Straight A brand new reissued edition of a Dick Francis classic

  • Title: Straight
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780330314428
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • A brand new reissued edition of a Dick Francis classic
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      338 Dick Francis
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    • Harry says:

      What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books (yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I've read them all) I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society - either directly or indirectly. The heroes aren't always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But more tha [...]

    • David says:

      One of the better Dick Francis novels I have read. A little less horseracing and a little more 'James Bondish' crime fiction in this one. The characters were interesting and I enjoyed the gadgets, the intrigue, the suspense and the conclusion.

    • James Adams says:

      Another clever mystery/suspense novel from Francis, but one of the weaker I’ve read. The mystery itself is solid, and the scavenger hunt aspect inspired, but the characters here are a bit weaker. The most interesting character dies in the first twenty pages, but to be fair, becomes more interesting from there. All in all, of interest to fans, but not a good place to start.

    • Michelle says:

      Classic Francis with a great everyman hero, the gemstone industry, and racing. If you like Dick Francis, you will like this one.

    • Lark of The Bookwyrm's Hoard says:

      Dick Francis is one of only a few male mystery writers I really love. I don’t know why there aren’t more, but I can give you several reasons why Francis is terrific. First, his mystery/thrillers are carefully plotted and always baffling. Second, the pacing is usually spot-on, with calmer scenes interspersed with scenes of tension in just the right proportions. Third, his protagonists are all decent men trying to do their best; they have an inner strength that comes out when they’re tested, [...]

    • E.P. says:

      "Straight" has always been one of my favorite Francis stories, and I'm not sure why. The main topic--gemstones--holds absolutely zero interest for me, and neither do the clever gadgets that the main character has to figure out. But maybe that's why it's interesting. The chances of me ever wearing lots of gems, or getting involved in the industry in any way, are remote to say the least, which is part of the fascination: Derek also has zero interest in gems to begin with, but, forced to run his br [...]

    • Denise Kettering says:

      This is a classic Dick Francis novel that incorporates horse-racing into a broader story, in this case about gemstone sales. There is a likeable and successful main character, Derek Franklin, who has to use his natural intellect in order to figure out who is trying to kill him. The story moves along a fast clip and keeps the reader interested throughout. There is suspense that keeps you guessing about what is actually going on under the surface.

    • Michael McLean says:

      I'm really digging these Dick Francis mystery books. Granted, they are easy reading and not the deepest literature but they are well crafted and really give this anglophile a great sense of atmosphere and plot. Two down and 38 to go.

    • Nira Ramachandran says:

      Dick Francis never fails to provide thrillers that grip you till the very end. Set in the glamourous world of racing, members’ club lunches, thoroughbreds, and training yards, the author also manages to reveal the shady underbelly of race rigging, violence and drugs. As is usual with Francis, the protagonist combines a superhuman resistance to broken bones and violence of all kinds, with a super level of intelligence, which enables him to unravel a series of puzzles, and eventually solve the w [...]

    • Mary Taitt says:

      This book sucked me in immediately and moved along a good pace and was interesting. An injured jockey gets a call that his brother in the hospital--he's dead, his wallet is missing, he was killed in an accident and you know it wasn't an accident, even though it looks like one. And the plot thickens. The brother was secretly dealing with diamonds and having an affair with a Duchess. The brother owned two race horses and something fishy is going on with the horses. The jockey is no dummy and track [...]

    • Thekelburrows says:

      A well-executed story that fits nicely beside its peers in the Mystery genre featuring plenty of wit, Britishness, and horses.

    • Stacey says:

      I loved the entire story line even with one eye rolling moment. Still definitely a 5 star book!

    • stevekeiretsu says:

      About 20 years ago I went through a phase of reading lots of Dick Francis. Despite having little-to-no interest in horse racing, I remember enjoying them a great deal, as pacy, propulsive thrillers, and coming back to him thanks to finding this book at a local community book exchange, I discovered this assessment remains true.Although very much a 'genre' writer, who would not win plaudits for fancy prose or abstract sophistication of language, Francis is clearly an extremely talented writer. Gre [...]

    • Arden Pruden says:

      While I'm not a fan of Dick Francis this one was significantly more fun than the last one I read, though still not the world's best read. It was much better paced, but there were so many things that were heavily focused on that felt irrelevant.I find the way he writes romance tedious. Especially in this book it felt unwarranted and honestly, didn't make sense in my opinion. And yes, I understand horses are his gimmick, but there was literally no reason for that theme in this. It could have been [...]

    • Sue says:

      Jockey Derek Franklin is recovering from a steeplechase injury when he receives word that his brother is in the hospital and not expected to survive. Greville Franklin dies from his injuries – the result of being too close to scaffolding when it collapsed – and Derek learns that he has inherited Greville’s entire estate, including his gemstone business. Greville was extremely secretive and Derek has a battle on his hands to sort out the business. Although Greville’s employees assert that [...]

    • Ejs says:

      This is a nice summer read. Dick Francis always incorporates horses in his stories, and this is no different. A brother dies in a freak accident, his brother, a jockey needs to take over the jewelry business and is attacked over and over until the mystery is unraveled. Moves nicely, good twists and turns, and definitely, not predictable.

    • Corrina says:

      Apt titleStraightforward mystery, easy to follow with interesting foray into the gem world. The opposing horse trainer character wasn't fully developed until the very end but that was part of the mystery. Since the actual villain had no character it was good to give him orange hair in order to keep track of him.

    • Jan says:

      One of the best Dick Francis novels have read. While there is still a horse racing connection, this one focuses on the world of gemstones. Very engaging plot, and some interesting characters. Very enjoyable.

    • Micki33 says:

      Read it YEARS ago. Reread it because I haven't found enough new and entertaining authors. Enjoyed it the first time and enjoyed it the second time around. All around good clean mystery.

    • Brett Wallach says:

      I've grown to like Francis's genteel/British slant on crime fictionough this one is a little TOO precious at times. Still, the writing and moral compass both point in the right direction.

    • Michele Rutin says:

      My favorite of all the Dick Francis books by far. Great characters, kept moving at a fast pace, and I found the gem industry interesting, the little that was discussed. Some surprises here too.

    • Julie Frogley says:

      A Dick Francis thriller you won't want to put down! As an avid reader of Dick Francis books this is one of his best. Do read it if you enjoy a good racing novel.

    • Diane says:

      Re-read This one is set in the world of gemstones - planning to visit the diamond market in Amsterdam, thought it was a good idea to reacquaint myself with some trade facts

    • Doreen Richards says:

      Have always enjoyed the Dick Francis books and this is no exception. Got to learn as well a little bit about the semi precious and precious gems as well as tidbits in the racing world. Fast moving. Loved the gadgets.

    • John Grose says:


    • Chandini says:

      I began reading Dick Francis books at 8 or 9 years old and I haven't stopped rereading them yet. My parents were big fans of his and I got to read the books after they were done. I still remember getting into trouble and 5th grade for reading '10LB Penalty' in class.This is one of my favorite Francis, Mark I books. In most of his books the main character is a stoic British man in its early to mid thirties but in Straight the protagonist, Derek Franklin, is more complex than that. Yes, he is a 30 [...]

    • Nancy says:

      Not a murder mystery this time. Quoting from one of the paperback editions: "Derek Franklin, injured steeplechase jockey, is thrust into chaos following the accidental death of his brother Greville who was an importer of semi-precious stones." Chaos is right. Derek, stumbling around on crutches, has to untangle several intrigues and riddles from his brother's life while person(s) unknown ransack everything and rough him up a lot. Poor guy!I enjoy that we come to know Greville as a character, th [...]

    • Martina says:

      This novel was *dramatic sigh* A bit underwhelming, I suppose. The premise is interesting - a steeplechase jockey, Derek Franklin, ends up inheriting everything from his much older and rather estranged late brother. That everything being his late brother's firm, house, car, horses So it's like Derek has fallen from some remote celestial body. He knows absolutely nothing about gemology, running a firm, having employees, could have serious difficulties as jockey are not allowed to own racing horse [...]

    • Lorraine says:

      Derrick Franklin is a jump jockey. After a fall during a race, another horse lands on his left ankle, breaking the joint. Derrick refuses a cast as it would wither his muscles, and has his leg tightly wrapped in a bandage. Two days later he is summoned to hospital where his brother Greville is dying after a piece of scaffolding impaled him in the belly. Greville is twenty years Derrick senior, and they didn't know each other well. After Greville dies, Derrick learns Greville has willed him his h [...]

    • Clarkhou says:

      This book is about a man named Derek Franklin. The book starts off with an event that eventually traumatized Derek for the rest of his jockeying career, and just after, his brother; Greville mysteriously dies in an accident. Now Derek must inherit all his brother's fortunes and pay a mysterious bill of one and a half million dollars that his brother borrowed to buy diamonds However, with no luck finding the diamonds, Derek is loosing hope, but the plot gets thicker, a horse named 'Dozen Roses' w [...]

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