The Vietnam War: A Graphic History

The Vietnam War A Graphic History When Senator Edward Kennedy declared Iraq is George Bush s Vietnam everyone understood The Vietnam War has become the touchstone for U S military misadventures a war lost on the home front although

  • Title: The Vietnam War: A Graphic History
  • Author: Dwight Jon Zimmerman Wayne Vansant Chuck Horner
  • ISBN: 9780809094950
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Senator Edward Kennedy declared, Iraq is George Bush s Vietnam, everyone understood The Vietnam War has become the touchstone for U.S military misadventures a war lost on the home front although never truly lost on the battlefront During the pivotal decade of 1962 to 1972, U.S involvement rose from a few hundred advisers to a fighting force of than one millWhen Senator Edward Kennedy declared, Iraq is George Bush s Vietnam, everyone understood The Vietnam War has become the touchstone for U.S military misadventures a war lost on the home front although never truly lost on the battlefront During the pivotal decade of 1962 to 1972, U.S involvement rose from a few hundred advisers to a fighting force of than one million This same period saw the greatest schism in American society since the Civil War, a generational divide pitting mothers and fathers against sons and daughters who protested the country s ever growing military involvement in Vietnam Meanwhile, well intentioned decisions in Washington became operational orders with tragic outcomes in the rice paddies, jungles, and villages of Southeast Asia Through beautifully rendered artwork, The Vietnam War A Graphic History depicts the course of the war from its initial expansion in the early 1960s through the evacuation of Saigon in 1975, and what transpired at home, from the antiwar movement and the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr to the Watergate break in and the resignation of a president.
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      485 Dwight Jon Zimmerman Wayne Vansant Chuck Horner
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    • David Bales says:

      This was partially good and partially incomplete, (I read it in an hour and a half yesterday). It gives very little background to the origins of the Vietnam War, (i.e the French in Indochina or the historical struggle of the Vietnamese people to break free of foreign invaders over a thousand years) and is sketchy about the war before President Johnson takes over in 1963. On the other hand, it does provide alot of military history for someone interested in that kind of thing, that is, the militar [...]

    • Kai Behrens says:

      This book was a great book about the timeline of the Vietnam war. This book told me about how and why the US got into the war. This book tells you all about the operations that were carried out in Vietnam too. And it tells you the different styles of approach to the war under each president. Like how Nixon had a really aggressive style while Ford was more laid back about the war. And his peace talks came about and eventually he United States had to leave all there resources there so the South Vi [...]

    • Stephen Snyder says:

      This book taught me more about the Vietnam War than my elementary, secondary, college, and military educations combined! Kudos to Dwight Jon Zimmerman and Wayne Vansant on a job very well done.In my opinion, if you are not comfortable with your knowledge of the Vietnam War, this is the best starting point!Thank you Franklin Public Library for the loan.Thank you Miss Kathleen Shay for adding this gem to the Young Adult shelves of your library.

    • Mike says:

      It's a good book because it was about these three dudes in a Vietnam war, and one guy got lost in a forest in the south and he had to survive his way out without getting caught by his enemies it was a good book because it was very intense and interesting, about how he survived the war

    • Ed White says:

      A wonderful, if brief, overview of the Vietnam War. Zimmerman does dedicate some time to address the social impact of the war, from the media to the SDS. Vansant's artwork is good, although I did like his work in the Marvel Nam series more than here.

    • Lucas says:

      The art is somewhat blurry, like scanned and enlarged pencil drawings. The maps on the other hand have nice contrast and crisp lines.

    • monique says:

      This book allowed me to enjoy a war history for the first time. I can't wait to go back for more!

    • Annette says:

      The Vietnam War: A Graphic History written by Dwight Zimmerman and illustrated by Wayne Vansant.[return][return]From the photo-enhanced work of nonfiction "10,000 Days of Thunder: A History of the Vietnam War" to the collage illustrated picture book "Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam," a number of outstanding books for young people have recently focused on the Vietnam War. "The Vietnam War: A Graphic History" adds to this exciting trend in visually-rich literature for young people.[return][ [...]

    • D. says:

      This book succeeds on two levels. First, it succeeds as an educational tool. It succeeds, in just over 160 pages, in condensing the entire history of The Vietnam War into an understandable and readable narrative. Honestly, I learned more from this book about the entire conflict than I did from several other books I've read on the subject. Granted, it's a "big picture" view of the war, but Zimmerman does an amazing job of filling in the details and complexities of the history, social eras, and pe [...]

    • Eli M says:

      The book The Vietnam War by Jon Zimmerman and Wayne Vansant, is a very gripping and heroic story told in graphic novel form. Some of the important Information is where this book took place and some of the plans that they had to beat Vietnam such as operation masher used by the USA. This book is structured as a graphic novel. The book is split up into parts these parts are named after what is going on then in the story and for one part the time period. There are pictures in the story. These pictu [...]

    • Alycia says:

      Fine if you know nothing about the Vietnam War but if you do have any prior knowledge, this book will drive you crazy. I don't know if I have ever heard someone sing the praises of the Tet Offensive like this author does. Actually this isn't fine if you don't know anything about the war, because if this is your entrance into it, you would be sent in such an uninformed, horribly biased direction. No mention of why the country was split into two, absolutely no talk of imperialism or how we propped [...]

    • ash newton says:

      most of the information available here can be found elsewhere and does not seriously benefit from the graphic treatment given that the art that feels somewhat rushed or incomplete, but there are definitely some redeeming qualities to it. it captures the impact that the war had on domestic politics and society in the united states, as well as providing a play-by-play account of specific military operations and offensives, explaining why they were successful at achieving their desired objectives o [...]

    • Zach says:

      Excellent!Highly recommend to anyone interested in obtaining a better understanding of the key events of the Vietnam War.A wonderfully concise review of the major events of the Vietnam War. The authors highlight all the key events from Dien Bien Phu to the Ia Drang to Khe Shan & Tet to the Easter Offensive. But what makes this so effective is the ability to put several events in context and show the interplay between military and policy decisions. For example, noting how the Watergate invest [...]

    • Wendy Feltham says:

      This book gave me a good background to the military history of the Vietnam War. I returned from a trip to Vietnam with many questions, and this book filled in some of the blanks in my understanding of everything that happened when I was growing up. I liked the graphic format, though I don't ever read graphic novels. One surprise was the positive presentation of Nixon's actions, which made me question why the authors weren't more critical. I appreciated the list of recommended books and websites [...]

    • Michael says:

      An excellent primer on the war, but the "suggested reading" list at the back of the book is where you should head next. This gives a great overview but it's very "in the moment." There's not enough about the century of French colonialism or, really, the legacy and the real extent of how it has influenced every U.S. military action since. And maybe I was reading too much into it, but I thought they made Richard Nixon out to be oddly magnificent, justifying most of his controversial actions. It se [...]

    • Wayne says:

      Having lived during that era, I would have thought I would have cared a little more for this book. I enlisted in the service in January 1974 and am called a Vietnam Era Veteran. Another words the war was over. Lucky for me. It was always on TV on the evening news etc but nowadays I don't think I'm far enough removed from that era to appreciate this. I had to fight to finish this. I was just kind of bored and didn't really like all the art. Some of it was great, but the faces bugged me for some r [...]

    • Muammad Ali says:

      This book is very good is non-fiction book. In this book you can learn a lot about Vietnam war. This book tell you how the vietnam war started and how it ended. Dwight Jon Zimmerman(authors) have created a truly graphic history of American's tragic misadventure in Vietnam. It has also Illustration to understant every single thing. This book is mostly about communism and how the U.S.A invlove to stop spreding communism. This book has everything that you want to know.

    • Celestia says:

      From my 10 year old:From this book, I learned about the Vietnam War. It was about the U.S. keeping the Communists of North Vietnam invading the democratic south Vietnam. I think they sort of succeeded. I liked the book because it was about war and soldiers. The graphic history format made it easier to understand.

    • Tracey says:

      American history/graphic format. Comprehensive overview of the decades of US involvement in Vietnam. Does not go into Vietnamese perspectives - for more insight on that, see GB Tran's graphic family history, Vietnamerica.

    • John Kaufmann says:

      Perfect for what I wanted - short, concise, interesting. It brought the major events of the war, including military strategy, into a whole picture that gave me some clarity after all these years. It didn't have any axe to grind - it seemed pretty neutral/objective in its telling.

    • Jason says:

      I am quickly becoming a fan of vansant's work. He didn't write this one, but his art effectively complements the text here, which is probably the best overview of the Vietnam War I've encountered. This is nonfiction comics at its finest.

    • Peacegal says:

      3.5 stars -- I have a great interest in the Vietnam era, so this graphic novel caught my eye. Despite being black and white pen-and-ink, the illustrations were excellent-with convincing facial expressions and meticulous attention to detail. I learned a couple of things too.

    • Becca says:

      The artwork in the book is amazing, you can hear the helicopters and feel like you're watching LBJ in the flesh. The overview is good for what it is overview. It doesn't delve very deep into the history of the conflict, but it's worth it for the artwork and as an introductory overview text.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      This book it ok. It tell you how the vitenam war started and what happen and what cause it.It has best illutraion that would help to understand the book. It is a truly graphic history of american's trajic misadventure in Vietnam.

    • Matthew says:

      This is an excellent overview of the Vietnam War, after the United States got involved. It would be an excellent addition to any history classroom. (It would be great to see a companion volume that provided some information on the Japanese and French times before American phase of the conflict.)

    • Michelle says:

      Great overview of the Vietnamese war. I thought the art was a bit too static, but it was good a communicating likenesses. The only problem was that it felt too short; I would have loved a longer and more in-depth book.

    • Joan Kilpatrick says:

      I know that I lived through all of this history, but I had forgotten lots of it or never knew it all. This was a good quick review to put into perspective things that have left such lasting effects on our society.

    • Alex Cruse says:

      While this was a fun and informative read, I really didn't feel like the graphics added anything to the text. Another issue I had was the jumping around in time, but that is just a personal preference of mine.

    • shaz rasul says:

      Another great example of "the Graphic Novel" as History! A very well done overview of the Vietnam War with some side trips into the backgrounds of key individuals and moments. Very linear - highlighting the key battles, strategies and political realities of the times.

    • Charles says:

      I wish more history books were adapted as graphic novels. It makes learning so much more engaging than reading dry, stuffy textbooks.

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