Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin I kissed Brandon Three little words One drunken night And everything changed Starting over is never easy to do and Chloe made it that much harder on herself when she lip locked Brandon Guilt ridden

  • Title: Skin to Skin
  • Author: J.M. Stone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
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  • I kissed Brandon Three little words One drunken night And everything changed.Starting over is never easy to do, and Chloe made it that much harder on herself when she lip locked Brandon Guilt ridden, she confesses to Allie about the kiss Instead of the black eye she figured was coming, she gets way than she bargained for in the form of an Allie sized reality che I kissed Brandon Three little words One drunken night And everything changed.Starting over is never easy to do, and Chloe made it that much harder on herself when she lip locked Brandon Guilt ridden, she confesses to Allie about the kiss Instead of the black eye she figured was coming, she gets way than she bargained for in the form of an Allie sized reality checkbut she still can t shake the haunting memory of a certain toe curling, leave you breathless, wet your panties kiss With Brandon and Chloe walking on egg shells around each other, fate, this time in the form of two scheming, hormonal, pregnant women and three funny furballs, steps in once , forcing them to face the fact that things have definitely changed between them But is it for better or worse Recommended for readers 18 due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language This is book three of the Skin Deep Series recommended to read after Skin Deep, book one of the series, and Under My Skin, book two of the series.
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    • Lisa says:

      4.5 Stars!“I kissed Brandon.”Skin to Skin is book three in J. M. Stone’s Skin Deep series. This author has quite the knack for writing lovable romances with just the right amount of humour mixed in with some super steamy scenes. I am a fan and have thoroughly enjoyed the two previous books in this series. This third book followed suit. I loved watching Chloe and Brandon stumble their way into a relationship. Definitely a fun read!We have gotten to know Brandon throughout the series more so [...]

    • Risa says:

      FINALLY!! Skin to Skin is here! Let me just tell you all first how excited I was for the this! The third installment in the Skin Deep Series is about Brandon. We meet him in book, get a lot of him in book two and now it is finally his time to shine. I have loved him from the beginning so I am so glad I finally got to devour his story!4 STARS!!Stone did good!! “That’s settles it, then. You’re mine, Chloe, because, God help us both, I’ve fallen in fucking love with you, too.”We pick up a [...]

    • Tara says:


    • Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

      3.5 STARS out of 5Genre: Adult Romance EroticaOne kiss changes everything between Chloe and Brandon when two friends find love unexpectedly.If I was being honest with myself, I could admit that there’d always been that little part of me in the very, way back, teeny, tiny corner of my mind that had appreciated him as the fine ass male specimen he was… but I’d never had the urge to act on it. Until that drunken night when I let my lips get me in trouble. And where did it land me? Running awa [...]

    • Faz says:

      3 I need more skin stars!!I really did think this one would be great because I flipping LOVED Brandon in the previous two books I mean come on in Under my skin the guy was totally under my skin (wink,wink), he was sexy and funny too but Chleo got on my nerves the girl had no back bone always crying and I know what she went through was rough but you can't let your past inter fine with the your future. All in all a good read but could have used more suspense And Smut! :)

    • Aimz says:

      I guess we all saw this coming but my first thought was of course " you bitch". Can't wait to have this in my hands!! I love me some Brandon!!! ❤️

    • Andrea Smith says:

      J.M. Stone DID it again in this book!! I love this lady, and I adore her words!! More please?

    • Katrina Todd says:

      I really liked the first one in this series (Skin Deep), and I really didn't like the second one (Under My Skin), Allie really made me mad in that one. But this one, WOW! I freaking loved it. I thought Brandon and Chloe were such a great story to write. Their relationship was great, and it wasn't based ALL on sex. There was actual dialogue. :)Such a great book. I am looking forward to the next in the series.

    • Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews says:

      3.5 Sweet Stars!!Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy From AuthorGenre: Adult Contemporary RomancePart three in the series and recommended to be read as a series in full My Skin to Skin Review I started to read this book, then I put it on hold for a bit because I wasn't sold on Brandon and Chloe together.  At the end of Under My Skin I didn't like how Brandon ended things with Allie and Jackson.  So, now Brandon and Chloe, hmmmmmmmm, I wasn't sure but I owed it to them to give them another [...]

    • Debbie says:

      This is a wonderful series. Chloe, Jackson's sister, has left a horrible life behind to come and stay with her brother. She and Brandon have always been close friends, but something's changed. The feelings between them are more now and they both try and fight it. Until Brandon couldn't fight it anymore. He makes the first move, and Chloe and Brandon are so hot together. He's absolutely adorable. After the brief relationship with Jackson and Allie, I was so glad he found Chloe. But Chloe's past h [...]

    • Casey says:

      I am not going to lie I was really, really, really mad when Brandon left Jackson and Allie in book two, Under my Skin. I wanted their menage relationship to work. However, J.M. Stone eased most of my anger in Skin to Skin. Although part of me still wanted the three of them together and Brandon's reason behind his leaving Allie and Jacks made me mad, I am happy he and Chloe made their own way. I love the way the author has created this family unit and the readers see all her characters in each bo [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      ARC provided by the beautiful and wonderful author ;-)Ok first off J.M. Stone you have done a kick ass job. This book has it all, Hot Sex, Brandon, more Brandon, humor, and an amazing bunch of family and friends. Chloe has been through hell and as someone that has lived with abuse I must say you handled it with care and showed what having an amazing group of people will do for a victim. I also love how you made my bad dog seem so funny. So thank you for the Demon! Great Job ESIL and When do we g [...]

    • Sonja van der Merwe says:

      I really like this series. The only thing that's a bit annoying is that there is a LOT of filler in the book. You could easily cut the number of pages in half and that's where the juice is The rest is just funny stuffs in between, not that its boring, but still, not really needed. Can't wait for the next one. Wonder who's book its gona be??? Mmmmmm . anyone have an idea???

    • Liz K. says:

      I liked this book, in order to get the backstory you need to read the first 2 books in the series, it was great to see Brandon finally find his love, Chloe's story was awful but I was expecting that since she showed up in book 2e story jumped a little for me I would have liked more details on the engagement, rather than just a little blurb but I still can't wait to read the 4th book!

    • JackieKiwibooknerd says:

    • Julie says:

      This book didn't quite add up to the heat or romance of the first two books. In book #1 Emma & Luke have a little action on the couch with Jackson watching, super hot and book #2 we have Allie with both Jackson & Brandon, enough said about the level of heat. Chloe & Brandon are sweet & almost instantly in love after years of friendship & it took until the end of the book before Brandon starts experimenting with her a little bit. We know Brandon likes some dirty filthy action [...]

    • Escape Reality with Books says:

      Chloe is just getting back on her feet after a horrifying ordeal at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. She turns to her brother Jackson, and his fiancée Allie to try and start again with her friends and family close to her.One of those friends is Brandon, Allie’s ex-boyfriend and Chloe’s best friend. Learning to lean on her friends, everything takes a very different turn with an explosive kiss that turns Chloe’s life upside down again and Chloe feels on the verge of losing her best friend and [...]

    • Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog says:

      3 - 3.5 stars for meis is the only book i've read in the series. i'm seeing reviews that the first 2 were great. i will probably read luke and emma's story but i'm not big on love triangles so i'm torn on the 2nd book. i'm torn on this bookere were some moments of beauty with her writing. there were several times i thought 'how can she write like this in so many areas but leave me wanting in the rest of the book'. i love brandon. i actually love all the men in this series, but they are eerily re [...]

    • ~`*Ella Lee*`~ says:

      Let me start off saying this: I LOVED book 1. It was great. I skipped book 2 because of the reviews I read. I didn't like the idea of one of the H's leaving the other couple. It just didn't sound like it'd play out well for my needs.Well this is about the H that left in book 2.I must say I was SUPER happy with this read and I don't feel that I missed anything in skipping book 2.The only issue I had was that the h's from book 1 and 2 seemed a little too needy and nosy. Now yes, they were playing [...]

    • Nunniee says:

      What a great read. I enjoyed this book but if I'm honest it didn't really live up to all of my expectations. It felt a little rushed especially in the beginning. I loved Brandon's personally though, he was very amusing. The sexual tension made the story hot and overly intense !! Chloe was a little…. okay alot to emotional for me liking. Her story was tragic so I tried to sympathies all of her tears but I wanted to punch her most of the time . I'm still waiting for an author to write a story wh [...]

    • Sue Czarnomski says:

      Overall a much better book than under My Skin, the 2nd book in this series. This one had a better story than just one big 3-way that was the last book. This story was about Chloe and Brandon. She was verbally and physically abused by her ex, who's just recently been released from prison. As she falls for Brandon, she fears for her life and those around her. This is a cute story, however slightly teen-like at times. The story was pretty much done at the 70% point once the big story climax occurre [...]

    • Nicole Bell says:

      Wow this book. I forgot how much I love this author and third series. I didn't realize this came out. I loved Brandon and Chloe together. Hee back story makes me so sad. It breaks my heart. I love that Brandon is there for her and they make everything happen. Gosh and the nosey friends always on everyone's business. I love series that are a different story for each character. And I love that they keep all of them in it. The chemistry between Brandon and Chloe is awesome. They are pulled together [...]

    • Texas Reader Stacy says:

      This series is just one of those feel good kind of things. Funny, cute, super sexy, with adorable characters (and adorable mischief loving dogs). There is always a little bit of drama that keeps it exciting, and we always get the whole group back together frequently so you don't miss out on anything anyone is doing. Stone does get a little harlequin corny with her sexual terms like loins or torrid. But it just adds to the spirit of the series. You just keep reading it with a smileLove it and hop [...]

    • Hannah says:

      This was an obvious romance between Brandon and Chloe but what was sad was the abuse Chloe previously lived through. It wasn't hard to read because you know this book is fiction, it wasn't until I finished reading this book and saw the help line number added to the bottom (which i thought was amazing) that I fully understood that this does happen, it does take extreme circumstances like this for someone to finally do something about the abuse they are living through on a daily basis! It was a gr [...]

    • Renee at Book Happiness says:

      I received this for an honest review. I have to say that I love this series. I have loved Brandon from book one. He is funny and sexy and Chloe is the perfect compliment to him. It is recommended that you read the first two books in the series before this one. Chloe is Jacks sister and has her own set of problems and one drunken night she kisses Brandon. This book and this author I absolutely love. These books just keep getting better and better I can not wait to see what comes out next!!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brandon! He is my favorite of the guys in this series. This might be my favorite of the series. I love the first story about Luke and Emma. Chloe has a special place in my heart though as I can relate to her and her story. Brandon is great for her and the way the story unfolds is wonderful. Can't wait to see what happens with Leah. I really enjoy all the characters being in every book. You get to know them and see how close they are. I love that we are updated on their lives and [...]

    • Adriana Buiuca says:

      "I kissed Brandon". Ok, now I want to kiss Brandon too :)) I've been waiting for this book for so long and now that I've read it, I'm sad it's over :P I loved Brandon so much in book no 2 and I was desperate to see how things will work out for him and Chloe. And I was not disappointed. It was a beautiful story and he was just perfect. But I imagined another ending for this book to be honest. Maybe a wedding or even a pregnancy (by some miracle). Maybe we will see them again in book no 4 and thin [...]

    • Lisa A says:

      This is a great series with a great cast of characters. I love them all and wish I was part of the gang. I love, love Brandon, the second book was extremely hot. Brandon did not get the girl in book two, Jackson did. This time Brandon gets his girl, Chloe, Jackson's sister. Still had some hot scenes, not as steamy as the last book.I love J.M. Stone's writing she is so funny, Nanny and the Dogs are just two things that had me laughing out loud. She also had your heart breaking. Looking forward to [...]

    • Jessica Soimes says:

      Love itGod I love this series. I just happened to come across it awhile back and I'm super glad I did. The horror that Chloe was put through is gut wrenching. I'm so glad that she was able to move on and be happy. oh and Brandon is rigging amazing. I mean Luke will always be my favorite but damn these Crimshaw boys for mailing it so difficult. Just read the book you won't be sorry!!!!

    • Amber says:

      Wow! What can I sayI absolutely loved the first 2 books in the series and this one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed Chloe and Brandon's story (and Brandon-sexy, tattooed & sweet-need I say more). This book has a great story line & makes you laugh out loud at certain parts. This series has great characters and I felt like I was there in the moment with them. J.M. Stone has created an amazing series and I am looking forward to reading more.

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