The Broken Road Cafe

The Broken Road Cafe What happens when you get everything you ve worked for only to discover it s not what you really want Dan O Leary worked night and day to finish law school join a top firm and make partner all befo

  • Title: The Broken Road Cafe
  • Author: T.A. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781310557057
  • Page: 334
  • Format: ebook
  • What happens when you get everything you ve worked for, only to discover it s not what you really want Dan O Leary worked night and day to finish law school, join a top firm and make partner, all before the age of 35 He s found a man who swept him off his feet And his best friend of twenty years has his back.Then, one awful day it all comes crashing down around his ears.What happens when you get everything you ve worked for, only to discover it s not what you really want Dan O Leary worked night and day to finish law school, join a top firm and make partner, all before the age of 35 He s found a man who swept him off his feet And his best friend of twenty years has his back.Then, one awful day it all comes crashing down around his ears.Making a fresh start, Dan meets the people of Blue Ridge, Georgia, including Chief of Police Nick Oliver, and, perhaps, finds a new home But danger from his old life follows him and puts not only his life, but that of his new friends, at risk.
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      334 T.A. Webb
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    • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

      Addendum added August 2014:I have not changed my mind about this book, but I want to add that since reading this story I've read several other T.A. Webb books and have loved them all. This one didn't work for me, but I adore Tom's work. Original review from December 2013:What the lickety lick happened here? No, really, WTF? I was prepared to be wrapped in joy by the third chapter; instead, I was all:and also:There was just ZERO relationship building here. Dan (running away from a cheating boyfri [...]

    • T.A. Webb says:

      November 3, 2013It's out today! At ARe, should be up at tomorrow!Thanks for waiting!TomOctober 29, 2013Hi everyone. Some news on the release. I have been sick--really sick and not even online for a few days--and that's pushed back the release of The Broken Road Cafe for a few more days.I apologize. This has been a rough year for me physically, and I sometimes need to rest, which puts all my deadlines up in the air.I also want to thank my editor, Jae, and my betas and proofreaders, Laura Harner [...]

    • Nick Pageant says:

      Let me start by saying that T.A. Webb is now my official fremesis. I love his writing style so much, he writes with an assured, easy style that has the feel of sitting down with a good friend and listening to them tell you a story; this is such a difficult style to get right. I love that T.A. Webb writes this way, but it also fills my small, black heart with jealousy.The plot of this book surprised me. I was expecting a sweet romance and some schmaltz, instead I got cheating, a hot cop, some gun [...]

    • Bev says:

      A new series from Tom who's one of my auto-buy authors, and what a mouthwatering prospect it is!! 5 stars and a hugefrom me!!Dan O'Leary is the junior partner at a firm of lawyers in Atlanta, a position he's attained by sheer hard work, long hours, and minimal attention to his personal life. His young lover Abe stays at their home writing while Dan puts the hours in, but whilst day dreaming at a work meeting one day, Dan hears his name mentioned and finds himself landed with a case he knows noth [...]

    • Sarah says:

      I wanted to enjoy this more, but the pacing was all off for me. Also too much scooby mystery set ups happening, obviously for future books but it was a little staged.

    • Amy says:

      Well that was fun! Scumbag ex-boyfriend, backstabbing best friend, shady law firm, snarky secretary, closeted police chief, meddling mayor, all wrapped up in the small town of Blue Ridge, Georgia Seriously, what a great story! I enjoyed Dan quite a lot. Poor guy, all aspects of his life imploding at the same time. I envy him, packing it all up and starting over in small town, USA. I love the relationship between Dan and Nick. I can tell they are going to be lots of fun. Can’t wait till the nex [...]

    • Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* says:

      Review to come closer to release date. T.A. Webb always delivers

    • Sheri says:

      Have you ever been walking on air, whistling a tune, thinking ‘life is good’ and then suddenlyack turns out it was actually ice not air, and the ground is shattering below your feet? Meet Dan O’Leary. He just fell through the ice.Hot-shot Atlanta attorney he was living the dream… that is till the day he woke up in a nightmare he can’t shake. Years of busting ass to make partner while happily supporting his partner at home he’s run himself ragged. It was worth it, this was what he wan [...]

    • Heller says:

      3.5Dan's having a bad day. (view spoiler)[After quitting his job he goes home to screw his boyfriend only to and find his best friend of twenty years got there first. (hide spoiler)]Definitely a bad day.This was an interesting read. I liked the MC's and I liked the setting. I found some of the situations seemed a bit too coincidental but story still flowed nicely. I am looking forward to seeing how the Nick/Dan relationship plays out but for me the poignant moments were between Dan and his best [...]

    • Ann says:

      I got completely wrapped up in this story and Dan's character especially. Dan is a lawyer who has worked tirelessly to make partner in his law firm. He's achieved his career goals and at home is a partner he loves with all his heart. In a matter of just a few days his whole world changes and everything he thought he knew to be true was a lie.Jumping ahead, the mystery and the characters in Blue Ridge have me hooked. Oh sure, I may have cursed a little when the story ended but I'll be anxiously a [...]

    • Deeze says:

      **Rambling alert.**This is my first Tom Web book and my feelings are pretty contrary. Spoilered because I'm about to rant lol. (view spoiler)[ This book had so many niggles for me I should of hated it, but somehow I found I had to keep reading to see what happened.The big cheating story had me pulling my hair out. I mean Abe cheating fine good story line, best friends partner being the guy he cheated with OK, but having the best friend (so best he like a brother) being in on the cheating? NO No [...]

    • Macky says:

      Another cracker by Mr Webb that had me up till 3.30 am this morning till I'd finished it!! Reading a Tom Webb book is like dipping into your favourite bag of sweets You can't just have one, so you end up gorging on them all until you've finished the lot and that's exactly what happens when I pick up a Tom book, I can't just read a couple of chapters I have to devour the whole book in one sitting, but I've got to say at least with a tasty story, the best thing is there's no calories involved! Hah [...]

    • Debra says:

      Another winner from Tom Webb. He really has a gift as the writing is simple and straightforward yet manages to convey so many emotions. There is laughter, tears, disgust and hope all intertwined with a mystery that is only beginning to unravel.I fell in love with Dan in the opening scene. I felt the emotion when Dan is horribly betrayed by his lover and two best friends, the only "family" he has left in the world. I cheered when Dan laced into his partners in disgust and self-preservation, leavi [...]

    • Gina says:

      This was a winner! 5 satisfying stars!This is only the second book of this author that I have read, and I can tell you right now I will be fixing that very very soon! I adored this book.Dan O’Leary’s world has been turned upside down, everything he has counted on and depended on the most has been ripped away. For most people this would send them into a tail-spin of depression and sorrow. Dan, takes his pain and sorrow and uses that energy to build his life back up again. Raises from the ashe [...]

    • Tina says:

      Tom did it again and I just couldn’t get enough. The well done mixture of romance, suspense, wittiness, heartwarming friendship and humor just blew me away. I’m in awe. Again! The Broken Road Café is about Dan who realizes one day his partners in the law firm in Atlanta are not what they seem. He decides not to participate in their corrupt work ethic and drop out. On top of that he walks at home into a threesome of his boyfriend with his best friend of 20 years Gary and his partner Kerry. H [...]

    • Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books says:

      Tom, you did it again. Loved it and again you give us a cliffie. You like to torture us I think? Dan was awesome! Poor guy Loving Nick as well. And between Patsy and Charity lord they keep those boys on there toes. Can't wait for the next one!

    • Will Parkinson says:

      I proofread this story for Mr. Webb, so I have the honor of leaving a review for it, too.In the beginning of the story we meet Dan. He's a partner at a law firm who is about to have his entire world rattled in quick succession. First he's given the assignment of trying to get a bad guy off (hush, I didn't mean it like that!). He chafes at this because he's not a criminal lawyer. In fact, he leaves the meeting and decides to head home to the arms of his loving partner, Abe and to talk with his be [...]

    • Richard says:

      I recall my 2nd grade teacher explaining stories having a-1)beginning,2)middle 3)endAnd I a am very aware that books are often set up to have a sequel.This half book was not the case. This half book was-1)beginning2)middle3)you are now required to purchase book 2 to complete this half story.Does it always have to be about, book sales, revenue, book sales, revenue.

    • JR says:

      What do you do when you find your best friend of twenty years, his boy friend and your lover in a three way love fest? If you are Dan O'Leary, you take your broken heart, travel into the country and by a diner. There is so much more to this story than that little sentence. It is rich with intrigue and subterfuge. There is a wonderful cast of supporting characters in the town of Blue Ridge, Georgia including the Chief of Police Nick Oliver. It has a terrific plot full of twists and turns. The sex [...]

    • Catherine says:

      In terms of plot, characters, and writing, this book was a bit of a mess. It certainly wasn't helped by a "cliffhanger" ending that was both lackluster and frustrating; if you're not going to give me a HEA, at least give me a HFN! This is a ROMANCE novel, after all. :(

    • Arthur says:

      This book captures the lyrics of an old country song:God bless the broken roadThat led me straight to you Dan was heartbroken from betrayal of people surrounding him. His boss, colleagues, boyfriend and best friends for decades betrayed him. So, he left Atlanta GA and bought a restaurant in a town near Tennessee. The town is full of interesting people. From the mayor, Realtor, and hotel owner Chief police, neighbor and brother of the nurse in the hospital and many others that made Dan felt welco [...]

    • Grammy 1 says:

      Tom Webb has decidedly discovered his groove. From his first book Second Chances that I really loved a little over a year ago Tom has shown a side of himself so that we see his growthd see the man can really write!!!!!! His collaborations with LE Harnet with Altered States and again another 4 way collaboration with LE Harner, Lee Brazil and Havan Fellows with his Knight series, which by the way has kept me riveted for an installment every 2 weeks for all of 2013.Tom has now started a new series [...]

    • Candice says:

      4.5 StarsWhy didn't anyone warn me this was a series and ended with a cliffie? I am so beyond pissed at myself for reading this with no other books in sight. ARGH! However, I may be pissed at myself, but hot damn was this book good!Dan O'Leary. What can I say about him? Hardworking, dedicated, loyal, and equipped with a silver tongue. Holy moly spicy guacamole, did I love Dan's mouth. I was cracking UP at some of the things that he would say. I would hate to be on the other end of his tongue las [...]

    • Tina says:

      Thus begins the next chapter in my love him to death, hate him and want to smother him with a pillow relationship with Tom Webb. The man is able to craft a story that pulls me in and then leaves me hanging. And I love every minute of it. The Broken Road Cafe has the potential to be even better than the City Knight series, which was also a grab me and dangle me over a cliff series. This one is definitely not as dark as City Knight. It is funny, warm, sweet and sexy with a shot of mystery and intr [...]

    • Julia says:

      For me, Tom's books are like a good home cooked meal after you've been eating fast food for a week. He creates characters with dimension, even the supporting ones. (Patsy and Charity were powerhouses. Their personalities, sarcasm, and warmth made for some of my favorite moments.) His storytelling sets such a high standard. When I pick up something of his, I know it will satisfy. This book was no exceptiond this time, he didn't even make me cry. Bonus stars since I didn't end up with a sinus head [...]

    • Ingela says:

      December 2, 2013It is a T.A Webb sale now on “All Romance eBooks” (allromanceebooks/stor) if you want some of his books for a cheap price.

    • Shelley says:

      Pre Read Thoughts: I read the blurb and was like “I WANT IT NOW” so as is the case when I am in over the top squee about a book, you get the “review as I read” experience.Let’s get started and remember to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Thoughts While Reading:(view spoiler)[Dan I like you already. Gregg, you are an assbutt and I already despise you.Dan the man! Putting the verbal smackdown like a boss.OH OH OH OH OH KILL EVERYBODY. In your house?IN YOUR BEDSla [...]

    • Christy says:

      OMG. The always incredible Tom Webb has done it again. He's created a world with crazy, funny people, some drama, majorly hot sex and characters to die for. I fell in love with Dan the instant he mouthed off to the managing partner of his law firmabout 2% into the story. When his life fell down around him it broke my heart, but I knew Mr. Webb would never steer me wrong.This, right here, is where I fell in love with Chief Nick (or, as a friend calls him, Chief Yummypants): "License and registrat [...]

    • Sunne says:

      What am I supposed to do with this book?Why are you doing this? Really? Here I am, reading this nice and easy pacing novella, enjoying the story, nice and funny people, thinking that this is a good "feel-good"-story with a mystery/crime, something that deserves 4 stars. And then "bam" it ends. Again in the middle of the story. Hello! Why? (and sorry, that "again" refers to City Knights, that one made me mad, too).I know this is the first book of a series. And I know that in a series some threads [...]

    • Gaby says:

      Well played, Tom, well played. That was quite a cliffhanger you got there. I'm starting volume two right now.I enjoyed this short book way too much. I loved both Dan and Nick, and I HATED Abe and Greg with all my might. Still do, and I hardly think that'll change. I hope they both get hit by a bus - and I rarely wish that to any book characters-.Dan is a lawyer (and partner) in a very important firm. After things start to go ugly in his place of work he takes off and goes back home just to face [...]

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