The Tyrant Falls in Love, Volume 1

The Tyrant Falls in Love Volume Tetsuhiro Morinaga is secretly in love with his upperclassman Souichi Tatsumi who is demanding tyrannical and hates homosexuals However Tatsumi s assets his ass and crotch are a beacon to the ho

  • Title: The Tyrant Falls in Love, Volume 1
  • Author: Hinako Takanaga
  • ISBN: 9781933809311
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tetsuhiro Morinaga is secretly in love with his upperclassman, Souichi Tatsumi, who is demanding, tyrannical and hates homosexuals However, Tatsumi s assets, his ass and crotch, are a beacon to the homosexual eye If only Morinaga could find love elsewhere
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      416 Hinako Takanaga
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      Published :2020-02-02T00:52:56+00:00

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    • Sophie says:

      I am so torn about this! I absolutely loved about 98% of this, but the 2% I didn't like are very hard to swallow for me. Because while the first time the two protagonists have sex *may* have started out as dub-con (which is debatable) it definitely turns into non-con and to say that that makes me uncomfortable would be an understatement, especially because I think the story would have been better if he had actually stopped when he was told to stop. The sad thing is, however, that this sort of th [...]

    • MaDoReader says:

      Vendida al senpai del pelazo desde le minuto 0. #noshame

    • Dylan says:

      This was really great! At first I thought "How can this love story work?" Now I'm wanting it to work soooo badly! I love the characters. It reminds me of Junjo Romantica in the sense that they're young adults living in Japan that ultimately fall in love with each other. The school setting makes me think this too. It was great! Can't wait to read volume 2!

    • Ashley Chen says:

      YES YES YES!!!! WOOOOOTTT! OMG THANK YOU Elena for the rec!!! Looooveee itttt! <3 Souichi Tatsumi is succhhhhh a tsundere! omg which makes this that much better. ^^ Heehee.I mean it kind of started as "rape" and it was kind of didn't But I like to think of it as not rape (maybe I am just running away from reality but I just didn't see it as rape). I see it as Tastsumi running away from his own feelings. I mean the way that he acted before reminded me of someone who is gay but hate to admit th [...]

    • Anna Kļaviņa says:

      Do you think love has an expiration date? Probably the most disturbing manga I have read this year ever. And not because it contains rape, no its because reader is supposed to feel sympathetic to the rapist. WTF? Don’t get me wrong, I like him he is interesting character but I don’t feel sorry for him. Tetsuhiro is wonderful he is delusional, violent and yet tender, unintentionally cruel and friendly, manipulative and without empathy. He looks like a nice guy but he isn’t! It’s just the [...]

    • Asagi says:

      I really liked this manga when I was younger. When the ovas came out I watched them so many times and they I read the manga. Until I lost interest for a while. Something like a half a year ago a friend got obsessed and told me to read it with her. I did and I loathed it so much it was absurd. I know pretty much all manga have this "I'll continue even when you say no cause I know you'll like it" shit, and mostly it doesn't annoy me since it's not that hardcore, it doesn't feel like rape. But this [...]

    • Yue says:

      I have been avoiding the first volume of this manga because I have already watched OVA 1 & OVA 2 (the OVAS are exactly the same as Vol 1), and of course, I am against rape. True, when I watched the OVAS I was immediately attracted to this manga, and I read it as soon as I could. I liked Sempai, despite his grumpy behavior. And God forgives me, I also liked Morinaga, the rapist, who has been in love with Sempai for so long he had to take his chance when he could.I am missing them a lot. I hav [...]

    • Lola says:

      I really really like the art. Especially the long hair guy without his glasses. The first time after sex, in the morning, he looked really really really hot. ;p Good story too.

    • Annelise Lestrange says:

      Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)The StoryTetsuhiro Morinaga is a hopeless romantic. Nothing really wrong there, right? Well, it gets wrong if you start to day dream about your very heterosexual and homophobic work college, as it is the case with Morinaga. He has a huge crush on Souichi Tatsumi, his supervisor at his part time job in their college.After a very frustrating episode with his younger brother, Souichi is traumatized and really annoyed at gay com [...]

    • S.M.M. Lindström says:

      Okay, so I liked the characters, sort of. I liked how they interacted in everyday life, sort of. ButYeah, rape. This story (like so many BL stories) contains rape. Rape where we are supposed to sympathize and feel sorry for the rapist. Rape where the rapist says "how could you expect me to see you like that and not do anything" and things of that varity, and we as readers are supposed to be on the rapist's side during this "defense".After the victim gets rightously horrified (view spoiler)[we ge [...]

    • Daniela Green says:

      Yes, there is no con.Yes, Morinaga blackmails his senpai to have sex with him.But this is a Yaoi manga.If you are familiar with this genre, you know that the relationship between a seme and a uke often contains stuff like that.So, what's all the fuss about?Speaking of seme and uke, I liked very much the fact that in this manga the roles are not clearly defined.Usually, the seme is the active part in the sexual relationship, and has a dominant personality.On the other hand, the uke is the sexual [...]

    • Haruka says:

      After Little Butterfly which was so beautiful, believable and so alive, I would have thought her other stories would be as sensible, well put, alive and real. But not in this case, and unfortunately not in quite a few of her other works cases either. I can not relate to how people find this as good as they seem to find it. It has potential, but that potential is not taken care of. It would have been interesting if the plot with Masaki would have been further extended, and if the main characters' [...]

    • Titan says:

      So Koisuru Boukun, which is what I know this series by, is a pretty straightforward example of my overwhelming preference for and ability to overlook otherwise ostensible elements of manga counterpointed against regular ol' fiction. Face it, if anyone write a book about a guy who's been in love with his college friend for 5 years and decided to "break the ice" one drunken, almost inexcusable night, it's gonna get crucified. By all.But in a manga? I'm willing to forbear the potentially negative m [...]

    • Endia Kneipp says:

      This book was torn for me. On one hand it's pretty funny and has great artwork, the story is pretty interesting in parts. But, like most, I was thrown off by a few scenes and it made it hard to truly sympathize with the character. Here is what I ultimately have to say: bear through it. The first book of this series is hard to love but if you can get through it and think there might be something great buried under it like I did, you probably will love the rest of it. It's a little slow in some pl [...]

    • Leiothrix says:

      I really can't recommend this story just because the non-con is so prominent. Seriously, then it becomes emotional blackmail and that's basically the entire story in a nutshell. I guess we're supposed to feel less disgusted about the circumstances because the one being raped is a homophobic person (likely in denial about his own feelings) and obviously has some conflicted (possibly romantic) feelings for his attacker, but that's somehow better? I dunno. I don't like it and I don't like what it i [...]

    • scarlettraces says:

      not entry-level Takanaga, since the entire thing is predicated on no means yes - somewhere - buried deep down, and there's rather more, er, fluid than readers who associate her with things like Challengers might anticipate. but if your moral sensibilities are as blunted as mine, then it's a terrifically fun, frothy read, with one of the best nasty-tempered ukes in the business.

    • Megan Anderson says:

      This is AWFUL. The art is bad, but the story is worse. Emotional abuse, physical abuse, rape--and this is supposed to be a "romance." Sorry to say, if your idea of romance is blackmailing someone into having sex with you, YOU NEED HELP. BADLY.

    • SilverMoon says:

      Tetsuhiro Morinaga è uno studente universitario,ed è da quattro anni innamorato del suo sempai Souichi Tatsumi,che assiste nel suo progetto di ricerca.Purtroppo però Souichi ha non solo un pessimo carattere,che lo porta a maltrattare non di rado il suo povero kohai,ma è soprattutto un omofobo convinto,ciò nonostante non ha respinto Morinaga come questi si aspettava dopo essersi dichiarato (episodio presentato in Challengers),affermando che semplicemente si sarebbe dimenticato dell'episodio, [...]

    • Teetee says:

      Another series that I loved starting off but over time have grown bored with. When it started I was a big fan of the series and very excited to get it. Over time it became repetitive with elements of dub con which I didn't like. The artwork is very good though. 3.5 stars for the series but I finally decided to drop it at v. 8 and sell my copies.

    • Saskia says:

      DNF @ 80% due to non/dub-con. No thanks.

    • Yan says:

      why is modern romance so terrifying & hateful

    • Katri Bookworm says:

      I just can't with abusive tsuntsundere'sl is too sweet.

    • Pepi Valderrama says:

      The Tyrant Falls in Love is a funny yaoi manga with lots of comedic moments. The Tyrant is a biology student who has a very cranky personality. He hates gays, yells a lot, and has hideous tantrums since he discovered that gay marriage is legal in the United States. His name is Tatsumi, and he doesn’t know it yet, but his laboratory kohai Morinaga loves him. Morinaga is very patient doing whatever the tyrant Tatsumi wants. He hopes that one day he’ll notice him and fall in love. But, his drea [...]

    • Sheziss says:

      ***DNF chapter 4***Not for me. Too OTT, too childish.Maybe I'll try again eventually.*****Read in Manga Rock.Read up to chapter 4 (volume 1).Chapters in the series:(view spoiler)[Volume 10 Chapter 1 - 5Volume 09 Chapter 1 - 6.3Volume 08 Chapter 7 - 12.7Volume 07 Chapter 1 - 6.5Volume 06 Chapter 1 - 6Volume 05 Chapter 1 - 4.7Volume 04 Chapter 1 - 5.5Volume 03 Chapter 1 - 5.5Volume 02 Chapter 1 - 5.5Volume 01 Chapter 1 - 5.5 (hide spoiler)]Volumes in the series:["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"] [...]

    • G says:

      I enjoyed the series, but it really threw me off because of the dub/non-con. It can be hard to get past at times.

    • Starbubbles says:

      I wasn't planning on reading this one off my to-read list so quickly, but once I started, I really couldn't stop. I read though 7 volumes in just under 3 days, so with that said, I'm left feeling confused about how I feel about this one. For starters, it's graphic, much more than I had prepared myself for. Rape keeps coming up, and performed by people who you are suppose to root for. Okay, so Morigana's is debatable, I'll give it that, but for Makasi? I think not. It was cruel and twisted, and I [...]

    • Buttons says:

      I read the prequel first and it was a funny and sweet story, but nothing special. Then, BAM, I read this series. The manga is really sweet and really hot, nothing innocent like the prequel. There is lots of sex, lots of pummeling, lots of embarassement and high emotions, again and again and again. And again. Their relationship takes quite a long time to develop. But, oh, how can a character be so stupid and just not understand his own feelings. I mean really, Souichi studied material arts and is [...]

    • Marsha says:

      Morinaga has been cherishing a useless one-sided passion for the cold, sarcastic and mean-spirited bastard Tatsumi for five years. But then an opportunity strikes for him to have a one-night stand with his boss. This book includes what is basically a rape (which I don’t condone) that turns into grudging acceptance on one side but is never acknowledged as love. It reads like there should be more of a backstory here, as if a prequel existed that would give more insight to Morinaga’s relationsh [...]

    • Marsha says:

      Morinaga has been cherishing a useless one-sided passion for the cold, sarcastic and mean-spirited bastard Tatsumi for five years. But then an opportunity strikes for him to have a one-night stand with his boss. This book includes what is basically a rape (which I don’t condone) that turns into grudging acceptance on one side but is never acknowledged as love. It reads like there should be more of a backstory here, as if a prequel existed that would give more insight to Morinaga’s relationsh [...]

    • Sam Little says:

      I was unable to set this for how many times I've re-read this series. I love this, even though the relationship seems somewhat muddled and forced at first. The Uke (bottom) of the story is your typical Tsundere - rude and mean with an inability to communicate feelings in a coherent way, has a penchant for blaming other people for their feelingsyou know the type. The Seme (top) is somewhat of a hopeless guy that's had a crush on him since the two started working together at university. After that [...]

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