My Mom's Having a Baby!: A Kid's Month-By-Month Guide to Pregnancy

My Mom s Having a Baby A Kid s Month By Month Guide to Pregnancy Elizabeth s mom is having a baby and the whole family is involved Elizabeth learns all about the baby s development and she traces his growth month by month This charming book gently answers all so

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  • Title: My Mom's Having a Baby!: A Kid's Month-By-Month Guide to Pregnancy
  • Author: Dori Hillestad Butler
  • ISBN: 9780807553442
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elizabeth s mom is having a baby, and the whole family is involved Elizabeth learns all about the baby s development, and she traces his growth, month by month This charming book gently answers all sorts of questions any sibling to be may have Full color.
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      221 Dori Hillestad Butler
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      Posted by:Dori Hillestad Butler
      Published :2019-08-25T22:34:55+00:00

    560 Comment

    • Meagan says:

      If you could see me right now, you would see a completely exasperated person. And here's why:There is no reason that this book should be challenged. It's a little bit stupid, sure. It's a weird combination of simple and specific. (What kid who reads basic picture books needs to know the words " Fallopian tubes?") And yes, get ready to clutch your pearls because there are some very non-detailed and cartoony illustrations of naked people. I'll wait for you to wake up from faintingSo, yeah. Screw y [...]

    • Erin says:

      Huh.I picked this up because it was on the top ten most frequently challenged books list of 2011(when will you people learn? The only reason I read this is because you tried to ban it. If you don’t want anyone else to read it, never speak of it again!)The book is told from the point of view of Elizabeth, whose mom is having a baby. Let’s look at the reasons for the attempted banning: nudity, sex education, sexually explicit, and unsuited to age group.Nudity: check. Well, I was surprised too, [...]

    • Janis says:

      This book was on the news last week for being too graphic for children. So, I thought I'd check it out. Maybe I'm not horrified because now all my kids are old enough to know about all this, but I thought it was tastefully done and informative. There are a few pages with 'diagrams' of body parts and such, but they are not overly graphic which is perfect for kids. I will agree that this book is probably not appropriate for children under 5-6 years, but entirely appropriate as a tool for teaching [...]

    • Amara says:

      Straight forward. No-nonsense. No religious miracles. This book pulls no punches and is very detailed. Children can definitely hear fallopian tube, cervix, uterus, etc. Those words aren't too big. Don't be parents that hold your children back. I'm amused that people are upset that "sex education" is included. First off, that isn't sex education. That's how babies are made. Sex education includes talks about STD, sexuality, sexual health, pregnancy prevention, and self-confidence and respect. Sec [...]

    • Amber says:

      Really? A banned book? Not that big of a deal people. The proper names are penis, vagina, testicles, and sperm. I would rather have my children know the proper names than call it all by some ridiculous term. Nudity? Far from it. This isn't some soft porn. I thought it was tastefully done with correct information, the way children should be taught.

    • Kit Feral says:

      I do not agree with this being banned. (I don't really agree with ANY book being banned, though.)I happily read this to my 3.5 year olds and almost 2 year old. They're pretty desperate for a sibling and are pretty interested in how that happens. I don't think much of this was news to them, we've discussed it all in detail before. The only issue in this house is the twins always get confused about someone having "only one baby?!" and while I have explained vaginal birth to them in depth they know [...]

    • Air says:

      This was a very cute informative book. The story takes place over the length of the mothers pregnancy and each step is explained in such a way that even if this is a first encounter with the facts of life, they will understand. I put a hold on a couple of books at our library for #BannedBookWeek2017 , but they didn't all come in, in time for me to read them during the week. I am still going to count them towards #BannedBookWeek though, because they deserve the credit!

    • Emma says:

      This book is very informational on the process of a baby. It might be a little too much information for early learners.

    • Suedlana Askharia says:

      My Mom's Having a Baby is known for being on the Challenged/Banned booklist and I can definitely see why. This story is told through a little girl named Elizabeth whose mother is pregnant. Elizabeth gives month to month updates about how her unborn sibling is growing in her mother's uterus. She also describes in detail the process of how babies are made. The reasons listed for banning this book is because of sexuality, a couple of nude (cartoon) pictures, and they find it not to be age approprai [...]

    • Maureen says:

      As most reviewers wrote, I picked this up because it was a banned book and I wanted to see what all the noise was about. Overall, I think this story is well-written and uses all of the appropriate terms for body parts. I like how it goes month by month to show the development and growth of Elizabeth's brother or sister. The book contains many well-drawn and detailed illustrations that will help a child understand how a baby grows.However, I don't think this book is age-appropriate. I felt like t [...]

    • Samantha Hughes says:

      I was actually shocked at the amount of detail this book goes through. I do not agree with most banned books in school's; however, I do agree that this one is way over the top. According to the reading level and illustrations you would think this book would be for elementary school age kids. I thought it was okay at first. It goes through the different stages of pregnancy in a very elementary science way which is fine but then goes into the details of where sperm and eggs come from and even how [...]

    • S Collins says:

      Butler, D. H. (2005). My Mom’s Having A Baby! Morton Grove, Ill.: Albert Whitman & Co.Starred review School Library Journal 2005Concept Book This is a sweet book about a little girl named Elizabeth, who just learned she is going to be a big sister. In all of her excitement, she asks many questions of her mother about the process. This book takes the reader along the nine-month journey as her mother accurately answers questions about reproduction and the developing baby. The illustrations a [...]

    • Sharlet Mullen says:

      This book is on the banned book as of 2012, after reading this story and just paging through the book I understand why. There is nudity, sex education through out, sexually explicit pictures, and unsuited to age group pictures portray. At first glance of the cover I would think this is a story to tell a sibling about what to expect while mom is pregnant and help prepare a child for the upcoming new arrival of a baby. As I turned to the second page I saw a magnified picture of a fetus in a mother [...]

    • Shelly says:

      Well, I don't usually pay attention to drama so I knew nothing about the hoopla this book caused. My daughter grabbed it at the library so we started reading it. Because she is 4, I wasn't ready for the information this book has in it. I'm glad the book is out there, but I wish I had known what I was getting into. My daughter immediately caught that I was editing what I was reading. LOL. Anyway, I really liked the parts about getting ready for the baby. The sections about how babies are made was [...]

    • Anna says:

      I guess this book is frequently challenged/banned.Make sure you read this yourself first, to decide if you and your child are ready for it, and if you want to skip some parts! Sex education in a straightforward way for young children. I definitely skipped parts for my almost-4 year old. But he was fascinated with the parts I did read. He likes learning about how he developed, how he grew as a baby inside his mama.

    • Josie says:

      I have a four year old that I wouldnt let look at the photos or even read this to her. The photos were not for her age group and the words were not right either. I wouldnt read this to my four year old and I think it's better for when you talk about sex to your child when they are older. This book was in the children area. Where my daughter could find it so easy. I even heard of a mom going on the news about this book and was upset about the book being in the children area.

    • Maura says:

      I thought this was tastefully done and I didn't find the graphics too detailed or offensive. I think this book was well done and makes pregnancy and everything leading up to it understandable and accessible to kids. If you don't think you're kids are ready for it or you don't want them to see the pictures, there are other books to be used. The existence of this book gives parents options, which I'm sure everyone appreciates.

    • Mary Ann says:

      This is conversational in tone, telling the story of a little girl who's mom is having a baby. It goes month by month about the baby's development. It's a different focus from It's Not the Stork - this follows a baby, and so introduces sex that way. The book by Harris really starts with what are our bodies like, and so focuses on the child more.

    • Wayne says:

      I saw this on a top banned books list and almost hoped I would find something to justify it. Nope. It just explains to children where babies come from. It has some diagrams, but nothing that children haven't seen already. Anybody that is surprised by this didn't really pay attention to the title. I don't have a problem with any children reading this book with their parents.

    • Jessie Horcher says:

      This book had a very graphic and honest description of pregnancy. I think it would be useful for a family trying to explain this information, but would not be appropriate for school. I think some of the concepts could be understood by elementary school but middle school students would understand the information the best. It is a banned book.

    • Mary says:

      This is a wonderful non-fiction account of what it is like to have a baby, written in accessible language to children. I liked how everything was discussed using the real words and not glossed over. If a young child is welcoming a new baby brother or sister, this would be a great way to explain the process!

    • Bexa says:

      Read for banned book week. Well written in terms of having a parent introduce their child to the world of sex and pregnancy. Not a fan of the artwork, but that's a person preference. While written for younger audience, should be read with a parent.

    • Miri says:

      Excellent description of the whole process of pregnancy. Very straightforward (which is, of course, why it's on the banned books list). Starts at four weeks and goes through delivery.mirishorten.tumblr/post/10

    • Tricia says:

      girls loved the bookgoes month to month of mom's pregnancy from perspective of the older sister. had to skip a couple of pages due to pretty graphic illustrations that preschoolers may not be ready to digest. non-fiction book, not picture book.

    • Ashley Jenkins says:

      Read what I could find of this book online. In my opinion it was not appropriate for children--way to anatomically descriptive

    • Cara says:

      Good book for private use if you want your child to know all the details of conception and birth.

    • Peggy says:

      Yup, definately the book to check out if you want to teach your kids the real story about having a baby. I just wanted to see why one library was asked to ban the book.

    • ♡ Kristina says:

      Banned Books 2011Reasons: nudity; sex education; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group

    • Trish says:

      I think that this book does a great job of explaining a woman having a baby. The illustrations aren't graphic and it answers all most all of the questions a child would have.

    • Alyssa Overstreet says:

      A little graphic

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