Maria A heroine you ll never forget A woman who battles fiercely for survival and her own independence but surrenders completely to the man she loves This is Eugenia Price s inspiring story of a unique Ame

  • Title: Maria
  • Author: Eugenia Price
  • ISBN: 9781577361527
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • A heroine you ll never forget A woman who battles fiercely for survival and her own independence, but surrenders completely to the man she loves.This is Eugenia Price s inspiring story of a unique American heroine a woman whose strength and resourcefulness overcome every obstacle to survival in an untamed and turbulent lands Maria is a true pioneer, valiant, hard workingA heroine you ll never forget A woman who battles fiercely for survival and her own independence, but surrenders completely to the man she loves.This is Eugenia Price s inspiring story of a unique American heroine a woman whose strength and resourcefulness overcome every obstacle to survival in an untamed and turbulent lands Maria is a true pioneer, valiant, hard working, independent But she is also a vibrant, flesh and blood woman, tempestuous in passion, steadfast in love.
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    • Misfit says:

      St. Augustine, 1763. Spain and England have settled their differences (right!), so the Spanish are leaving St. Augustine for Havana and the English are leaving Havana for Florida, including Maria and her husband David. Maria is a skilled midwife, and her services are much in demand and bring in a hefty profit - profit that an ambitious Maria plans to use to increase their wealth and lifestyle (David's just a soldier after all). The future looks bright at first, but events happen to forever alter [...]

    • Diane Lynn says:

      Autumn read with the Belles of the South groupOpening lines:In spite of the heat, pride of appearance forced Maria to wear her husband's military watch cape. The sun in St. augustine was unremitting. Even the breeze, nearly a wind, sent gusts of heavy heat over her strong, slender body, whipping the folds of the cape as she walked. She could taste the salt air and smell the fishy water of Matanzas Bay.This was my first book by Eugenia Price and I felt a little let down when I turned the last pag [...]

    • Heather G Gentle says:

      Really loved this one. I would probably rate 4.5 but like to "upgrade" when I am leaning toward that. I purchased this book during my visit to St Augustine this past Spring at the "Oldest House" tour. Even though I used to live there ( more or less) I never really "toured" then so I decided to give it a try ( and have loved it ever since-- it's amazing what you don't know about where you live!) The tour guide for the Oldest House was fantastic and she recommended this book to give a more detaile [...]

    • Lori says:

      Dull, boring and monotonous! More romance than history. Can't bring myself to finish it.

    • Lyndsey says:

      As someone who lives in St. Augustine and loves history, the details about the city were interesting. The overall story, however, was monotonous and too drawn out. For such an interesting period in history (The American Revolution), the author really could have utilized the conflict of the time and made an interesting story, but she didn't. Instead, the reader merely gets glimpses of what is going on in the War for Independence from outside sources with vague details, and the reader is wrapped u [...]

    • Wanda says:

      I reread this first book of the Florida trilogy written by Eugenia Price. Her character Maria Evans is taken from the early history of St. Augustine during the British occupation during the eighteenth century and then its return to Spain after the Revolutionary War. Her historical context is excellent and it makes you believe that you are back in the time. A beautiful love story and also beautiful story. A good read!

    • Graceann says:

      Eugenia Price moves her storylines to St. Augustine, Florida to investigate the life of Maria, the occupant of what still stands today as the country's oldest house. Beautifully written and it made me want to return to St. Augustine after many years away.

    • Nancy says:

      The spirited story of Mary Evans, an extraordinary woman from colonial Charles Town who finds a place for herself in St. Augustine after Spain relinquishes Florida.Fun to read as Maria walked the streets of St. Augustine which we have visited many times - felt I could get into the character.

    • Melody says:

      Gives a perspective of the development of Florida again through the development of the people that made it all happen

    • Sue says:

      Maria and David Fenwick arrive in Florida from Cuba where David had been serving with the British military. The British and the Spaniards have just swapped land and the Fenwicks are among the first to settle in the now British colony in the years before the American Revolution. Together they seek to build a life until a tragic accident takes David. Can Maria move on? For me, the least favorite of her fiction. I felt this one read more like a biography than historical fiction for some reason.

    • IrishFan says:

      This book started out slowly for me, but once I got a bit into the story I enjoyed it. I really liked Maria, and felt bad for her when Joseph had his strokes, because she took care of him and had to watch him suffer. I didn't like John, and hated that she ignored everyone's warnings about him and ended up ruined.

    • Karen says:

      I am always enchanted reading Eugenia Price's beautiful novels. Wonderfully written! Her books will pull you right in as though you are one of the characters in the novel. You feel all of the joy and pain of the interesting people in her book. I read and reread these books many times!

    • Ichiban186 says:

      Awful; juvenile; sappy; protagonist was silly. St Augustine history was interesting, but not enough to keep me reading. Rather read a real history of the city.

    • Linda Graham says:

      The city of St. Augustine does such a fine job playing up its Spanish heritage that it's easy to forget it was part of the British colonies for a short period in the 18th century. But it was, and Maria is set during that time.The story is based on Maria Evans, a strong, entrepreneurial, go-getter type of woman. She made St. Augustine her home when her husband's regiment was sent there in 1763. Through hard work, a bit of luck, and a lot of gumption, she amassed a fortune.I loved the book--every [...]

    • Josh Liller says:

      I read this for a Florida book club, but gave up after 120 of the nearly 400 pages. In theory, historical fiction set in St. Augustine mostly during the two decades the British controlled Florida could be very interesting. From skimming over the rest of the book it seems the history might pick up as the book progresses, including Andrew Turnbull and his failed settlement at New Smyrna Beach.My problem with this book is that I found neither the main character nor the plot to be interesting. I fel [...]

    • Sharon Melton says:

      Great read and insight into the colonization of St. Augustine. Set in the 1700's when the Spanish and British were flip- flopping control of St. Augustine. We get a glimpse into Maria, a British settler- that eventually pledged allegiance to the Spanish crown all while being a prominent midwife and dutiful wife to three husbands ( spread over time) as she outlives them all and remarkably in her life's passion of amassing status, title and land holdings she comes around to the only thing that eve [...]

    • Loisee says:

      I bought this novel on a visit to St Augustine this summer. We visited her home - the oldest house in St Augustine. The book follows the life story of Maria in the mid to late 18th century. I enjoyed the Florida history, the details about every day life, and particularly the life of this independent and determined woman. She was a midwife, and survived three husbands.The author has a Christian perspective. Honestly some of the Christian aspects of the book seemed added in; I suspect the author's [...]

    • Teresa says:

      I bought this book in November from the gift shop of The Oldest House in St. Augustine, Florida, as my souvenir of the trip there. Perhaps because I didn't really expect to like the style of the book, perhaps because I could picture Maria's house and her surroundings because I had been there, I ended up liking it quite a bit.

    • Beth says:

      This is not one's "Great American or British Novel, but I read it before my first visit to St. Augustine, and recommend it to every woman friend visiting Florida for the first time. As I told her story to my husband and we walked the streets she walked I felt an infusion of 17th century life that makes me feel like a Floridian now.

    • Wanda says:

      LOVE anything written by Eugenia Price. She went to great lengths to make sure historical information was correct in her novels. Therefore, you get a little history lesson along with the moral and romance and grit of the times.

    • Joan says:

      Just visited St Augustine for a few day. Went to The Oldest House and the gal who was working the store highly recommended this book. I lived reading it especially after just having been to St Augustine. Thank you to the gal who recommended it. I wish I knew her name.

    • Pamela L says:

      Loved it!

    • Shannan says:

      Similar to a Gone with the Wind type of book.

    • Lora says:

      Picked this up when we were in St. Augustine. Was told by the Historical Society there that it was not historically accurate. I enjoyed the cultural and historical aspects of it.

    • Lailani says:

      I read this in Highschool and after graduation went to St. Augustine. It was great to tour the home and have the story come to life.

    • Michelle Dunlap says:

      Liked the history of St Augustine but got tired of Maria's life toward the end

    • Pamela says:

      Someone told me to read this before going to St. Augustine, and it was a great way to get the early history of the city in a painless, interesting way.

    • Susan says:

      Love the author but this was slooooow in the beginning.

    • Hilary says:

      Set in very early St Augustine

    • Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

      too long and drawn out.

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