Gorgeous Consort

Gorgeous Consort Standalone No cliffhanger HEA Other books in the series can be read in any order Being an escort comes with predetermined rules that can never be broken No kissing no feelings and definitely absolu

  • Title: Gorgeous Consort
  • Author: E.L. Todd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
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  • Standalone No cliffhanger HEA Other books in the series can be read in any order.Being an escort comes with predetermined rules that can never be broken.No kissing, no feelings, and definitely, absolutely, no sex.But what will Troy do when Harper, a beautiful blonde, walks into his life Still suffering over the lost of his long time girlfriend, Troy is trying to move oStandalone No cliffhanger HEA Other books in the series can be read in any order.Being an escort comes with predetermined rules that can never be broken.No kissing, no feelings, and definitely, absolutely, no sex.But what will Troy do when Harper, a beautiful blonde, walks into his life Still suffering over the lost of his long time girlfriend, Troy is trying to move on and find his place in life He still doesn t understand why the relationship ended or why she cheated As a result, love is off the table.When Harper hypnotizes him with her beauty, sass, and remarkable intelligence, what will he do Will be able to keep his promise to himself Or will he break every rule
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      124 E.L. Todd
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    • Donna ~ The Romance Cover says:

      Well I finished this one toowhile I thought it was a wee bit similar to book 1, I still loved it. Once again the characters meld their way into your heart and you are championing them along from the start. Will be starting book 3 shortly. (full review to come)

    • Katie says:

      I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewIt is hard to write a separate review for each of the books in this series without them all ending up sounding the same. SoWhat I loved about this series:~The stories are so easy to read. They could easily be read in one sitting.~I very much enjoyed the authors style of writing. All the books were well written.~Throughout their books, the characters are developed well and are very likeable.~Each situation that requires the need to [...]

    • Dandi's says:

      Gorgeous Consort (Beautiful Entourage #2) Reviewby E.L. Todd I was given a free copy for an honest reviewI loved, loved this one. I thought I was going to be left hanged over with “Beautiful Entourage” but I was so wrong. I loved the first book, nothing wrong there. But this one, left me so I want moooore. I read this one slower because I enjoyed every word and I had to stop to take it all in. Troy, damn you male species for putting me like this. In the first book he said these words and I [...]

    • Carol says:

      I was giving a free copy for an honest reviewI really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately it just made me frustrated. I was so excited to see that Troy and Harper were getting a love story but I was disappointed. I felt like this was a repeat of the first book Beautiful Entourage. Just different characters. Aspen and Harper had issues with their parents approval.Rhett and Troy both had brothers with problems.Aspen and Harper were able to fix the issues that the brothers had.Aspen being c [...]

    • Tina says:

      Very similar to book one. Good read!

    • ***Cheryl*** says:

      3.5 stars review to follow

    • Southern says:

      Here I was thinking that nothing and nobody could be any better then Rhett but people I'm here to tell you I was wrongTroy came along and push the hot factor way past my expectations. So this is his and Harper's story and you hear about them alot in book one so you already kinda love them both and I thought they would be a great book myself and boy was I right! You have Troy who is still holding on to the past and the heartbreak that has made him bitter and incapable of any kind of relationship, [...]

    • Annmarie says:

      Very interesting read with so much going on. The things I liked were the honesty and general compassion Troy had for his clients. I loved his brother, even though we don't get a lot from him. The parents in this book, ALL of them made me so upset. Who treats their kids like that. The thins o hated were the fact that he didn't see Harpers worth until the very end. He was hung up on a woman who cheated and he had the best woman he will ever hope for in front of him. He sleeps with her, tells her h [...]

    • Paige says:

      3.75⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Troy and Harper met when with Rhett and Aspen from 1st book both found each other attractive but have their own issues.Troy plays the player part well, every time he goes out he acts like he has a new women all the time when in fact he hasn't recovered from his ex and how she left him so there has been no one since which he is wanting to get over her but doesn't know how.Harper is independent, career driven with no long lasting boyfriends.Troy and Harper both think ea [...]

    • Chianti Summers says:

      E. L. Todd does a fantastic job with developing Troy and Harper's story. They both need to find a balance in life even when they don't want a relationship. It is hard not to fall for the characters because they may have a past to overcome but they are fighting to not let it define them. Harper has so much sass and spunk, I love it! Troy is gorgeous and has a great sense of humor. Troy and Harper need each other and over the course of time they find that they each want more. The conversations bet [...]

    • Maria says:

      Really fantastic read and one of my favourite's this month! We met Troy and Harper in the previous book and i was interesting to see how they will eventually ended up together because i was sure they will. Its one of those times that when you meet fictional characters you know they will be together. Crazy huh?Troy and Harper was great together. Yes they had flaws and they were not the perfect couple but thats what made those two adorable and so much fun to read at the same time!This is the kind [...]

    • Heather in FL says:

      This one just did not do it for me. If I'm honest, part of it was the narrators. But a lot of it was the story. Both main characters seemed so shallow, especially her. It was cute to watch them try not to start something, and once they did, they were cute together, but I just felt like it was almost only skin deep at times. First there was Troy pushing Harper away when he knew he had a good thing. His reasoning seemed so I dunno dumb? And then Harper's flip out at the end I wanted to strangle he [...]

    • MaïwennBlogs says:

      As I lost (for unknown reasons yet) half my review of the 1st book, you wouldn't know I loved Troy and Harper in Rhett and Aspen s story Well, in this book I f*****g loved them. I totally get their humour, their banter and Troy cocky ways. Harper is so understanding , it was nice to see her being caring and patient. And Troy A hot guy with a golden heart Yum!Once again I m soooo glad I had the chance to read this series!!!

    • Maree Repa says:

      Another such amazing love story for both Troy and Harper. Troy has never gotten over the relationship with past girlfriend Alexia. When she broke his heart so completely Troy could never think that he could ever have another.When Harper, a gorgeous blonde girl needs a fake boyfriend to help her out when her sister is getting married they both agree to help each other out.Such an amazing romance it was. I loved this book so much. I found it was just amazing. I really loved it so!!

    • ❤️☘D♡K☘❤️ says:

      Free copy provided by the lovely author in exchange for an honest review5 devouring-worthy stars!Loved it!! Can't get enough of those guys! And I can't say I was expecting this one to turn up as good as the first one, turns out that it was, at least, much better than I expected and finished it in record time!Great work!

    • Payje Delacruz says:

      E L Todd is amazing writer. You feel for Troy and Harper like they are your friends. Can't wait to read book 3!! I have read all the Forever and ever & Forever and Always series, now hook on another series. Can't wait to read what unfolds.

    • Jodi Nichols says:

      Loved it! Troy and Harper were really funny, especially Troy. He always had quick humor to add to any of their conversations and it made the book enjoyable!

    • Nessa says:

      OKAY, SERIOUSLY AFTER READING THE FIRST BOOK I THOUGHT TO GIVE THE SECOND ONE A CHANCE. I AM GETTING THE FEELING THAT THIS ENTIRE SERIES SMELLS OF THE SAME PLOT TEMPLATE, THE SAME EVERYTHING. JUST CHARACTERS WITH DIFFERENT NAMES. OUR HERO is A pussy. I swear to godI've never met a hero like him which is a little off putting. Sorry but I am crazy into alpha guys and this dude here is sort of broken. He flirts around and shit, but has never done the deed since he broke up with his almost fiancée [...]

    • Catnip (Antonija) says:

      Mentally slapping Harper right now. She is so fu**ing exhausting. And all that goo goo shit was way over the top. Oh they love each other so much, sooo much oh sooo sooo much. Not to mention the deep conversations:Troy: You are so sexyHarper: No, I'm notTroy: Yes, you are.Harper: You're way hotter.So deep.Don't get me wrong, they had their moments and sometimes it was so cute, mostly in the beginning but later on I just couldn't continue. It was hurting my brain and frustrating me too much.

    • Bobbie says:

      Great series. Intriguing storyline. Interesting characters.

    • Yoru says:

      3,5stars . i'm a bit disappointed with Troy in the way he is still treating Harper in the middle of the book . but it's still a really good book !

    • Adriana says:

      4.5 stars

    • Shir says:

      3.5 stars. I like it better then the first one. The end wasn't good but it didn't ruin the book for me.

    • Jocelyn Sanchez says:

      ***I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review***Although I liked the first novel in this series, I must admit I loved this second book much more! Each book is about a different escort and so far, Troy is my favorite! His heart was damaged from a previous relationship which left him emotionally scarred. Yearning to fall in love like he did in the past, yet too afraid to put himself out there again, he spends his days alone, pretending that he sleeps around to keep his frien [...]

    • Zita says:

      You have to leave the past to have a future…This is the second book in the Beautiful Entourage series that can be read as a standalone.A façade is what Troy Sexton shows the world, a man just out for a good time. The reality is that he’s a man totally devastated by the loss of his girlfriend a year ago, who he’d been with for three years. He never wants another relationship, he doesn’t have it in him to trust again. Being an escort where there are rules to prevent feelings fits perfectl [...]

    • Amy Shelton says:

      Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.**Troy is a vulgar, uncensored, extremely good looking man. He fights for what he loves and goes down swinging for his heart. Troy was broken a year ago and doesn’t see a reason to date or see a reason to trust women, ever again. Harper was a sweet girl longing for her family’s acceptance and approval of her life. She was doing every [...]

    • Michelle says:

      Troy and Harpers story:))))While I absolutely loved Troy, I also wanted to kick his behind for being pretty blind and hard headed!!! :)) I adored his bluntness and honesty and yet so wanted to shake some sense into the loveable guy lol Harper and Troy are the best friends of the main characters in the first book of this series. They ran into each other a couple of times without their mutual friends being around. At one of these occasions, Troy asks her to decorate his beach house once he discove [...]

    • Betty says:

      "The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking"(C. Morley)OKAY THIS IS GONNA BE A HARD ONE So the main guy is an escort yep How does that make me feel? mmm not super duper excited BUT his work does not involve kissing or sex or nothing like that just hand holding and maybe an arm round the waist so NOTHING TOO BAD But still I was hoping that at least at the end he would give up his occupation for Harper (h) since she made it clear she was the jealous type but hey mayb [...]

    • Angelito Espinoza says:

      Gorgeous Consort es el segundo libro de la serie Beautiful Entourage. “Someone could come inside,” I said with a weak voice.“Yeah…” He thrust into me hard and fast. “Me.”La verdad es que es un placer leer a estos chicos. Son livianos y refrescantes, aunque sinceramente también he de admitir que a la prota femenina de este quería darle con un bate por lo testaruda que era, y a la vez hacerle un altar por lo paciente que fue. En fin, Troy siempre tan fanfarrón y adorable como ya l [...]

    • Pam says:

      Gorgeous Consort is book two of the Beautiful Entourage series by E. L. Todd. It is a quick but really good summer read. The romance deals with people who are strangers one minute and lovers the next with the idea that it is just a fling and not a relationship. Will it stay that way? Troy was still upset over the breakup of his three year romance with Alexis. He couldn’t stand the thought of making love to just anyone and he definitely was not in the mood for a relationship with anyone. He jus [...]

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