Child of Darkness

Child of Darkness Once upon a time yet to come creatures of myth and fairy tale gained entry to the human realm and were expelled with extreme prejudice Banished Underground they carved out two kingdoms the Lightworl

  • Title: Child of Darkness
  • Author: Jennifer Armintrout
  • ISBN: 9780778326700
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a time yet to come, creatures of myth and fairy tale gained entry to the human realm and were expelled with extreme prejudice Banished Underground, they carved out two kingdoms the Lightworld of the Fae and their kin, and the Darkworld of demons, werewolves and their ilk But the boundaries between these Worlds and the Upworld are about to be redrawn bloodOnce upon a time yet to come, creatures of myth and fairy tale gained entry to the human realm and were expelled with extreme prejudice Banished Underground, they carved out two kingdoms the Lightworld of the Fae and their kin, and the Darkworld of demons, werewolves and their ilk But the boundaries between these Worlds and the Upworld are about to be redrawn blood.At a Lightworld royal gala, Queene Ayla announces the betrothal of her daughter, Cerridwen, to a high ranking councilor Though strategically brilliant, the engagement comes as a shock to Cerridwen especially Infuriated by her mother s high handedness, ignorant of her own true origins, she flees the court leaving herself vulnerable to those who would see the Lightworld destroyed Amid burgeoning unrest, desperate desires become divided loyalties and terrifying mercenaries lurk in the shadowy space between rebellion and anarchy.
    • ↠ Child of Darkness || Ê PDF Read by ☆ Jennifer Armintrout
      165 Jennifer Armintrout
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    • Mrs. Badass says:

      I don't know how to rate this book. Seriously. This book is DARK. As in, death, betrayal, deception, hate, and violence. I loathed Ayla for almost the entire book. I felt very bad for Malachai. I could not see putting up with what he endured by staying with Ayla. Love or not. She did love him, but she was a hypocrite, a bitch, and she was narrow minded and sometimes cruel. Her daughter, Ceridwenn, wasn't much better. A spoiled, hateful, spiteful young Fae. I don't know why I kept reading. But I [...]

    • FlibBityFLooB says:

      This book takes place 20 years after QUEENE OF LIGHT. The heroine from the previous book starts out as a big old meanie in this oneOn a side note, I love the covers in this series. There is clearly a seahorse on this cover. In this book, there are waterhorses that aren't confined by water and have hands with claws. They actually kill a character with their claws. While reading that particular scene, all I could picture was seahorses trying to kill someone by knocking at the character with their [...]

    • Lenore says:

      The Story:Child of Darkness is the second installment of the Lightworld/Darkworld series by Jennifer Armintrout. Ayla has just become Queene of the Lightworld fae. On top of all that, she has just bore a daughter, Cerridwen, and is given the task of keeping her safe, for she is the one who will lead them into the battle with the Upworld. Cerridwen resents her mother, especially when she finds that she is betrothed to her mother's right hand man, Cedric. Battles are prominent and deaths shall occ [...]

    • Siuane Sadi says:

      I liked this book better than Queene of Light. This book is more of light political/court intrigue than anything else. You see how in this book the fact that Ayla was not trained to become Queene shows that she sometimes makes the worst choices, sacrificing the happiness of her daughter or her consort for what she believes is right. And yes, clearly, queenship has gotten into her head. But Ayla has been a better warrior than she was Queene. I think all of the bad decisions were primarily due to [...]

    • LolaLovesBooks says:

      Enjoyed the series.

    • Kes says:

      I don't know why I should care about the characters. They're all unsympathetic.

    • Jennifer says:

      This review was originally published on my review blog : Falling Off The Shelf.Cerridwen has always been treated like a child, rather than the Princess of the Lightworld. Her mother, Queene Ayla forbids contact with those of the Darkworld, but keeps a Darkworlder as her personal Royal Consort. Cerridwen can't understand how her mother could be such a hypocrite, and this is just one reason why she rebels repeatedly.Queene Ayla refuses to inform her daughter of her true origins, but only for her o [...]

    • Stacey says:

      NOT A PARANORMAL ROMANCE!My Title may sound like its a negative thing that this book isn't really a paranormal romance, but its not. I just feel like this book would have been more honestly labeled as a fantasy book. I read the first book, "Queene Of Light" and enjoyed it however I had a difficult time connecting to the characters, and caring about them because they were so tremendously different, being fairies and angels, and their views of loves and emotions were way different than mine. I app [...]

    • Laura says:

      This book was a good continuation of the first book. It bridged the gap well, however I didn't expect it to jump 20 years ahead of time. That said, I think it was a good choice, since the younger years of Cerridwen wouldn't have been too exciting. The end of the book definitely leaves it open for the third book. Cerridwen grew up really fast in this book, then again, I'm sure war will do that to you. She threw fits like a child for much of the book, but at the end fully accepted her duties and w [...]

    • Roger says:

      Armintrout's 2nd novel in this series was nothing short of brilliant. I expected a sophomore slump of sorts because the first level and your expectations so high. I thought, "Well. The bar is awfully high and plus, most paranormal romance novels just fall out and repeat themselves." I was mistaken in this instance my friends.The story picks up where we left off with Ayla continuing her reign as queen of the Lightworld. Her new bundle of joy, Cerridwen (weird name I know), grows up in a world in [...]

    • Steph says:

      Frustrating read. I really enjoyed Queene of Light, but Child of Darkness wasn't as good for me. 20 yrs have passed and the tough heroine from book 1 is now the big, bad, meanie Queene and the loving, tortured hero is her consort and baby daddy? LOL But, seriously the kid was annoying, the mom was mean ick! I did like getting Cedric & Malachi's POV. Sad/cliff hanger ending, so I'll read Veil of Shadows because I can't stop here, gotta finish the trilogy, just hope it's better.

    • Susan says:

      20 years have past. Ayla has changed dramatically, a harsh Queene of the Faeries. She has become manipulative and even cruel. Malachi, his wonderful love for Ayla endures. Ceridwenn, a naive spoiled child, hateful and spiteful against her mother. Cedric, ancient in age and a wise Advisor always there to support and guide his Queene — he becomes the rock that grounds the story.This sequel was annoying – seeing so many changes to wonderful strong characters to listening the constant whine of t [...]

    • Kendra says:

      Second book starts 20 years later!?! What?! And the main character and her Consort weren't even together at the end of the first book! I was confusedNot fond of whiny children, or adults. The daughter drove me nuts. Sad ending however for the parents, and it's ended so I'll have to grab the 3rd book to figure it all out.

    • Ashley says:

      This was alot better than the first book. I couldn't put it down. At first I felt like to much time had passed between book one and two but I'm glad it played the way it did. There is so much tragedy but hope remains. Can't wait for the third one.

    • Delina says:

      Seriously? A twenty year jump? I found it hard enough to relate to the characters in the first book and now I'm introduced to new set of characters. Once again curiosity got me to the end and the third will be read simply because I need to finish the series.

    • K says:

      enjoyed this 2nd book of the series more than the first, alot of adventure, captivating, happy that i purchased these as a set all 3, or I would have been disappointed not being able to start book #3 right away. not too many complaints about this

    • Takiyah Dudley says:

      *spoiler alert* not really be prepared this book takes place 20 years after the first. I didn't enjoy it as well as I did the first book in the series but I found its worth finishing the series. If only to get closure.

    • Cferjani says:


    • Rae says:

      Thought this one was worse than the first.

    • Brigit says:

      this series so far is AMAZING!!!

    • Raimie says:

      It could've had a better ending.

    • Aljan says:

      Highly mediocre.

    • Jill says:

      OMG FIVE STARS!OR ELSE!I've just started to read this book. So far so good. Will keep you all posted.

    • Christina says:

      I'm not sure why exactly, but it was a struggle to get through this.

    • Crystal Withem says:

      I really liked this book. You could feel the love between Ayla and her darkling. The ending had me tearing up. Great book. I can't wait to read the next one.

    • Bradley says:

      A little better than the first book in this series but still only so-so. Off to EBay for this tale. =)

    • Kelly says:

      Just as I expected, but a bit of a twist.

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I liked this book much better than the first book in the series! I'm even planning to purchase the final book in the trilogy.

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