A Dark Traveling

A Dark Traveling An ordinary fourteen year old James Wiley has lost his scientist father to a parallel world in the darkbands With the help of Becky his sister with magic powers Barry the exchange student and Uncle

  • Title: A Dark Traveling
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9780380705672
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • An ordinary fourteen year old, James Wiley has lost his scientist father to a parallel world in the darkbands With the help of Becky, his sister with magic powers, Barry the exchange student and Uncle George, the werewolf, James goes in search of his parent But he must take care for if there just happens to be a full moon at the wrong moment, James s itchy palms mightAn ordinary fourteen year old, James Wiley has lost his scientist father to a parallel world in the darkbands With the help of Becky, his sister with magic powers, Barry the exchange student and Uncle George, the werewolf, James goes in search of his parent But he must take care for if there just happens to be a full moon at the wrong moment, James s itchy palms might lead him into trouble.
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    • Dan Schwent says:

      A Dark Traveling was very interesting. I wish Zelazny would have written a sequel or three.Jim is a fourteen year old werewolf. His sister is a witch and they live with their father Tom and an exchange student named Barry. Tom works for some kind of parallel universe monitoring agency. At the beginning of the book, Tom goes missing, and the equipment he uses to monitor and travel to other dimensions is damaged. Jim, Becky, and Barry spend the rest of the book trying to find him and in the proces [...]

    • Jim says:

      On the first read, I was disappointed. It's a thin book, more of a novella & it begs for follow-up, which we'll never get since the master is dead. This is another of his SF/Fantasy blends & is reminiscent of "A Wrinkle In Time". On a second read, I picked up on a lot of subtle references that made it much more enjoyable.There are endless dimensions, the result of different decisions in the past. In some of these, the Dark has won & in others, the Light, so it's a classic good vs. ev [...]

    • Karl says:

      This book is signed by the author Roger Zelazny.

    • Jackie says:

      I liked it. An easy read, entertaining and quick. It felt more like a YA novel to me but that's OK, I like YA sometimes.

    • David says:

      Sometimes a book with generous type, illustrations, and a low page count are just what the doctor ordered. A fast-moving story about parallel worlds, werewolves and witches is decent but nothing really to write home about. Might appeal more to fans of Young Adult fiction.

    • Amanda says:

      Somehow Zelazny managed to tell a believable story that involved a werewolf, a witch, a Golem and travel between parallel universes.

    • Dann Dempsey says:

      Interesting. It started out with some heinlein-style awkwardness of exposition and implausible interactions (we're talking the first ten pages here) but by like 10% of the way through the book the style became essentially transparent, like it didn't hinder the storytelling at all.However when it came down to describing a character's experience (e.g. (view spoiler)[Jim turning into a werewolf (hide spoiler)]) the text was flawless. Lyrical. Evocative. Picturesque. Seductive. Like you could feel a [...]

    • Fellini says:

      Короткая (на один вечер) повесть о магической семейке. Кажется хорошим заделом для цикла романов.

    • Alazzar says:

      It pains me to give a Zelazny book 3 stars, but this just isn’t up to par with his other novels. That’s not to say it’s bad . . . it’s just not a masterpiece like Lord of Light or Doorways in the Sand or any number of others I could list.A Dark Traveling was Zelazny’s attempt at a Young Adult novel. I don’t really read any YA, so I don’t know what the competition is like—maybe this book blows current YA out of the water, or maybe it just lags behind. In any case, some of the rest [...]

    • Randy says:

      I kept spying this sitting amidst my shelf of Zelazny books, and eventually realized it'd been so long since I read it that I had only a vague idea of the plot. So, I yanked it down and re-read it.It's only about 150 pages, so it's quick. It seemed almost like the treatment of a book, and not the book itself. So much potential here seems wasted, and much of the setting and characters feel like rough sketches. I've read that this was supposed to be a book for younger readers, but it felt to me mo [...]

    • Brandon says:

      This started out a bit rough in the prologue, but that is not something I am unfamiliar with in a lot of books by Zelazny. Still it is one of the few of his books that I had not read yet, so I stuck with it and was happy to have it take a turn for the better in the first couple chapters. I saw that others have complained about the villain only showing up at the end, and then only briefly. However really the story has very little to do with the villain and seems, to me at least, to be more about [...]

    • Yune says:

      Those who complain that Zelazny's Amber Chronicles are too fluffy clearly haven't read this one. (Or know better.)An enjoyable romp, but really lacking depth, perhaps because the protagonist is a teen. Zelazny's characteristic humor is present, though (it seems preserved no matter what he writes), and I'm amused by the thought of him having this same voice as an adolescent:"I'm a normal fourteen-year-old boy.My sister Becky is a witch, my older brother Dave lives in a castle, and our exchange st [...]

    • Shane says:

      I love Zelazny and everything but this really sucked. I've got it in this beautiful illustrated hardcover (millennium) edition but really there had to be 25 other Zelazny novellas that deserved this treatment more than this piece of crap. At a very stretched out 143 pages, the action starts at about page 120. There's the werewolf angle that goes nowhere and seems to be included for no reason other than possibly to increase page count. The dues ex machina. The main evil bad dude that shows up for [...]

    • Paul Spence says:

      A Dark Traveling was written as a book for teens, but you shouldn't dismiss it because of this. This book was written by a master storyteller, and is well worth the read. Like many books by Roger Zelazny this one blurs the lines (actually, it stomps on them) between science fiction and fantasy.It is witty, dark, philosophical, and light-hearted all at the same time.Take the time to read this gem. You won't regret it.

    • Kate says:

      I love Zelazny and this was the first book of his that I read and what got me interested in the genre. I picked it up to read again for nostalgia's sake but couldn't get past the second page of the first chapter. The writing is SO simplistic that I found myself rewriting it in my head at an adult's level. I'm going to do eight year old me a solid and continue to remember it fondly while I move on to Zelazny's other work.

    • Steve Bouchard says:

      Maybe it's not one of Zelazny's most ambitious works, but for what it is, it's an excellent YA read. In typical fashion, the reader is dropped right into the plot, and it doesn't let up. It's a fast read with fair-playing twists, and combines fantasy and SF elements seamlessly as we can expect from Zelany. While this book brings Zelazny's scope of creativity to a younger audience, it's also an enjoyable read for any fan of Zelazny's lighter work.

    • Charles says:

      I rounded my rating up to 4 stars, as I think it's a pretty good book for its intended audience: readers much younger than I am. It has Zelazny's typically atypical combination of science fiction and fantasy with a clever plot that I think would appeal to tween and younger teen readers.Unfortunately, the current Kindle edition of this novella has a couple or three sections with too many scanning errors (I presume) that were never proofread, apparently (or very negligently done).

    • Howard Brazee says:

      Zelazny is one of the few writers who I expect to get an automatic 5 stars. But not his collaberations that he did in a hurry to have money for his family after his death.Nor this juvenile novel which basically just creates a setting. It is the nihilistic idea that when we make decisions, we create universes with both sides of the decisions. Even worse, some of those decisions create magical universes, some are good and some are evil.

    • Paradoxhorizon says:

      Travel between worlds? Werewolves? Magic and strange technology? This novelette is kinda of all over the place and I kinda feel like there's a really good and longer story that just needed to be coaxed out of these parts.

    • Carissa says:

      I was loaned a couple of Roger Zelazny books by a colleague who told me that Zelazny is the original of whom Neil Gaiman is a pale imitator. I haven't really read enough of either to evaluate that claim, but I enjoyed this one (one of his lighter reads) well enough.

    • Kate says:

      A very characteristic Zelazny novel with alternate realities or parallel worlds, which he is very masterful at describing. I enjoyed the story, but I felt like it could have been fleshed out more. The concept and plot was interesting, just rushed and underdeveloped.

    • Stuart says:

      Yawn. It's like he put the entire juvenile scifi/fantasy bookshelf in a blender and hit "puree."

    • Mike S says:

      Fast, fun, containing exuberant bursts of sheer talent.

    • Mark says:

      A master of fantasy writing a very slight YA novel. Too many randomly cross-genre concepts (witches, robots, werewolves, alternate dimensions) jumbled together without a unifying thread.

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