The Zoo

The Zoo An ordinary trip to the zoo turns out to be extraordinary as an imaginative fun filled animal adventure takes hold of a little girl Meanwhile her poor beleaguered parents experience an adventure of

  • Title: The Zoo
  • Author: Suzy Lee
  • ISBN: 9781933605289
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An ordinary trip to the zoo turns out to be extraordinary as an imaginative, fun filled, animal adventure takes hold of a little girl Meanwhile, her poor beleaguered parents experience an adventure of their own It s a trip youngest animal lovers and dreamers will want to take again and again.
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      159 Suzy Lee
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    • David Schaafsma says:

      This is my fourth and fave Suzy Lee picture book, and the first with words, though these are happily few, narrated by a little girl whose experience of the trip to the zoo with her parents is very different than theirs. Spoiler alert: she gets lost, which for her parents is of course terrifying, but for her is an imaginative opportunity to experience connections with the animals. It's a fantasy, beyond bars, frolicking with the animals. The pencil and watercolor art is breezy and light and belie [...]

    • Loren says:

      This story touches on a parent’s worst nightmare but a child’s biggest dream—let’s just gets that out in the open—the parents cannot find their daughter while at the zoo. Okay, so that will be the only spoiler I give.Though the parents’ area frantic, the little girl is having the time of her life while exploring the zoo. She uses her fantastic little imagination and explores the zoo like no child ever has. It is impressive what she can think up with her being only about five in the s [...]

    • Randie D. Camp, M.S. says:

      A girl and her parents visit the zoo and have two very different experiences. I love the imagination of the little girl, a common theme in Lee's books. I also enjoyed the contrast of the cooler tones for the parents' perspective and the warmer, brighter, more energetic tones for the girl's perspective. Very well done.

    • SusanDunn says:

      What a gorgeous book! A little girl goes to the zoo with her parents, but as they get separated, she sees a very different version of events. Mostly wordless, so it might not work for storytime, but would be great to share one on one where you can examine the detailed pictures up close.

    • HueL says:

      This is Suzy lee s book, it is a good book, but sorry I have some to complain. The book was published in 2004, by that time digital processing is not difficult at all. Page 1, apparently the peacock and the elephant were drew on the same page, then cut and pasted in front of the zoo gate. Part of the game was covered by them . even with a scissor, it is not difficult to process a precise cut at all. And that peacock is an important clue of the whole book Page 1, texts. I am reading the version p [...]

    • Jo Oehrlein says:

      Fun book about a family's trip to the zoo. When the parents are on the page, everything is gray scale. The zoo is drab and almost oppressive, focusing on the cages and too small exhibit areas. The animals aren't in evidence. However, the daughter "escapes" (accidentally?). Pages that focus on her are bright, with many different colors. The animals are out and playing, sometimes with her.At the end, the anxious parents are reunited with their daughter. She's had a great time during their zoo trip [...]

    • Diane says:

      "I love the zoo. It's very exciting. Mom and Dad think so, too."Which visit to the zoo is the real one? The little girl who follows the peacock and ends up interacting with hippos, elephants and monkeys? Or the little girl who wanders off and her parents frantically search high and low to find her? The text remains the same, but the pictures change depending on the version of the story.

    • Kelly says:

      A little girl goes to the zoo with her parents. She wanders off and the parents are searching all over for her. All the while the child is having fun.

    • Jeff Fortney says:

      This was a very interesting book with more words than I would have expected from a wordless picture book. It raised the question in my mind as to how few words are allowed for a book to still be called a wordless picture book. Regardless, the story by Suzy Lee is a magical, imaginative trip to a very dreary zoo with a little girl and her family. The endpapers hint of colorful animals. The book jacket shows a gray-toned gorilla cage with a gray-toned gorilla. The gorilla is holding the only thing [...]

    • Joanna Cheng says:

      The Zoo created by Suzy Lee. The story is about one day a little girl and her dad and mom visited a zoo. The little girl got lost at zoo, and their parents were really worried and tried to find her back. When the parents watched the hippos in their pool, they suddenly found out that their daughter was not with them and she has gone away. So they were looking for her girl and went all the spots at zoo. Finally they found her sleeping on a bench near the gorillas' spot. They got her girl back, but [...]

    • Little Miss and the Legomeister says:

      Suzy Lee is amazing. The words in this book tell an average, boring story. But the illustrations tell something completely different.There are no animals in the cages! Everything is brown, blue, and grey. Little Girl is attracted by the colorful peacock and follows it into an imaginary world where everything is bright and colorful. The animals are all free, playing and happy. Little Girl plays with them.Mom and Dad realize Little Girl is missing and frantically search. They find her sleeping on [...]

    • Alice says:

      This book has an agenda and it should be clear what the agenda is from the cover. This author is anti Zoo. There is the dark black and white cages where animals look sad. Then the next page is the same animals in color and happy without cages and wires.It is kind of a depressing book.I don't have a problem with Zoo, it is sometimes the only way I can see animals that don't live in my region, but a zoo shouldn't be a prison. It should be part of a habituate. Animals that can't live on their own i [...]

    • Dolly says:

      This is an interesting story about the difference between fantasy and dreams and reality. A little girl visits a zoo with her parents. The reality appears as drab and gray, where the animals are hard to see (are there any at all?) and the little girl gets lost and falls asleep on a bench. In her dream world, all the animals are in technicolor, they are plentiful and friendly and she gets to play with them. She can soar through the air with the birds and splash with the elephants and bears. The b [...]

    • Kandice Buck says:

      This book does a great job in showing where your imagination can take you. The little girl lets her imagination run free and has the best visit to the zoo. Her parents on the other hand, do not see the bright colors or have adventures with the animals like she does. This book teaches that your imagination can take you to wonderful places. This would be great to read to children before they write a story. This shows them that the bigger your imagination gets the more entertaining your story can b [...]

    • Anna says:

      This is a delightful (almost) wordless picture book about a girl who spends the afternoon at the zoo with her parents. She has a wonderful time with the hippos and elephants and bears but her parents are so silly becaue they seem to think that she is lost :) They don't have as much fun becuase they are running around and running around the zoo trying to find her. Very cute! I just wish the illustrations were less muddy.

    • Laura says:

      My favorite aspect of this book was the colorful pencil drawings of the little girl and the zoo animals. I liked the contrast between zoo the parents saw with the bleak colors and the zoo through the young girl's eyes. It was a fairly entertaining story and something I'd think children would enjoy, especially if they loved zoo settings. *Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2012

    • Jennesy says:

      This is a cute book. The only thing really educational about this book is that it lists some zoo animals and shows what they look like. I wouldn't use this book on a lesson only if maybe I needed to tie everything back together or read as a transition into another subject. I guess I could use this as a writing prompt as well.

    • Nanci Booher says:

      Not my favorite Suzy Lee book, but not my least liked either. What I found interesting is that the first 2nd grade glass I had today pointed out that when the parents were the focus of the page, the colors were dark and muted but when the little girl was the focus of the page, the colors were bright. I hadn't noticedeesh, what kind of librarian am I????

    • Ryan D'angelo says:

      The Zoo by Suzy Lee is about a young girl who gets separated from her parents at the zoo. While she is separated she goes on an adventure with some animals from the zoo before collapsing into a dream world at the bench. Eventually, her parents find her and the family goes back home. Overall, this is a well-illustrated book that explores the genre of international literature for children.

    • Christine Turner says:

      A little girl's trip to the zoo becomes an imaginative, fun-filled animal adventure, while her parents experience an adventure of their own.This book for animal lovers, dreamers, (and their parents) turns an ordinary trip to the zoo into a day no one will ever forget.SubjectsZoos -- Juvenile fiction.Missing children -- Juvenile fiction.Korea -- Juvenile fiction.

    • Cheryl says:

      I was fascinated by this book and thought children would like it on several levels. Two views are presented to the parents, the child gets lost at the zoo (depicted in greyed colors). To the child, she's "lost" in an imaginative visit to the zoo, exuberantly colored and fanciful. Both realities are united happily at the end.

    • Taylor O'Brien says:

      Two parallel stories are being told through the text and the illustrations. The text tells the narration of a little girl who goes off on her own adventure at the zoo while the images show the perspective the parents who are frantically searching for their little girl.

    • Camille says:

      Really like her illustrations.

    • Nancy says:

      Wonderful, not what you'd expect from a picture book for young children.

    • Nichole says:

      Lovely illustrations.

    • Paula says:

      A little girl explores the zoo while her parents are searching for her.

    • Lizzie Upchurch says:

      This was cute. :)

    • Beckyt says:

      I love Suzy Lee's illustration style! She has created an imaginative story with few words that captures the joy a small child experiences on a trip to the zoo with Mom and Dad.

    • Anna Banana says:

      I loved this book more than my kids did. The illustrations are beautiful!

    • Logan Young says:

      Super quick read. Good for pre-K. It's about a little girl who falls asleep at the zoo and dreams about all the animals, while her parents are looking for her.

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