The Failed Coward

The Failed Coward A sinister darkness has finally cast its long shadow across the world and Adrian Ring now suspects he s at the center of the maelstrom And he s not alone Even overseas his friend Kevin is somehow st

  • Title: The Failed Coward
  • Author: Chris Philbrook
  • ISBN: 9781494969400
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sinister darkness has finally cast its long shadow across the world, and Adrian Ring now suspects he s at the center of the maelstrom And he s not alone Even overseas, his friend Kevin is somehow standing at his side.At Auburn Lake, Adrian and his adopted family finally understand that the dreams they have suffered since the end of the world are far than restlessA sinister darkness has finally cast its long shadow across the world, and Adrian Ring now suspects he s at the center of the maelstrom And he s not alone Even overseas, his friend Kevin is somehow standing at his side.At Auburn Lake, Adrian and his adopted family finally understand that the dreams they have suffered since the end of the world are far than restless imaginings When a thousand mindless dead arrive holding books, can it be anything but a message from beyond the grave Soon they will learn that what the dead say can be far worse than what the dead have done.In The Failed Coward, the fourth installment in the epic Adrian s Undead Diary series, Adrian realizes the scope of humanity s struggle, and just what s at stake Despite all the dangers posed by the world around him, Adrian pushes out aggressively, reclaiming and territory from the clutches of the treasonous survivors and the walking dead.Adrian s world is also expanded with short stories New questions are raised, and new characters introduced And they will need all the help they can get to stay alive.In the end, everyone may need Adrian s help.
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      345 Chris Philbrook
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    • Shana Festa says:

      It was Iike Christmas morning when I woke to find Adrian's Undead Diary, Book 4 in my inbox. I reacted like a five year old with A.D.D. So you can imagine my reaction when I found my name in the acknowledgement section of the book. I ran into my husband’s office and did some weird rendition of a touchdown dance mixed with the running man. Talk about starting my day off on a high!It's been nine months since the world fell apart. The Failed Coward begins with an entry into Mr. Journal, and thing [...]

    • Pamellia says:

      The Failed Coward: Adrian's Undead Diary Book Four (Volume 4) by Chris Philbrook search: Zombie SeriesBegan, ?? May 30?, 2014 Completed, June, 4, 2014I was looking through some books on amazon and ran across this zombie apocalypse story. I noticed it is a series and since 4 of the books have been released, I thought I'd give it a change. This is the 4th book and I believe the 5th in the series will be released soonIn the first book, I feel in love with the protagonist, Adrian Ring. He was former [...]

    • Chris Philbrook says:

      I do love to be the first reviewer, eh?I think this is some of the finest of the Adrian's Undead Diary series. It is in many ways the most simple and dare I say boring of all the books, but it's such a HUGE turn of the world Adrian is in.Realizing what's going on, and how he fits into all of it, makes him a different character, and that evolution in this book makes it special.I hope others love it as much as I loved writing it.

    • Frances Hampton says:

      This is the fourth book in the series. The quality of writing is consistent with the prior three. We continue with Adrian's diary but are also treated to chapter stories of other people during the outbreak. I love these. They are interesting breaks from just hearing Adrian's voice. In this book we see how the small groups interact with each other while we learn of a new threat. The action is played out with a good mix. I love how the author makes it safe to breath than whips away the net. One of [...]

    • AudioBookReviewer says:

      ABR's full The Failed Coward (Adrian’s Undead Diary Book 4) audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.This is a review of the fourth book in a series, please check out the first three before reading this. As it could contain spoilers for those books.For three books I have raved about how much I love this series. It is the depth to the characters, particularly Adrian, that makes it such a wonderful story. Typically I want zombie gore and more actions scenes than you ca [...]

    • Joshua Christensen says:

      Hundreds of Zombies standing nonchalantly outside of Hall E all holding random books. These zombies are definitely not acting like any zombies Adrian's met before! What does it all mean? Book Four of AUD "The Failed Coward" begins to shed light on what exactly happened on "that day" and sends Adrian into a new direction. Not only is Adrian saving the residents of Auburn Lake Preparatory Academy from Zombies and other groups of survivors, perhaps he must also be part of saving the world. If you r [...]

    • Samira says:

      Survivors & zombies & daycares OH MY!! Adrian is at it again and things actually seem kind of peaceful, or at least as peaceful as they can be when the dead are walking around. This book is the first in this story where you really get an idea of how scary the world is now much do you really want those chips? Enough to die for it? Adrian and friends are facing some interesting issues that really make you realize how hard just surviving is. It isn't just about shelter, food and ammo anymor [...]

    • Mandiann says:

      3.5 starsChris Philbrook says it best himself:"Reading my writing must be like watching a chimpanzee pick its nose." (pg. 310, The Failed Coward)But seriously, the many errors aside, the story he is telling is riveting. I love where Philbrook took book 4, love the new additions and ever expanding world. I dislike the breaks in the story. Some I find add to the story and are enjoyable but others I skim through so I can get back to the diary.

    • Carey says:

      Adrian is sure he now plays a part in this new world, but how? Why him?Lucky I guess. This next installment brings more survivors, more danger, more dark humor, and more side stories. I've re-read AUD over and over, and still thrill at every word.Get the books, read them, then you'll be addicted too!

    • Tracy Richardson valerio says:

      Awesome! Chris really bring the AUD world to life. Highly recommend the entire series and cannot wait for book 5. Thanks Chris for hours of entertainment and a few creepy nights as well.

    • Rbjumbob says:

      One of the best of all zombie series. If you like Zombie stories read these 4 books.

    • Frances says:

      Omg. Kill me now. This author is awesome with the cliff hangers. Thankfully I already have the next book. Real reviews will take a bit.

    • Janet Singleton says:

      Love, love, love this series. Have devoured the 4 titles and can't wait for the next.

    • Nash Mcgowan says:

      Another solid bookAnother eeally good book in the series. On to book 5. Half way done. Looking forward to the rest of them.

    • John says:

      I ask very little of my zombie pulp. The first three volumes in this series met my modest requirements and even seemed refreshing and fun. This volume did not. It is rather tedious and vapid compared to its predecessors. Its sole redeeming elements are the much-welcomed flash-back segments on other Adrian-free characters. Meanwhile, while slogging through thinly plotted main line, Adrian's moments of crude humor and reflections on his emotional vulnerabilities, which had been credible elements o [...]

    • Dread P. says:

      If you are reading this, you probably know all about the AUD series by Chris Philbrook. I am truly grateful that I found out about this series by happenstance. I had just received my first Kindle, and I was searching for some free stuff to read. I found a book called At Least He's Not On Fire, which is a collection of short stories and the first few paragraphs of Chris Philbrook's stories. I read the first part of the first book in the AUD series, and ever since then I have been hooked.I have re [...]

    • Paulius says:

      Plėtojama dievas turi jums planą tema. Kevin’as susijęs su kardu, Adrian’as su knyga ir abu išgyveno kol kas didžiausią zombių apgultį. Gan klampus zombių naikinimas (po truputį keičiasi į sielos išlaisvinimą) visai smagus ir įtemptas. Adrian’as toliau plėtoja draugiškus santykius su Wesfield’u, kurie išvirsta į tai, kad mokykloje dabar gyvena Adrian, Patty, Abby, Gavin, Ollie ir Melissa. Tęsiamas mokyklos fortifikavimas, aplinkinių namų švarinimas bei ruošiamasi [...]

    • Nicola says:

      OK - Same great series but it has descended a bit much for my taste into 'boys own' territory. I have had to stop sharing the book with my teenager as the need for censorship has grown with each additional outing. Whilst not overly graphic, the themes are very adult and whilst I am comfortable with bad language, I kind of wish Adrian could deliver a sentence without the F word in it. Its wearing on me.Otherwise I have to say the book is as the series is, plain old awesome.

    • Kym says:

      I'm binge reading these and I am invested in the characters but I have to say that I'm deliberately skipping parts where the main character starts his whole "Bro!" routines. This story is too good to be interrupted by juvenile inner dialogue about getting his "dick wet". I get that there would be downtime and sexual frustration but the main character can be hyper annoying with his misogynistic idiocy one moment and sensitive soul the next. It's distracting and unnecessary.

    • Randy Harmelink says:

      Another solid entry in Adrian's trip through the zombie apocalypse. Once again, the book turned its own pages, and I was done with the book before I was ready for the book to end. Although it did kind of end abruptly.I'm also looking forward to more of Kevin's story, Adrian's friend when he was in the military.

    • Annie says:

      I like how these diaries start right where the other ends offI totally just bought book 5 and 6.I am addicted!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!First read 01/09/16SUPER GREAT A 2ND TIME AROUNDTHE TIME LITERALLY FLEWI WAS LIKE END ALREADY? I THINK THAT MEANS ITS A GOOD ONE!! ON TO BOOK 5!!!

    • Mike Jones says:

      The team expands, intense action, lots of risk vs. reward decisions, this series is def a money maker

    • Jay Warren says:

      I feel this is the best book so far in the series

    • Sara says:

      Ending was abrupt.

    • Lukas Lovas says:

      Fun and awesome. I feel some preshadowing towards the next bookrious to see how the series continues :)

    • Jack says:

      3.5. Too many stories about other characters. Obviously important, but not as interesting as Adrian's diary.

    • Mkittysamom says:

      Wow! Adrian is growing up and getting quite lonely. Their is a new supernatural element added, remember everything good comes in 3's? Love love this book and can't wait to get into the next one!

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