The Newton Prophecies

The Newton Prophecies THE NEWTON PROPHECIES is a lightening fast thriller following Harvard Divinity professor Michael DiBianco across three countries on a life and death mission to thwart a plot of terror the likes of

  • Title: The Newton Prophecies
  • Author: Keith Katsikas
  • ISBN: 9780981761909
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE NEWTON PROPHECIES is a lightening fast thriller, following Harvard Divinity professor, Michael DiBianco across three countries, on a life and death mission to thwart a plot of terror the likes of which the world has never before seen, only to discover a dark secret about his past that could ultimately spawn the apocalypse.
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      290 Keith Katsikas
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    • Meenaz Lodhi says:

      The conspiracy, mystery, Catholic Church and another sect involved whose tentacles reach all the governments worldwide is a good them; lots of action,with characters are not what they seembut, there's something missing here, like, the scenes were too brusque and not that profound. There's a lack of in depth in the plot. As a whole, it was entertaining and a light read.

    • J.C. Brennan says:

      The Newton Prophecies is a story overflowing with excitement, thrills, and fast-moving action. It starts with an explosion of intense action when Father Driscoll is killed in the church by an arrow. From there it doesn’t let up, keeping the read on the edge of his/her seat until the last word. Katsikas is relentless in his endeavor to keep his readers guessing. When you believe you know where the story is going the plot twist and maneuvers, hurling the reader headlong into a gripping, suspense [...]

    • Hannah says:

      Promising but didn't quite make itThe author's narrative style just didn't draw me in. I found some of the actions and events too conveniently coincidental. It also bothered me that so many characters assumed (and repeatedly reminded the readers) that only they could be the one to charge into​ unknown danger and save the world. Typos were also an issue (e.g. thrown instead of throne; a character's name misspelled on a page where it was spelled correctly three other places). The final straw was [...]

    • Adam Gutschenritter says:

      A religious action adventure that delivers on twists and turns and on the action, but there were too many "look I just happen to have this skill that we need and I happened to never tell you about it" moments for this to be a fantastic book for me. But a fun, super easy summer read.

    • Ms. Just One More Book(Kris Miller) says:

      With hints of the DAVINCI CODE and NATIONAL TREASURE, Keith Katsikas takes you on the thrill of a lifetime!From all over New England the media gathered to listen to Father Driscoll's announcement -- the story of the millennium he called it. But he is murdered prior to unveiling the darkest secret he has ever known. Found in the priest's robe, is a very old, mostly illegible parchment paper. It is the first of many clues in the murder case dubbed: 'The Newton Prophecies'. Michael DiBianco -- a Ha [...]

    • Patricia L says:

      Fascinating! Mind-riveting. Fast-paced with interesting back-ups. Hooks the reader early and doesn't let go!Would recommend to anyone who likes an interesting read. Immature readers probably wold not enjoy this book; a reader should have a good imagination

    • Angela Myhre says:

      Very poor editing. I stopped reading because of all of the errors. Story was okay in parts but seemed very forced and fake. And it takes a lot for me to stop reading a book

    • Candace Salima says:

      The Newton Prophecies by new author, Keith Katsikas was an intriguing ride with rather predictable twists and turns. Somewhat of a Dan Brown knock-off with a twist.From the backliner we read:"A sacred brotherhood with unprecedented power . . ."A prediction by the most influential man in history . . ."An unthinkable plot to thwart the Second Coming . . ."Sir Isaac Newton was a brilliant scientist, a crazed chemist, even an obsessed researcher of Biblical verse, but it is what few people ever knew [...]

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