To Speak for the Dead

To Speak for the Dead NO BESTSELLING HARDBOILED MYSTERYNO BESTSELLING LEGAL THRILLER TOP MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR Los Angeles Times OVERVIEWA doctor in love with his patient s wifeA fatal mistake during surgeryAccident Ma

  • Title: To Speak for the Dead
  • Author: Paul Levine
  • ISBN: 9780553291728
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • NO 1 BESTSELLING HARDBOILED MYSTERYNO 1 BESTSELLING LEGAL THRILLER TOP MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR Los Angeles Times OVERVIEWA doctor in love with his patient s wifeA fatal mistake during surgeryAccident Malpractice Or murder Defending a surgeon in a malpractice case, Jake Lassiter begins to suspect that his client is innocent of negligencebut guilty of murderNO 1 BESTSELLING HARDBOILED MYSTERYNO 1 BESTSELLING LEGAL THRILLER TOP MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR Los Angeles TimesOVERVIEWA doctor in love with his patient s wifeA fatal mistake during surgeryAccident Malpractice Or murder Defending a surgeon in a malpractice case, Jake Lassiter begins to suspect that his client is innocent of negligencebut guilty of murder Add a sexy widow, a deadly drug, and a grave robbery to the stew, and you have the recipe for Miami s trial of the century To Speak for the Dead introduced the world to Jake Lassiter, the linebacker turned lawyer with a hard bark and a tender heart An international bestseller, Paul Levine s debut novel was named by the Los Angeles Times as one of the best mysteries of the year.If you enjoy the suspense and thrills of John Grisham, Harlan Coben, Carl Hiaasen, and James Patterson, you ll love To Speak for the Dead from Paul Levine, winner of the John D MacDonald fiction award Levine has also been nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, International Thriller, and James Thurber prizes A former trial lawyer, he wrote than 20 episodes of the CBS military drama JAG MORE JAKE LASSITER THRILLERSFOOL ME TWICE From Miami to Aspen, someone is framing Lassiter for murder And just why are men willing to kill to find a missing artifact of the Old West NIGHT VISION Someone is murdering women on an Internet sex chat site, and Jake becomes a special prosecutor to hunt down the serial killer.FALSE DAWN After his client confesses to a murder he didn t commit, Jake follows a bloody trail from Miami to Havana to discover the truthRTAL SIN Talk about conflicts of interest Jake is sleeping with Gina Florio and defending her mob connected husband in courtTIDE Jake Lassiter chases a beautiful woman and stolen bonds from Miami to Maui FLESH AND BONES Jake falls for his beautiful client even though he doubts her story She claims to have recovered repressed memories of abusejust before gunning down her fatherSSITER Jake retraces the steps of a model who went missing 18 years earlierter his one night stand with her.More info at paul levine
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      216 Paul Levine
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    • Maureen DeLuca says:

      A pretty good start for the first in this series. For book number 1 - published in 1990 and from what I see , the series is still going strong. The MC is Jake Lassiter- an ex-second string line backer and now a lawyer in the Miami, Florida area. He is a fun character and I absolutely loved him from the beginning. The other characters are wonderfully quirky-like Charlie Riggs, the former Medical Examiner, who spouts Latin and knows the most surprising things- you just can't help but laugh every t [...]

    • Paul Levine says:

      My first novel. Chosen as one of the best mysteries of the year by the Los Angeles Times SPEAK FOR THE DEAD on Kindle here SPEAK FOR THE DEAD on Barnes & Noble Nook here.“Move over Scott Turow. ‘To Speak for the Dead’ is courtroom drama at its very best.” – Larry King, USA Today"Just the remedy for those who can't get enough Spenser and miss Travis McGee terribly." – St. Petersburg Times"Jake Lassiter is attractive, funny, savvy, and brave." – Chicago Tribune"Irreverent.inely [...]

    • Dani says:

      I'm always looking for good series to read, since I can read much faster than my favorite authors can write, even as a collective group. :D Don't remember how I found out about this one, but I enjoyed the first novel. It's set in S. Florida, where I grew up, and I always enjoy books more when I can picture the setting from firsthand experience. Lassiter was a flawed but sympathetic character. I thought the romance was a little overblown (like, who falls THAT much in love with someone they've jus [...]

    • Tulay says:

      Legal thriller with humor.Paul Levine makes you laugh while describing gruesome screen. Read all the Jack Lassiter books and love it. You'll fall in love with the some characters. Judge that fills racing forms during the trial, buzzards on the roof of the court house. Love to spend a day in that court room with Jack Lassiter.

    • Pickleman says:

      This is my second novel from this guy. It is the second time I was impressed. Really a good bunch of characters, a fun courtroom drama, and just the right amount of "who done it". I am currently reading the second Jake Lassiter thriller.

    • Nancy Silk says:

      "An Awesome Novel of Courtroom Games and Crime Solving"In this highly suspenseful novel, Jake Lassiter is again in court to defend Doctor Roger Stanton, Chief Orthopedic Physician. Jake had been once a football player, an ex-public defender, now an attorney waiting for an answer from the person on the stand. It's a malpractice trial of Corrigan vs. Stanton. The man who died after the surgical procedure was Philip Corrigan, a very rich man. The lawsuit was filed by the wife of Philip Corrigan a w [...]

    • Ed says:

      This is another banal crime fiction offering disguised as a legal thriller by having a lawyer as the protagonist. The plot is simple. Lawyer defends doctor in malpractice case. Victim turns out to have been murdered. The rest of the story has to do with the lawyer trying to catch the killer or killers, who are already known to anyone who has ever read a mystery story.The characters are pure cardboard. The writing is infantile. I skipped large numbers of paragraphs as I plowed through the last ha [...]

    • SimyCat says:

      Love this book and it kept my interest. Mr. Levine has created the character Jake Lassiter and each book in this series is about Jake, ex-pro football star now lawyer and all the things Jake gets himself involved in. The books keep me interested and I have found when reading I could picture the places described. I loved reading the series from beginning to current. I recommend this for those who like reading this type of book.

    • Lisa says:

      Was a decent book with pretty good suspense but I had a hard time with mainly the love interest of the main character. The book didn't link these two well enough to make them as much of a pair as the storyline tries to imply. The ending really left me hanging and not in a good way. When I realized that was really the last page I sat there wondering, "what in the world?"

    • Arthur says:

      To Speak For The Dead (Jake Lassiter book 1)Meet Jake Lassiter, defence attorney, who is the best for another great way to get out of trouble with the law. How he does that is a story that will have you turning pages to follow the plot. Thanks for letting us get to know Jake. Thanks for another great read.

    • Roger says:

      My first Paul Levine read. The good points of this book: wiseacre Jake Lassiter (reminded me of Chevy Chase in his Fletch films) and his humor; and the first 90 percent of the book. The not-so-good points of the book: the last 10 percent. I didn't feel satisfied that the story was wrapped up very well, but maybe that is only because of my expectations. This being Levine's first novel, I would, however read more.

    • Dee says:

      Two-haiku review:Lawyer defends docFirst malpractice then murderDid the doc do it?Real convolutedThe bad guys were really badVery abrupt end

    • Citywildcat says:

      Although I don't read much nonfiction, this was an exception. I really enjoy the major character in this book, Jake Lassiter. I probably do much of my own legal work, as a result of reading so many books about underdogs who come out on top. Can't they overcome adversity? How will they do it? All literature has "learning lessons" in them, things we can take from the book and apply to our every day lives. Sometimes, if I'm in a "crisis" part of a book, I think to myself, "How's this guy going to g [...]

    • LJ says:

      TO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD - VGLevine, Paul - 1st in Jake Lassiter seriesMiami trail lawyer Jake Lassiter, "ex-football player, ex-public defender, ex-a-lot-of-things," is defending Dr. Roger Salisbury, a surgeon and womanizer charged with malpractice in the death of wealth Philip Corrigan. But the dead man's daughter insists that the doctor and her sexy stepmother conspired to kill her father-and wants Lassiter to prove it.Can Lassiter really defend his client for malpractice and builds a case again [...]

    • Craig Pittman says:

      A sterling beginning to a great series. You can sense the author, South Florida lawyer Paul Levine, feeling his way through his first novel but you can also see themes that he'll polish repeatedly for better results in later volumes: the wackiness of South Florida life, the contrast between the thuggish city and the colorful natural areas, the wild fights involving wildlife, the strange twists and turns that the law can take. The only real misstep here is the bizarre ending, which seems made for [...]

    • Yona says:

      I'm not sure what to say about this book. I really like Levine's writing style I've read his series Solomon vs. Lord and the books are of my all time favorites, I was very happy when I found out that the author had another series.To Speak for the Dead is the first book the author wrote and it's pretty good, but not as good as the last one. I didn't know what to think and what to expect after I finished it. The end was very open. But as soon as I find the rest of the books I'm going to read them. [...]

    • Katherine Clark says:

      This book had its moments, but it seemed so old boys stuck in the 60s though it was written much later. Women aren't realI'm doing a bad job explaining. The court room scenes were interesting, but some of what happens in the story makes me wonder how the protag hasn't been disbarred. The ending was over the top for me. I'm still angry about what happens to the girlfriend. In other words, I won't be reading more.

    • Yvonne says:

      Two For OneFinish one good story and go right into a great sequel to the first one. Wow a mystery that wasn't difficult to figure out but an ending twist that I never would have figured out but thoroughly enjoyed. A novel I enjoyed with the bad guys getting their just desserts. The loss of a character I enjoyed due to her characteristics of a bull dog in never giving. Great writing Mr. Levine

    • Thomas Begley says:

      Fantastic thriller!Move aside Grisham and Turow. Paul Levine has created a first rate legal thriller. Part law, part sleuth, "To Speak For The Dead" is a fast paced read. The characters have depth, the story has twists and it's hard to put down once you start. I recommend this to anyone!

    • Jane Rose says:

      Quite a good courtroom book - not as good as a Grisham, but I'll certainly try another

    • Eve says:

      A nice mix of courtroom drama and thriller

    • Jim says:

      This first book from author Paul Levine's Jake Lassiter series is a top notch legal thriller. "To speak For The Dead", is a rough and tumble suspense medical/ legal who done it that delivers a pretty good jolt reading. It's an amazing story being told by author Paul Levine. Levine is an author who can mold a really good tale for readers to get lost into. Jake Lassiter is our protagonist who's a crafty lawyer, and all around tough guy who can more than take care of himself when he needs to. This [...]

    • ElaineY says:

      REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; JUNE 13, 2017Narrator: Luke DanielsThe Narration: the best thing about the book, though I did tweak Daniels' voice a little to make him sound a little richer and sexier.The Ending: I am not fond of such "huh?", "leave-them-wondering" type of endings. I find them annoying and want to bitch-slap those authors who think they're being oh-so-sophisticated by giving me such endings.The Rest of the Book: I was conflicted through much of the story. I liked the plot but found the sex [...]

    • Ronald Rodriguez says:

      If I could give half stars I would give this 3 1/2. Entertaining. The story and dialogue are all pretty simple. Characters a bit cliche. Perfect for listening to while jogging or walking. I liked the narrator's voice. Going for the sort of cynical private-eye voice, except this is an attorney. The turning points weren't as well defined as I would've liked. I don't know that I was invested enough to buy another Paul Levine book, not when there are so many other better author's out there. But I'm [...]

    • Steve Black says:

      I was pleasantly surprised, having read some of the author's Solomon and Lord series (where I found the interaction of the key characters annoying). I enjoyed Jake Lassiter much more, with less contrived humour and more character to build on. Yes the story is a bit far-fetched at times, but acceptably so for a light read where you can overlook some of the details. Without giving anything away, one murder used a means that would surely have left marks, and another draws on a Sherlock Holmes story [...]

    • Margaret says:

      Trying a new series via the Kindle Unlimited library service.This was written in the early 90s I believe, and re-issued recently. It shows its age mostly in the technology - no mobile phones - but that's not really important for the plot or its resolution.I have rounded up 2.5 to 3 stars - the jury is out on this character and especially his attitude to women (who are mostly babes, unless they're too old to be of interest to him). I'll give him at least 1 more book to endear himself to me & [...]

    • Vern says:

      Some of the courtroom scenes were realistic and entertaining. The characters and humor remind me a bit of Carl Hiaasen, of whom I am a fan. But the writing was a bit too trite, the plot could have been great, but the way it unfolded was at times too unbelievable, and the ending was, to me, a complete dud. I am not in a hurry to read more of this author.

    • David says:

      What the heck?Was rolling along pretty well, kept the reader involved. A few twists and surprises and interesting turns. But I guess the author got figured he’d rather write a follow up book as opposed to finishing this one well. Too much wrapped up too quickly with an abrupt, poorly executed ending.

    • DolphinBlue says:

      The protagonist, Jake Lassiter, reminds me a touch of Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar. Not quite as funny, but funny nonetheless. The writing style is crisp and keeps the pages turning. Good mystery, build-up of clues, and not so many characters or plot elements that one gets confused. Looking forward to the next one.

    • KarenClagett says:

      To Speak For the Dead-Jake Lassiter Book 1Ok, New author for me, New leading characterI'm hooked! Witty dialog, kept me laughing. Did you have to take out Susan? Geez. Here I goon to the the next book, because that's what I do.

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