Heretic Boston SWAT officer Cade Williams didn t believe in the supernatural until a chance meeting with a fallen angel left his wife dead and him hanging on to life by the thinnest of margins When he was dis

  • Title: Heretic
  • Author: Joseph Nassise
  • ISBN: 9780743470957
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boston SWAT officer Cade Williams didn t believe in the supernatural until a chance meeting with a fallen angel left his wife dead and him hanging on to life by the thinnest of margins When he was discharged from the hospital he discovered that not only was he scarred, body and soul, but that the encounter had left him with a few otherworldly talents of his own.Now, severBoston SWAT officer Cade Williams didn t believe in the supernatural until a chance meeting with a fallen angel left his wife dead and him hanging on to life by the thinnest of margins When he was discharged from the hospital he discovered that not only was he scarred, body and soul, but that the encounter had left him with a few otherworldly talents of his own.Now, several years later, Knight Commander Cade Williams runs the elite Templar combat unit known as the Echo Team, which puts him in the perfect position to search for the creature that so viciously attacked him and his family that night His efforts yield little success, however, until a cabal of necromancers attempts to seize an ancient Templar artifact for their own nefarious purposes and gives him the first real lead he s had in ages Cade sets out to find the necromancers and, through them, the Adversary, only to encounter something much worse
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      226 Joseph Nassise
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    • Ilona Andrews says:

      ’ve been struggling with edits, and when that happens, I usually start really hating all things in my genre. I’ve tried a couple of PNR books, and for some reason both turned out to be very much paint-by-numbers. He is a big well-hung uber alpha male. She is vampire/werewolf/hybrid/angel. He must have her. They bang. They bang some more. Snoozefest.So I wanted something different and this is different. It has absolutely no romance. It follows the modern knights Templar, who are battling para [...]

    • Irene says:

      This is the story of Cade Williams, a member of the modern Templar Knights, who, in this book, are the secret combat unit of the Catholic church. They are charged with protecting mankind from supernatural-type evil. Cade leads the Echo Team, a combat unit known for their effectiveness in getting the job done. Cade is known by other Templar Knights as "The Heretic," due to his seemingly strange powers and his apparent lack of faith.Five years earlier, his home is attacked by some sort of powerful [...]

    • Maria Dimitrova says:

      A great start for a series, The Heretic introduces us to a new urban fantasy world filled with demons, specters and other supernatural beings. Knight Commander Cade Williams aka the Heretic and his Echo Team are an elite part of the Order of the Templars which is tasked with protecting mankind from all things supernatural. Cade is a strangely likeable character with his own peculiar charisma. Unlike most of the members of the Order he's not a blind believer and follower of rules and that makes h [...]

    • Mike (the Paladin) says:

      I'm beginning to get a feel for Nassise I think. I like most of the books I've read by him. There always seems to be a little flaw somewhere that keeps me from giving them the complete 5 stars. That said they are fast moving, exciting and interesting. He deals with interesting topics and the books deal with it in a "storyteller's" fashion. They are for the most part what I call "brain candy" but that's okayI like good brain candy.This deals with the idea that the Knights Templar were secretly cl [...]

    • Paula Howard says:

      Heretic by Joseph Nassise takes takes two old storylines evil and and the Church and mixes them into one fantastic story. The Knights Templar are alive and well and protection the Church from evil in form of paranormal creatures.Cade Willimas is a member of the modern day Knights Templars. He isn't what one would expect from a Templar. He no longer is much of a believer and is referred to as the Heretic. His world fell apart after his wife, Gabbi, was killed by a fallen angel. Cade was nearly ki [...]

    • Meghan says:

      Funny thing about this book. I received it last week as an r2r and was so excited to receive this book - Knights Templar + Demons, I mean, how could I resist? - and when I went to today to add my review, I found out that I had already purchased this book (I had found it for free on at one point and grabbed it) and had completely forgotten that I had done so. No wonder I was so excited haha. This is actually the third book that I have done this to. I guess that's proof positive that these books [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Joseph Nassise's Templar Chronicles series features a modern-day Knights Templar organization that battles the supernatural bad guys of the world. Its hero, Cade Williams, is a member of the Templars but has an uncanny reputation among the order for his psychic abilities. The Heretic is the first in the series and revolves around a cabal of sorcerers who is attacking Templar commanderies, slaughtering the members, and desecrating the cemeteries in search of a holy relic. Cade and his unit are as [...]

    • David Caldwell says:

      The Templars have become a secret organization that protects the world from supernatural threats. One of their members is known as the Heretic and is rumored to have strange powers. He and his team take on those cases when doing things strictly by the rules just won't cut it.This story hit a lot of the buttons. A lot of action, a hero that can kick butt with some cool powers, and interseting bad guys. The writing is good and the plot flows well. There are only a few negatives. A couple of scenes [...]

    • Jacob Proffitt says:

      This book isn't horrible. The writing is coherent and it has great action and the characters are very manly. I just couldn't get into it and finally decided that my time was worth more than continuing the book (from about the 67% mark). Despite the urban fantasy setting (and my shelving it there), this book is much more a mens action-adventure novel (along the lines of Max Bolan or Remo Williams). The men are dedicated, capable, and well-trained and they dominate their paradigm in no-uncertain t [...]

    • Ralph says:

      I was a bit surprised by this one. The story synopsis had sounded to me like the author was trying to combine too many elements in a story: ancient angelic weapons/relics, fallen angels, paranormal abilities, Templars, and necromancy I am sure I am missing a few others things, too. But it was free (at least at the time) through , so I downloaded it, and I finally got around to reading it. I wished I hadn't waited so long. Nassise does a great job of keeping my attention as the story progresses. [...]

    • Cathy says:

      Read a story in Urban Allies anthology where the thieves were just blown away by the Templars, not because they were threatened, but upon approach to their hideout and as a matter of course, totally casually and with no thought to other options. Is theft an executable offense? What gave them the right? Not interested in this series at all after that. Usually anthologies get me interested in authors, and I was a bit intrigued until that insane level of violence for no good reason.

    • E.A. Copen says:

      This book sucked me in from the start, beginning with the brand new cover (not pictured). I'm always game for a more action oriented urban fantasy, especially one that doesn't focus on the same old same old types of plots. This one was different, but had some familiar flavors of urban fantasy. The prose was solid, very stark, which I appreciate. There's no fat to trim plot wise as the story moves quickly from one event to the next with just enough time for the reader to process what's happening. [...]

    • Julie Smith (Knitting and Sundries) says:

      The Knights Templar, thought to have been disbanded in the 14th century, are alive and well - reborn with a military hierarchy as an arm of the Vatican. Their new mission is to defend mankind from supernatural threats and enemies.Knight Commander Cade Williams, known as "The Heretic", is head of the Echo Team, a highly specialized unit whose members each have unique "gifts". Cade had been a highly-decorated Massachusetts police officer and a member of Special Tactics. An attack that left Cade di [...]

    • Ginny Lurcock says:

      So Jena, my partner in crime over at Pure Textuality, has been on me to read Joseph Nassise for like ever. (I don’t remember when, so I’m going with forever) but I never got around to it.Now I feel like a total jerk.What I liked:Mr. Nassise writes a pretty story. Well, okay, the story itself is actually gritty and involves a fair amount of insides that are now on the outside but the actual structure of the story is so damn pretty. The way he used specific words to build a story is just an ar [...]

    • Lisa says:

      The Order of the Knights Templar has persisted in secrecy through the decades, fighting to protect humanity from otherworldly evils most people would rather not know exist. Cade Williams, one of the most obscure amongst the Order, is also the most enigmatic and unorthodox, instilling fear even amongst his fellows; however, he might be the only person capable of saving the world from an evil so powerful that it threatens to destroy the divide between reality and a realm known as the Otherworld.I [...]

    • Oni says:

      This is a fast paced urban fantasy, with hints of Dan Brown all over it, plus the special ops cast. You can read it in one sitting if you wish, because there aren't any to keep you to read it deeper.The plot is predictable from the beginning, including the twist. The theme is overexposed already, especially after many books following the bandwagon of Dan Brown's type. So it is not that interesting, I would say. The characters are pure machismo and also predictable. Strangely, with all that downs [...]

    • Sam says:

      This was a fast paced thriller with a strong supernatural element. The Templars were reformed and now work as a mostly military arm alongside the Church, protecting humanity from lurking nasties. Cade Williams, AKA The Heretic, leads a team of Templars assigned to some of the more unpleasant jobs. He joined after his wife was brutally murdered by something otherworldly, an attack which left him with some terrible physical and emotional scars, and some rather unexpected abilities.The story moved [...]

    • Nancy says:

      Cade Williams didn’t do orders; he also didn’t do Rules - especially when they got in the way of his job as a Knight Commander of the Templars. Cade didn’t start out that way but having your wife killed in front of you tends to change your outlook.Sean Duncan headed up the Protectors group of the Templars and is in charge of care of the Preceptor for North America. They are in Connecticut to investigate a Templar group left in ruins, all dead who were there at the time of the event. How di [...]

    • Jana Brown says:

      I picked this book up as a Kindle freebie, which generally means my expectations are fairly low, and was very pleasantly surprised. Heretic is a dark military urban fantasy. If you're looking for girls kick butt or vampire romance don't look here. Instead the focus is on the Knights Templar and their battle against sorcerers and demonic forces of the paranormal. It's not a perfect book, but it was a quick fun read and I'm intrigued enough by the plot and the characters to buy the rest of the ser [...]

    • Tiki says:

      Well this one is hard to rateI almost stopped reading because it didn't really grab me until about half way through. that's a little late in the book for me, but I really hate to give up on anything! I'm glad I continued because it did get better. The last 25% of the book I really enjoyed. So I'm giving it a 3 (first half, a 2; second half a 4)For me it was a pretty dry read in the beginning - didn't feel any emotional connection, and I enjoy the military aspects, but appreciate a little humor, [...]

    • Rick Taubold says:

      I enjoyed this book very much. The characters are well defined, the story is very good, and the writing is good. Although the story isn't as good as The DaVinci Code (but how many books of this type are), it is superior in character development. The writing in a few spots was weak, but overall, it also surpassed DaVinci code (which had clean, but perfectly sterile prose). As some have mentioned, this book could have benefitted from better editing, but I didn't find it seriously lacking in that d [...]

    • Darcia Helle says:

      This book sucked me in right from the beginning and held me there until the very end. The only thing I didn't like about this book was putting it down.While The Heretic is about the Knights of Templar, a religious order, it is not preachy and does not force any particular belief on readers. The Heretic is nonstop action, a paranormal thriller filled with the intricacies of relationships, struggles with faith, love, vengeance and duty. The writing is vivid, the characters made me care and the plo [...]

    • Aya says:

      Templar Chronicles: 1This book suffers a bit from character bloat - the author introduces many side characters only for them to end up dead a few pages later. It's a little hard to tell who's important enough to keep track of. This book is pretty much entirely action, with teasing glimpses of character development. Carnage everywhere. High death toll in this story. There's a lot of POV switching, but with everything else going on, it's handled skillfully enough not to be an annoyance. At 253-som [...]

    • Amanda says:

      This book is action packed and non stop from the very beginning. Knight templars against evil necromancers who want a powerful weapon to rule the world.This book had a little bit too much testosterone for my tastes and there not enough female characters. Other than that it was pretty well written and easy to read. I liked the concept of the beyond and can see how that will benefit the rest of the series.

    • Ken says:

      I read this in the Kindle format. When I first picked this up, I had never heard of the author or the book before. I just decided to read it on a whim, thinking the short blurb about it showed promise. After that,I couldn't put it down. This was a really well written story, including elements of religion that were handled quite well. I felt the idea of one of the top soldiers being The Heretic to be quite interesting - showing God is in it to win it.

    • Sally Bisbee says:

      This was the beginning of a new author obsession for me. I love these books! They're about an elite group of Templars who are called into fight evil, and I mean true evil. They're right up there with the Harry Dresden novels and the John Taylor novels and I LOVE those!Alas, the latest Heretic book is not yet available for my nook and it sounds like he may just write one more after that before ending the series. I'll be very sad if he ends Cade's adventures after only five books.

    • Orinks says:

      I thought when I came across this book that it was simply another military series in the style of Mack Bolan and those types of modern stuff. However, this book and series are cool. Add supernatural elements such as a world between life and death, millitary for the church due to such creatures, and people with supernatral abilities all make this a pretty sweet series. Yes, the characters and plot are cool. But why spoil those?

    • a cup of coffee and a fairytale says:

      i received this book i exchange of an honest reviewis book is an interesting story of knights templars and church which deals with the super powers supernatural threats. this book is written very well. it will get you hooked from the first page itself. the author is more of a story teller than a writer. i downright hated the cover-page. it does not do any justice to the story inside. i wish there was more thought given over the cover-page.

    • Pauline Creeden says:

      Engrossing and twisted. Dancing on the edge of apocalyptic disaster, Cade and his knights templar fight to keep the world from falling into ruin. Loaded Catholic symbolism, this dark urban fantasy series should draw a following. 4.5 Stars *I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

    • Neil says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it wasn't what I imagined that it would be at all. It has been very well thought out wiith some great characters. I can already see that I am going to enjoy this series of books. So if your taste in books runs to the slightly unusual then this could be the book for you

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