the fingers of the fish are "fish" sticks-um cannibalism?? Glad the children didn't pick up on this. :)

    • Katy says:

      This is creepy and weird and I'm kind of into it.

    • Lorna says:

      It's nice how the fish uses its oddity to save the day and eventually make friends but I'm not too sure of the concept of a fish with fingers the children seemed to enjoy it though!

    • Rainey says:

      So weird and wonderful.

    • Carrie Mortleman says:

      Love this book so much and my kids and also the kids I teach adore it too (3-6yr olds).Great illustration.Lovely story.And we have the edition with sparkles which is awesome!

    • Hannah says:

      Barry is a different fish because he has fingers. He can do several things that other fish can't do, like finger painting and finger puppets. Do the other fish want fingers, too?

    • Adam Nickson says:

      Barry the Fish with FingersAn excellent picture book, nice illustrations and a lovely little story about friendship and sharing.Scarlett (aged 5) gave it 5 stars.Poppy (aged 3) gave it 4 stars.

    • Pop Bop says:

      He's a Fish; He Has Fingers; He Has Fish FingersThis is a cheerful book with a clearly expressed but not heavy-handed message. (MILD SPOILER, BUT I'LL TRUST YOU NOT TO TELL ANY KIDS.) When Barry shows up with his swell fingers it steals the limelight from Puffy, the big-bubble-blowing fish, who gets all envious and mopey. Barry has fun showing off his fingers to the delight of the fishy crowd, and then an exciting event leads him to a reconciliation with the bubble-blower. The ending is a partic [...]

    • Alison says:

      Sue Hendra’s story Barry the fish with fingers is a brilliant read for children and adults of all ages. It is about a fish that come to see a show by the puffer fish that could blow brilliant bubbles. The other fish realised that Barry had fingers and was amazed by him. Barry explains all of the things he can do with his fingers such as finger painting, wearing puppets and being able to tickle all of the other fish. However Puffy didn’t want to join in the games that Barry was playing with t [...]

    • Bilsen Ibrahim says:

      A bright, sparkly picture book great to read out aloud to young children. When Barry makes an appearance deep in the Ocean, all the sea animals gather to meet him. But wait a minute, what’s that? FINGERS! Barry is a fish with shiny fingers! How amazing! Well, everyone except Puffy is amazed. Having stolen his ‘limelight’ Puffy is not fond of this ‘amazing’ fish Barry. That is until one day when Puffy finds his fate lies in Barry’s use of his fingers…Can Barry save Puffy? I read thi [...]

    • Nikki says:

      This is a fun story that younger children will really enjoy. It is all about Barry, a fish who has fingers. The story centres on Barry and another fish, Puffy, who blows bubbles and gets very jealous of the attention Barry and his fingers receive. One day Barry is able to save Puffy from being squashed by a chest that has fell into the ocean by pointing. The fish then become friends.This story touches upon friendship and jealousy so is a good activity to start a phse lesson or circle time activi [...]

    • Lisa Walshe says:

      Could anything be more exciting than a bright blue fish that can talk? How about a bright blue fish that can talk and has FISH FINGERS for fingers?This is a very funny and charming story that explores the concept of being happy with what you have got! Barry the fish shows us how being different is a good thing! He makes friends with all the other fish who celebrate their differences and demonstrates how working together is better for everyone. I have read this to my year one class at story time [...]

    • Luthfayah says:

      An amazing story book that was read to a reception class. They absolutely loved the suspense about whether Barry was going to save Puffy. Puffy seemed to dislike Barry because everyone wanted to know about him. Children wanted to touch his golden, shiny fingers, it lead to children led discussions about friendship and how important it is to help others, linked to PSED and Communication and Language in the EYFS. The book can be used for Maths (counting the fish/fingers), The children came up with [...]

    • Jeanine says:

      Barry the Fish with Fingers by Sue Hendra is a picture book delight! Throughout the entire book there is visual literacy. However, my favorite scene are the examples of what he can accomplish with fingers. The illustration of the fingers is another treat! Children will have a fun guessing what his fingers could be, and when they find out what they are (fish sticks), I can only imagine the concerned faces and interesting conversations. When it is finally revealed how he gained his fingers, an und [...]

    • Hugh Stuart says:

      Barry is no ordinary fish. You see, Barry has fish fingers for fingers. He can also talk, obviously. It's a lovely story about making the best of the special talents and abilities you are born with. Barry demonstrates that we are all different but if we work together we can achieve more than if we work alone. It's also about forming a band with other fish and having fish fingers for fingers. I read this to my two year old niece and she loved it but I think it would be best used with either a Rec [...]

    • Natalie says:

      I was trying to decide if I wanted to share this with a visiting Kindergarten class next month, when a coworker pointed out how gross it was that Barry "the fish with fingers" had fingers that were actually made out of fish. How did I miss that the first time I read it? I realized they were fish sticks, but DUDE, what if I had like a hat made of human skin? That would not fly. I'm totally going to read it to them regardless of the creepy creep facotr because the OMG FINGERPUPPETS!! page is price [...]

    • Renee says:

      Summary: Barry is a fish with wonderful orange fingers. He helps the other fish who are bored by entertaining him with all the fun things he can do with his fingers. Most importantly, he saves their lives by pointing at a large box that is falling to the ocean floor, almost crushing them. At the end, the box ends up containg fish fingers for all his friends (fish sticks!). Now all the fish are happy and entertained by having fish fingers. Funny book that I'd like to try at story time. Story Time [...]

    • Ina says:

      Barry the fish stands out among all the other fish in the sea, because he has fingers! He shows the rest of the undersea world all the things that fingers can do, through brightly colored illustrations and simple text. His story is filled with humor that had my storytime giggling non-stop. Even the end pages are beautifully illustrated with all sorts of colorful fish - who on the end pages all have fingers.

    • Melanie says:

      Huh, well, okThis book is getting positive reviews. Guess it just isn't my style. Barry, a fish, shows up with fingers and solves all the other fish problems with boredom by showing them what all can be done with fish "fingers." When all the fish decide they want fingers, lo and behold, a box of "fish-fingers" shows up. Literally, fish fingers, as in the ones kids eat for lunch. The fish are all excited; I would of thought they'd be a little horrified. But guess not

    • Lisa Overberg says:

      Very colorful picture book that deals with the theme of jealousy and realizing we should appreciate everyone's special gifts. Barry is a fish with special fingers who can do things other fish can't (like tickle and play the piano). Puffy becomes jealous of Barry, as he usurps him from his popular spot among the fish, but soon comes to be friends with Barry after his life is saved by Barry pointing out the danger with his very special fingers.Grade level:K-2Reading level:3.2Lexile:200L

    • Amy Brown says:

      Cute graphics; but, I'm really annoyed that there was such an obvious typo in the text. The fish say they are all bored and Barry replies "Well, prepared to be un-bored" You mean "PREPARE to be un-bored?!"Yuk! It's a picture book. Not much proofing was required. Beyond that, the story was okay.

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