Tall Man in Ray-Bans

Tall Man in Ray Bans Out for a day s adventure exploring the dry bed of Lake Travis in Austin Texas two young boys stumble upon a skeleton It might be all that remains of a fugitive named Randy Bear Heart Wanted for rob

  • Title: Tall Man in Ray-Bans
  • Author: Joseph Flynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Out for a day s adventure exploring the dry bed of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, two young boys stumble upon a skeleton It might be all that remains of a fugitive named Randy Bear Heart Wanted for robbing three banks and killing three cops, Bear Heart was never brought to justice.The FBI is called on to determine how the outlaw avoided arrest for twenty five years and whOut for a day s adventure exploring the dry bed of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, two young boys stumble upon a skeleton It might be all that remains of a fugitive named Randy Bear Heart Wanted for robbing three banks and killing three cops, Bear Heart was never brought to justice.The FBI is called on to determine how the outlaw avoided arrest for twenty five years and who put him in the lake wearing chains The BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs gets the very same job Special Agent John Tall Wolf is put on the case because one of the dead cops was a Native American who worked at the Mercy Ridge Reservation.The FBI wants John to coordinate all your efforts through SAC Gilbert Melvin John is having none of that, saying, I ll conduct my investigation as I see fit He doesn t even get along with his own boss, Marlene Flower Moon, head of the BIA s Office of Justice Services.While interviewing John for his job, Marlene was amused by his assertiveness, and asked him, What do you want, a license to take scalps John said, Yeah, that d be good.
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    • Kristen says:

      In Joseph Flynn's Tall Man in RayBans, the first installment in the John Tall Wolf Mystery series, this mystery is so twisted with surprising turns on every page. If you love Tony and Anne Hillerman and Margaret Coel's mysteries with a Native American Indian lead character, you would be a fan of this series about John Tall Wolf. It all started when two kids found a dead body at the beach in Austin Texas. After the local federal were called in, that's when BIA Agent John Wolf came into the scene. [...]

    • Dlmrose says:


    • Catherine Flynn says:

      With Tall Man in Ray-Bans, author Joseph Flynn has introduced a new character which I hope he continues as a series. John Tall Wolf is an intriguing character; a BIA investigator with an independent streak, Tall Wolf combines strength of character, excellent investigative skills, a respect for the mysticism of his forebears, a sharp intellect and a quick wit. Flynn's writing shines — the dialogue crackles and rings true. The ending is perfect. I want more.

    • Tom says:

      Overall a good book, with enough loose ends to pursue in future books in this series. I would have liked to see just a bit more depth in some of the criss-crossing story lines in this book, but nonetheless I liked the arrangement - with enough twists and turns to make the book compelling and a fast read.

    • Merry says:

      An unexpected good read, picked up free or cheap on for Kindle

    • Christopher Williams says:

      First of the series and first I have read. Enjoyed this one and the character of John Tall Wolf. Has the back story to the character so pleased I managed to read the first in the series at this point.Clever and convoluted plot that leads to a satisfactory conclusion. Looking forward to the next one.

    • john montgomery says:

      Complicate plot and simple outcomeSlow start and finish building momentum to an expected outcome. Not Flynn's best mystery story brief is better than shaggy dog progression

    • Miriam says:

      a fun, quick read for a plane or train ride. enough suspense to keep you going from chapter to chapter. john tall wolf is a wonderful new character!

    • Caroline says:

      I liked the extent to which the author researched Native American culture. I found this part of the story more intriguing than the case at handrhaps #2 in the series will draw me in further.

    • Dolly says:

      And I'm starting another series. The good news, Mr. Flynn is only up to three on this series but the flip side, when I get to book 3, I'll have to wait for the next.​What I liked: I've not been reading Joseph Flynn books very long but they sure are keeping me entertained and pretty much engrossed. I started with the Jim McGill series and have since read more and more. He has several series along with some standalone titles.Tall Man in Ray-Ban's is the opening book starring Special Agent (Burea [...]

    • margaret chalmers says:

      Drumbeat dramaYet another super writer. This one features a Native American in modern politically correct speak or an 'Honest Injun' in the speech of those of us who love stories about the folk who were on the shore to greet Christopher Columbus's arrival. John Tall Wolf is an investigator for crime affairs concerning Indians. He has a fascinating past, great personality and brilliant mind. He has to solve a complicated story about a Casinova type bad boy who may or may not have been paid the wa [...]

    • Jim A says:

      Four stars, more for the humor than the story line or the dialogue given the characters. The Tall Man is John Tall Wolf an agent of the BIA, Bureau of Indian Affairs. According to him, he has a license to take scalps. Later in the novel one of the characters is killed. His body is discovered by two Korean hikers who spread Kimchi around the body to keep it from being disturbed by wolves, bears, etc. Anyone who is familiar with Kimchi will understand. All in all, Tall Man in Ray Bans is quick pac [...]

    • Julie says:

      I have read one other book by this author and loved it (The President's Henchman). So I thought I would try another one and it was quite good too. The hero is John Tall Wolf who works for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as an investigator. When a body is found in a dry lake bed, he shows up to assist in the case because he believes he knows who the deceased was and it would be his jurisdiction. Several agencies are cooperating in the case, and not all of them are being above-board about their invol [...]

    • Paul says:

      Enjoyable, butThe "ethnic" references seemed a bit too frequent, blurring the line between awareness and unintended racism. In any case, they certainly got tiring. I loved the way the story brought me along with the protagonist's thought process, but suddenly Flynn resorted to a common detective novel writer's tactic of off-stage conversations that otherwise would have solved the mystery. Seemed as if Flynn had simply tired of subtle, and really quite impressive, writing. Beware the coyote--not [...]

    • Beth says:

      A police procedural with many agencies involved, FBI and BIA plus the police force in Texas. The story takes place across the USA and Canada and ends up solving a half dozen or so murders and robberies.I really enjoyed the background of the main BIA investigator (this is the first in a series and his background is integral to the plot).For the first in a series this does much more than establish the characters, this is an actual story.

    • KevinS says:

      Interesting and written well enough to keep me reading to the end but not compelling enough that I need to read any more by this author. John Tall Wolf doesn't develop a personality so much as have personality quirks described. The story was complex enough to be interesting, but the detective made the case mostly from intuition or ESP or Native-American spidey-sense, as opposed to actual detecting and uncovering facts.

    • Jon West says:

      A good read with a different sort of hero. The BIA man does a lot of sleuthing and managing of his associates from the FBI & local police, but never fires a shot. Its all about cool.Good Reads Rating systemMy rating system (*=star)1* couldn't finish book2* finished book, but didn't like it3* a good read4* a very good read often with a novel concept or unusual plot5* an exceptionally good read, a prominent example of the genre

    • Trish says:

      I picked this up as I'm a fan of the Longmire stories, and this looked to be in a similar vein. I wasn't wrong. This is written in a similarly readable and entertaining style (albeit third-person rather than first), while touching on Native American legends in and among the crime story. The characters are well drawn and likeable, and the plot has some satisfying twists.

    • A says:

      Bones discovered one day may be that of a wanted Native American fugitive, but was it murder or foul play? That's what John Tall Wolf has to figure out while having to deal with a condescending FBI agent, his shady boss, and outwit 1 or possibly 2 killers. I love that this character John Tall Wolf was someone that didn't take bull from anyone and didn't dish it either.

    • Antigo Martin-Delaney says:

      Strong Lead CharacterWas introduced to John Tall Wolf in previous novel by Flynn and loved his character. That led me to pick up the first novel with him as the lead character and I'm glad I did. The bad story on this early life is interesting and the relationship with his boss adds humor and interest. I look forward to the next book in this series.

    • cynthia zeiders says:

      F the howl of a coyote at night keeps you awake and watchful. it shouldThen the lack of sleep as you read this should be no surprise. We all like someone to in charge, and so. Tall Wolf is. He moves toward justice as smoothly and efficiently as the coyote who once stalked him.Bringing along a complex plot and real nasty characters keeps the pages flying

    • John says:

      Love Tall WolfThe mystery doesn't seem worth pursuing at the start, a former bank robber and murderer found dead in the dried up lake bed of Lake Travis. But it gets more and more interesting as John Tall Wolf works to solve the mystery. Tall Wolf is my kind of detective, strong, independent, likable and moral.

    • Black Butterfly says:


    • Merle says:

      One of my top 5 for the year. The beginning of this book is captivating and it does not disappoint after that. John Tall Wolf is an original character and I congratulate Joseph Flynn on creating him. The story also doesn't disappoint; being a meandering tale of lust, money, greed, movies and murder. Just read it, I think you'll enjoy it!

    • Norma Reasor says:

      ExcellentHayden and Serafina Wolf both had successful careers, but with their unconventional backgrounds, the Native American newborn they rescued from the jaws of death and adopted was not raised in a conventional manner. John Tall Wolf escaped the coyote when an infant, but would have to be on guard forever, watching and waiting, wondering what face the coyote wore now.

    • Suki Korp says:

      The character of John Tall Wolf is a great addition to the mystery genre. I really like the personality, wit, and aspects of this character. I have read a number of Joseph Flynn's books, and this book, along with the Ron Ketchum books rate right up at the top.

    • Julie Shaw says:

      This novel presents a very intriguing character in John Tall Wolf. He is smart and full of the dry humor that I enjoy from some of Joseph Flynn's other characters. I am curious about John Tall Wolf. Is he careful or a little crazy? This is a great mystery, with a few twists I didn't see coming.

    • Brooke says:

      Great detective novel. Loved the language, and loved John Tall Wolf. I got caught up in the narrative and found my heart racing at times, hoping everything would fall into place at the right time. Great book.

    • Marygrace Salyers says:

      Good but not Tony HillermanWish I could give half stars because this is a 3.5. Enjoyable story. Interesting characters. It just lacks the detail and depth of Tony Hillerman's books. However, it's written well enough that I will try the next book in the series.

    • Frances Botelho says:

      excellent story!well-written, smooth continuous flow new favorite seriesI love John's interaction with the various characters in the book, quick and witty dialogue, and just enough technical information to keep the story interesting

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