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  • Title: LOL
  • Author: Charlie Nitric
  • ISBN: 9781105659
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [PDF] Download ↠ LOL | by è Charlie Nitric
      233 Charlie Nitric
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ↠ LOL | by è Charlie Nitric
      Posted by:Charlie Nitric
      Published :2020-01-06T08:52:43+00:00

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    • Ashley Fontainne says:

      With all the stress and strife most of us seem to face each day, sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned belly laugh. A true "laugh out loud" moment. You know the kind I'm talking about. The humorous anecdotes that would cause you to spew your drink when you heard/read them? The kind where you laugh so hard that you develop that side stitch, causing the peals of laughter to come out more like a gasping for air?You will find that within the pages of Charlie Nitric's LOL. He rambles from one [...]

    • Julie Ramsey says:

      This book is a collection of short comical stories. I will give you an example of one. A Iowa country boy is in New York City. He is at a bus stop and sees a famous super model waiting with paparazzi all around. He looks her up and down and is smitten. He notices all the things that she has that the girls in his home town don't have. He sees that she is looking him over too and decides that she wants him. She walks away, he follows her. While he is following he witness a mugging, gets hit by a c [...]

    • Ally Atherton says:

      One great thing about being a bit of a Twitter addict is that you can find a wealth of new authors and free books and this is one I recently downloaded onto my Kindle. Reading many of the comments and reviews on and I was led to believe that this short collection of stories is LOL funny.The downside of Twitter is that not all free or cheap books are what they are cracked up to be and sometimes you are left scratching your head about the origins of such reviews!I have always said that I want my [...]

    • Dina Rae says:

      LOL is a collection of eighteen short stories about the author's observations of life, especially romance and differences between men and women. The book is written from the first person perspective and reads in an almost autobiographical fashion. I'd like to briefly recap some of the shorts in the book. It opens with Trouser Mouse, an embarrassing tale that happened to the author on an airplane. Another story worth mentioning is Goddess 69, probably my favorite, about an email that gives the au [...]

    • Neyra ♦ says:

      So I'm sure the twitter world has heard a lot about this book? Yes? No? Well, I sure did. There were plenty reviews marking it as the most hilarious yet, to date. I picked it up on , and I'm disappointed to say, this book left me wondering where my comedy DVD's are so I could actually LOL I couldn't even finish reading it, though I got pretty far I'll admit. LOL is a compilation of short stories that's meant to be funny, yet fails to be so. I snickered, yes. But actually laughed out loud? Absolu [...]

    • Ana♥ says:

      Hmmm. I didn't find this funny at all. I don't even think it was witty. I picked this book up purely because the title read "LOL" and the reviews claimed this book was practically awesome. I was looking forward to some knee-slappin', tears fallin', stomach hurtin' laughing! I didn't get that AT ALL! To be honest, I "HA'd" about twice. And it wasn't even "HAHAHAHA" It was "HA" that's it. I rarely (practically never) cracked a smile. I know I can a cold hearted biaaatch sometimes, but nevermind. D [...]

    • Elyse says:

      LOL is packed with short stories, tiny quips, and the occasion bout of toilet humor; but, surprisingly, it's also filled with moments of depth and pure unadulterated imagination. While reading, I found myself transported back to my youth, trapped in the shadow of a giant tree, or carried to the streets of New York city only to have the fantasy dropped out from underneath me, as a snort and chuckle unexpectedly escaped my throat and left me looking around to make sure no one heard the decidedly u [...]

    • Emme says:

      In my 45 years of reading, there have been very few books I haven't been able to finish (Ulysses, one day we'll finish our date, I promise). LOL is one of them. Despite the constant Twitter hype about how funny this book is, there is very little humor in it. LOL trades on sophomoric, bathroom "humor" and aimless narration. And, it sorely needed an editor.LOL is a total timewaster and I recommend you steer clear of this one.

    • Amber Housey says:

      I became a fan of Charlie on Twitter. He is a great communicator and literally has you LOLing while tweeting. I began reading his blog which reflects his humor in everyday situations in his life. It was no surprise a book emerged from the depths of a belly-laugh. His writing is clever, funny and insightful. It'll take you all the way from LOL to LMAO. Imagine that cover!

    • Zuhur Mohamud says:

      We're should I get this book from I want to read it

    • Isabelle says:

      love it

    • Jim says:

      18 short stories and all good fun and definitely gave me a few LOL moments. Recommended.

    • J.M. says:

      Cute but not really for me.

    • Becca says:

      i thoifj yjsyh thyis book was berruy foioi anfd i found myseld reading it atr my hamsterdsd funeral bcuz it was aewsom

    • Trolololol says:

      i think thsi is a goodf liom. please andd myt content because a red it in a night, i ikde the bbit were the freidn kicls the worm thanks for a ooodf htune babs

    • K.S. Marsden says:

      Didn't appeal to my sense of humour. DNF

    • Ben says:


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