War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles

War of Words Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles An important and biblical book about our words and our God Few of us really think about the power the blessing the gift the effect and the danger of our words This book will make you think before

  • Title: War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles
  • Author: Paul David Tripp
  • ISBN: 9780875526041
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • An important and biblical book about our words and our God Few of us really think about the power, the blessing, the gift, the effect, and the danger of our words This book will make you think before you speak Steve Brown Until our hearts are completely purified by God in heaven, we must set strong guards at the gates of our mouths and fight daily battles to restrainAn important and biblical book about our words and our God Few of us really think about the power, the blessing, the gift, the effect, and the danger of our words This book will make you think before you speak Steve Brown Until our hearts are completely purified by God in heaven, we must set strong guards at the gates of our mouths and fight daily battles to restrain the overflow of our sinful desires helpful insights and practical tools for this battle Ken Sande
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    • Brett Mclaughlin says:

      Just five pages into War of Words, Paul Tripp makes this astonishing claim: “God has a wonderful plan for our words” (5). Modern evangelicalism is quick to talk about God’s plan–and God’s plans–so this statement doesn’t sound overtly different, provocative, or perhaps even book-worthy. In fact, seminaries, churches, and parachurches have made so-called Christian counseling all the rage, so another book on godly communication should fit right into the local Christian bookstore.Tripp [...]

    • Tess says:

      Giving this four stars because I think what it has to say is very eye-opening and true. The first few chapters are just trying to convince you that words are important, and I felt like that was unnecessary because duh, I'm sitting here reading a book about improving my communication, obviously I think words are important. But he goes on to describe what ought to be the motivation behind our speech -- we have to go beyond the knee-jerk "I want to win" reaction that's our default, and think about [...]

    • Julianne Bell says:

      Phenomenal book about words/communication. Every time you speak it should be to show the love of Jesus Christ to others and to honor God. One thing that struck me was that if someone in your life sins and you are apart of that sin, you should rejoice that the Lord has seen fit to use you in that person's life for sanctification. It is an opportunity to speak redemptive love and to hold up the mirror of Scripture gracefully and humbly. Again, phenomenal.

    • David Garza says:

      For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Matthew 12:34War of Words is not a happy go lucky how-to on communication. Rather it is a guide to the heart of what makes our communication either profitable or detrimental. Resolving conflict cannot be taught through techniques and tips, but instead can only be approached with the heart of restoring relationship in the reflection of what God has done and is doing in us. It is His redeeming work that makes it possible for our communication [...]

    • Becky says:

      Good things to say, but felt repetitive. I found The Peacemaker by Ken Sande to be more helpful as far as conflict resolution goes. As far as "communication struggles" goes, this book had good stuff, but didn't really cover much of communication struggles other than having angry and self focused words

    • Jennifer says:

      Very good, but convicting.

    • Mark Evans says:

      War of Words written by Paul Tripp is a book about communication, uniquely written for the purpose of helping readers to confront the sin that lies in the heart. This book on communication is not a book that offers new ideas or communication techniques; it offers practical and biblical exhortation. The pattern of truth discussed reminds readers that sinful communication takes place as a result of the heart; in spite of the best methods and communication techniques the heart will foil communicati [...]

    • Barry says:

      The heart of communication wars can be traced to a corrupted heart, says Mr. Tripp. In order to win the war of words, a person's heart must be transformed. Though impossible for us, it is possible through the power of Christ to speak redemptively into others' lives.The above is the essence of War of Words. The book is a great idea and Mr. Tripp has some great thoughts, but there is a lot of bloat in the book. 60 pages are spent in the beginning to tell us that there is a war between good and evi [...]

    • Eulinda says:

      This book is a real life saver. This book addresses genuine issues relating to struggles we have in everyday communication encounters, with practical examples from Paul Tripp's life experiences. Good book to read when you need a challenge for change, as this book also offer guidelines, prayers, steps to follow to repent from your mistakes. This book carried me through a time when I was grieving and needed comfort, and have led me to do some introspection in my own life. This book makes you reali [...]

    • Paul says:

      Our go-to excuses for our self centered words have no foundation after reading this book. The gospel is clearly presented as our only hope and using the scripture and memorable stories. No man can tame the tongue but Christ can.

    • Scott says:

      Paul Tripp delivers as promised a book that goes beyond communication techniques and reaches to the “heart” of communication.

    • Danielle says:

      Great points made. But he droned on and on. It definitely was not to the point.

    • Cornell says:

      One of those books that are not meant to be superficially practical (it is not a how-to guide on communication) and yet leaves you wanting to radically reform the way you "do" talk to people. The book lives up to its tagline: "getting to the heart of your communication struggles" and Tripp does a good job poking at that heart (mine especially) of the issue.As and after I read this book, I realised that I need to learn to talk all over again. Our parents and teachers taught us the alphabet and ru [...]

    • Beth Peninger says:

      The war of words isn't a battle of the tongue but a battle of the heart. Tripp goes on in this important book to give evidence to that statement. Our mouths speak what resides within our hearts. So before dealing with communication issues by applying techniques and quick fixes we must deal with our hearts and what they are holding on to. As Tripp does so well, he unpacks scripture for us to give plenty of supporting evidence to how to be victorious in the war. Communication is something that all [...]

    • Brandon Wilkins says:

      This is a very good book on communication. What surprised me was that the book was as much about biblical confrontation as it was about 'why we say the things we do.' In hindsight, that makes sense because words are very much a part of conflict resolution, and a lot of damage has been done by poor word choice in conflict resolution.So, the book covers: A Biblical-theology of words; from words as instruments of God for Creation In Genesis 1, to words as means of communion in the garden of Eden, t [...]

    • Gavin Yee says:

      The first time i read this book a few years ago i was thinking that this book was really boring me with the gospel and i just wanted to see what i needed to do to help myself more to be able to interact with people but now that i read it again for my church's care group and with my church's rethinking about what the gospel really means. I found that this book is really edifying and really reminds us that is all about Christ that we are sinners who hurt each other and is only because of the gospe [...]

    • C. Hollis Crossman says:

      This isn't the most well-written book I've read by a long shot. BUT, it is the only book I've read that interprets every human communication difficulty through the filter of the Gospel.Tripp repeats himself a lot, and some of his examples are corny, but he understands the Gospel and our need for it. He also understands the nature of human communication, its inherent selfishness, its sinfulness and capacity for evil. These insights together result in a book that is biblical and applicable without [...]

    • Marguerite Harrell says:

      3-3-2015 I am currently borrowing this book from another church's library and looking forward to read this book.6-28-2015, I just finish this book. It is a great book to read. As a single woman, I see this book is for counselor / pastor / elders dealing with member of their church who are at War of Words problem. I also see this book is great for parents on how to talk to children in godly way without losing temper and sinful anger. This book is also a great book for married couple who are in co [...]

    • Beth says:

      This book was excellent. Tripp describes the power of our words to either tear down and destroy or build up and edify. He emphasizes the need for us to use our words "redemptively," or in other words, "to solve the problem of the moment in a way that propels the work God is doing through it" (p. 142). He also discusses the necessity of two elements for good communication: a commitment to loving truthfulness, and the humility of approachability. I could go on and on about how great this book is, [...]

    • Erika Schanzenbach says:

      Tripp offers what is essentially a topical Bible study on language and speech, the attitudes that should surround their use, and the life or death they can bring to our relationships. I have tremendous appreciation for the practicality of Tripp's writing. The word of God and gospel of Christ remain central throughout. It is God's word that trains us in righteousness and brings us to repentance. Tripp does an excellent job of guiding the reader to applicable portions of the Word and in so doing b [...]

    • Shawn Trautman says:

      An extremely helpful, and well written book. Paul Tripp does not simply offer suggestion for better communication styles but strikes powerfully at the root of the problem, the sin in our heart. This book is convicting! It points out that our annoyed, sarcastic, angry, and snarky remarks are not the result of a bad day, bad boss, or anything else but the eruption of sin and idols of self in the heart. The author takes you quickly to God's plan of redemption,and shows how the life, death, and resu [...]

    • Emily says:

      This book started slowly, continued slowly, and culminated well. It took me a long time to get used to the Tripp's phrasing and style of writing, but in the end I found I greatly appreciated what he had to say about communication. He discusses how our problems with communication - discussions that turn into arguments, angry words, and frustrating and fruitless conversation - are the result of sin. It is our own self-absorbed reactions that cause us to respond to others in a way that is biased to [...]

    • Mim says:

      The real problem we all have with communication stems from our heart. The Bible says that, "For out of the overflow of his heart, his mouth speaks." Luke 6:46 Our problems with words, reflect heart problems. Words are so important since they can build a person up and they can destroy a person. Before we speak, we need to take inventory of what is really deep inside. Our motives, thoughts, and essentially our words are all reflections of the war inside our inner most being. I realize even more wh [...]

    • Nathan Klinger says:

      I recently picked up this book that I have had for quite awhile and I can't recommend it enough. The content is superb and digestible. It is a great book for both personal study and group studies. The subject of communication; what we say and how we communicate with one another is definitely not discussed as much as it should be. The words we speak, write, or type are important and have consequences. With that said, Mr. Tripp offers much wisdom and conviction. I particularly liked his humility a [...]

    • Rob says:

      Excellent analysis of the human condition. Excellent examples address every facet of communication struggles. It would be very surprising if anyone finished this book without seeing their spiritual condition more clearly than before.Some examples used only went as far as necessary to embark on the type of attitude that leads to poor words. This might leave some readers groping for closure. But that certainly forced me to consider my own attitude about the situation more than the situation itself [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      Honestly, this is one book that has been sitting on my shelves for awhile. I had found it at a book sale and knew that it was one that our church recommended. However, I was too proud to think that I needed to read a book on communication strugglesI rarely have conflict in this area. What changed my mind? We recently had either a marriage or parenting seminar with handouts from this book. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it, but for starters I can tell you that it looks great and mig [...]

    • Kerry Lofton says:

      This is one of the most convicting, yet hopeful books I have ever read! I love how Paul equates our communication struggles not to a lack of technical training, but a matter of needing to examine our hearts. So much eye-opening wisdom in this book. It does get rather repetitive at times but this is information that needs to be driven home so it's not such a big deal that some of the chapters blend into each other and repeat the same information. Did feel a bit long but I would highly recommend i [...]

    • Nona says:

      I’m thankful that this book was chosen to be the Book of the Month read at our church since I probably would not have chosen it on my own. It has left me feeling that I have been a complete and absolute frailer in the way I have communicated, especially with my family. I cannot undo the past but I can go forward asking God to help me think before I speak. On this side of heaven sin will persist but I pray I may grow Christ like and speak more words of kindness and wisdom.

    • Demetrius Rogers says:

      The biggest lesson I learned from this book is don't rush into conflict. First cool down and obtain God's perspective. This usually takes time. A potentially volatile confrontation can be a “God moment,” creating a beautiful turning point in the life of all involved. However, the book, as many others, could have been condensed and written in probably half the pages. It got a bit repetitive after awhile.

    • Becky Hintz says:

      The first half of this book was brilliant and tremendously helpful, as Tripp demonstrates that the war with words is actually a battle for sovereignty over our own lives. Taming the tongue is not a matter of technique or practice; it is the result of bringing every area of our lives and hearts under the rulership of our King. As always, Tripp has many, many good illustrations from his vast counseling repertoire.

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