Burning Nation

Burning Nation In this wrenching sequel to DIVIDED WE FALL Danny and friends fight to defend Idaho against a Federal takeover and the ravages of a BURNING NATION At the end of DIVIDED WE FALL Danny Wright s belove

  • Title: Burning Nation
  • Author: Trent Reedy
  • ISBN: 9780545548731
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this wrenching sequel to DIVIDED WE FALL, Danny and friends fight to defend Idaho against a Federal takeover and the ravages of a BURNING NATION.At the end of DIVIDED WE FALL, Danny Wright s beloved Idaho had been invaded by the federal government, their electricity shut off, their rights suspended Danny goes into hiding with his friends in order to remain free But afIn this wrenching sequel to DIVIDED WE FALL, Danny and friends fight to defend Idaho against a Federal takeover and the ravages of a BURNING NATION.At the end of DIVIDED WE FALL, Danny Wright s beloved Idaho had been invaded by the federal government, their electricity shut off, their rights suspended Danny goes into hiding with his friends in order to remain free But after the state declares itself a Republic, Idaho rises to fight in a second American Civil War, and Danny is right in the center of the action, running guerrilla missions with his fellow soldiers to break the Federal occupation Yet what at first seems like a straightforward battle against governmental repression quickly grows complicated, as states secede, people die, and Danny discovers the true nature of some of his new allies.Chilling, powerful, and all too plausible,, BURNING NATION confirms Trent Reedy s place as a provocative new voice in YA fiction.
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    • Mike (the Paladin) says:

      I put this on the thriller shelf as I don't have a YA/Juvenile survivalist shelf. Good grief this thing was sooooo young and juvenile it made my eyes and ears bleed (audio version). I like a good thrilleris is not a good thriller.We open with Idaho in rebellion losing to the Federal (Fed) troops. Our young heroes go to get their girls before the "Fed Troops" get thered our primary story teller gets a "hot kiss". There is so much kid story telling here in what attempts to be an adult plot as to d [...]

    • Paige says:

      (this will not be reviewed by me on yadaily so my full review will be posted here)I did not expect to like this book as much as I did, as sequels normally fall flat for me and I wasn't the biggest fan of Divided We Fall. But, as I was very invested in the structure of the government in this series, I read this in order to see how things played out, and was pleasantly surprised. Just as in the first book, the military talk really interrupted the flow of the novel. So much of it I felt like I wasn [...]

    • Erin Moulton says:

      Burning Nation picks up where Divided We Fall left off: following Danny Wright into the thick of the conflict in the quickly dissolving United States of America. Based in the near future, a Civil War has broken out and there seems to be no easy answers for the Fed or the States.Things I love about Trent Reedy's writing: The Micro and the Macro. The story revolves around Daniel and his friends. The emotional resonance and interest in the personal story hyper-engaged in this second installment. Ye [...]

    • Stacy Books says:

      This book was read and reviewed by my co-worker, Emily:The sequel to Divided We Fall. Seventeen-year-old Daniel Wright has inadvertently started the second American civil war through his actions during a protest in his home state of Idaho during the first book. This one covers the aftermath, where Idaho declares itself independent from the United States, and Daniel and his fellow rebels are in hiding from federal government agents.This book starts in the middle of a battle scene, so I’m led to [...]

    • Angela Hanson says:

      Burning Nation, the sequel to Divided We Fall, steps it up a LARGE notch and knocks it out of the park.With Idaho declaring independence from the United States to get out from under federal laws that are impeding peoples freedoms (sound eerily familiar?), Danny finds himself a beacon of hope for the rebellion. All while trying to keep those he loves safe.At times, the amount of stress this book caused me had me needing to walk away to catch my breath. I'm extremely impressed with the power that [...]

    • Hayden Hoover says:

      Just like the first book in this series, this book was amazing and was able to grab my attention very well due to the suspense created by Trent Reedy. I would definitely recommend reading the first book before to make sure that you understand the plot and characters accurately. Published in 2015, "Burning Nation" is a thriller novel that continues the adventures of Danny and his friends through the 2nd American Civil war as he further defends his home from federal control.Trent Reedy has written [...]

    • Frank Bierman says:

      This book Burning Nation is the sequel to Divided We Fall written by Trent Reedy. In the beginning of this book Danny, the main character, is fighting his way through Federal Military because essentially Idaho, where Danny is from, seceded from the union. I found this an interesting topic because it isn't not likely to happen but could very well occur in the future. The story has some little holes in the plot but I overlooked them in the grand scheme of the story and continued reading. Overall s [...]

    • Alex Cosentino says:

      I haven't slept yet because the book is that good.

    • Hunter says:

      They’ve been questions on everyone’s minds since the United States’ inception: To whom does an American ultimately owe their loyalty, their state or their country? What if the country’s interests are in conflict with the states’? The U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause says that the federal government has authority over the individual states, but what if the federal government treats the states unjustly?Burning Nation, the sequel to Divided We Fall and the second installment in Tren [...]

    • Antonio Martinez says:

      Well the book was amazing. I hated putting the book down because the suspense rises and drops from page to page. You can already bet that I am going to read the third book. My favorite part is where they are in the shop hiding in a cellar. The government comes and searches the store and they start to beat up the store owner and the store owner ends up hitting everybody with a right hook. Then they hold him down about to shoot him and the main character and his squad come and help but they didn't [...]

    • Wendy says:

      In "Burning Nation" the gripping and emotionally-charged sequel to "Divided We Fall" Danny Wright and his friends are swept up in the military occupation of Freedom Lake. With their wounded Danny and his squad hide in the well-provisioned bunker under his repair shop but are soon hunted by Federal troops under Major Alsovar. When they begin running guerilla missions, the danger of capture quickly escalates as death draws ever closer.Under the enhanced measures of the Unity Act President Laura Gr [...]

    • Nina O'Daniels says:

      To quote the esteemed newscaster Ron Burgundy, “Boy, that escalated quickly.”, the storyline in the follow up to Divided We Fall did indeed escalate quickly. Danny and his group of Idaho National Guardsmen, along with some of his friends, are now running for their lives as the United States has shut off food and power sources to those living in Idaho. His group manages to stay in his little town, hiding in spots here and there, starting with Schmitty’s bunker. While holed up there, the rea [...]

    • Barbara says:

      Picking up right where he left off in Divided We Fall, author Trent Reedy follows Daniel Wright, the reluctant face of the Free Idaho movement, as he and his friends and fellow military personnel fight back. As Idaho declares itself a republic, no longer a part of the United States, the president places harsh restrictions on the state and its citizens in order to bring the state to its knees. At first it looks as though the western state doesn't stand a chance in its revolt, but then, as other s [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      I almost put this down during the first few chapters. It's been awhile since I read Divided We Fall, and, while I have a vivid memory of the way the book made me feel and the techniques the author used to bring immediacy to the story, I realized I didn't have a strong grasp of what actually happened to our main characters near the end. I think I was reading too fast to really absorb what was happening. It was exciting! Action-packed! Emotional! Anyway, that led to thisBurning Nation started off [...]

    • Kristin Taggart says:

      This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.(Description nicked from B&N.)“At the end of Divided We Fall, Danny Wright’s beloved Idaho had been invaded by the federal government, their electricity shut off, their rights suspended. Danny goes into hiding with his friends in order to remain free. But after the state declares itself a Republic, Idaho rises to fight in a second American Civil War, and Danny is right in the center of the action, running guerrilla [...]

    • Kris Dinnison says:

      Reedy's second book in his Divided We Fall Trilogy plunges readers deep into the realities of war from the first page. This volume opens with a firefight between Federal troops and Idaho Guard soldiers as the U.S. invades Idaho's borders, and the entire book is taken up with compelling issues of violence, politics, justice and morality. Reedy's teen characters wrestle with right and wrong and with the horrible things that become commonplace in their new reality of wartime, and Reedy does an amaz [...]

    • Rachel Blom says:

      Burning Nation was even better than the first installment in this series, Divided we Fall. I love how we got to see the conflict play out further and see the agonizing ethical choices Danny and his friends have to make. There's friendship and heroism in this book, as much as cruelty and stupidity. Author Trent reedy captured the essence of war well. Danny remains a solid main character who is both likable and fallible - which means sometimes you just want to slap him silly :) For me the greatest [...]

    • Tadd Gestrin says:

      This is the second in Reedy's planned trilogy of a Second American Civil War as told through the eyes of a high school student fighting in that war. This is a gritty second installment with some pretty graphic scenes of war violence and torture. It's not fare for the younger teenage set. The great thing about this book is that while it plows some familiar ground (an uprising against an over-reaching federal government), it does so through a unique point of view and focuses as much on the charact [...]

    • Patrick says:

      Ive read quite a few second civil war type novels. Most have ridiculous caricatures, preachy moments explaining how clear the right and wrong are, and events that make no sense.This novel is different as the degeneration into a civil war is gradual and realistic which makes it all the more chilling. Right and wrong gets blurred as this story isn't very much good vs evil as much as two sides unable to come to an agreement where war is the only choice left.Good story, good action, and a book quite [...]

    • Mvprofilio says:

      I had been very excited to read this book when I finished Divided We Fall and was not disappointed. The sequel adds even more action to story as Idaho's war for independence is waged. It follows Danny and his squad as they attempt to wage a guerrilla war on the occupying United States. Reedy also gives many of the characters more depth, especially Cal, who becomes very different as the story goes on. The book was very hard to put down, keeping me on the edge of my seat for most of the book. Over [...]

    • Algona Public says:

      This is the second in a series by Trent Reedy. Having served in the military, he brings a first hand perspective to the conflict of states rights versus loyalty to the national government. What happens when the National Guard follows orders from the state government and those orders conflict with the laws of the nation? This series will make you think about governmental involvement and our response in a new way.

    • Panther Library says:

      This is the perfect sequel for all those who felt the frenzied action of Divided We Fall wasn’t frenzied enough. The modern American Civil War is underway, and the Republic of Idaho escalates its strikes against the invading US Federal forces. More C4, more Humvees and Stryker vehicles, more machine gunning, and lots more blood and guts. Several soldiers take bullets to the throat and face. And there’s some very graphic napalm body melt in one scene. Burning Nation indeed. Reedy’s attentio [...]

    • Dylan B. says:

      I read the book Burning Nation by Trent Reedy. I think that this book was trying to convey a theme about how life is more than precious, and that isolation is danger. It has taught me to look at life in a different way. This book is a sequel where America is a war zone, and Idaho is in the middle of it. This is a fiction thriller that takes place in Idaho. There is lots of death, drama, and romance. All of which takes place in Freedom Lake, which is cool because it is there where they fight for [...]

    • Collin Mchugh says:

      In this book Danny wright is forced to be a fugitive of the country. Also Idaho is attacked by Washington and overthrown putting Danny and his friends were forced to hide. Also Danny's faced with losses along the way causing him even more setbacks. On page 44 Danny says " Even white sheets were better than what we have." Which means that they were in really bad conditions. They were forced to stay in a basement for months. Many people were killed and he thought it was hopeless. During this time [...]

    • Logan Bartel says:

      Personal ResponseI think that this was a good sequel to the previous book. It kept the same kind of storyline and kept the plot going. It was well written.Plot SummaryThis book is about the State of Idaho and Daniel Wright's fight against the U.S. This all started when the U.S. tried to take custody of the riot shooters. Idaho wouldn't let this happen and the President of the U.S. did not like this. Idaho also nullified a law set in place by the U.S. The United States then cut off food shipments [...]

    • Jack says:

      I like this book because it is really interesting and exciting to read. I also like it because its is about a civil war going on between Idaho and the whole United States of America. A character in the book reminds me of myself because no matter what i wouldn't rat my sister out when my mom asked me if she was sneaking out, like Danny wouldn't rat out his friends when he was being tortured for "terrorism". I had an experience like Danny in a way when my mom and dad were arguing and my mom had en [...]

    • Ben Sell says:

      I decided to stop reading this book for lots of reasons. Though I feel this book may appeal to a lot of readers to me it became very dull. It was a lot of the same things through out the book. Shooting, then a break then more shooting. To me it wasn’t very deep or interesting. It felt like a cycle of war that had no other exciting plot ideas besides killing and weapons. So for all these reasons I’ve decided to stop reading this book. It was too much of the same and I was just getting bored a [...]

    • JJ says:

      Burning Nation I the second book in the series, Divided we fall. As the Fed invades Idaho Danny is on the front lines defending his homeland. As the Fed advances even more and takes over Freedom Lake, Danny hometown, Dan must go into hiding with his squad and friends to avoid capture and quite possibly execution. Burning nation Is a great addition to divided we fall and has many twists that will leave you reading it 24/7.

    • Kim says:

      This series is awesome in Audiobook. While you are listening you feel like you are in a movie. There are various readers and media clips that describe the action and suspense of the next American Civil War -- The American Govt. vs. The State of Idaho. States rights vs. Federal Rights Danny gets captured, what will happen to him and his allies?

    • Brody Ellis says:

      this book had more for what i was looking for in the first book, a lot of action (or at least more then the first one) It was missing something though, I don´t know what

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