Grow: A Novel in Verse

Grow A Novel in Verse Everything about Berneetha is bigger mouth her size and especially her dreams And when Berneetha decides to create a community garden on a vacant lot twelve year old Kate Sibleys just got to help m

  • Title: Grow: A Novel in Verse
  • Author: Juanita Havill Stanislawa Kodman
  • ISBN: 9781561454419
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everything about Berneetha is bigger mouth, her size, and especially her dreams And when Berneetha decides to create a community garden on a vacant lot, twelve year old Kate Sibleys just got to help make that dream a reality At first the neighbors think Kate and Berneetha are crazy, but slowly they begin to come around Graffiti gangster Harlan turns out to be pretty gooEverything about Berneetha is bigger mouth, her size, and especially her dreams And when Berneetha decides to create a community garden on a vacant lot, twelve year old Kate Sibleys just got to help make that dream a reality At first the neighbors think Kate and Berneetha are crazy, but slowly they begin to come around Graffiti gangster Harlan turns out to be pretty good with a rented tiller Dr Chitra Arockiasamy is willing to be in charge of tomatoes Hank Glover would like to grow corn And unsmiling Jacob Wasserman somehow manages to get some manure Slowly, a community begins to grow, just as the garden does But just as the garden and Kate are both beginning to bloom, a sign goes up a parking garage will be built on the lot Can Kate and Berneetha and their friends keep the garden and the dream alive
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      250 Juanita Havill Stanislawa Kodman
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    • The Library Lady says:

      A reviewer says that this is unnecessary because Paul Fleischman wrote Seedfolks. So does that mean that "Harry Potter" was unnecessary because "Oliver Twist" was about an orphan and Diana Wynne-Jones wrote "The Lives of Christopher Chant" and Roald Dahl wrote "James and the Giant Peach" --all of which have theme elements Rowling clearly uses?Judge a book on its own merits.Yes, this is about a garden. Yes, it's about how it changes peoples lives. Yes, it's in verse form. All just like Fleischman [...]

    • Tanja says:

      The more novels in verse I read, the fonder I become of them. And to think that I was never too excited about reading poetry. But there is something magical about a well-written novel in verse, like a beautiful song that gently takes you dancing and twirling around. I loved seeing Berneetha's garden grow, experiencing how the people within it and their relationships blossomed too, how the garden brought hope and happiness even though there are lots of challenges inside and outside of the garden [...]

    • Vanessa says:

      "Grow: A Novel in Verse" was written by Jaunita Havill and Illustrated by Stanislawa Kodman. The story is told through the eyes of a twelve year old girl named Kate Sibley. Throughout the book you will also meet Berneetha, a very outgoing retired special education teacher who decides to grow a community garden on an abandoned trash filled lot; Harlan a reformed graffiti painter that trades in his illegal hobbies to help plant; and many other members of the community (although skeptical at first) [...]

    • Gretchen says:

      Grow by Juanita Havill is a novel in verse told from the point of view of Kate, a 12 year old girl who is friends with Berneetha, an older woman who decides the vacant lot in the neighborhood will be the spot for their new garden. Kate and Berneetha work hard to create life in this space. They are challenged by the owner of the lot and are joined and helped by their friends and some strangers.I found this book on because I needed another verse novel (I’ve read all, I think, of the more famous [...]

    • Millie says:

      This book is an easy fast read.When Berneetha decides to grow a vegetable garden on Mr. Conn’s vacant lot, twelve year old Kate joins her. Berneetha is a retired teacher and everything about her is big. In Kate’s words” Berneetha is not fat. “She’s big. She’s round. There is a lot of her. Berneetha is not meant to fit in the same skinny space reserved for people who care about those things”. Kate and Berneetha head out together to the vacant lot and start preparing it for planting. [...]

    • Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Reviewed by Julie M. Prince for TeensReadTooGROW is one of those books that goes down easy. It just has all those elements that makes the reader immediately relax and enjoy the unfolding story. Beginning with great voice and characterization right on the first page, the prose in verse flows right through this entire book so that it's swallowed in one smooth gulp. Kate may be the narrator of this tale, but Berneetha is the glue that holds everything together. When Berneetha the cat lady decides t [...]

    • Tami says:

      Grow is written in free verse and is a quick, easy, beautiful read. The story centers around 12-year-old Kate who lives in Minneapolis, MN. She is drawn into helping an out-of-work special ed teacher in the neighborhood–Berneetha–create a community garden.Berneetha is a large woman who is sometimes made fun of by others in the neighborhood–an occurrence which infuriates Kate. Berneetha is also remarkable in her warmth and her ability to draw others in the community into the creation of the [...]

    • Krista says:

      A story told in verse. A girl is helping an older woman in the neighborhood make a garden in a vacant lot. Slowly, other members of the community begin helping to make it a real garden. A hoodlum, scientist, fireman, war vet, and others all work together to turn the lot into a garden. But then the man who inherits the lot decided to build a parking garage their. The community fights, but loses. Then they come together to move the garden to a new place. The story delicately deals with social rela [...]

    • Diann Morales says:

      Berneetha is a colorful, caring, and compassionate out of work teacher. Berneetha who is as unique as her name never gives up and never sees the bad in anyone or anything, out of work but not out of hope she decides to make a community garden. She enlists the help of Kate an overweight 12 year old, Harlan a troubled teen and an assortment of initially unwilling helpers. As the garden begins to grow and bloom so do Kate, Harlan and the people in the community. Trouble brews, one of Berneetha's ca [...]

    • Ellen Ramsey says:

      Novel in verse about planting seeds and planting friendships. About problems in the garden and in the community. Beautifully and simply told. It’s a book told by 12-year–old Kate, it’s a book about Berneetha, who “does things: sizzling, stirring, zapping, rocking, purring, jumping, dancing things. With Berneetha everything happens big time even the quiet things like sitting still and staring at frost on the window in winter or counting cricket chips when the summer sun sets or staying up [...]

    • Kendra says:

      Twelve-year-old Kate helps Berneetha turn an empty lot into a community garden, with the help of many others in the community along the way. When the owner of the lot wants to build a parking garage on the property, the neighborhood joins together in protest. This novel is told in verse and can easily be read in one sitting. Although there's a little bit of drama, I consider it one of those "quiet" novels, where it's more slow-paced and not action-packed. Ideally suited for upper elementary and [...]

    • Charlyn says:

      Berneetha, an unemployed special ed teacher, is the moving force behind this book, but young Kate is the narrator. Berneetha and Kate begin to plant a community garden on a vacant lot, but before long they are joined by young Harlan. Through short poems the pain that each of the three holds inside them is evident, but together they change something ugly and unused into something beautiful. Along the way, the reader meets others in the neighborhood and learns about the power of one person's actio [...]

    • Angie says:

      Grow is a novel in verse. Twelve-year-old Katie tells the story of the summer she helped Berneetha start a garden in their urban community. The poems describe how they cleaned up a vacant lot, how they planted their garden, how they got other members of the community involved and how friendships developed over the summer. It is a beautiful story not just about Katie and Berneetha, but about Harlan. Harlan is a young boy with an abusive father who finds his place in the garden with Katie and Bern [...]

    • Abigail says:

      I thought this book was told beautifully and I loved how it is written in verse. The story told is inspiring, how two people can inspire and change a neighborhood. Although it is short, the story has all the makings of a great story. Romance, death, change, and the coming together of a neighbors. I would read this book over and over. It sends a great message to children, be the change you wish to see in the world.

    • Marjorie says:

      a novel written in verse. I am drawn to this genre because the story can be told succinctly but with great emotion and description. it's like a short conversation that is so full and pleasing, it meets all your needs for the day and you can be quiet and sit in it and pull up the visual images you created. satisfying without the long term commitment.

    • Molly says:

      For a chapterbook in verse this was nice. Great spring and summer read about someone doing the little they can even if they don't know they are doing good till later. This is beautiful and sweet and touched me. Very quick read and unitemidating to the reluctant reader. Probably more attractive to a girl reader. Grades 3+

    • Traci says:

      This book had so much conflict and drama. The book was written in verse that did not rhyme but it was a quick read. There was a one line mention of each of the following abuse, drugs, death of a cat and being fat. It also showed how the little girl delt with being at odds with half of the town because of a garden. On the whole it was a touching story.

    • Mary Lee says:

      I really don't think this needed to be a novel in verse. The obvious comparison is to Seedfolks by Paul Fleishman -- the difference an inner city garden can make in the lives of various characters -- but Fleishman wins hands down.

    • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

      This is a pleasant novel in verse about how children and adults who participate in turning an empty lot into a garden grow as individuals and as a community. It would work well in a lesson or unit on ecology/the environment for upper elementary and lower middle school kids.

    • Laura says:

      Abused children, dead beat dads, special ed teacher who has lost her funding, violent fathers, crippled Vietnam vet who is gay, a garden paradise that is paved to put in a parking lot . . . My bleeding heart is bled out.

    • Jeffrey Nattania says:

      This is a delightful and quick tale of a lower income neighborhood and an out of work teacher with plans to spruce up the neighborhood with a lot garden. Many obstacles come into play as these three unlikely friends bring together a neighborhood with the love of nature.

    • Heather says:

      Kate and her bigger than life neighbor Berneetha work together to create a garden in an empty lot in their neighborhood. Flowers and vegetables aren't the only things that grow, as more and more people offer to help.

    • Miss Manekofsky says:

      Had book club with this book and it was so funny to hear the kids comments on this book and reading books in verse in general.

    • Michelle says:

      Quick read told in free verse poems about a community that comes together by creating and then moving a shared garden

    • Tristan says:

      BATTLE BOOK!! Not bad but not great, I wouldn't have read it if not for Battle.

    • MissInformation says:

      Touching (but not too sweet) urban childhood story about misfits, friendship and an neighborhood garden. Easy read for struggling readers who are ready for engaging content.

    • Cindy says:

      A good read. I can picture this in a genre basket with other gardening books: Seedfolks, The Snail's Spell

    • Holly says:

      Bitter-sweet, but charming not as good as Creech's verse novels, but I really liked the illustrations.

    • Kellie says:

      Another lovely find from work. A simple story, read it in about half an hour. Kate was a nice character, as were Harlan and Berneetha. It was sad in parts, and happy in others.

    • Melanie says:

      A sweet story of a girl, a boy and a neighborhood woman who decide to turn a vacant lot into a community garden. When trouble comes a-callin', a community helper offers a solution.

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