Tahoe Chase

Tahoe Chase A Ski Racer s Wife Falls From A High Deck year old former Olympic ski racer Joe Rorvik is devastated when he finds his wife Cynthia down below their deck still alive but comatose after a fall Whil

  • Title: Tahoe Chase
  • Author: Todd Borg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Ski Racer s Wife Falls From A High Deck92 year old, former Olympic ski racer Joe Rorvik is devastated when he finds his wife Cynthia down below their deck, still alive but comatose after a fall While the fall looks like an accident, Joe Rorvik hires Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna to investigate.The Woman s Friends Start DyingMcKenna can t find anything suspicious until peA Ski Racer s Wife Falls From A High Deck92 year old, former Olympic ski racer Joe Rorvik is devastated when he finds his wife Cynthia down below their deck, still alive but comatose after a fall While the fall looks like an accident, Joe Rorvik hires Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna to investigate.The Woman s Friends Start DyingMcKenna can t find anything suspicious until people close to Joe s wife start dying in other accidents.The Dead Were Against A New Tahoe Ski ResortMcKenna finds motive when he discovers that the victims all opposed a new ski resort development.There Is One Friend Who Is Still AliveJoe s wife had made friends with a young French woman named Simone Bonnaire While Simone is in danger from her abusive boyfriend, she hasn t taken a position against the ski resort She doesn t appear to be a target of the killer.The Chase Has BegunMcKenna encourages Simone to escape her boyfriend by pursuing her dream, a solo ski trek through the Desolation Wilderness After she leaves, McKenna learns that he s made a terrible mistake and that Simone is the next to die But he can t save her because she is out of touch and unreachable except by the killer who has already begun his final chase
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    • Gujju Ellen says:

      A lovely, well written novel by Todd Borg. I look enjoyed the practical, efficient and kind hearted Mckenna, the heart broken, but dedicated Rorvik, the down to earth Street and the smart hound Spot. The skiing & the dangers associated with it were portrayed well. The unexpected way in which the off victimized Simone takes charge of her life is heartening.

    • Una Tiers says:

      The book was familiar, too familiar to another one in the series. The pace was snail-esque and then abruptly turned to unbelievable action. This seemed to be an editing recommendation.The writing wasn't bad, but there wasn't consistency.

    • Stephen Fraser says:

      Detective Owen McKenna Is not only a believable character, but also very likable. All the character in this book are well done and described extremely well. The scenes are well done. I for one have never been to Lake Tahoe but after reading this book I feel like I have been there. The author does a wonderful job that interweaves the plot throughout the story till you reach the ending. This is one of the few times I have read a mystery and not known who the murderer was by at least half way throu [...]

    • Joyce Krutick says:

      It kept me guessing almost until the end!I love reading books about an area with which I am familiar, and for many years, my husband and I visited Lake Tahoe every summer to see family. I have read other books in this series, and each stands alone so don't feel intimidated by the fact that it is #11. In this one, Owen McKenna, a former police department detective, and now a private detective is hired by a 92 year old former Olympic medal winner in skiing to investigate his wife' small from the d [...]

    • Lynn Thorsson says:

      One of his best!I have enjoyed every one of the books in this series. The way he describes Lake Tahoe makes you want to go there. You get to know the characters so well they seem real.

    • Cathy Cole says:

      Once again Todd Borg has wrapped me around his little finger. From the brief beginning scene with Cynthia and Molly the mountain chickadee, I began falling in love with his characters. Next in line for my adoration was the aloof Joe Rorvik, 92 years old, a former Olympic champion ski racer, and shattered by his wife's hospitalization. One by one, Borg deftly fits all these well-drawn characters into his puzzle of a story. He's written a fine example of misdirection, and by the time you realize y [...]

    • Mary says:

      A new Tahoe book by Todd Borg; what a treat for me as I have read author’s adventures featuring Tahoe detective Owen McKenna, his significant other, Street, and his Great Dane, Spot, who usually is the star and puts everyone else in the background.The story opens at the home of Cynthia and Joe Rorik. Cynthia is on the deck filling the bird feeder when she hears a noise. She is a little alarmed but when she sees the visitor she speaks to the person and they start talking about a hawk that she h [...]

    • Stanley McShane says:

      Tahoe Chase, one of the Owen McKenna mystery series, set in Tahoe caught my eye because I love the area, the beauty, and the memories the name evokes. This was an BookBub promotion and glad we downloaded as both my hubby and I enjoyed. Prologue enough to pique the interest, but fairly slow moving after that, still captivating enough to continue reading and finish the book; the epilogue very neatly wrapping up and tying those loose ends.Street is a girlfriend to the divorced(?) Owen who seems to [...]

    • Jessica Bronder says:

      Joe Rorvik doesn’t think his wife, Rell, fell off the patio feeding her bird. He calls Owen to come investigate. But when two more people turn up dead from accidents, it’s just a little odd that all of them have some way to influence Joe in approving a new ski resort in Tahoe. But the pieces don’t fit right. Then Owen meets Simone. She is a young French woman in a very abusive relationship. Rell has a connection with Simone which gets her in trouble with Ned, her husband. Owen is trying to [...]

    • Mike says:

      First, let me say I enjoyed reading a book about a private investigator where the PI wasn't a hardened, foul-mouthed womanizer who lived in a dirty hovel; that's a great breath of fresh air from the usual fair you get from PI stories. McKenna's love for his dog, animals in general and respect towards women I found very cool. The setting was put out perfectly to the reader; granted I think the author did go a bit overboard in his long street directions when the characters went to various parts of [...]

    • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews says:

      Owen McKenna is back again breaking hearts, breaking jaws, breaking rules, and solving murders.Murders that were made to look like accidents were plaguing this ski town, and all the reasons for the murders were pointing back to one man, Joe, who was opposing the building of another ski resort. Could this be the real reason or was it a diversion?Why would someone want to hurt or kill anyone associated with Joe and especially his sweet wife? Joe had no idea, and Owen was on the trail as one person [...]

    • Karen says:

      A long readWell this was definitely not the book for me. I really thought this was going to be an interesting thriller. It was far from it. First let me preface by saying that while this book was not for me, it very well may be one for you. That being said, I'll tell you why I didn't like it. First, the descriptives were way overdone and way too frequent. I think I have learned more about skiing and Lake Tahoe then I care to know. Second, the transition from the plot to sub-plot was so drastic t [...]

    • Casandra says:

      It's sad and it's sweet, now I know it completeI have only the new book to go, and I'll have read them all. This one was the best, so far. The elements of the Tahoe books that I love are all there - much too tall Owen, reserved, intelligent Street, His Largeness - the story was great, the supporting characters were so real, everything came together really well. I liked that this book gave us some insight into the psyche of both Owen and Street. Honestly, it was things that were already known abo [...]

    • Beverly June Davis says:

      BreathtakingWhen I was twelve we lived in snow country. I was a tomboy and would rather boot up, adding a heavy coat than pursue a little girls indoor choices. I remember the snows silence, the heavens dropping the curtain of the Auroras sheer, beauty. When I read the Tahoe books (and I've read them all) I'm THERE, breathing that air feeling the suspense. Tahoe is only 3-hours from my front steps here in Greenhaven (Sacramento) Area. I read almost constantly as I'm semi ambulatory and on oxygen. [...]

    • Harvee says:

      Reading this thriller is a bit like skiing, I think. There are twists and turns and surprises around each bend in the story. First you are sure that Cynthia's fatal fall has something to do with her activism to keep Tahoe pristine and free from further development, then you find other possible motives, and you face the environmental factor again, then head off in a different direction, and so on. Which is the real reason for her now presumed murder?Then you follow a young woman fleeing from dome [...]

    • John D Ottini says:

      I've read and enjoyed every one of Todd Borg's, Owen McKenna novels and Tahoe Chase is definitely one of his finest mysteries.If you haven't read one of Mr Borg's novels, then let me give you a hint of what you are in for, his novels are a cross between a first rate thriller and a fine documentary. Not only will he keep you turning pages into the wee hours of the night, but you will learn something new and interesting about nature (both Mother Nature and human nature) in every novel. If you love [...]

    • Karen K says:

      I just love Todd Borg's books. Owen McKenna is such a likeable character, smart and thoughtful with not nearly as many character flaws as many fictional investigators. Spot shines, as always, and Street is a steadying, kind and intuitive presence.I know Tahoe well, and always enjoy Borg's beautiful descriptions of the amazing natural place that Lake Tahoe is, along with the colorful range of characters that call it home.

    • Joan says:

      Initially I was going to give this 3 stars but then as I was writing the review I realised that it deserved more. I loved the fact that the victim and her husband are elderly - a brave move in this world of 'perfect women'. The 'abuse' was dealt with in a realistic way and although he was a bit of a 'cliche' I did fall in love with Spot! There were a few 'niggles' - some of the descriptions were over-long and unnecessary and the skiing scenes were confusing and again, over-long, but on reflectio [...]

    • Valerie Downs says:

      So glad to find this authorAnd glad to find out he has many more novels just waiting to be invited to my kindle. I liked the characters and I especially like that our main character was likeable but wasnt the only hero in the end. I thought the book was well thought out, and the connections between the individual's good. The language was clean and definitely the story was a good versus evil plot, it wasn't beset with graphic violence and gore, and overall just a good read. I raced right thru it! [...]

    • Yvonne says:

      I regret that I must agree with Karen. The book started out well. But you knew immediately that Rell knew her killer, by the conversation she had with the killer. Not a bad plot, but the author repeated himself too much and there was way to much skiing. I had to skim much of the book and in truth knew who the killer was way too soon. was surprised to find out why. As soon as I did, I quit reading and skipped to the end. Glad I got this as a free download, would have need upset if I had to pay fo [...]

    • Sheryl Mclaughlin says:

      Enjoy reading about Lake Tahoe? Well, you're in luck. Todd Borg has managed to delight and entertain readers once again with his newest mystery, Tahoe Chase. Owen, Spot and Street keep you guessing as they try to untangle the web of intrigue that Mr. Borg weaves. Again, the author does his homework. Well researched and developed in such a professional way, you as the reader, are kept in the dark until the very last chapter. Each adventure seems to be driven by real life experience. Delightful re [...]

    • B.L. Hewitt says:

      This is perfectly paced mystery. Borg’s knowledge of the Tahoe area lets him build it into a character in is own right and his descriptive narrative places you there. Steady even character development and good character arch that has been lacking in some recent works I’ve read is flawless and his delivery and voice are excellent. Great plot. Truly a pleasure to read. Just when you think you have it figured out he twists you in a new direction. Now I have to go back and read all his previous [...]

    • Sharon Michael says:

      First book I've read in this series, introduced by a free download. Good, solid mystery, easy reading, good character development with the characters specific to this plot. I suspect that the main character has been developed well in previous books which I have not read.Enjoyed the character of the dog and the very good 'feel' of the mountain winter with snow and cold as I'm familiar with that sort of climate, although not a ski enthusiast myself.

    • Julie says:

      Can't get enough! Really like how the main character Owen interacts with his dog Spot . I like that Spot is such a big part of each story! The setting of Lake Tahoe is exciting. Graham really takes advantage of the area and all it has to offer his stories. I've learned more about avalanches, forest fires, oating, fire arms, great danes, search and rescue dogs . I can't wait to read them all !!!!!!

    • Addison Public Library says:

      A serious of fatal accidents plagues people opposed to a new ski resort in Lake Tahoe. It's up to Owen Mckenna to figure out the person or persons behind the attacks. Another great entry into a wonderful series.KD 6-15Check out this book today!

    • Lisa Tortorello says:

      I liked the story line and I liked the main characters, but for me, there was just too many details. It seems that the every topic that was brought up was then detailed to the point of losing focus on the story. For example, I could appreciate the intricacies of origami without having to read pages and pages about it and how it works. Again, I thought the story line was a good one, I just think that in this case less detail could have added to the book.

    • Diana Donnelly says:

      This was not the best mystery I have ever read. Perhaps had I been a snow skier it would have meant more to me or if I knew more about that part of the country. Since this was not the case I found myself becoming bored with the story wanting to get to the end. This is just my personal opinion. I finished it so that says something. There are too many books in the world to read. My thinking is if I have no interest after 50 pages I just do not want to read it. I finished this one.

    • Robbie says:

      What a great book! I've had this for a while; my only regret is that I just got around to reading it. Luckily, I had bought two others in this series, and after buying one today, I'm off to a good start collecting the series. I read #11 first and it didn't seem to make a difference that I read it out of order. Really enjoyed the characters. 5 stars for this one.

    • Rizello says:

      Enjoyed thoroughly and I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.It was fun to read a story about a location familiar to me, and I learned more about the area. The characters were fun and intriguing and I really liked them.The plot was interesting and kept my attention the entire way.

    • Diana says:

      I really wanted to give this book three stars, but it fell apart so badly towards the end, that I had to stick with only 2. The plot was so thin & not plausible by any stretch of the imagination. The characters were average to ridiculous, except for the pup. The best thing about the book was the setting & the author's obvious love of the area.

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