Storm and Steel

Storm and Steel An empire at war Three fates intertwined The Magician Horace has destroyed the Temple of the Sun but now he finds his slave chains have been replaced by bonds of honor duty and love Caught between

  • Title: Storm and Steel
  • Author: Jon Sprunk
  • ISBN: 9781633880108
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • An empire at war Three fates intertwined.The Magician Horace has destroyed the Temple of the Sun, but now he finds his slave chains have been replaced by bonds of honor, duty, and love Caught between two women and two cultures, he must contend with deadly forces from the unseen world.The Rebel Jirom has thrown in his lot with the slave uprising, but his road to freedomAn empire at war Three fates intertwined.The Magician Horace has destroyed the Temple of the Sun, but now he finds his slave chains have been replaced by bonds of honor, duty, and love Caught between two women and two cultures, he must contend with deadly forces from the unseen world.The Rebel Jirom has thrown in his lot with the slave uprising, but his road to freedom becomes ever dangerous as the rebels expand their campaign against the empire Even worse, he feels his connection with Emanon slipping away with every blow they strike in the name of freedom.The Spy Alyra has severed her ties to the underground network that brought her to Akeshia, but she continues the mission on her own Yet, with Horace s connection to the queen and the rebellion s escalation of violence, she finds herself treading a knife s edge between love and duty.Dark conspiracies bubble to the surface as war and zealotry spread across the empire Old alliances are shattered, new vendettas are born, and all peoples citizen and slave alike must endure the ravages of storm and steel.
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    • Ryan Mueller says:

      This was another good book in a good series. I don't quite love it, but it's an enjoyable read. I probably would have enjoyed this one more if I hadn't waited so long to read it. A lot of time passed between reading the first book and the second, so I forgot quite a bit.There are a lot of good things in here. The world of this story might border on Grimdark, but Sprunk still gives you characters who are trying to be noble despite all the obstacles. There's a lot of good action, especially toward [...]

    • Leontii Cristea says:

      3.5 starsOriginally posted at Jet Black Ink Storm and Steel, by Jon Sprunk, is the second book of the (recently said to become a quartet if I’m recalling Sprunk’s Facebook updates correctly) The Book of the Black Earth trilogy. Following the complex events of Blood and Iron we find ourselves witness to two simultaneously unfolding storylines. In the city of Erugash, we remain with Horace as he deals with the ramifications of his defiance of the Sun Cult whilst juggling his new position as By [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Poor Horace. In Blood and Iron (part one of The Book of the Black Earth) he escaped death only to be tossed in chains. He was freed only to be sucked into the politics and intrigue of the royal court. In saving the life of Queen Byleth, he painted a rather large target on his back, the results of which make up his journey through Storm and Steel. He has drawn the ire of not one, but four separate armies, mad cultists and a powerful sorcerer who must remain unnamed to preserve the surprise. All o [...]

    • Aris Kontyen says:

      I would have given it a 4.5 if I could have.So first of all, warning, SPOILERSThings I liked:I enjoyed the scenes with Jirom, he is an awesome character, and watching his relationship with Emanon evolve and go through its own ups and downs.I enjoyed the fact that Sprunk made it seem like each side had an actual valid point, not that any one side of this was right or wrong. Horace seemed to develop a lot as a character as he learned more and more about Akeshian culture and learned about the bizar [...]

    • Nicole Silva says:

      If you're a fan of Game of Thrones then you are going to love Storm of Steel. This book will; not disappoint you at all. There's a little bit of everything and I could not put it down. In my opinion it was fast paced, and not like other books that drag too much. I'm really looking foward to reading more about this author again.

    • Starjun says:

      4,5 enjoyed it!

    • Dave says:

      I was pretty sure how this book was going to go and I was correct. I wanted to know how the main characters Horace, Alyra, and Jirom wound up negotiating their circumstances and this was a satisfactory and believable account of just that. Unfortunately, as in the first of this Black Earth series, the story gets a bit bogged down in description of battles, gore, and military strategy. Those pages were tiresome for me which made the book easy to put down. I'm sure other readers wouldn't see it tha [...]

    • Brannigan says:

      Previously published at TheQwilleryStorm and Steel is the second book in a gritty fantasy series by Jon Sprunk. Like the first book, the story takes place in a North African-like setting, with plenty of desert scenery. The Akeshian Empire has hints of Egyptian and Babylonian cultural influences. Much like the first book, I have a love-hate relationship with this book. Overall, the plot is well developed and I enjoyed what he put his characters through and how the world building continues to expa [...]

    • Jasmyn says:

      You must read book one of this series or you will be totally lost. The book picks up shortly after book one ends with Horace, Alyra, and Jirom somehow ending up on all different sides of the politics. Horace finds his loyalties split and his lack of confidence is beginning to effect his Zoana and his ability to use it. I expected a little bit more out of Horace. Throughout much of the story he is just confused and ineffective. The slave rebellion, led by Jirom and Emanon, is finally gaining grou [...]

    • Milan says:

      While I found it slightly better then the first one, there were still several things that bothered me or didn't sit right.There were several inconsistencies in the book, and I found some characters dull and unappealing while some plot points could have been handled a lot better. Almost overwhelming and at times unnecessary angst between Horace and Alyra felt a bit forced as well as some decisions made by them or other characters at times felt completely out of character.Introduction of several n [...]

    • Benjamin says:

      So it was a good book but slower then the last. Also basically everything that happened in the last book he reset. Character relationships and power. So he could have something to fill in the blanks in the second. Also only half the book was about the main character. I'm all for this new, the story is shared by 5 or 6 characters but ah gee how about u give the lions share to the MAIN CHARACTER? Also the Author decided to do a complete 160. With the plot and characters he had developed in the per [...]

    • Clay Kallam says:

      In “Storm and Steel” (Pyr, $18, 482 pages), however, professionalism – and even competence – is in very short supply. I read the first volume of Jon Strunk’s Book of the Black Earth, and it showed just enough promise to get me on board for part two, but this particular promise was not kept.For me, one of the cardinal sins is to apparently kill off characters and then resuscitate them to create “surprise” and “drama.” In the long run, though, this ploy simply means the reader do [...]

    • SFReader says:

      Storm and Steel, by Jon Sprunk, is part two of The Book of the Black Earth. Despite not having read part one, and despite having a somewhat slow start, once I got a few chapters into it, things picked up and the story gained enough inertia to pull me along.There are two main stories here (and several smaller ones): that of the ex-slave Horace Delrosa, and the second of Jirom, a homosexual ex-gladiator and mercenary. Horace, the former slave, turns out to possess a very powerful and innate abilit [...]

    • Henry Lazarus says:

      Jon Sprunk puts Horace, his wizard hero, through Storm and Steel (trade from Pyr), continuing his adaption to his new foreign land. Horace had been a smith who put to sea when his wife and children died. Somehow he became part of a western invasion of the desert Akeshian empire, and ennobled when his magical talent was discovered. In the first tale he saved his queen from the cult of the Sun God and helped chase the cultists out ofthe city state of Erugash. Since the empire is made of several ci [...]

    • William Tiwari says:

      It was a good book don't get me wrong, i liked it. Its just that the main characters made horrible choices that annoyed the hell out of me. Take Horus for example: He continues to refuse to do the hard things necessary for his survival and clings to his childish ideal that every situation can be solved without bloodshed, even when said situation is hostile. His continuous refusal to face reality puts him at odds with the Empress when he is ordered to take lives, which of course he doesn't do. Th [...]

    • Ian yarington says:

      When I went to read the first book I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with it. I like the Egyptian style and feel Sprunk gave to the world and the characters and like I said I was pleasantly surprised. The second book picks right up where the first left off and I didn't feel like missed anything at all and that is important to me because I hate when authors skip ahead in the second or third book. I also love the cliffhanger that he leaves us with in the second book [...]

    • Anne Monteith says:

      I read the first book and did not care for it but I thought that maybe now I would find something in it that I failed to find when I first picked the series up so I skimmed through the first book again and then started on the second hoping to see what everyone else likes and I failed. The writing is even less smooth here and the character building is subpar. I hate giving one star reviews so I am done with this series!1 STAR **Receiving this book through 's Vine Program did not influence my rati [...]

    • Kevin says:

      I'm getting a Black Company feel in some parts of this book. I'm also seeing tropes/plots from another, whose name I can't recall, but it deals with some foreigner, being elevated to the ruling class because he had in his possession/displayed some quality that only the uppers of society was thought to wield.The ending was so predictable, nothing there surprised me. I saw it coming from a mile away. This whole book has been a "meh" for me. I probably could have finished it much earlier, but I rea [...]

    • Scott says:

      3.5 stars for me on this one.Horace was is a little annoying in this one. As much as I loved him in the porevious story. He annoyed with his lack of decision making. This was a good read especially at the end. Astptah is a real bad ass. I hope we see more of him. Along wiht Jirom and Emanom. Two really good characters.I like the way the story is developing though, even if this story was a little tough to get into until the final third of the book.All in all, acceptable 2nd offering from the offi [...]

    • Jeffrey says:

      Was ok. More a 3.5 rounded up. There were issues with time in the novel's climax. Too many events happening at once. The author shifts focus between characters a lot, which makes this worse. There was a whole lot of whinning by one of the main characters too. The fact that it goes from high fantasy to zombie apocalypse at the very end was a funny twist. I guess I will look for book 3 in 8-10 months.

    • Jane says:

      3.5 stars. Another great book in The Book of the Black Earth series. The book picks right back up and finds Horace as First Sword for Queen Blyleth, Jirom fighting with Emanon and the rebels and Alyra fighting against the empire even though her ties to the spy network is severed. The story is fast-paced and full of action. It's pretty dense, however, and even with the short chapters it still took me awhile to read the book. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    • Felix says:

      The action carries on and so does the unfolding tale of larger scheme. Alyra gets stronger/braver.Horace becomes more complex and Jirom/Spartacus type leader. I read the last page with trepidation. 2017 wait!

    • Tim says:

      Excellent! 4.5 stars. Couldn't put it down. Only bad thing is waiting for book three.

    • Alan says:

      tempo seemed to slow down from the first book

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