Come Back to Texas

Come Back to Texas Everyone thought we d be the ones who made it through high school The ones who d get married and stay married forever The example of how young love can work We thought so too Too bad life had other p

  • Title: Come Back to Texas
  • Author: K.K. Hendin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everyone thought we d be the ones who made it through high school The ones who d get married and stay married forever The example of how young love can work We thought so, too Too bad life had other plans It s been three years since Hayley and Nate broke each other s hearts Three years, and a lot has changed Hayley s a freshman in Bushwick University, and the only tEveryone thought we d be the ones who made it through high school The ones who d get married and stay married forever The example of how young love can work We thought so, too Too bad life had other plans It s been three years since Hayley and Nate broke each other s hearts Three years, and a lot has changed Hayley s a freshman in Bushwick University, and the only things keeping her sane are stress baking, and her a cappella group, Twelve Beats in a Bar Nate s a Marine, stationed in Afghanistan The only thing that s keeping him sane is the last picture he has of him and Hayley, and the hope that maybe when the hell of deployment is over, he can find her again and apologize One explosion will change everything When a bomb kills all of Nate s unit, leaving him missing a leg and eyesight in one eye, he s sent back home to Texas Texas, where he loved Hayley than he could possibly imagine ever loving anyone else With seemingly endless amounts of free time and needing something to distract himself, Nate starts making YouTube videos, imploring Hayley to come back to him, and come back to Texas Hayley s life is wrapped around the Beats, making sure she doesn t flunk out of biology class, and babysitting Ohio s smallest monster, Brandon She doesn t want to admit it, but she misses Nate than anything It s too bad she doesn t know just how much he misses her, too
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      388 K.K. Hendin
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    • Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

      This review can originally be found on Olivia's Catastrophe: olivia-savannah/20*Thank you to the Xpresso Book Tours for the review copy* I think whether or not you like this book really depends on what kind of reader you are. Being a character driven reader, I know this is something I would love. But some other readers may find it draggy. I loved Hayley as the main character. I loved her voice and how it really shone through Hendin’s writing. I thought her character was awesome and even though [...]

    • Jackie (No Bent Spines) says:

      4.5 StarsFind more reviews on No Bent SpinesFirst off, I’d like to say that I’m from Texas, but not the small town- everybody knows everyone- complete lack of secrets that our lovely main characters are from. I mean Hayley and Nate’s town doesn’t even have 1000 people. My high school has more than that. I think. . ah it does. But, I’ve heard the ask for a coke then they ask what kind and then you (or I) say Dr. Pepper. I call my friends honey pie or sweet pea and all that, sometimes af [...]

    • Kirke says:

      3.5 stars Hayley and Nate were high school sweethearts, but when he turned eighteen he enlisted and left her behind. That was three years ago and they haven't talked since. Hayley is now starting college, a fresh start and a whole lot of new friends. While managing her classes and work isn't easy, it is a great distraction from all her thoughts.It's been three years, but it's very clear Hayley hasn't moved on at all or hasn't even tried to. Not just that, it seems more time passes the worse it b [...]

    • Heather / Obsessed With Myshelf says:

      This book is adorably romantic. i.e. it caused streams of tears to flow down my cheeks. thankfully my dog doesn’t judge.Nate’s a Marine who suffers a debilitating injury while on tour in Afghanistan. If that wasn’t enough to kill me (my husband is a former Marine), he starts making YouTube videos while in rehab to try to reach out to his high school love, Hayley. They broke up after a mutual butting of heads and a terrible set of events that left each of them desperate for change – unfor [...]

    • Southern Belle Book Blog says:

      I am reviewing both Come Back to Texas and A Different Kind of Fine at the same time. I’m going to write one big review, reviewing both but I needed to get a little bit down now.I just finished Come Back to Texas and I have to say its amazing. I love the way KK Hendin wrote it. Its a mix of both Hayley and Nate’s POVs and its going back and forth between present and past. I love seeing them in the past and seeing how their relationship began. And I love seeing where they are at now. I also l [...]

    • Jenn says:

      It took me a little while to get into reading 'Come Back to Texas', but in the end I am glad I saw it through. For this book being the first in the series, I felt like something was missing (an introduction, a prelude, a little background history, something). It just seemed like the story-line just jumped right in, even some description of The Beats would have helped. Another thing I found confusing was the blank chapters for Nate. They are supposed to be there, keep reading and it will all come [...]

    • Beth says:

      Click banner to enter giveaway post.Blitz-wide giveawayThree winners, each one gets their choice of any two signed copies of K.K. Hendin's books (Heart Breaths, Only The Good Die Young, Come Back To Texas) and a guarantee of an ARC of the second book in the TBIAB series when it's available.Open US only; ends September 1st

    • Kaitlin says:

      Source: I received an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.I DNFed Come Back to Texas because I wasn't enjoying reading it. There was something about it that annoyed me. I wasn't a fan of the dialogue and the story wasn't very interesting to me, so maybe that was it. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to read a contemporary like this one. I just . . . didn't like what I read very much. This book wasn't for me.

    • MLOW says:

      I got this as part of the Up All Night collection

    • Kimberly (Kimmy Loves to Read) says:

      ARC given in exchange for an honest review.I liked this book, but it took me a little while to get into it. It takes place in the present, but we are given flashbacks to tell us the story of how Nate and Hayley became a couple. So the story jumps around and at first it wasn't very obvious when we were getting a flashback. I found it to be a bit confusing, but once I caught on to how the author was using the flashback plot device the book because easier to read."Good luck not regretting the stupi [...]

    • Tina Lynne says:

      Come Back to Texas is a sweet and emotional story of two high school loves that allowed life to get in the way and their journey back to each other. This story focuses on our two main characters, Hayley and Nate, who met in high school and fell in love deeply. This story takes us through the highs and lows of their relationship, both in the past and the present.I loved how this story would bounce back and forth from Hayley’s POV and Nate’s POV. It was interesting to see where they are in the [...]

    • FicCentral says:

      Nate and Hayley fell apart when he headed off to the military and then war, and while they’ve never really gotten past their feelings for each other, they’ve both moved on with their lives. She’s off at college, making friends and music with her a capella group, and hiding away her residual love for Nate. Nate, on the other hand, is a world away, simply trying to survive in a war zone and hoping that one day he’ll be deserving of the girl he left behind.But For a book billed as romance, [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Hayley and Nate are two souls who seem to need each other no matter the time, the hurt, or the stupid mistakes they both made. It is about second chances and it is about healing and righting the wrongs you make as teenagers.Hayley lives in a small town in Texas. She lives in a trailer home. She is quiet and kind. One day, Nate moves in the house next door. When Nate and Hayley meet they forge a strong bond. But Nate is not from a loving family and when the only relative that was left who kind of [...]

    • Elien says:

      This review and more on So BookaliciousHayley and Nate were high school sweethearts. But like many relationships that started in high school they didn’t last. Three years after their brutal brake up Hayley is starting college. A fresh new start that is supposed to keep her mind from thinking of Nate. Nothing has ever seemed more impossible than that. Is there a chance that Nate still misses her as much as she misses him, even after three years? Or is it finally time to move on?Hayley was a gre [...]

    • Rachel says:

      3.5 out of 5 starsSomething about Come Back to Texas just called my name. Maybe it's the Southern setting--though I've always felt like Texas is rather a different kind of Southern than my good ole' Mississippi (Maybe I'm wrong! Heck, all I've seen of Texas is the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.)--or maybe it's the promise of a happy ending that I can't resist, but it was simply one of those books that got me excited.Come Back to Texas is not the speediest of books, when it comes to plot--though it d [...]

    • Camille says:

      **Thank you Xpresso Book Tours for my e-ARCThis review can also be seen on Raves and ReadsWhat I love about this story is how it brings down Hayley and Nate's love story from cloud nine to solid ground.I know it sounds harsh and I can feel you lot wanting to pelt me with the books you're currently holding but I still stand by it.Though Nate doing those videos for Hayley made me swoon (a little).Anyway, their love story was not always rainbows and butterflies. They fought and stumbled so much tha [...]

    • Gemma Weir says:

      Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuch4.5 StarsCome Back To Texas is book #1 in the Twelve Beats In A Bar Series and the first book I have read by this author. I was gifted a copy of this book to read for Gemma Reads Too Much Book Blog.For those of you that don’t know, I live in England. We are not exactly known for our love of country music. But I'm the exception I LOVE country music my husband hates it when I put on my ‘Country Megamix’ and sing along. But it was the p [...]

    • Riki says:

      I adored this romance by K.K. Hendin. The story is what I think some readers might call “quiet,” but I don’t think that’s a bad thing in any way. There’s no huge plot twists or crazy action in this book. Instead, it is a beautiful portrayal of a timeless love story between two incredibly compelling lead characters. I loved seeing how Haley tried to move on after her breakup with Nate, filling her days with the wonderful girls in Twelve Beats in a Bar and doing everything in her power t [...]

    • Chanpreet says:

      I had a feeling this book was going to leave me in tears, and it did. However I had no idea how connected I'd feel to Hayley and Nate and how connected they were to one another. The two of them truly fit the definition of soul mates. I read this book fairly quickly. I loved the flashbacks. It really allowed me to see the bond Hayley and Nate had and how their love story unfolded. I also loved that chapters were told in alternating points of view. My heart hurt for both of them; for the words the [...]

    • Kimothy says:

      I liked this book, just unfortunately i id not connect with it how i hoped i would. It took me quite a bit to get into the story. That being said it is not a bad story actually it is very sweet and wholesome. Nate and Hayley had their time together but it is also clear Hayley has had a hard time moving on. Nate meanwhile has just kept plowing forward until he can no longer and then he wants Hayley back. We see the past side of the relationship, and the present. This book is about readdressing wh [...]

    • wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks) says:

      * * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by obsessed by books for an honest review * * This book at first took a little time to get into for me, but I'm so glad I finished it, it turned out to be awesome. Haley and Nate were high school sweet hearts and Nate felt he had a duty, so he enlisted lest Haley behind. which left her broken. 3 years have passed and now Haley is moving forward. going to college. making friends, getting over Nate. She thought she was doing good but deep down she knows she'll n [...]

    • Jacqui Norris says:

      Come Back to Texas follows the story of Hayley and Nate, high school sweethearts from a small Texas town who break up when the going gets tough. Hayley moves on to college, Nate enlists. It’s been 3 years since they have seen each other but never forgot each other. Neither knows the other is still in love with them. Admittedly it took me awhile to get into this book at some points skimming through parts that seemed to go on too long. But about halfway through, my attention was regained and I s [...]

    • Liz says:

      I completely loved this book, high school sweethearts separated through circumstances and a military theme - simply perfection.Hayley and Nate are high school sweethearts, totally devoted to each other until circumstances push them apart. 3 years later Hayley is working hard at college still wondering what happened with Nate and missing him deeply. Nate is overseas serving in the marines until an incident leaves him fighting a different battle. Nate only envisions Hayley in his future and begins [...]

    • Melinda says:

      More at melenasreviews.wordpressThis is the first I have read from KK Hendin and have to say I loved the whole storyline. I felt for Hayley and her heartache. I mean here is the man she always loved running away because he`s afraid. Now Nate seemed like an okay guy yet when it came to giving his whole heart seemed in a way weak. All around him he had love from Hayley to his grandmother and felt he couldn`t love at all. These two though seemed young was more wise than people give them credit. I l [...]

    • Heidi says:

      This book is as unassuming as the little town where the characters grow up, but it pulled me in and wrapped itself around me with these little moments that were so, so human. The story is told in both present day and with flashbacks to the evolution of Hayley and Nate's relationship. I really connected with how their love story both evolved and unraveled, and the turning point where they realized they needed to come back to each other. I also love that this book is a huge departure from the over [...]

    • Ashley - Book Labyrinth says:

      I liked it -- it was a sweet book. It had a lot of potential to be a book I loved, but in order for that to happen it would have had to focus more on the current love story. We get a lot about their past romance and about their current lives apart, but nothing in the present with them together to prove that they would last -- very little interaction of them now, which was disappointing. And honestly I thought the videos were kind of lackluster. The making of them? Romantic. Just putting them out [...]

    • Debbie says:

      I was really looking forward to reading Come Back to Texas. I was a little disappointed that the story took a little longer than I'd have liked to pull me in. The pacing was a little slow to start but I couldn't stop reading. I definitely wanted to know what was next for Hayley and Nate. After finishing Come Back to Texas, I couldn't help but remember what it was like to be in college and the relationships made during that time. K.K. Hendin portrays that time and experience perfectly.

    • Christine Mize says:

      Coming Back To Texas kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages long after I should have been asleep. I felt as if I help my breath when Nate's unit came under fire until we find out that he is alive. My heart broke for Haley - she is trying so hard to make something of her life away from her small home town, but she can't make her heart stop loving and missing Nate. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a sweet romance - it is a wonderfully warm, story of reconnection.

    • Alex says:

      I liked the story and the pacing. Hayley and Nate feel like real people, and come off as likeable, but it feels like the story was rushed, as if it was a larger novel that got cut drastically. There were a lot of beats that seem to relay on genre knowledge, rather than being fully developed in the plot. I did like it enough to pick up the sequel, This Much Space. Similar books are The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson and Crash Test Love by Ted Michael

    • Stacy j&j southern spice Coley says:

      Hayley is in college an misses her ex boyfriend nate. Nate an Hayley broke up 3years ago an Nate went to Afghanistan for war. Hayley got word in class there was a massive gun fire in Afghanistan an fears Nate was one of the ones that was attackte was injured an while in the hospital he does YouTube videos to reach out to Hayley an try to reconnect with her. It's a great book an love how Nate reached out to her.

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