Stowaway It is known that in the summer of Captain James Cook sailed from England on H M S Endeavour beginning a three year voyage around the world on a secret mission to discover an unknown continent a

  • Title: Stowaway
  • Author: Karen Hesse
  • ISBN: 9780689871207
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is known that in the summer of 1768, Captain James Cook sailed from England on H.M.S Endeavour, beginning a three year voyage around the world on a secret mission to discover an unknown continent at the bottom of the globe What is less known is that a boy by the name of Nicholas Young was a stowaway on that ship.
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    • Will Byrnes says:

      Stowaway is a YA book my wife picked up for my kids. when they were kids. This is a journal format book, in which the pre-teen (11) Nicholas Young stows away on the first of Captain Cook’s journeys of discovery. We are treated to a first hand experience of the sights seen, the dangers endured, the people met. The events are reported in a pleasant style, with appropriate language that might have been used by a youngster. I have no way of telling if the dialect is appropriate for the time, or if [...]

    • Emma Jane says:

      This was an interesting historical read. I don't know if I would have enjoyed it so much if I wasn't so fascinated by 18th century ships and crews, but if you're interested in that sort of thing I'd recommend it! :-) Not a very happy book, that's for sure; lots of hardships, some talk of savagery, lots and lots of people dying. (Seriously, in the last twenty pages or so, they were dropping like flies! What even!) I REALLY like the character of Nicholas Young, though. He was an engaging narrator [...]

    • Madison Jones says:

      Stowaway is the fictionalized story of the amazing adventures of a real-life boy named Nicholas Young. Only a few facts are known about the real Nicholas Young: 1) he really did stow away on Captain Cook's voyage around the world when he was 11 years old; 2) when he was discovered, Captain Cook commissioned him into the Royal Navy and made him assistant to the ship's surgeon aboard the Endeavour 3) he was the first person on Captain Cook's ship to spot New Zealand; 4) when he grew up, he explore [...]

    • Diane says:

      This is a young adult novel about Captain Cook’s 1768-71 voyage to the South Seas and around the world on the ship Endeavour. The author found documentation that a boy, Nicholas Young, about age 11 had stowed away on the Endeavour. The book is told entirely through the eyes of Nick in his journal. (There was evidence that Nick was literate.) The author has used ship logs and diaries so that the story of the trip is accurate. Read the brief epilogue first.I have read a number of books about sea [...]

    • Lydia says:

      Stowaway was slow at times but if you like adventure stories (particularly taking place on a boat) then you'll love this. The way Hesse writes makes it seem like an actual journal written by an actual boy. Her factual style and young-boy personification makes it even more enjoyable.

    • Doug says:

      A great adventure story, for readers in the 9-12 year old age group who like adventure/science/nature/history. Highly recommended.

    • Ashley says:

      I thought it was a pretty good book. I don't know why he would stowaway on a ship and risk being killed, but otherwise, it was really good.

    • Jack says:

      me and my mom tried to read it but didn't succeed. too long/ boring im sorry Karen Hesse im sorry

    • Mary Beth says:

      Based off the true story of Captain Cook's first voyage around the world and written in a journal style. Fascinating, and well written you will be cheering for NiK throughout the book!

    • Quince Winstyn says:

      Awesome book!

    • Adriane Devries says:

      What better way to trace the explorations of Captain Cook than to stow away on H.M.S Endeavor herself, just before an illustrious three-year voyage of discovery?A boy named Nicholas Young appears to have done just this. Since the historical account of his presence aboard is rather scant, beginning in the ship’s log abruptly some months into the journey, author Karen Hesse fleshes out the life and times of a typical boy growing up in the late 1700’s in England. Son of an angry father, and app [...]

    • RJ Rathsack says:

      Stowaway Book ReviewBy RJ Rathsack Karen Hesse takes readers on a marvelous journey throughout the book Stowaway. The story is inspired by a real boy who stowed away aboard Captain James Cook's ship Endeavour on its 1768 voyage. It is based on what little is known about 11-year-old Nicholas Young and spins an imaginative tale firmly anchored in fact. The brief diary entries adhere to the ship's actual itinerary and detail Nick's adventures. This historical fiction read is right around a 6th grad [...]

    • E Wilson says:

      This is one of my least favorite genres, a fictionalized account of a real person. Very little is known about Nicholas Young except that he was a stowaway on Captain Cook's first voyage to circumnavigate the globe. The author invents a diary written by the young boy.I gave the book 4 stars due to all the details about Cook's voyage and the day to day life onboard a relatively small ship on a voyage that lasted 3 years. Cook was looking for a newcontinent (Antarctica?)that they did not discover. [...]

    • Alice says:

      Nicholas, a young boy in England, decides to escape from his abusive teacher and father. He decides to take a ride with his fellow gentlemen as they ascend the Endeavor for a journey to map unknown countries. He is at first hidden away as a stowaway at the back of the ship for a month. Then, he is revealed to the rest of the crew and is accepted by the captain of the ship, Captain Cook. He has a hard time with Mr. Bootie, one of the most stubborn crew member on the ship. He becomes an apprentice [...]

    • Benjamin Ely says:

      I feel that Stowaway has been degrading And the author is not using enough details. I believe this because In the book the author Said “still we search for the island that the captain doesn't believe exists”, when she could've said it with much more color like this. And yet we are still searching for a piece of land the captain says mustn't exist. The author did give great description in some parts I would gladly trade that for a book that had good description all the way through. Were in th [...]

    • Erik Byron says:

      I read this back in middle school, but unlike a lot of other books I found in my middle school's library, this is one that I still have a positive opinion on. It's a quasi-historical novel, and yes it's very informative, but it's driven by characters that I learned to love and care about which is the key to any successful novel, historical or not.But still, it's a kids book, so if you're reading this review and you're above the age of 15, I wouldn't recommend it.

    • Mazzou B says:

      Quickly re-read this book which I had started years ago. It's a pretty accurate account of the time period and setting. Not the most adventurous book, but a good introduction to the subject. Part 6 (chapter about Tahiti) does have one description about how the native women lackedtire which I didn't think necessary for young readers.

    • Donna Culpepper says:

      This was a book intended for a younger audience than myself but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was hooked from the first page. I love the fact that the characters were real people. I enjoyed the author fleshing them out and giving them a story to tell. I recommend it to all ages especially if your father was a sailor like mine.

    • Amy says:

      There are no swashbuckling pirates in this story. It is a fictional account of a real person on a real voyage. The writing is straightforward and winsome. Maybe too slow for dragon-loving readers, but well done and I loved it.

    • Lois Letchford says:

      I love this book! Hess has taken us on the historic journey of Captain Cook in 1770. She writes through the eyes of an 11-year-old stowaway on the small sailing vessel called Endeavor while living with a goat, two cats, and two dogs.

    • Emily says:

      better than the other Karen Hesse book I read, a bit hard to get through

    • Hannah says:

      Stowaway had everything going for it, but it didn't deliver. Very slow paced.

    • Ellen says:

      I enjoyed this, but think I would’ve enjoyed the journal format more as a book, than I did as an audiobook.

    • Patrick says:

      A very entertaining and different point of view for Cooks voyage. I enjoyed it immensely.

    • Keith says:

      Nice little exploration tale set as a diary with a young stowaway on Capt. Cook's first exploration journey in the Endeavor where they discovered N. Zealand and circled the world. Fun and sad.

    • Nancy Pacey says:

      I loved the premise and enjoyed it to a point. The repetitiveness of it started to get to me.

    • Dyane says:

      Disons que j'ai été agréablement surprise à la lecture de ce bouquin. Je ne m’attendais pas à ça honnêtement. Après un certain temps d’adaptation, j’ai été prise par le rythme du récit. Il est vrai qu’au début, la formule journal de bord paraît étrange, d’autant plus qu’il est question de temps et de nourriture. Mais après quelques pages… On découvre la vraie portée, et ça m’a plu. Simple, intéressant, symbole de voyage et d’évasion. Voilà comment je pourra [...]

    • People says:

      STOWAWAYPart 1: SynopsisThe novel tells the story of Nicolas Young when he become a stowaway on the ship Endeavor. Nicolas run away from the butcher he was working for and bribed some crew to let him stay on board. He was founded by the captain and then became a helper on board until he leaves. He soon became friends with most of the crew and was very liked by one of the scientist/gentleman on board named Mr. Banks. He saw the death of many of his friends and grew a better understanding of the w [...]

    • Susan O'Bryant says:

      "This afternoon, at last, we weighed anchor. Now there are new sounds to join with the others. The wind clapping the sails, the men singing out in the rigging, the water churned by Endeavour's prow. Fine sounds. Sailing sounds."The first thing I did this year was travel around the globe. With the help, of course, of author Karen Hesse who penned this excellent and educational young adult novel about the expedition of Captain Cook and his crew between 1768-1771.The novel is made up of faithful jo [...]

    • Lisa Rathbun says:

      I loved Hesse's "Out of the Dust", written as a series of poems. This book was different: it is a series of journal entries from an eleven year old boy who stows away on Captain Cook's ship and is part of the voyage around the world. I found the book interesting because I love history and I enjoyed seeing how Nick changed over the years of the voyage, but the story did seem rather slow, especially for young readers. I don't think a lot of middle schoolers would have the perseverance to make it t [...]

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