Under a Croatian Sun

Under a Croatian Sun Looking for a good holiday read try Under a Croatian Sun A story about cultural difference and acceptance For fans of Driving Over Lemons Under a Tuscan Sun and A Year in Provence this is a funny h

  • Title: Under a Croatian Sun
  • Author: Anthony Stancomb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Looking for a good holiday read try Under a Croatian Sun A story about cultural difference and acceptance For fans of Driving Over Lemons, Under a Tuscan Sun and A Year in Provence, this is a funny, heart warming holiday read for people of all ages Mature Times A charming true story of a couple who move from London to a rustic Croatian island Choice magazine A goo Looking for a good holiday read try Under a Croatian Sun A story about cultural difference and acceptance For fans of Driving Over Lemons, Under a Tuscan Sun and A Year in Provence, this is a funny, heart warming holiday read for people of all ages Mature Times A charming true story of a couple who move from London to a rustic Croatian island Choice magazine A good read Tariq Ali A London art dealer and his wife, tired of the stress and turmoil of metropolitan life, discover the idyllic island of Vis Impulsively they sell their home and business, say farewell to their adult children and move to the island, but being the first foreigners to live on the island, the close knit community is highly suspicious of them The book charts their attempts to gain acceptance and the many rebuffs that they suffer Their efforts often land them in very awkward and sometimes hilarious situations, but they persist and find themselves caught up in the bitter rivalries, love affairs and family dramas of the village Through this they learn a lot about the islanders attitude to marriage, morality, health and death, and the effect that communism has had on everyone s lives.
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      360 Anthony Stancomb
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    • Bandit says:

      Ahtirement. The proverbial golden pot at the end of the long, decidedly none rainbow like thing that's work. Some take a more creative approach to retirement than others. Meet Anthony Stancomb and his wife. who decided to quit busy England and retire to a quiet Croatian island of Vis, a place abundant with naturally beauty, historically significant past andt much otherwise. Small minded, rigid in traditions and quite backward, like so many geographically isolated locations around the world, Vis' [...]

    • J.P. Willson says:

      I will admit I was not quite sure how to review this book. That being said I fully enjoyed this read from the perspective of being able to lose oneself in a novel. With non-fiction, memoir specifically I do not find this often. I was able, to immerse myself in the story in a way that I could truly see myself doing something very similar in my own later years. I did appreciate the somewhat "dry" English humour very much. When the idea of a restaurant came up in the story I immediately thought of [...]

    • D.C. Triana says:

      What happens when life becomes just a little too much to take and you yearn for the simpler things? A couple's satirical adventure to a Croatian island, called Vis, where island life is a little more complicated than they hoped for. Anthony and Ivana want to escape their everyday stressful lives and decide to travel to the Mediterranean to find a little peace. In their journey they encounter new obstacles in the small community that make you laugh and root for this couple. Mr. Stancomb does a ph [...]

    • Randal White says:

      Under a Croatian Sun is a wonderful memoir of a British man who, along with his Croatian wife, give up the rat race in England and relocate/retire to Croatia. The author has an excellent ability to describe the numerous characters he meets in his new home, many times causing me to snort out loud in laughter. He also has the ability to poke fun at himself. Especially in his descriptions of trying to fit in and be accepted by the locals. And, without even realizing it, the reader comes away with a [...]

    • Aaron Lauritsen says:

      In this witty travelogue, author Anthony Stancomb, chronicles a life altering move he and his wife, Ivana, did to a small Mediterranean Island.The book begins by Anthony hinting at what forces motivated them to exchange the hectic pace of metropolitan London for the culture shock of a small fishing community in Croatia. But it's not long before his brilliant descriptions of the town's rock buildings, cafes and colourful people convince the reader that what the couple really sought was simply a q [...]

    • Lydia Larue says:

      Under a Croatian Sun tells the story of a couple from London moving to the island of Vis, and it accomplishes this in the first person--in the man's POV.Stancomb has a delightful command over description. I enjoyed the way he describes the ferry pulling into port. The sight of the seamen shouting as they pulled ropes and the sound of the grinding metal as the ferry pulled into port stuck out to me.As someone who has never been outside of the US, it took me some time with the different names for [...]

    • Alison says:

      From the hustle and bustle of London, to the Island of Vis in Croatia, is quite a dramatic move for the author and his wife, who are looking forward to a slower paced life. Anthony and Ivana, start their journey when their children have moved out on their own and the two of them feel that they need to get away from their hectic lives in the UK. This book is very well written and a lot of fun to read. We follow them as they try and find their place among the locals and to receive their acceptance [...]

    • Heather Murray says:

      Under A Croatian Sun is a travel-memoir in the best British tradition and, as such, follows the typical scheme: Brit decides to move with his wife to a wildly gorgeous but unfortunately rather backward place, tries to befriend the locals, has adventures with plumbing/alcoholic beverages/animals/cultural misunderstandings/endemic red-tape and corruption. This particular Croatian variant takes place on the island of Vis, which is situated in the Adriatic, off the Dalmatian coast. If the title soun [...]

    • Leo Buijs says:

      It took me a while to get comfortable with the obviously very ‘British’ mode of expressions in ‘Under a Croatian Sun’, but by chapter 4, I found myself thoroughly enjoying reading Mr. Stancomb’s chronicle of life on a small island in the Adriatic Sea. This chapter where he and his wife find their way to the small island of Vis, off the Croatian coast, and where they fall head over heels in love with what seems to be paradise on earth. I could very much relate to that, as I have owned v [...]

    • H. El-Tahwagi says:

      So, what's harder than moving to a foreign country and having to try to fit in? When you find yourself among new people and in a place you're not really familiar with, it's really difficult to feel as a part of everything. The narrator, Anthony, experiences just that! He and his wife move to Vis, a croatian island, and have to get used to the life at the mediterranean coast. Anthony, like so many other people, has expectations and hopes when he starts his life in Croatia. It was interesting to r [...]

    • Scott Spotson says:

      A lot of fun to read. Just a like an expatriate should when writing a book for public consumption about settling down in a brand new country, he writes of his profound experiences when mingling with his newfound friends and neighbours. This reminds me of A Year in Provence. The author sure tries hard to fit in. Immersing myself into a new culture in one spot for years with the same neighbours isn't my cup of tea, but it's enjoyable reading about his efforts, some of which are quite humorous. One [...]

    • Francis Mont says:

      It is a delightful book with a LOT of stories to tell. The book I read before was dark and depressing and I needed something to pick me up and this book sure did. Describing an adventure most of us only dream about because we don’t have the courage to go beyond dreaming. Anthony and his wife did and pulled out deep roots from “Grey Britain” to find paradise on a Mediterranean island in Croatia. His wife already spoke the language and Anthony made a heroic effort to learn this very difficul [...]

    • R. Leib says:

      Five Category Non-Fiction Rating System:Accessibility: 1/2 StarWriting: 1/2 StarStructure: StarCredibility: StarContent: 1/2 Star-------------------------Total: 3 1/2 StarsAudience Suitability: Young Adult - profanityThis is an autobiographical account of a retired London sophisticate's emigration to a small island in the Adriatic. To say that he and the island's native population gave each other a good dosing of culture shock would be an understatement.In general, the writing is good. There are [...]

    • Alison says:

      This book was stuck in my head for months when I first saw it on the shelf. I kicked myself for not buying it because when I went back to the store, it was gone. I finally got it and read through it. Written like a blog, this book recounts the first year of Anthony and his wife moving to Vis, an island of Croatia. I was expecting more about the island-life, I think. But also, it seemed like there wasn't enough time from when they arrived to when they wrote the book. I would have liked to have re [...]

    • Joan Harthan says:

      Not a book I'd have chosen to read. (Reader's group). Written in 1st person by a man who moved to Croatia with his wife. To say he's married; it's all me, me, me. Patronising to women and to locals of Vis, rather bigoted and judgmental. Very patronising about his wife yet accuses the islanders of Vis of being chauvinists. Misinformed about folk music in the UK. Misinformed about quite a lot. Bad reviews on from local people who say he didn't start the cricket club, they did.

    • Donte McNeal says:

      Went into this one blind; I didnt read a synopsis or anything. I like to do that every now and then. Sometimes it works out, other times . . . not so much. This was one of the latter. I didn't know what type of book Under a Croatian Sun was, but I figured it out a little ways in to, and I realized that it wasn't my type of book. Still, I read it, since I hate starting a book and not finishing it. Something Anthony and I seem to have in common, kind of; we see projects he starts, but we don't rea [...]

    • Bill says:

      Haven’t you ever wanted to sell your place, quit your job, and move to your paradise? Be honest now! Wasn’t it Monday morning? Or was it Sunday night thinking of…Monday morning?Sometimes you find someone who does just that. Take Tony Stanhope and his wife, Ivana. They fell in love with the tiny island of Vis in the Adriatic Sea between Croatia and northern Italy, and decided to sell their London place, sell their business and leave the city for this small island, their heaven.What follows [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      Very enjoyable and transported me to the Croatian island of Vis. Croatia is on my list of places to visit and this was a fun travel read of an older couple's decision to leave London for a Croatian island (wife has Croatian heritage). Great descriptions of the local inhabitants, scenery and the adapting to island life and unique quirks of the population.

    • Neil says:

      I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.Having been living in mainland Croatia I have to say this is so true.The people are slow to warm to you but once they except you, you have friends for life.Great.

    • alice eller says:

      Great read !Very light hearted, but extremely interesting. The reader truly gets a “feel” for Croatians, their country, and life style. Thoroughly enjoyed it. My thanks to the author.

    • Maggie Larche says:

      Under a Croatian Sun was a very enjoyable read. It follows the adventure of an Englishman and his Argentinian/Croatian wife as they retire to a Croatian island village. Their status as outsiders is firmly established from the get-go, and the entire book chronicles their slow (very slow!) adoption by the locals. The story is filled with beautiful and vivid descriptions, and its relaxed pace nicely mirrors the laid back culture of the island.Although it's a memoir, the book reads like fiction (whi [...]

    • Sonia says:

      ‘God can come up with some funny tricks,’ said Zoran, ‘particularly after he’s had a good bottle of wine.’‘Under the Croatian Sun’ by ‘Anthony Stancomb’ is an expatriate’s experience in a place far from home and totally different from his hometown. Leaving a cosmopolitan life, successful career and grown up kids behind, Anthony with his wife, Ivana, leaves off for the island of Vis amid the Adriatic islands in the country of Croatia.Reading the first couple of pages where Ant [...]

    • Laurie Lisle says:

      It's a common fantasy to imagine moving to a faraway island, but very few people actually do it. Anthony Stancomb and his wife, Ivana, did. After selling his art business in London, the couple pulled up their urban roots and planted them onto a little, unspoiled Croatian island. Stancomb has written a humorous and witty memoir about their first year on the flower-filled island. He writes with a light and entertaining touch about trying to ingratiate himself with the island's suspicious inhabitan [...]

    • Drew Sera says:

      Most enjoyable adventure! This is the story of a couple moving from their comforts of Great Britain to a Croatian Island, Vis. To say that they left their comforts behind is an understatement however, and it was something they looked forward to. They cherished the simple life Vis had to offer.One of my favorite overall aspects to the book is the author’s ability to pain the picture. His use of description gave way for me to picture many of the scenes and the environments. I can still picture v [...]

    • Chrys Cymri says:

      I have rather mixed feelings about this book.At first, I found myself enjoying this story of an Englishman and his Croatian wife settling on an island far removed from the London they had decided to escape. The writer depicts his new home with descriptions so fulsome that I could imagine I was there, smelling the flowers and feeling the heat of the sun. The local characters were very well drawn, as well as the struggles of the couple to fit in. I loved the writer’s wry turns of phrase and his [...]

    • Sevda Khatamian says:

      What an enjoyable book! I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review, and I'm so glad I did. It is so refreshing to read someone else's point of view and feel the kind of things they've been through, where I can trust the author's honesty and see the world in his eyes. It gets a lot more exhilarating when the story is about discovering new places, people and nations, and finding out new facts about the past. Facts that one may never know of, except if they' [...]

    • Ian Welch says:

      Under a Croation Sun is a humorous snapshot of life for a middle aged couple who make a life changing decision to uproot themselves from South West London and move to the island of Vis, thirty miles off the coast of Croatia. The islanders with a history of foreign invaders and having survived communism and a world war are suspicious of all foreigners. Under a Croation Sun outlines the new visitors numerous trials and tribulations as they strive to gain acceptance in an at times hostile environme [...]

    • Kristian Hall says:

      Under a Croatian Sun is the first of two travel memoirs about the experiences of the author and his wife upon leaving Britain for a faraway island on the coast of Croatia. I actually read the second book first (Notes from a very small island), and enjoyed that book very much. Under a Croatian Sun is similar in style and content, beginning with the couple trying to find a place to buy on the island. The strenght of the book(s) is the humour, I was laughing out loud several times. The author is in [...]

    • Kathy Dobronyi says:

      What does it take to live in a village? Does it take friendliness, patience, and a can-do attitude? Or does it take tenacity and luck? Anthony British-With-a-Stiff-Upper-Lip Stancomb and his Croatian wife, Ivana, decide to leave their London life for an island in the Adriatic. Living in an English village would have been hard enough, but the draw of sun and sea called them to a much bigger adventure. I enjoyed reading about their six-month struggle to belong. UNDER A CROATIAN SUN is a good tutor [...]

    • 251 Things To Do says:

      An upbeat life story about leaving behind the busy hectic hustle bustle lifestyle that many become stuck in, making money stressed out until you croak, for the more simplistic, calm, small community, wholesome life near the coast, near nature. Except this small community is not your typical English countryside town As an Englishman moving to a small Croatian island, there are many new challenges and stories to tell. Anthony does a wonderful job in recounting the obstacles he faces, people he mee [...]

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