Last Scream

Last Scream EACH SCREAM COULD BE YOUR LASTHe kidnaps them Punishes them Sends them to hell Then he displays them so everyone will know they are sinners IF HE FINDS YOUTexas Ranger William H Thomas is called to a

  • Title: Last Scream
  • Author: Morgan Hannah MacDonald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • EACH SCREAM COULD BE YOUR LASTHe kidnaps them Punishes them Sends them to hell.Then he displays them so everyone will know they are sinners.IF HE FINDS YOUTexas Ranger William H Thomas is called to a small town where the body of a mutilated woman has been found She s kneeling and trussed to a tree, and her hands are tied together as if in prayer Something horrific lieEACH SCREAM COULD BE YOUR LASTHe kidnaps them Punishes them Sends them to hell.Then he displays them so everyone will know they are sinners.IF HE FINDS YOUTexas Ranger William H Thomas is called to a small town where the body of a mutilated woman has been found She s kneeling and trussed to a tree, and her hands are tied together as if in prayer Something horrific lies in her arms No sooner does he catch the case, when the FBI swoops in to take it HE WILL NEVER Special Agent Savannah St Germaine, from the Louisiana branch of the FBI, is working a case in which the killer leaves his victims nailed up in crucifixion fashion A similar MO shows up in Texas Certain it s the same killer, she heads to Austin to investigate further Her suspicions are confirmed, but the powers that be aren t willing to hand over the case If she wants to work it, she ll have to partner up with one of their own LET YOU GOLorelei Hamilton finally gets the nerve to leave her abusive husband Everything is well thought out She ll ditch her car, dump her cell phone, change her name and establish a new identity But she hadn t planned on being abducted by a psychopath who makes her husband s violent outbursts look like child s play.Now Will and Savannah are on the hunt for the most sadistic serial killer the South has ever seen.
    • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ✓ Last Scream - by Morgan Hannah MacDonald ✓
      158 Morgan Hannah MacDonald
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    • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews says:

      This author’s gift of writing gruesome scenes along with also having a good dose of humor always amazes me when I read her books. It might make me a bit morbid, but the combination works for me. This is the third book in the Thomas family series and its opening scene of a murdered woman posed in a religious fashion grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the very end. Texas Ranger Will Thomas is the first called in. Its not long though before FBI Agent Savannah St. Germaine shows up sa [...]

    • Denise says:

      Another great story from a thrilling series. 'The Thomas Family' series has been full of action, mystery, suspense, thrilling scenarios, humor and romance. I love the storyline of this book. I was pulled in from the beginning and it didn't let go. Throughout this series, there have been amazing female leads. Savannah is no different. I love her strength, humor, quick wit and her ability to say what ever is on her mind. She had me laughing at her humor, some times it was so random that you just s [...]

    • Candy Harris says:

      Mystery/ ThrillerThanks for another great book Morgan.I love how you put strong but unique women characters in your books.I'm just the opposite but they remind me of my daughter.You write great books with exciting characters.I just start reading and get caught up in the writing right away and get lost in their lives, it's such a wonderful excape.If you want to escape into a little mystery and romance give it a try.Start with the first book of course.

    • Pamela Kelley says:

      Fast Paced Action Packed Serial Murder Mystery I received an ARC of this book for an honest opinion. This is another winner in the series of the family of law enforcement officials that are all kin to each other.Several agencies across the country all working toward finding a serial killer that is traveling across the country leaving bodies in his wake. Will Savannah and her partner stop him from hurting all the abused women and will he save her when she becomes bait? Another five star book in t [...]

    • Katherine Williams says:

      What can I say about "Last Scream"? Having read several of Morgan Hannah MacDonald's books, you would think that I would be used to all the twists and turns, suspense, and romance, but I'm not. She never ceases to surprise me with plot twists I never saw coming. My favorite part of reading suspense/mystery novels is guessing who the culprit is. I changed my prediction a few times throughout this book, and I still got it wrong! That being said, I was not disappointed at all! I loved every bit of [...]

    • Edith English says:

      Doubly Outstanding!She's done it again-written a real winner. Ms MacDonald has the ability to make her characters real and I was right there with Will and Savy, trying to catch that diabolical murderer. It's difficult to figure out the killer until Ms. MacDonald wants you to. Love her writing.

    • Ruth says:

      creepy goings on , and keeps you reading till the end.

    • Black Butterfly says:


    • Maranda says:

      An ESCAPE achieved!! A victim being their own savior!! Cry for the captive both in and out of the serial killer's hands. Morgan MacDonald has not disappointed with her skill at weaving a mystery, soothing the heart with true love, and filling the reader's longing for an escape from reality.MacDonald's books have a beginning and and end. No cliff hangers - - she does not need these to sell more books. MacDonald is that good.This is the third in the "Thomas Family" Series I have had the pleasure o [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Last Scream started out a bit slow for and I was a bit lost when some of the older characters appeared because it had been so long since I read the older books I felt a bit lost and would have enjoyed a little bit of back story to refresh my memory. But once I got deeper into the book and just focused on Will and Savannah's story I enjoyed the book a lot more. I really enjoy MacDonald 's style of writing and some of her one liners she put in her book are priceless. Who could not love Save A Hors [...]

    • Donna says:

      Morgan Hannah MacDonald does it again in Last Scream! Yet another great murder mystery with the Thomas brothers. Each of books in the Thomas Family Series are inter-connected and it's great to "meet & greet" characters you've come to know and love. Although interconnected, this reader feels the books are all good enough to stand alone. Some readers may feel a bit lost without all the backstory, but this reader still feels the books can and do stand on their own. In this book, we get a more i [...]

    • RedRedtheycallmeRed says:

      This is the third book I've read in this series (following Sandman and Ice Scream) and this was my least favorite of the three. I don't mind the romantic part of romantic suspense, but this was insta-love and silly behavior from a Texas Ranger and an FBI agent.The book was much better when it focused on the case, a super religious nut job killing women who didn't enjoy being abused by their husbands. I didn't guess who the killer was, so that was well done. The side plot about a sex trafficker a [...]

    • JT Williams says:

      Still very good For me this book fell a little flat bc of how amazing the last book was. The romance was fun to watch unfold the love interest was funny and different from the other books. I hate reading some authors tell the story about the same two people over and over but changing the name. Morgan MacDonald giver her characters their very own lives. Little last story it seems like these siblings all have thing happening at once. This story is mainly about Will with the side story following Co [...]

    • Diana Davidson says:

      This is the 3rd in the Thomas family series and is by far the best one yet. The way the main story and the sub plots were woven together and connected was brilliant. The chemistry between Will and Savy, perfect. This story pulls you right in and from the first word to the last word You are taken on a fast paced ride that was filled with edge of your seat thrills. I couldn't wait to see how it ended but didnt want it to end! I hope the rest of the Thomas's get their books. Do yourself a favor and [...]

    • Brenda says:

      Not my favorite or the best in the seriesLiked the storyline, it was filled with potential and I have the killer figured out. Will was ok as a H. Savannah was awful, I thought her actions and dialogue were inappropriate and immature. I could not warm up to her. Additionally, I caught editing errors in the book that were distracting. The worst being Savannah and Will in a conversation.when it was actually Pan and Will together. The thriller part great, the romance part failed in this book.

    • Lisa Kinard says:

      Wow! A Great Read!!This was my second book by Morgan. I really didn't expect it to be that good. It was really an interesting book. Great editing and story. I loved the way it was written. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys murder and suspense.

    • Teresa says:

      It is SO fun getting to know all of the Thomas family. The story is thrilling, full of suspense, and entertaining all at the same time. Each of these brothers are distinctively different, and Ms. MacDonald has a talent for bringing out their individuality. Great read!

    • Mark Heath says:

      Well that hit the spot, what a great book. Good plot, good story, great characters. After reading all 3 books in the series, I would say read them back to back for a good fright feast. More of the same please Morgan.

    • Anne Fletcher-jones says:

      A most enjoyable storyI enjoyed this book as much as all the others. The protagonist, "Savy" is particularly engaging with her spirit and her sense of humor, and the ending was very satisfying.

    • Shirley Alvarez says:

      THE LAST SCREAMAnother great book! This is my second time reading this one and see I failed to review last time. Ok it's even better the second time around. Aren't there some more Thomas family? Can't wait!!

    • Stacey Coyer says:

      Wonderful readI couldn't wait to get to the end but am sad that I did because now the book is done

    • Leda Vinson-banning says:

      great seriesCouldn't wait to get home and read. Great book and series wish there were more!Going to try her other books.

    • Rae Tennant says:

      Last ScreamMorgan MacDonald has done it again. Another on the edge of your seat thriller. You do not want to this down.

    • Sue says:

      I thought it was good

    • Charlotte Woolsey says:

      I enjoyed this book easy read

    • Vanecia Robins says:

      Couldn't put it downthis was a very quick read because it kept my interest all the way until the end. I am hoping there will be more in this series

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