King Landon My life is as good as it bloody gets I may be an Englishman but I m living the American dream In Vegas I f ck who I want when I want and how I want Unfortunately my father needs to pass on

  • Title: King
  • Author: Frankie Love
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  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Landon My life is as good as it bloody gets I may be an Englishman, but I m living the American dream In Vegas I f ck who I want, when I want, and how I want Unfortunately, my father needs to pass on the family business and doesn t think sleeping around gives me the credentials I need I ve got one week to convince him and the rest of my old school, English family tha Landon My life is as good as it bloody gets I may be an Englishman, but I m living the American dream In Vegas I f ck who I want, when I want, and how I want Unfortunately, my father needs to pass on the family business and doesn t think sleeping around gives me the credentials I need I ve got one week to convince him and the rest of my old school, English family that I ve changed my wild ways and settled down with a proper girl The problem Claire s hiding something Which seriously complicates things She s supposed to help me get what I want but my fake fianc might just ruin it all Claire Meeting Landon could be the best thing that s ever happened to me or the worst He s the only man I ve considered sleeping with in years which says a helluva lot Mostly that I m horny as heck, but also that Landon makes me feel sexy beautiful wanted Things I never thought I d feel Not to mention he s richer than God Or will be if I can help him for just one week, convincing his family that we re in love and not just scheming to help him inherit the family business If the plan works, he ll pay me a quarter of a million dollars But if he finds out who I really am, he ll call off our deal And I can t let that happen Not just because I desperately need the money but because the time I spend with him makes me believe that true love might be real after all But Landon is a player And I can t bear to have my heart broken So I m all in with the plan but terrified that I m about to make the biggest mistake of my life falling in love with a man who can t be trusted WARNING This book is not your mama s Harlequin Landon is a bad boy who knows what he wants, and he ll get it And sweetcheeks, you ll love being along for the ride In fact, by the time you re done with it, you ll want to ride something yourself Just sayin xo, frankie Previously published as a five part serial KING This contains all five parts plus McQUEEN 1 It is a full length novel with a HEA.
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    • Miranda Whore says:

      Secrets, lies, and loveDefinitely loved this book. Very glad I didn't have to wait for all the parts to be released I truly felt so much for Claire, her struggles, fears, and desire to have and be more made her the kind of character you can cheer for.The King was looking for a Queen and didn't even know it. Chemistry and lust mixed with a little lie or three make for a volatile relationship. So much smutty goodnessThe one thing that disappointed me was Emmye's a minor character in this book, but [...]

    • Reba says:

      Loved Landon, decent storyline and continued characters. But too much angst with this author's female leads. Throughout most of the books it's them pushing male leads away because 1. I'm not good enough 2. I have huge secrets 3. Family first, sorry WTF some angst and drama is ok, mostly the whole book? No just No. Like I said love the Las Vegas bad boys it's just their women not so much. Had potential gave 3stars b.c I do love the boys and wish I loved the girls. Won't continue on with McQueen' [...]

    • Maxine says:

      Wow what more can you ask for in a book,a strong alpha male called Landon who has always been a player both in the casinos and the bedroom and Claire who is a cocktail waitress who holds lots of secrets close to her chest.when these two finally end up in bed it's explosive and they can't get enough of each other but both struggle with the feelings that are gripping them. Landon offers her a weeks work for a considerable amount of money that she simple can't refuse but things come tubbing down wh [...]

    • Susan Destefano cavallo zimmerman says:

      A nice companion to the first Las Vegas Bad Boys book 1 but i think it fell a little short for me. I really loved Landon, his charm and his character was so appealing to every kind of woman around. When he gets a call from his father to go back to England for a family summit and asks Claire to go with him as his fake fiancee, I think that was doomed from the start. She was willing to do anything to make the kind of scratch he was offering her though. I really didn't believe her character much. I [...]

    • T. says:

      The King has arrived!! This book was awesome! It was so unexpected to see Landon and Claire end up together. I loved watching it all unfold. The secrets, lies and deception made the story just that more interesting. Claire has SO many secrets that she kept from everyone and Landon was an empty shell of pinned up feeling until he met Claire intimately. They both came from trouble self-inflicted pasts and healed one another in the most complete way.

    • Barbara Van Zandt says:

      TrustPoor Claire had some major trust areas and she had too after all the abuse she 'd revived from her ex and she needed to protect her daughters. Landon ask for her help a 92nd a lot of money that would help her and her mom, plus the sex is out of this world for both. While fool u my his parents they get to kno

    • Cristi says:

      I liked landon, but I found Claire more annoying in this book than the first book. I get that she has baggage and a child, but seriously, just listen to Landon!! Seriously like he is telling you the truth but you are choosing not to here it. I would have preferred that she was a stronger person.

    • Paula Easton says:

      3.5 to 4

    • Heather says:

      EnjoyedI really liked this story. Landon and Claire are both such great characters. Hot scenes, family drama, a castle and a cute kid.

    • Loretta says:

      Oh, baby! Touched my heart, this one did!

    • Ana Cruz says:

      That boy deserves a bag-over-the-head slap on the face. And she is woman enough to put him in line.

    • Kimberly says:

      Wonderful story with well developed characters and something for every reader!

    • Linda Wimer says:

      What a great seriesWhat a great series so far. I stumble on to this author and I'm loving the work this puts out. I can't wait to start the next one in this series.

    • Keryth Belvin says:

      Las Vegas KingFrankie Love's books are so awesome I can't stop reading them. As soon as I finish one I begin another. Landon is your typical rich playboy. All he cares about is drinking, sex and gambling. He's with a different woman every night. The majority of his life he has been a disappointment to his family. Then at his best friends wedding he dances with Claire and everything changes. They hookup after the wedding but Claire ends up getting called away before they can finish. They can't st [...]

    • T Van says:

      Playboy Undergoes a Reformation Landon and Claire are friendly through friends, but weddings affect people, and then Landon needs a partner in crime to pull of his dream, and then it spirals and knots and gets real. But these are two of the fakingest charactersClaire specifically, because, whoa, how many secrets can a person have? but also Landon (some of which never get addressed).This is another couple who sees no need for a bed, when a car, wall, chair, any semi-sturdy surface, really, will d [...]

    • April says:

      Lies and loveThis story is full of lies and secrets and maybe they will find love, for real love after all. I love the friendship in this book, no matter what they are there for each other.

    • Aliana says:

      KingAnother Vegas Bad Boy down for the count. I enjoyed this story as much as the first one. The only issue I had with the story was that there were too many secrets between Landon and Claire. But I can understand Claire's reluctance to keep many aspects of her life private.In the end, it was good to read about Landon and Claire's HEA.

    • Connie Eisenback says:

      Las Vegas bad boysYou need to read the whole series from Frankie Love!!!! Start with Ace, King, McQueen and last Jack! This series is truly amazing and will make you laugh, cry get angry and cry so more!! The way the men take care and protect their women is sincerely a true love story! I must read!!!!!

    • Charliegirl1 says:

      Favorite so farThis was my favorite, not just in this series but all of the Frankie Love books I've read so far, but it loses as star for two big complaints. First, there is just too much detailed sex-- it gets old and boring fast and hinders the flow of the storytelling. Second, enough of the expression "for reals" over and over in Every. Single. Book. Just, enough.

    • Jan Baldocchi says:

      Love loveI just adored this book. I know it's a play on Cinderella and Prince Charming but who cares. It was a great story about healing hearts and trust and I simply adored King!!!

    • Jodi Cain says:

      The Vegas Bad Boys are all hot. They are men who protect and cherish their women. Claire is so lucky to have Landon in her life. Her daughter Sophia will bring the bad boys to their knees. I loved all of this book, it was heartbreaking and heartwarming.

    • Eulalia Sinclair says:

      King! !These Las Vegas Bad Boys are falling like timber. I enjoyed reading Landon and Claire's story. What started as a one hour stand turned into a lifetime. Who knew Claire had so many secrets. I can't wait to read the other books about these bad boys in Vegas.

    • Amanda Griffith says:

      Bad boy turned family manLandon is a total bad boy living off his trust fund in Vegas. When he offers Claire a business proposition, things get real for everyone involved.

    • Shannon says:

      GoodIf I take the time to rate a book then it means I finished it and liked it. I delete books I don't like.

    • Sherrie Merrell says:

      I laughed and cried, awesome read!!Loved the characters so much! They were so much fun reading. Can't wait to read next book. Awesome read. Loved the king

    • Rachele says:

      Really loving this series and these bad boys. It's not often that I love the heroes so much and the heroines have to grow on me. Enjoyed Landon & Claire's whirlwind.

    • Michele says:

      Too much like the first book!

    • Diane says:

      Really Good5 stars for a good book Land on and Claire were an awesome couple. Now I can't wait to read McQueen.

    • Bev Ross says:

      Wonderful series!I loved this book! Great series! Landon and Claire's story was a good one! I really liked this series of bad boy's interesting and very sexy !

    • gail mollencopf says:

      Good!!Really really enjoyed this bookNot able to put it down till finished. Can't wait to read the next bookReally enjoying this series, only gets better

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