The Eye of Shiva

The Eye of Shiva Nick Carter and his lover Selena Connor work for the Project a black ops counter terrorism unit reporting to the president Ancient gold coins found in a terrorist stronghold in the Philippines set th

  • Title: The Eye of Shiva
  • Author: Alex Lukeman
  • ISBN: 9781502780669
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nick Carter and his lover Selena Connor work for the Project, a black ops counter terrorism unit reporting to the president Ancient gold coins found in a terrorist stronghold in the Philippines set the Project team on a collision course with a ruthless terrorist who dreams of an Islamic state in India Nick and Selena struggle with their doubts about each other as tensionNick Carter and his lover Selena Connor work for the Project, a black ops counter terrorism unit reporting to the president Ancient gold coins found in a terrorist stronghold in the Philippines set the Project team on a collision course with a ruthless terrorist who dreams of an Islamic state in India Nick and Selena struggle with their doubts about each other as tensions rise on the sub continent Powerful forces want to start a nuclear war between China, Pakistan and India The Project team is the only thing standing in their way and success is far from certain.
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      346 Alex Lukeman
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    • Andrew says:

      Another very enjoyable book in what appears to be this little known Project series. This one revolves around the Legend of the Eye of Shiva, and the friction between India and Pakistan which is exploited by terrorist groups. An enjoyable and quick read but in the matter of personal affairs I wish Nick and Selena would sort themselves out, they need their heads banging together! Perhaps in the next book!

    • Thom Swennes says:

      AETERNA EST ORDO NOVUS(The New Order is Forever)Frightening realistic! In today’s world numerous warring factions are in a desperate struggle to reform the world, change borders and shift the centers of power. Tensions have long been presented between India and Pakistan, not only over the province of Kashmir but also between Hindus and Muslims. When a group of terrorists conceives a plan to cause hostilities between India and Pakistan and forcing the United States, the Philippines, and other c [...]

    • Iain Clements says:

      "The Eye of Shiva" is number 8 of a series of books focusing on a secret US anti-terrorist team called "The Project" by Alex Lukeman.The story begins with a raid on a terrorist camp in the Philippines where an ancient gold coin is found. From there, the plot rapidly expands before focusing on a plot to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.The project team is led by Elizabeth Harker and consists of Nick, Ronnie, Lamont, and Selena who each have their own back stories that have obviously [...]

    • Beckyhardesty says:

      India or PakistanWars begin based on feuds from hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. What does it really take to start one?

    • Wardy says:

      Another great book. Two religions clashing either side of the frontier, and both nations are nuclear, throw in terrorism and greed then stand well back!!!!

    • Alan Marston says:

      A much more plausible plot then the previous novel. There is nothing more dangerous than a powerful intelligence agent fuelled by the loss of his wife and child in a bombing, and also living on borrowed time and wanting his revenge before he dies. Add to this the fact that he is easily manipulated by very strong forces looking to wreak havoc in the Far East, and you have a powerful reason for The Project Team to become involved in retrieving the situation.Nick and Selena are still puzzling over [...]

    • Seth says:

      The Eye of Shiva by Alex Lukeman is the 8th book in The Project series and it will have you on the edge of your seat. Nick, Selena, Ronnie, Lamont, Elizabeth, and Stephanie are all back to face off with an unknown foe and stop a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. There's a lot of unknowns but The Project works through brainstorming and Elizabeth's intuition to piece things together. The only problem is, are they able to stop things before it's to late? Hang on to your seats!Book Summary:On [...]

    • Tanya says:

      This free download aspires to be in the class of thrillers by Vince Flynn, Ben Coes, and Daniel Silva, but it doesn't quite make it. The plot lacks the complexity and sophistication, and feels underdeveloped. The one unusual thing I noticed is that Lukeman's characters discuss plans that they don't end up following, which is actually closer to real life than what you find in other books of the genre, so I give him points for that. Overall, though, I found The Eye of Shiva just okay. 3 stars.

    • John says:

      I am writing this for . This series is composed of eminently readable adventures.Story is attention grabbing and the characterization is sound. Outstanding choice for a poolside or summer vacation read.

    • Grammy 1 says:

      Once again, the American Team under Elizabeth Harker and President Rice beat all odds and follow the leads to save the world. Alex Lukeman has entered Book #8 into the arena of his Project Series and again it doesn’t disappoint.Nick, Ronnie, Lamont, and the beautiful Selena tempt fate yet again in a wonderful, exciting and suspenseful story of men in power who have no other objective but to destroy for their own reasons. Some do it for money, some do it for religious beliefs, and others do it [...]

    • Carl says:

      "The Eye of Shiva" is the 8th entry in Alex Lukeman's exciting "Project" action series. Although the book can stand alone, I have read all of the series in order so far (which I recommend); without reading the earlier books of the series one can not understand the evolution of the "Project" nor see the characters' development as well as the teams' growth. I have immensely enjoyed this series. The series centers on a covert intelligence unit called the PROJECT, which answers directly to the Presi [...]

    • Kris says:

      Sometimes you need a good thriller to cleanse your reading palette. Although this book is the the eighth in the series, there is no need to read the previous seven first. This book can easily be read as a stand alone but it certainly whet the appetite to know that there were more books out there with these characters.They are all part of a group called The Project. Some terrorists have found and been using ancient gold coins to fund their operations and buy weapons. The story starts out with imm [...]

    • Linda Look says:

      Selena and Nick are part of a 4 person elite government team assigned to rout out terrorists throughout the world. Another good plot in this series of covert government operations. I rate this a 4.5

    • Debra says:

      An explosion at the Indian Embassy in Manila appears to be the work of Jihadists, yet special operatives known as the Project think otherwise. They’ve uncovered a plot that threatens to start a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. But who is behind the trouble and can war be prevented? It’s up to Nick Carter and the team to find out fast.The Eye of the Shiva is an action-packed thriller complete with a number of fanatical groups in different countries. Although this is number eight in the [...]

    • Stanley McShane says:

      Another entry into the Project series finds our black ops characters in minor conflict as Selena wrestles with whether or not she really wants to marry Nick though the love they have for each other is evident. Nick, past the point of his doubt pushes. In the meantime, they are teamed with Lamont (Ronnie is still trying to live through the last operation) when they are sent by Harker to stop a perceived nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan that threatens to erupt over connived set ups [...]

    • Trisha Perry says:

      On a mission in the Philippines, Nick finds some odd gold coins and brings one back for Selena to look at, and with this Nick and the team are thrown in the sights of a terrorist group and a dying spy. The terrorist wants to start a war between Pakistan and India, and the spy wants to return the Eye of Shiva to the rightful owners. All the while Nick and Selena are still struggling with their relationship.This is another wonderful project book by Alex Lukeman. This is a series I am enjoying a lo [...]

    • Bob Ely says:

      Another good book in this series. The Project team goes after a rogue agent who is determined to start a war, out of revenge for losing his family. He is misguided by the organization with money to burn and want to control the world. There is a side where lost jewels are found and are used in the plot. I really like this author and this series. I highly recommend it.

    • James says:

      Generic ThrillerDecent read. Secret and powerful group of men attempt to manipulate world affairs to benefit themselves. This time they convince a leader in India's secret service to promote war between India and Pakistan and encourage him to launch a nuclear missile against Pakistan, but in reality the launch codes will send it to China and trigger war with them.Fighting against them is a small team of American soldiers, two of them experiencing relationship friction as a marriage proposal is o [...]

    • Karen says:

      Eye of ShivaThis is another spell binding addition to the Project series. It begins with the team in the Philippines, where the Indian embassy, then the U.S. embassy is attacked. One of the team is taken out of action, leaving their numbers on the slim side again. Serena and Nick continue their 'come here, go away' personal relationship, but continue to work well together in the field. Which is good, because once again they will be called on to stop a madman set on starting a war that will annih [...]

    • Lee Miller says:

      One of the lesser entries in an uneven series. When it’s good, this series offers an interesting take on history with unrelenting action that begins on the first page and continues to the last. Each volume involves international criminals or terrorists exploiting a historical object for nefarious purposes. So, there’s a fun historical/artifactual/archival angle combined with spies, SEALS, and secret agents. This one included archival research among the manuscripts of Timbuktu, but that wasn [...]

    • Delia Binder says:

      ::call it 3-and change stars::Yet another in that series I actually Imagine Richard Castle writing if he were a real writer, rather than a character in a recently-cancelled television series. This one held a bit more interest for me than the last book in the series I read because it's largely set in India and Pakistan, and shows the two-sided nature of religious violence over there, with Hindu extremists in the Indian government wanting to obliterate Pakistan because of Islamic terrorists over t [...]

    • Paula Howard says:

      In The Eye of Shiva, Nick and his project team members once again face off against the enemy. Someone is attempting to manipulate a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, or so it appears. Nick, Selena, Ronnie and Lamont head to India to try and defuse the situation. Unfortunately, they are made and they are attacked. Ideology, misplaced trust, dishonesty all play into the already tense situation. Unseen forces are pushing the buttons in disgruntled political leaders in India for their own mean [...]

    • Doug Hoffman says:

      Good action thrillerAlmost everything in The Eye of Shiva is believable, enough so nothing drops the reader out of the moment. This is unusual in such books because authors almost always take things too far in either the weapons or combat. Not so here. Plot was twisty yet plausible, the characters a bit shallow but not annoyingly so. Good detail for the requisite exotic locations. A good solid action yarn.

    • Linda says:

      Another great Project series bookThe Eye of Shiva is another suspenseful book in the Project series. I liked the location of the story and particularly enjoyed the tie-in to an important historical find, even though fictional. I really like Nick and Selena, but am growing weary of their lagging relationship.

    • Barry Simiana says:

      Yeah, it was interesting, sorta. I finished it, but it didn't ring any bells. The characters are bland, the story stodgey. I didn't want to throw it away, but it was easy to take a break from reading it. Not rivetting stuff. Some of the ideas were very good, but not fully formed or as rounded out as they could be.

    • Frances L. Ehrig says:

      A Temple GiftAn excellent and exciting read and a real page turner. It has all the elements of a modern motion picture, spies, crazies, crashes, and lots of explosives. The team consists of three men and a woman; she is a martial arts expert and is fluent in languages which comes in handy. I look forward to reading more books in the series.

    • dennis barron says:

      The Eye of Shiva. Alex lukemanA rogue agent in India's CIA counterpart is setting up a nuclear strike against Pakistan,there hated enemy. Only the Project, the Presidents covert team can prevent it. Non stop riveting action, set in a believable scenario. One Hell of a great action thriller.

    • Nancy says:

      I found this story easier to follow than some of the others, though I've liked them all. I know how horrible the Abu Sayyaf. The team had a few setbacks, but with help from Harker and Stephanie, they made it. I don't know if there are rich people like the manipulators in this and other Project stories; I hope not, but Lukeman sure makes them seem plausible.

    • Amy Shannon says:

      Exciting as always!I am a huge fan of the Project series and The Eye of Shiva was one of my favorites. The intensity and adventures of the action scenes are amazing. I love Nick and Selena and their continuing relationship as well as the journeys they go on in more than just saving the world.

    • Nigel says:

      Another rip roaring tale from the Project, this one based in India and surrounding countries, another plot to change the world can Nick, Selina and co. stop them. Add to this problems with Nick and Selina and a team member down. A great story that just gets better and better. Bring on the next, throughly recommended.

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