Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom WELCOME TO THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN Aside from being freakishly tall Joe is just an ordinary divorcee taking his son Danny to the zoo for his weekend of custody Everything is going great until

  • Title: Animal Kingdom
  • Author: Iain Rob Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WELCOME TO THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN Aside from being freakishly tall, Joe is just an ordinary divorcee taking his son, Danny, to the zoo for his weekend of custody Everything is going great until a bizarre snake attack sends everybody in the zoo running for cover It isn t long before Joe realizes that there is a lot going on than a simple snake attack and ifWELCOME TO THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN Aside from being freakishly tall, Joe is just an ordinary divorcee taking his son, Danny, to the zoo for his weekend of custody Everything is going great until a bizarre snake attack sends everybody in the zoo running for cover It isn t long before Joe realizes that there is a lot going on than a simple snake attack and if the hungry lions, roaring gorillas, and rampaging elephants have anything to do about it, there will be bloodshed to come All of the world s animals are attacking and no one knows why The only thing that is certain is man has fallen to the bottom of the food chain.
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    • Andrew Lennon says:

      Very, very good! Really enjoyed this book. I listened to the audioversion of it. The narration was great.The story itself was awesome, such a great concept. I love Iain's writing, it just seems to flow and makes for very enjoyable reading.Can definitely recommend this to pretty much anyone. It draws you in pretty much straight away and the character development is done so well that you find yourself detesting some while rooting for others.Check it out.

    • William Bitner Jr. says:

      Just finished reading “Animal Kingdom” by Iain Rob Wright. Okay, so let me get this right…”Animal Kingdom” was written in 2011, James Patterson wrote “Zoo” in 2012, and who did it better and why didn’t we get to see this series on CBS (just sayin’) Iain did it so much better in my opinion. This book is nail biting, on the edge reading from the first sentence to the very last sentence. I will not look at the Zoo or my house full of animals with quite the same ever againSynopsis: [...]

    • Pamellia says:

      Pretty darn good for a first published novel. Full review to follow on The Lazy Book Reviewer

    • Dreadlocksmile says:

      First published back in November of 2011, ‘Animal Kingdom’ formed British author Iain Rob Wright’s second full length novel to see publication.DLS Synopsis:It was a day-out that Joe had been looking forward to for quite a while. And it was all because he hadn’t seen his son, Danny, for months. But that was just the way things were when you became divorced and were trying to piece your life back together. But today was going to be good. And their first stop that Saturday morning was to th [...]

    • Grampy says:

      Awesome! You have GOT to read this book! For some unknown reason, apparently all the animals in the world suddenly began attacking humans with a clear intent to kill and consume them. A handful of "lucky" or maybe NOT so lucky survivors who happened to be at the zoo, of all places, when chaos broke out, found themselves presumably safe in the visitor's center. Or, at least safe for the few minutes it took the lions to figure out how to break glass. Scrambling for safety higher in the facility, a [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      Wow!!!! This book is a not stop adrenalin pumping thrill ride of horror and suspense. Imagine if you will every animal in the entire world turning on humans, not just the big bad animals but the cute and fluffy ones as well. Then to make matters worse what if you are stuck with a group of people in a zoo!!!!All Joe wants to do is protect his son and his new found friends from danger but there is not only madness all around him from the animals but some of the people he is hold up with are border [...]

    • Sylv Kerslake PA says:

      Just when I thought Iain Rob Wright's books couldn't get any better.I settled down to read Animal Kingdom 3 days ago and finished it last night. I couldn't put it down, every turn something happened. Animal Kingdom: An Apocalyptic Novel had everything, a hero, a damsel in distress and a really horrible guy you just love to hate.Animals taking over the world? Never, it couldn't happen! Well it did and the animals in the Zoo ruled it. Thoroughly enjoyed it except for just one thingWhen I read The [...]

    • Kaisersoze says:

      As much as I respect anyone who has managed to make a living out of self-publishing - and Iain Rob Wright is one example - there are times I become frustrated with that produced by these authors. Animal Kingdom falls into this category. This should have been the proverbial slam dunk. The concept is so simple, it's brilliant, and I cannot believe it hasn't been done to death at least a thousand times over. Animals suddenly start killing humans. That's it. End of premise.Think about it. Imagine th [...]

    • Frank Errington says:

      4 of 5 StarsIain Rob Wright is a young writer, from the UK, who's making a name for himself in the Horror and Thriller genres. And Animal Kingdom, from late 2011, is a fine example of taking an original idea and running with it.For reasons unknown, a day at the zoo turns deadly when the animals unite to start killing humankind. There are plenty of encounters between the survivors, trapped in the zoo's administration building, and the creatures that once made up the zoos exhibits.Given time, thos [...]

    • M Werber says:

      Another in the long line of apocalypse novels, but this one has many good points (at least it's not about zombies). The basic plot is simple. The animals have achieved awareness. They now work together to kill off all the people in the world. While the liberals in the audience might cheer and think "about time", Mr Wright also mentions that those countries without an adequate military were the first ones to fall.The book opens in a zoo. Without warning, a snake crushes its handler. Then the lion [...]

    • Bill says:

      I listened to this one on audio a while back and evidently forgot to leave a review. I enjoyed this one from Iain Rob Wright. It was very quick, but a little predictable. There were some plot holes, although minor, and I thought the story could have jumped the walls of the zoo for a more dynamic story. The narration was good and the pacing of the audio fit the story well. 2.5+ Stars.

    • Terri says:

      Joe takes his son Danny to the zoo, never expecting that today is they day all the animals in the world revolt and attack the humans. A story of trying to survive the inexplicable. It kept me turning pages and highly engaged

    • thebonebreaker says:

      When you subscribe to this author's website, (iainrobwright) he, in turn, gives you 5! (I repeat, five!) Free books!After I downloaded my free books, and perused the summaries of each, I decided on this one.So, on with the review. . .Iain Rob Wright has a tagline - "Fear on Every Page" - now, I am not sure if that is on all of his books or not, but it fits well with this book!Wright wastes absolutely no time , jumping right into the meat of the story, and continues the thrills with rapid-fire pr [...]

    • Su Ann says:

      I just finished reading Animal Kingdom by Iain Rob Wright. I am such a huge animal lover! It is frightening to imagine this ever happening. Especially the spiders! Animals fighting back. Bent on rearranging the natural order of things and sending mankind into extinction. Animal Kingdom is George Orwell's Animal Farm on steroids. I find Mr. Wright's writing to be on par right alongside the early Stephen King. Mr. King's writing has changed a lot since his accident. In my opinion, it's just not as [...]

    • Ami says:

      Disclaimer: I received this book as a gift from Mr Wright but this in no way affects my following review. If you would like the same gift just go to his website, iainrobwright. He actually sent 4 books, a short story and the first three chapters of another book. All I had to do was give my email address. I definitely got the best deal in that transaction and it's yours for the asking. This is the most unusual apocalyptic novel I have ever read and I pray that the world is over run with Zombies r [...]

    • Claire Fun says:

      This was a quick read - 2 hours - but I did spend most of it wondering if I should carry on. It was ridiculous. I liked the synopsis and the general idea - the animal apocalypse, basically, with humans suddenly becoming the bottom of the for chain - and following the misadventures of a group of people who happened to be visiting a zoo the day it happened. The characters were incomplete cliches - violent homophobic tattooed Scotsman, uppity smug rich businessman, helpless yet beautiful tortured y [...]

    • Craig Saunders says:

      Here's a minor spoilerere's some chomping and clawing and killing and stuff in Wright's Animal Kingdom. It's gruesome and visceral, full of violent death, but it's more than just a chomp-fest. It's really well written, at a cracking pace. It's a blast, too. A really easy read, and one I'd happily recommend. A great way to pass an afternoon.Five stars for an enjoyable animal chomp 'em up. Craig Saunders, author of Rain

    • Sunshine✰✰✰ says:

      When the Animal Kingdom turns on you, It's not always the 4-legged kind you need to watch out for.

    • Pam K. says:

      Animal Kingdom is sort of like James Patterson's Zoo. Only this book concentrates a bit more on the human aspect of the situationJoe takes his son to the zoo for the day. While watching a snake exhibition, something goes wrong. The snake kills it's handler right in front of them. Joe tries to help, then realizes something is going on within the entire zoo.They get safely inside a building with a few other survivors. From the windows everyone can see all sorts of animals attacking humans. The ani [...]

    • Joanne says:

      The idea that animals gang up and attack humans is ok, but there really is no story because humans wouldn't have a chance, would we? There's a lot more of them than there are of us.But this is a story about animals ganging up and attacking humans.e action starts right off the bat and goes throughout the entire book with few interruptions. Most of the characters are very unlikeable. One guy is intent on being in charge even though the world is ending, so what's the point, but he just keeps it up. [...]

    • Lee Willie says:

      Enjoyable and fast paced horror I found this book by chance and glad I did. Very fast paced horror novel with some good villains, human and non human. Give it a try, and hopefully like me, you'll be glad you did

    • Bob Clarkson says:

      CAUTION!!! MULTIPLE "MAJOR" SPOILERS. Don't read this review if you haven't read the book. MAJOR SPOILERS.I thought the concept of a different kind of apocalypse exciting - NO Zombies! Unfortunately, the premise never quite materialized in "Animal Kingdom".So what influenced my 2 star rating?The action started quickly, rose rapidly and then collapsed and became a social commentary on the interactions between a regular guy (with son); a milquetoast, academic zoo employee; a crazy woman who is on [...]

    • Chris Bullock says:

      Excellent. It kept me on the edge of my seat. The incredible tension was maintained throughout, and the characters were fully believable. We have a menagerie of animals: dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, a turkey, goats and sheep, so lets just hope that this novel doesn't come true.

    • Ann Keeran says:

      A day at the zoo as only Iain Rob Wright can portray it. Ferrets to llamas to a silver back gorilla are some of the antagonists in this thriller. Not written for sissies!

    • Laura Thomas says:

      With Animal Kingdom I got everything I was expecting and more!It was supposed to be a special day. Since the divorce, Danny really missed his dad and had ants in his pants when he found out Joe was taking him to the zoo. Joe was just glad to have his son with him. It didn’t matter what they did but he knew Danny would love the animals.Everything is great until the reptile show starts. The handler has a giant boa constrictor wrapped around his body. While he tells the gathering crowd about the [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I got this for free for joining the author's newsletter and it was the original reason for joining after I saw this for sale on . The author's writing style was easy to read and I flew through the book in about 4 hours or so, so it was a quick and easy read. I enjoyed the story, even though I had just read a similar book not long ago (Zoo, by I think it was James Patterson). I believe the characters and events that happened could have been improved upon, but overall I enjoyed it enough to where [...]

    • Carolyn Injoy says:

      Animal Kingdom: An Apocalyptic Novel, Welcome to the bottom of the food chain by Iain Rob Wright Animal Kingdom:  An Apocalyptic Novel, Welcome to the bottom of the food chain by Iain Rob Wright is an amazing horror story.  As an animal lover, I was truly frightened.  I've been bitten by cats, dogs & birds.  It isn't pleasant or pain free.  This story scared me.   I gave it five stars. Joe had taken his son to the zoo.  Things did not work out according to plan.  "Four lions blocked [...]

    • Andre says:

      Here's a very cool thing: Iain Rob Wright gives books away for free!Yup. He sure does. All you need to do is sign up for his mailing list and he'll e-mail them out to you one by one during the next couple of weeks. (iainrobwright)I have to say this guy's got guts. It takes serious courage to simply put a selection of your work out there, stories you've been slaving over for months, finally published and then just offer them free of charge. All of this in the hope that people will like them enoug [...]

    • Nev Murray says:

      So picture the scenemething inexplicable happens and the animals start attacking the humans.every animal cute bunny rabbits to household petsWhere is the one place you wouldn't want to be when this kicks off?Joe hasn't seen his son Danny for months. They are having a day out the zoo!!It all starts with one of the zookeepers being crushed to death by a Boa Constrictor then all hell breaks loose. Joe and Danny witness this and can't believe what they are seeing. Joe tries to help but can't and the [...]

    • Conor Tibbett says:

      Animals all over the world begin attacking people and the characters spend the majority of the book language-policing each other.

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