Lady in Waiting - Wanita dalam Penantian: Menjadi yang Terbaik bagi Allah di Dalam Penantian

Lady in Waiting Wanita dalam Penantian Menjadi yang Terbaik bagi Allah di Dalam Penantian Buku ini unik karena penekanannya bukanlah pada status seorang wanita lajang menikah bercerai atau janda tetapi pada keadaan hatinya Lady in Waiting ingin mengarahkan perhatian seorang wanita ter

  • Title: Lady in Waiting - Wanita dalam Penantian: Menjadi yang Terbaik bagi Allah di Dalam Penantian
  • Author: Jackie Kendall Debby Jones
  • ISBN: 9795422642
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Softcover
  • Buku ini unik karena penekanannya bukanlah pada status seorang wanita lajang, menikah, bercerai, atau janda , tetapi pada keadaan hatinya Lady in Waiting ingin mengarahkan perhatian seorang wanita terhadap Dia yang benar benar mengerti kerinduan hatinya.Lady in Waiting bukanlah tentang bagaimana menemukan pria yang tepat, tetapi tentang bagaimana menjadi wanita yang tepaBuku ini unik karena penekanannya bukanlah pada status seorang wanita lajang, menikah, bercerai, atau janda , tetapi pada keadaan hatinya Lady in Waiting ingin mengarahkan perhatian seorang wanita terhadap Dia yang benar benar mengerti kerinduan hatinya.Lady in Waiting bukanlah tentang bagaimana menemukan pria yang tepat, tetapi tentang bagaimana menjadi wanita yang tepat dengan sepuluh kualitas wanita saleh yang ditemukan di dalam kitab Rut Kualitas kualitas ini tidak hanya akan memperkuat hubungan cintamu dengan Mempelai Pria Surgawimu tetapi juga membimbingmu sebagai seorang wanita lajang, menjagaimu saat berpacaran, menyokongmu dalam pernikahan, dan menghiburkanmu jika Anda pernah menjadi janda atau bercerai Saat membaca Anda akan melihat sifat sifat yang dengan indahnya diperlihatkan dalam kehidupan Rut Tanpa ragu ragu Rut menyerahkan dirinya pada Allah, dengan giat menggunakan hari hari lajangnya, percaya kepada Tuhan dengan iman yang tak tergoyahkan, mendemonstrasikan kebajikan dalam kehidupan sehari hari, mengasihi Allah dengan pengabdian yang tak teralihkan, berpihak pada kemurnian fisik dan emosi, hidup dalam keamanan, menanggapi kehidupan dengan rasa puas, membuat keputusan berdasarkan keyakinannya, dan dengan sabar menanti Allah memenuhi kebutuhannya Mari jelajahi kehidupan Rut serta belajarlah apa arti sesungguhnya menjadi seorang wanita saleh, seorang wanita dalam penantian.
    • Free Read [Classics Book] ✓ Lady in Waiting - Wanita dalam Penantian: Menjadi yang Terbaik bagi Allah di Dalam Penantian - by Jackie Kendall Debby Jones ✓
      356 Jackie Kendall Debby Jones
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    • Gavin Breeden says:

      The book opens with the contention that a husband will not truly or fully satisfy a young Christian woman deepest desires, only God can do that. But the rest of the book presents a variety of admirable qualities found in Ruth and on more than one occasion the authors note that Ruth exhibited quality "x" and God rewarded her with a godly husband, so the reader should be patient/virtuous/etc. like Ruth. The unsaid implication is then maybe God will give the reader a godly husband too. Hard to shak [...]

    • Melissa says:

      I began reading this book several years ago before meeting my fiance, and I was unable to finish it. Usually I am a firm believer in "if you haven't read the whole book, you're unqualified to make a review." Normally, yes. In this case, the reason I was unable to finish it was because I got so bogged down with the feeling that the author was very "bitter and single," moping about how life would begin when she met someone (while at the same time passionately denying that you needed a man). Severa [...]

    • Monica Sigalingging says:

      Buku ini saya rasa tidak hanya untuk wanita tapi pria pun kudu wajib membaca. Bagaimana seorg wanita menunggu laki2 yg tepat tanpa berdiam diri, tetap mengerjakan panggilan Allah

    • Jennifer says:

      This is an amazing book really insightful and filled with wisdom. It really reminds me how I need to develop my character with God's help, instead of just wasting time. There are so many things to develop: reckless abandonment (to Jesus), diligence, faith, virtue, devotion, purity, security, contentment, conviction, and patience. I also really liked how there are many practical ideas to help the readers strive toward godliness. Like for diligence, we can diligently pursue a ministry of teaching, [...]

    • Amanda Tero says:

      Unlike most books I've seen in the category "for single women," Jackie Kendall and Debbie Jones's approach to was refreshing. Instead of focusing on women, their focus was on God. I appreciated the Scripture use in this book and came away with the truth that God is enough to satisfy and fulfill my needs.The study-guide in the back is not just a study guide for the book. Instead, when I went through it, I felt like I was doing a study of the Bible - which I also appreciated.My only disclaimer wou [...]

    • Desni says:


    • Melissa says:

      I would have to say this book is helpful for a certain set of single women. If you are considering reading this book, I would read it with a grain of salt, knowing some of it may not apply to you, but if you find that you identify with a lot of what the author talks about, then keep reading. I know many friends who have found it to be extremely helpful as they related to men in their own singleness. For me personally, most of what the author talked about wasn't relevant to my own journey through [...]

    • Elise says:

      this book is extremley different from other relationship book i've read.This is the 2nd best book about relationship, which the 1st one is i kissed dating goodbye.This book give you a new perspective about being single, inspired by Ruth live's, a new paradigm about being single replace the old perspective which the world always told to a single woman. Being single is not always a bad choice or a bad stage ofA SINGLE woman lives.With our sinleness we can serve Our Lord fullhearted without any int [...]

    • Laura says:

      I am so glad I read this book. I only wish I had read it in college. Even though it took me a long time to read, August 2008 to March 2010, I took long breaks from the book. When I was actively engaged with it, it only took a few weeks to read the whole thing, which is saying a lot, since I did the workbook with it.The book follows the life of Ruth to teach women about becoming ladies of patience, diligence, purity, contentment, conviction, and some other great things I can't remember off the to [...]

    • Jesse says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book contains some good, solid thoughts for single women who are seeking to "redeem the time". The authors seem to have a heart for helping unmarried ladies avoid the unbiblical pitfalls surrounding the road to relationships with men (or the lack thereof), such as manipulation and control, sexual compromise, impatience, insecurity, and general mopey discontentedness. It's worth the read if you find it at a used book store (like I did), but if you've r [...]

    • Krista G. says:

      A fantastic guidebook in practical ways to develop the woman you are becoming in Christwhile 'waiting for Mr. Right'. For me there were many confirmations of things I'd already been doing that I wasn't really aware were God's design. This was great encouragement - to know I was Holy Spirit taught in the way I'd started to navigate through my singleness!I would say this is for sure a great gift to give to a young girl just starting outor even to a woman who has been married and is now trying to f [...]

    • Ellie says:

      The writing style of this book was great. More so, it was exactly what I needed. Right now, it is my single life guidebook. I feel so much better about being single after reading this book. I feel inspired and I just want to keep the book with me to remind of what it says.

    • Deborah says:

      This is a great devotional book. Well, for me it's more than a devotion material.'s like a personal journal.Ever wonder why certain relationships keep failing? Why some marriages fall apart? Why my prince or princess become my very own nightmares? This book offers more than you could ever think of.It's not about the solution, not a to-do-list and definitely not only for those single christian females out there. It's about the Truth. What kind of foundation you're building your relationship on? A [...]

    • Mary Rose Relente says:

      When you're waiting, you may feel like everything is on hold, or worse, you may think that God is doing nothing that you start to do something on your own. Do not be deceived by such thoughts. God does not withhold good things to those whose walk is blameless (Psalm 84:11). While you're waiting, God is doing His very best in preparing every part of you to deserve the best He has for you. Participate in what God is doing. One day you'll be surprised--before you know it, what you've been praying a [...]

    • Yohanna Panjaitan says:

      Buku ini bagus sekali untuk para wanita yang sedang dalam penantian akan pasangan hidup. Aku membacanya di umur yang masih cukup muda untuk memikirkan pasangan hidup di masa depan. Tapi buku ini dapat memberikan penjelasan yang mudah dimengerti dan benar-benar menginspirasi. Kita diajarkan untuk menjadi yang terbaik bagi Allah ketika dalam penantian. Menjadi yang terbaik sebelum mencari yang terbaik. Buku ini juga membuka pemikiranku bahwa tak perlu takut dalam menunggu, tak perlu kawatir dalam [...]

    • Shannon says:

      I deeply appreciate Jackie Kendall's perspective on a Christian woman's singleness. With graciousness and sympathy, yet the firmness of biblical truth she points the single woman to God Himself, showing her the necessity of finding fulfillment, security, and every other need fulfilled in Him. She never denies the reality of desires nor the goodness of God's fulfillment of them. What she points out are the dangers of our own plans apart from God.

    • Julie says:

      This book is an excellent guide if you are looking to bring your dating life and your relationships (current and future) under God's control. If you do not desire to exemplify a woman of God in your relationships and dating life, this book is not for you. However, if you are looking to be a woman who is God pleasing in her dating life in preparation for a marriage based on God's love and direction, it is one of the best books you'll ever read.

    • Ida Silvia says:

      This is not just another book about relationship. These book teach women not only finding the right man but also learn the characteristics that every woman of God should develop to become a lady of purity, faith, contentment, patience, and more as you pursue a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. You'll find out that only your relationship with Heavenly Father could satisfy you!

    • MelissaH says:

      This was a good book. There are some really good snippets I took from it, but the author's voice seemed somewhat monotone and bland for me. Overall, it was worth the read, though I doubt I'll use the journal part of this book very much

    • Revaan Jutzen says:

      I give this book five stars because God came and did a work in me reading it. What I caught out of all its lessons and golden nuggets is to really enjoy my single life and know that God has a "BEST" out there for me and I do not want to settle for anything less!

    • Ariel says:

      An excellent book for girls ages 9-40! Whether you are single and yearning for a boyfriend or to be married, or already married and having troubles, this book is great! It goes through each quality a "lady in waiting" needs to perfect before meeting her knight in shining armor. I highly recommend!

    • Thathutha - says:

      Kadang-kadang kita sebagai wanita lajang bertanya berulang-ulang.kapan? kenapa? harus berapa lama?dan Jack Kendall mewakili "Tuhan" untuk menjabarkan jawabanNya berdasarkan firman di sini.

    • Meagan says:

      An excellent read that focuses on being the right person and not looking for the right person.

    • Jess says:

      Rarely do I put a book down in the middle and say never again I placed this book down a year ago, and recently attempted to re-read it again. Both times I stopped and said "absolutely not." I have read multiple books on marriage, dating, singleness, and women's roles. This book is down right frustrating. The author begins with some legitimate points but then proceeds to go on to say that if one is not married one is not trusting Christ enough. So what you're telling me is that I'm single because [...]

    • Allyson says:

      Overall, the book left little to be desired. As the book progressed, it felt like the writers were grasping at straws in their interpretation and illustrations, in their feeble attempts at connecting their points back to scripture, to the point where they abandoned referencing scripture entirely for one chapter.Needless to say, after awhile it became clear to me that this book's aim was not about celebrating singleness, (the book only mentioned maybe three times that you really don't need a man [...]

    • Ash McPerk says:

      This book was a brilliant look at the biblical book of Ruth and how it applies to the every day life of a single woman - waiting on God's timing. Oftentimes, women will settle for less than they deserve when it comes to romantic relationships (as will men). This book focuses on developing a loving relationship with Christ and focusing on Him first, and He will provide you the desire of your heart. I found it to have a bit of a feminist message, even. You do not need a significant other to comple [...]

    • Erinwhitehead says:

      While this book makes some good points, they are few and far between while remaining accurate to what scripture really says. Often times the authors seen to take and use verses or pieces if verses that work for what they are trying to say and make them say what they want. I also wonder if an editor ever got a hold of this to edit spelling errors before it went to press. Even scripture is misquoted due to silly mistakes in typing! Furthermore, while it first appears to look at the story if Ruth, [...]

    • Sarah says:

      In this 20th Anniversary Edition of Lady in Waiting, by Jackie Kendall is a study guide for a woman or young lady seeking Gods best in her life. This book isn't just a magical fairytale, but offers Biblical wisdom and insight as you wait patiently for the right person. It provides ways to protect your heart from impurity and allows you to discover that you don't want to settle for anything less then Gods best! This book also helps you to look and develop standards in your dating or courtships. I [...]

    • Grace says:

      If I'd known half this book was a study guide, I would've read it sooner. It seemed very heavy and I put off reading it till today. I'd say five eighths of it was the study guide.This wasn't really a book you could get out from the library like I did. I would've liked to try the study guide out, and I'm honestly not sure why the library has it since it's practically a study guide only and you need to do the study guide to get the whole deal from what I saw.Anyway, while encouraging, it could've [...]

    • Aprile says:

      It took me a long time to get through this book. Not because it was terrible, but because I had some pride issues to work through regarding the book. This book isn't just for single women, despite what you may read into about the title. It says that regardless of her relationship status, a woman who directs her life to God and gives him the reins on her love story will find herself less likely to get in the way or to take things in her own hands. It's about accepting that you can't control thing [...]

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