The Julius House

The Julius House Since she met her fiance Martin Bartell Roe Teagarden has never been happier There s a difference in age and in background but he seems to know exactly what she wants like the Julius house Roe is th

  • Title: The Julius House
  • Author: Charlaine Harris
  • ISBN: 9781409147053
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since she met her fiance Martin Bartell, Roe Teagarden has never been happier There s a difference in age and in background, but he seems to know exactly what she wants like the Julius house Roe is thrilled when Martin gives her the house as a wedding present She s a keen amateur sleuth, and she has always been intrigued by its infamous history six years ago, the famSince she met her fiance Martin Bartell, Roe Teagarden has never been happier There s a difference in age and in background, but he seems to know exactly what she wants like the Julius house Roe is thrilled when Martin gives her the house as a wedding present She s a keen amateur sleuth, and she has always been intrigued by its infamous history six years ago, the family who lived there disappeared, never to be seen again As Roe throws herself into renovating the Julius house, her misgivings about Martin s rather murky past recede But when Roe is attacked by an axe wielding maniac, she realises that the secrets inside her four walls and her brand new marriage could destroy her.
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    • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦ says:

      Release Date:June 3, 2008 Genre:Cozy MysteryI will keep this review short and sweet as it is an older title. Overall, I liked the book. Heck, I love the entire series. Roe is one of my favorite sleuths out there. In this one, Roe is (sort of) trying to find out what happened to the Julius family who disappeared 6 years ago. Why is she doing this? Because she and her husband just bought/moved into their house!!! Unfortunately, nothing was unexpected in this one because I watched the Hallmark movi [...]

    • Jen says:

      Another wonderful book in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries! This is one of my favorites, to date. Charlaine added a couple new characters that compliment Roe and the story a lot. Also the mystery in this book is quite a bit more intense and had me on the edge of my seat, wondering who did what and what the outcome was going to be. Also, Charlaine did a terrific job integrating the mystery in this story with some personal changes and struggles Roe had going on. Awesome book!!

    • Anastasia says:

      The Julius House by Charlaine Harris is the 4th book in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series. The Julius House is given to Aurora as a wedding present from her husband. Six years earlier, the Julius family had mysteriously vanished overnight from their house and despite extensive investigations no explanation had ever been found. A nice addition to the series. I liked the introduction of the two bodyguards and hope they continue in the series. An interesting mystery and quick read.

    • Wanda says:

      When your hobby is studying True Crime stories, what do you want as a wedding present? Well, a mysterious house where the whole family has vanished without a trace, that’s what. And that’s exactly what Aurora Teagarden gets from her new husband, Martin. She gets a few other secrets rolled into the bargain without her knowledge, however, that lead her to wonder whether she’s made the correct choices for her life.The amount that I enjoy Charlaine Harris’ mysteries seems to depend more on m [...]

    • Dagny says:

      The Julius House opens with big changes in Aurora's life. Whatever Harris was trying to do, get us used to the changes or go in a different direction, the first portion of the book was incredibly dull to me. I was even wondering if I wanted to continue reading the series, especially since I didn't much care for Aurora's 'attitude.' Once we got past the initial chapters, the action picked up and the last portion of the book was quite exciting. A couple of new characters were introduced. I really [...]

    • Blake says:

      This series is seriously giving me hives and an eye twitch. I hate it with a mad weasel passion!The Julius House is slooooow. It took Charlaine until page 106 to remember she was supposed to be writing a mystery series. Until then, it's just Aurora adjusting to her married life. In fact, the first 30 - 40 pages are simply about Aurora buying a wedding gift for Martin. She buys his childhood farm under false pretenses and the only reason Martin apparently wanted the farm was to keep his step-dad [...]

    • Daiva says:

      To describe this in one sentence, I would say: this does not get better in storytelling and plot line, but in some ways it does get better for Aurora.In this one, Aurora once again ‘accidentally on purpose’ solved some mysteries, made some list(s), well more like one to distract herself but it still counts, drank some coffee, read some books (crime novels of course) , oh also got married, moved in a new house, you know some regular day to day stuff.Yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic as per usu [...]

    • Jonathan says:

      In yet another wonderful installment to Charlaine Harris's Aurora Teagarden mystery series Aurora finds herself a newlywed with a lot of time on her hands, since she quit her job at the local library. To satisfy her own curiosity about the homes previous owners, the Julius family, who disappeared without a trace 6 years before, she enlists the help of her new neighbors and Martin's friends the Youngbloods. This was a fun mystery and I can honestly say that the ending surprised me.Two new major c [...]

    • Aonbelay says:

      I was temping for a company that basically only needed someone to babysit the front desk. While sitting there I saw this book at the receptionist's desk. I like this book because it's a "pop-corn" (a quick read). I loved the writing and the quirky characters. The mystery wasn't really the main focus and normally I hate picking up a book in the middle of a series, but I found that it was enjoyable. It made me laugh and I think I'll pick up the other "Teagarden" novels to munch on for a short trip [...]

    • Kelly-Marie says:

      loved this novel a great read. love the main character really enjoyed it. once again my favourite author has another fab series.

    • Sandra Turner says:

      This has been my favorite series from this author. I thank Sookie for getting me interested, but this series really had me hooked. I am sad there are no more, but I am also glad that Aurora did not take some of the same downward spirals that come from not really having anything else to write, but still writing. I would recommend this series, even if you don't like the others. This is a truly mystery series with no special abilities or vampires. Just real mystery and suspense.

    • Kim says:

      I have been sucked into this series. It really is the audio version of mediocre ear candy. Half way through I say the current one will be the last I'll read and then, like now, I get to the end and click on the sample of next in the series and BAM! Hooked again. This one really has me wondering "who done it" more than the previous one.

    • Karen B. says:

      Martin Bartel has proposed to Aurora and wants to buy her a house. Aurora chooses the Julius House, which has a mystery in its history. The Julius family: Mother, Father and daughter have just up and disappeared. Aurora makes plans to fix the house according to her likes and dislikes and Martin gives her full reign for designing the interior. Martin has is "renting" the apartment over the garage to an old army buddy and his wife. They are supposed to be helping Aurora but she doesn't know at fir [...]

    • Kandice says:

      I have come to love Aurora Teagarden, but freely admit that part of what I love about her stories are how safe they are. In this one, she not only marries, which spoils a little of the dating fun I have also come to love, but also discovers things about her husband that I do not want in Roe's life. How can her stories continue in the comfy, cozy vein I have come to love with this?I'm already starting the next one, so here's hoping.

    • Delonda says:

      I had read some of the other reviews of this book before and after reading and agree with many of the ones that were critical of this installment in the series to some degree. I spent a rainy day in bed reading this book which is perfect for this book. It is more of a downer.While the main mystery is supposed to be about the disappearance of the Julius family six years before, it really is more about the background of Aurora Teagarden's fiance/husband Martin Bartell. In "Three Bedrooms, One Corp [...]

    • Yolanda Sfetsos says:

      Okay, I started reading this series exactly a week ago and I haven't been able to stop. As I've already mentioned, I loved the first, second, and third books, so I couldn't wait to get stuck into this one!So much has happened in this former librarian's life. She's helped solve several mysteries, inherited quite a lot of money from a friend, had several disastrous relationships that haven't lasted, and is slowly trying to find what she wants to dedicate her life to now that she no longer works at [...]

    • Syrdarya says:

      Considering that the third book in the series set up two of the main plots for this book, I had hoped this book would be much better than it was. The Julius House is, I hope, the worst book Charlaine Harris has written. The characterization of Aurora is uneven: she reacts strangely to other characters, she has bizarre thoughts which could use more explanation, she's still not very likable. The first few chapters of the book don't even have anything to do with the mystery, and there are some stra [...]

    • Shorty says:

      OK, a little more grousing about this series; near the beginning of the novel, the main character Roe says something like, "I wonder how the writer Robin is doing? Last I heard, he'd moved to California" o.0And then you find out that THREE YEARS have passed since the first novel in this series, Roe's little brother had moved across country, and there was a wedding planned!So things have heated up between Roe and Martin so much, the wedding was planned already. The writer says a little something [...]

    • Annika Astradsson says:

      This was a book I picked up at the airport for some light airplane reading. I never expected it to be great literature and it wasn't. What I liked about the book was the promise of a good plot, and mostly it was fulfilled. But what I disliked about it was that it took forever getting there. Yes it was novel to read about a really rich woman in her 30s, who doesn't have to work for a living and is about to get married with all the trimmings. Yes it was pleasant to accompany her while she picked o [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries aren't nearly as detailed as Harris' Southern Vampire series, and sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes that's a bad thing. The plot surrounding the Julius House/Disappearance worked quite well, with just enough detail to make it interesting (and it even creeped me out a bit!) although I figured it our before Aurora did. On the other hand, the plot line regarding Martin's background is far too sketchy to 1) be believable and 2) be enjoyable. As the reader, I [...]

    • Jim says:

      I continue reading candy! The writing is better for most of the book. There are some very good descriptions, some are quite good & funny. Again, the wrap up wasn't as good as it could have been. Bad guy caught, tells all. I also seriously contemplated pulling a star from the book because the base mystery was so flawed. Still, it's candy & suspending my sense of belief for one item, though major, didn't seem quite fair. It was fun read.

    • Joshua Gross says:

      Almost nothing happens for the entire first half of the book, and then suddenly everything happens. I managed to figure out a theory that was close to what was going on early in the book, then figured it out completely before Roe did, which was surprising considering she had all the information she needed to come to the same conclusion

    • Regina says:

      I am just loving these books. The stories are more about every day life than a mystery and Charlaine Harris writes daily life so well. She nailed it best in these Aurora Teagarden books.

    • Karin says:

      Aurora Teagarden, engaged to be married, has been given the Julius House by her fiance and is overseeing its repairs and maintenance with some help with friends of Martin in the weeks leading up to her wedding. No ordinary house, the Julius family went mysteriously missing 6 years prior, and have never been found. However, Mrs. Julius' mother had been granted the right to sell the house with the money to be put into estate. Aurora, naturally, takes to searching for clues and perhaps even bodies [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      Another enjoyable book in the Roe Teagarden series. Roe and Martin are married and he bought he the Julius house, where years ago a husband, wife and teenage daughter disappeared. Roe also is given two bodyguards and finds out her husband has been hiding a secret life. While he is gone, she and the female bodyguard start questioning where the family could have gone, putting both of them in danger.

    • Katie Fitzgerald says:

      This book wasn't quite as well-written as the ones that came before it, but plot-wise it was engrossing. Aurora's marriage to the dubious Martin, her questions about what happened to the former inhabitants of their new house, and suspicious behavior on the part of some friends Martin has invited to stay provided a lot of suspense and kept me interested. I did feel like some parts of the story were rushed, but that might just be because I like Roe and wanted to spend more time with her. Either wa [...]

    • Amy says:

      I loved this one! I have seen this movie on the Hallmark channel but loved that it wasn’t exactly like the movie!

    • Robin says:

      More like 3 1/2. Not the best book so far. Too much wedding prep. Once past that though it was good. I could see the plot unfolding but it was still good getting to the end.

    • Denise says:

      Hmmill enjoy the series, but I'm not a huge fan of Martin. And I think I liked Roe better as a single, independent woman.

    • Jeffrey Marks says:

      Enjoying this seriesI’m reading the books in order and enjoying them immensely. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes cozy mystery series. Roe is a fantastic character.

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