Primal He wouldn t rest until she was his this time for good Farrell Black could hardly blame Jenna for leaving after the shootout that almost cost their daughter her life Now he ll stop at nothing to protec

  • Title: Primal
  • Author: Michelle St. James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He wouldn t rest until she was his this time for good Farrell Black could hardly blame Jenna for leaving after the shootout that almost cost their daughter her life Now he ll stop at nothing to protect them, and he s spent the last three months fortifying his private estates, amassing enough armor to supply a small army, and preparing for the moment when she ll comeHe wouldn t rest until she was his this time for good Farrell Black could hardly blame Jenna for leaving after the shootout that almost cost their daughter her life Now he ll stop at nothing to protect them, and he s spent the last three months fortifying his private estates, amassing enough armor to supply a small army, and preparing for the moment when she ll come back to him And she WILL come back to him Listening to her heart was a luxury she couldn t afford Jenna Carver is settled back in London with her daughter She s still haunted by the close call at Farrell s private estate and by the unanswered questions surrounding the research her father hid before his death But for now she s focused on Lily and on maintaining the carefully constructed wall she s erected between her and Farrell the one and only thing that keeps her from falling under his spell all over again But then Jenna and Lily are nearly killed, and it quickly becomes clear they have enemies in very high places Enemies who will stop at nothing to eliminate them After secreting Lily and Jenna away in one of his many luxury hideaways, Farrell turns his attention to the people responsible for the development of a bioweapon that could start a world war Now he and Jenna are in a race against time from Tuscany to Amsterdam, desperate to unlock a puzzle that could mean the end of of everything including their final chance at love.
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    • Elizabeth says:

      "She felt oxygen deprived when he was near, like she'd been standing too long atop a very high mountain, everything else small and diminished in the face of his presence."Primal is the second book in the London Mob Series. The danger is looming, and innocent lives are at stake! "Whatever happened, they were with Farrell, and that meant they were safe."Jenna and Farrell managed to find their way back together only to be ripped apart once again. No matter how hard Farrell tries to protect Jenna fr [...]

    • Snow says:

      4.25 "the heart wants what it wants" starsJenna and Farrell's story takes another turn when Jenna and Lily's lives, living apart from Farrell, become endangered again. Farrell won't wait any longer, he gave Jenna enough space to come to her senses, now it's time to deal with the fact that he is there for them, to protect them no matter what.Jenna still resents Farrell's lifestyle and she wants to protect Lily from all of it, so she could have a carefree childhood, but Jenna alone can't keep her [...]

    • Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance says:

      If I could kick my own hind parts for sleeping on this series, I definitely would! This is the second book in the London mob series and it's so friggin awesome I devoured in one sitting! I couldn't stop reading this story. I had to know! I had to know! I had to KNOW!Farrell is one capable Alpha mob boss! This dude will go to any lengths to keep his family safe! It's so awesome to read how different the mob life in America is compared to the mob life in England. I won't give anything away except [...]

    • Vanessa Serrano says:

      This second book is action packed for sure. Michelle St. James does a great job mixing the right amount of romance and adventure /action.

    • Janee says:

      WaitedI loved it. I waited for the last of the series to come out to read. So I'm not left not knowing what happens next. Farrell and Jenna are wonderful characters.

    • Naye says:

      Farrell and Jenna I really like Farrell and Leo they protect what's theirs with no questions asked and lily is an amazing girl. Farrell is doing everything he can for "his girl" that left him and his daughter that he recently learned about but Jenna I find is naive not even stubborn. I feel like she doesn't grow and never understands but wants to make decisions to keep her daughter safe knowing that she's already in danger because of the files she found yet what Farrell do will keep her and dang [...]

    • Jenifer says:

      Action-packed race to figure out what the papers Jenna found in her father's safe deposit box are about and who wants them so bad that they are willing to kill them for it.Wow, this left me breathless and my heart racing all the way to the finish.which isn't finished! Now I'm on pins and needles to see what's next and how this ends.Love it!

    • Lorrie says:

      Things are quite interesting and intriguing. Looking forward to conclusion

    • Karen says:


    • Fathiyyah Ismail says:

      Plot thickens but again was a quick easy read

    • Jamieson says:

      Jenna Carver is still reeling. After a shootout that almost cost her daughter Lily her life, Jenna is trying as hard as she can to make a normal life for Lily. Jenna doesn’t know if here life will ever be normal again. She hides instead inside her London flat, putting a wall between herself and the world, trying to keep the outside world at bay. This includes Farrell Black. Jenna knows what her heart wants but her mind keeps getting in the way. Yes, her heart will love no other man aside from [...]

    • Diane says:

      Heat, emotion, danger – this story has it all…I couldn’t wait, could not wait, to get my hands on this second story in the series. The first had an emotional wallop that I thought couldn’t be duplicated. I was so wrong…Farrell Black and Jenna Carver had a complicated relationship. There was love between them, I don’t think that was ever the problem. It was simply everything else that got in their way. Farrell’s career choice was questionable, and Jenna has never been able to reconc [...]

    • Sofia Almiroudis says:

      Primal is book 2 in the London Mob series by author Michelle St. James. Jenna Carver just wants to live a quiet normal life with her daughter Lily. Trying to move on from the devastating loss of her father and the discovery that he was murdered because of the papers he uncovered, she soon learns that that is impossible. The same people who killed her father are now after Jenna, wanting the papers she uncovered. Farrell will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves and his child. Since Jenna [...]

    • Jean Nicole says:

      4 Farrell Lovin' Stars!! Farrell is one serious alpha-male but you know - totally sweet & tender where Jenna (view spoiler)[ and their daughter Lily(hide spoiler)] is concerned but still has the undercurrent HOT undercurrent of being in control & regardless if she's willing to admit it to herself (much like most of us women), that is just the way Jenna likes it. There isn't much in this book about the mob or Farrell's position within the mob because most of the issues are related to Jenn [...]

    • Valerie says:

      Okay, there was no production done this day of reading. If I could have gotten the 3rd book in I would have but that would have meant me not sleeping at all and I just didn't have the will power to do it. OMG!!! This book drove me emotionally into the ground. Jenna was seriously about to jump into the book and bitch slap that woman!!! What more can you ask for and obviously you are no safer away from Farrell as you are with him, at least you will be with the one you love so suck it female and ge [...]

    • Emily (Mrs B's Books) says:

      **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This book is just as good as the first and starts just a few months after the previous book finishes.Both Jenna and Farrell have bags of chemistry of which neither can deny when they are in the same room. They get each other like know-one else ever will and it is only Jenna and her wish to keep Lily safe and her concerns about Farrells way of life that is keeping them apart.As they both race around europe in order [...]

    • Crystal Yawn says:

      Primal is book 2 in the London mob series. It builds up more danger and more passion. As Farrell and Jenna try to solve what her dad died for, Jenna tries to fight her attraction to Farrell and his deadly lifestyle and Farrell is fighting to keep his family safe. The tension and danger level in this book is high, you know something has to happen, will Farrell be able to keep everyone safe? or will more lives be lost?I like Jenna's character, she wants to keep Lily safe, not only now, but in the [...]

    • Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski says:

      We'll talk about a nail bitter.I am absolutely in love with Farrell Black. I mean let's talk about Italyummmm yes please. Let's move on to sexy, big shoulders with a tight butt.s please. And finally he adores his daughter.per yes please. He might not be on the up and up but he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Jenna and there daughter are safe. Oh and did I mention he likes to talk charge in the bedroom and talk dirty, and do dirty thingswell he does and it's hot!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to [...]

    • Aimz says:

      Love Farrell and Jenna. Primal starts a few months after where Savage left off. Jenna is working and staying away from Farrell even though he has been spending time being a father to Lily. Jenna has been safe so far… and then she feels someone following her and Lily… lucky for them someone else is also following them. And it begins again and the quest for the truth. Will they be safe, will they be found, will they find their way back to one another… I can’t wait for Eternal!!!

    • Leeann Pule says:

      Destiny and coming to terms with you heartThis book moved along at a wonderful pace. It was full of drama, sexy scenes, and an intense love. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the storyline moved at a decent pace and wasn't rushed like some other books I have read. Jenna and Farrell are amazing characters and the the love they have for each other and the realizations they have as a couple no as individuals is awesome. I a, ready to read the next book.

    • Jennifer Mcclarity says:

      Good read!!For some reason I didn't realize there would be another book. I should have. I enjoyed reading this story. Farrell and Jenna made more progress in finding out who is behind the virus thing. Not much but some. My highlight of the book was Jenna finally accepting Farrell and his lifestyle. I hate indecision so I was very happy about that. The book was well written and I am looking forward to the next one!

    • Chrissy says:

      Fast paced mystery/thriller/romanceSt James definitely packs all the right stuff in her London Mob series! I gave it five stars even though it sometimes got a little annoying when Jenna, the heroine, kept waffling on whether she could accept Farrell for who he was and stay with him,that being said,everything else about the story was fun to read. Now on to the book 3 the conclusion :)

    • Dawn says:

      Great continuationI'm enjoying the series to far. I think Jenna needs to step back and stop thinking about how dangerous Farrell's business is and realize it's her father's fault she's in that mess not Ferrells. I loved to read about Farrell and Lily, how even the tough guys can be softened by a child.

    • Christine Matinale says:

      I just love Farrell and Jenna's story! I couldn't put the book down ! Great love story filled with mystery and intrigue. Plenty of action! Sad when the book ended and I have to wait for Eternal to drop into my kindle in June.

    • Emily says:

      Overall rating: 2.5 starsGenre: Contemporary Romance Plot: 6/10Ending: 7/10Writing: 6/10Hero: 8/10Heroine: 7/10Steaminess: 6/10Feels: 0/10Humour: 5/10HEA: (view spoiler)[tbc-series (hide spoiler)]Recommend: NoRe-read: NoRead more from author: No

    • Scarlet says:

      Thrilling!An awesome book and quite enjoyed it from the beginning to end. The author's writing is very compelling and it didn't leave any space for boring. I can't wait and read the final saga of Farrell and Jenna story.

    • Nicole Mcclain says:

      Just love FarrellFarrellenough said. He is dangerous, steely, sexy and very tender all rolled into one. What is wrong with you Jenna?!Oh yeah, my reviewIt was tense, steamy and consuming. Who is behind all this? We shall find out soon!

    • Michelle Karpinski says:

      Michelle St. James did it again!! The chemistry between Farrell and Jenna is awesome. Farrell will do whatever it takes to keep Jenna and there daughter safe!! The suspense leaves you hanging for the next book!!! Great book and recommended to my friends.

    • Kimgill says:

      WowzaI love this series. It just keeps getting better and I find myself wishing it wouldn't end. Ferrell is hot hot hot and spoon alpha male. This is a must read . Much more than 5 stars for sure.

    • Courtney says:

      Yummy!I was getting kind of annoyed with jenna going back and forth non-stop. Maybe I'll be able to give a 5 star rating on the 3rd book. Otherwise, I love the books, and I love Farrell Black.

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