See Jane Score

See Jane Score Setting Seattle WashingtonSensuality At long last Seattle Times columnist Jane Alcott has a shot at a full time assignment She badly needs the income but unfortunately the opening is for a sports

  • Title: See Jane Score
  • Author: Rachel Gibson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Setting Seattle, WashingtonSensuality 8At long last, Seattle Times columnist Jane Alcott has a shot at a full time assignment She badly needs the income, but unfortunately, the opening is for a sports reporter traveling with the Seattle Chinooks hockey team and she knows nothing about the game To add to her difficulty, the team doesn t want her, especially Luc Lucky Setting Seattle, WashingtonSensuality 8At long last, Seattle Times columnist Jane Alcott has a shot at a full time assignment She badly needs the income, but unfortunately, the opening is for a sports reporter traveling with the Seattle Chinooks hockey team and she knows nothing about the game To add to her difficulty, the team doesn t want her, especially Luc Lucky Martineau, the Chinooks 33 million goalie The team stonewalls when she tries to interview them and they haze her mercilessly it isn t until the superstitious Luc decides that she brings good luck that Jane gets a shot at being a real journalist But when her acceptance by the team leads to spending time with Luc, Jane finds, to her dismay, that he s than a handsome, empty headed sports jock and her heart is in danger.For his part, Luc learns that behind plain Jane s boring dark clothing and black rimmed glasses lies a quick wit, nerves of steel, and a personality that charms him And when Jane appears at a team banquet with a new haircut, makeup, and a killer red dress with matching sexy stilettos, Luc s affection fast forwards into a major case of serious lust But if Jane lets herself fall in love, she ll have to find a way to explain the secret she s hiding before it becomes public knowledge and Luc s passion turns to hate Can she bring herself to tell him the truth And if she does, will he forgive her Set in the rough and tumble world of professional hockey, See Jane Score features an intelligent, likable heroine and a hero with depth beneath his sports jock fa ade The layered characters, intriguing setting, and the novel s compelling emotional plot all add up to an excellent contemporary romance Don t miss this one Lois Faye Dyer
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    • Auntee says:

      I absolutely loved this book! Why? First, it's a sports romance (my favorite). Second, the snappy writing. Funny, super sexy, with plenty of sharp, witty dialogue and plenty of sparring between the H/h, superstar hockey goalie Luc Martineau and the reporter assigned to cover his team, "natural" girl Jane Alcott. Fantastic sexual tension in this one. And third (and most important), the characters. Unlike the first book in this series (Simply Irresistible) I had no issues with the hero and heroine [...]

    • María Ángeles says:

      OMG!!! Qué genial que es este libro!!!! 4,5 estrellas para la pareja más realista, emocionalmente hablando, que he leído últimamente.Me ha encantado Jane, he empatizado muchísimo con ella. ¿Que hay que crear un caparazón alrededor de ti para no sufrir? Pues se crea. ¿Que hay que echarle cara al asunto para no aparentar estar destruida? Pues se echa. Muy bien Jane.Y Luc también me ha encantado. Aunque al principio se denota en él un poco de chulería propia de un deportista de élite, c [...]

    • Dija says:

      Funny, touching, romantic, and interesting all at once, I loved this story! It was absolutely perfect for the mood I was in. My first read by RG and I can't wait to read more.A few things I loved about See Jane Score:1. The heroine isn't TSTL at all! She's professional, mature, and sweet. I loved Jane.2. The hero is absolutely swoon-worthy, but not overly cliched. 3. The relationship between Jane and Luc develops naturally and realistically. 4. No over-the-top drama in here. Thank God. 5. Well-d [...]

    • KarenH says:

      Being sucked into that literary vortex of all things dramatic, melancholy and depressing for quite some time now, I needed to put aside the Virgin Riverites and Regency rakes & rogues and read something uplifting. She picks! She scores! lol I LOVED this book! The hero is Luc Martineau, a Canadian hottie who plays professional hockey for the Seattle Chinooks. He is drop-dead gorgeous with a lean, athletic body and a killer tattoo that begins at the base of his hoohaa and peeks out from the to [...]

    • Sophie ♥ says:

      Here's the full reviewI REALLY enjoyed this - I still have a soft spot for Rachel Gibson after all. Her Chinooks series is amongst some of my favourtie contemporary romances and as an added bonus, I happen to love sport. Gibson's combination of light humour, endearing heroines and reformed asshole heros makes her books the perfect little light reads (plus she doesn't overdo the steam and profane language is kept to a minimum - thank god I do dislike erotica).Jane happens to be the shy sort which [...]

    • Kimberly Carrington-Fox says:

      Nuestra reseña en A la cama con un libro

    • Juliana Philippa says:

      Absolutely wonderful! Bad-boy hockey player falls for "plain Jane" journalist (4.5 stars)When I first read See Jane Score, I thought it was absolutely amazing and would have given it way more than five stars if I could have. I first read it from the library and immediately got it online afterwards, since I knew this would be a (multiple) future reread for me. I have already reread it once so far and although the second time, my rating went down to 4.5 stars, it is still definitely one of my favo [...]

    • Didi says:

      This is the second book I've read by Rachel Gibson and I really liked it! I liked it more than the first one in this series but both are excellent.I loved Luc and his uncomplicated life that was made complicated by Jane, a woman unlike any female Luc had dated. While at first she was a nuisance, he couldn't stop noticing her. And then eventually against his better judgement, didn't want to stop.Jane was a very relatable character. She wasn't the 'barbie' style Luc often gravitated towards but da [...]

    • ♥Sharon♥ says:

      Another enjoyable read by Rachel Gibson. This only my second book by her and I really like her writing style. She gives you sweet, sexy and just the right amount of angst.This is Jane and Luc's story. I loved the 'plain Jane' catching the attention of the unattainable hot hockey player. The push and pull between them had me flipping the pages. It did take a bit of time for things to heat up between them. Then the red dress happened and there was no turning back. :)

    • Alba Turunen says:

      Un 4'5. El libro me ha gustado mucho, muchísimo. Al igual que el primer libro de la serie, me ha enganchado un montón, no me ha costado nada hacerme con la prosa de Rachel Gibson.Quizás éste libro tiene una historia más bien tópica, el típico deportista cachas que está buenísimo, y la protagonista que es una periodista listilla, con pocas experiencias positivas en lo que a hombres se refiere. La trama empieza cuando a Jane le ofrecen que sea la reportera del equipo de hockey de los Chin [...]

    • Ingela says:

      Review written March 1, 20184.2 Stars - Simply lovelySo much fun. Perfect traditional light and teasing style for a SEP romances admirer as me. It will be a lot more reading (or listening) to Gibson’s books and the first to pick uo is the next part in this m/f hockey heroes series (standalones).Great start. I’m happy dancing. *****I listened to the 9 hours audibook terrific narrated by Kathleen Early.I LIKE - witty heroines and sexy strong hockey players who doesn’t?

    • Michelle [Helen Geek] says:

      Re-read, again, 12/12/2015++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Re-read 04/13/2014 --Overall Rating = 3.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 3 / 4 / 2 = 3 StarsWriter’s Voice = 3 StarsCharacter Development = 3.5 StarsStory Appreciation = 3.5 StarsEnding = 5 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars -- [$3.79 on ]Smexy [HEAT] Rating = Moderate384 pagesOriginal rating was 5 Stars. After a re-read, not sure I'd give it 5 Stars, but it remains one of my favorites at 3.5 Stars. I just love this author. I r [...]

    • Yolanda says:

      me encantan las series de deportistas, este libro me ha encantado muchisisisismo Jane es genial y Luc YISUSCRAIST Luc chicas ahora entiendo lo de la herradura es LA HERRADURA

    • Lyuda says:

      Cute, light and entertaining story. It helped me get over my reading stump for which I'm very grateful. But I also recently re-read some of the Chicago Stars stories by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and my rating of this book is probably affected by comparison. The storyline is fairly predictable:Jane Alcott, tough and smart Seattle Times reporter with a horrible sense of style, is assigned to cover the Seattle Chinooks Hockey team. The team is not happy to have a woman reporter following them. Jane' [...]

    • Lyndi says:

      This was kinda 'blah' for me.I finished this book last night and while I remember most of what happened, nothing positive sticks out.I didn't like the way Jane treated herself. Her low self-esteem was bad enough, but to then be in denial about it is just shitty icing on a crap cake.I didn't like how the team treated Jane. I didn't like the way Luc treated Jane.I didn't like the way Luc treated Marie.I didn't like how Jane wouldn't take any chances with Caroline.I didn't like the way Jane treated [...]

    • Lauren says:

      See Jane Score5 StarsWhile sports romances are not really my thing, Rachel Gibson's Chinooks books are light and fun and sexy. Jane is a wonderful heroine full of spirit and sass, and Luc is a real charmer despite his decidedly self-absorbed personality. The minor conflict revolving around Jane's "secret career" is, thankfully, well-written and not overly drawn out or angsty. In sum, a lovely read for a rainy day. Looking forward to reading more in the series.

    • valee says:

      Okay, not sure what to write about this series. I'm liking it so far, but far from getting obsessed with it. The book was fine but I feel like something very important in the story is missing. It feels like watching those cheesy movies you know what will happen from the beginning. I like the books in this series, but I'll never be crazy about them. It's weird because at some parts it feels like the story is gonna get much better but it never does. You just read this book if you wanna have a nice [...]

    • Tuba Sayed says:

      Our male protagonist didn't have John and Mark charm (seriously though, Mark is bae. Heart eyes.) And our female protagonist was kinda okay, but I did like this book.

    • Nereyda (Nick & Nereyda's Infinite Booklist) says:

      I first read this read ago and I've re-read it a few times over the years. This is the first time I listen to this on audio though and I was happy to be able to enjoy a story of one of my favorite authors again. Especially since this is my favorite series of hers. I'm such a sucker for books about hockey players and the reason for all that is this series right here. Hockey players are hot, and nobody writes them hotter than Mrs. Gibson!As a reporter, Jane's next job is to cover the Chinooks hock [...]

    • jenjn79 says:

      I pretty much dreaded reading this book. After the last Rachel Gibson book I read, Sex Lies & Online dating, I just was not looking forward to this one. But I'd already bought it (for $0.75) so I made myself read it.For whatever reason, though, See Jane Score was immensely better than Sex, Lies & Online Dating. I actually really enjoyed itbut I might be a bit swayed by the hockey theme since I love hockey. Even so, it was just all around better. The flow and writing of the book was bette [...]

    • Nikki says:

      4 stars.The hockey action was great; the storyline not overly original but not bad. While I really liked the H/h as individuals, I just felt that I couldn't fully connect with them and was dubious as to how they connected together.Jane Alcott started off as a wallflower reporter who found herself attracted and falling for Luc Martineau, the Seattle Chinooks' goalie. Their interactions started off cold and iffy but the gradual mutual attraction came through and they found themselves liking (and l [...]

    • Lea's Audiobooks Hensley says:

      Audio version narrated by Kathleen Early.An old favorite in print is now a new favorite in audio!

    • Bella Carstairs says:

      Esta es la segunda (o tal vez tercera?) vez que leo este libro. Fue el primer libro de Rachel Gibson que leí hace como 4 años y el primero que leí también de esta saga. Y, como la primera vez, me ha resultado un libro muy entretenido y me ha gustado mucho.See Jane Score (en español: Jane juega y gana) es el segundo libro de la saga Chinooks cuyos protagonistas masculinos son jugadores de Hockey del equipo Los Chinooks de Seatle. En este caso el protagonista es Luc Martineau, el famoso porte [...]

    • Jacob Proffitt says:

      While the second in a series, there isn't really anything linking this to the first beyond the team. And anything you learn about the players in the first is reiterated here (and not boringly, I might add).I enjoyed this story, though I can't help feeling like the parts shouldn't have added up to as much fun as I had. The plot was predictable as were the characters so really, this is made engaging by the pacing and Gibson's skill in presenting the expected well and with enough heart for me to ca [...]

    • Jan130 says:

      I haven't really got much to add to all the reviews of this great little book. It's a fairly quick read and it's a while since I read a really good book so I've gone down the reread path today. Had some reading time today and reread the whole thing. And I enjoyed it all over again. It's a really well-written and laugh-out-loud story. Yes, really laugh-out-loud. It's genuinely clever and funny. Luc Martineau the hot Canadian hockey goalie and Jane the reluctant sports reporter dislike each other [...]

    • Katie(babs) says:

      Rachel Gibson writes the cutest stories and See Jane Score has just been added to the list. Luc, professional hockey goaley is her typical "jerk" at the beginning of the book, but by meeting the heroine Jane, he quickly changes into a more sensitive loving guy. Jane is a true original who wears total black because she has no fashion sense, has no chest (think AA) to speak of and writes a secret column called Honey Pie who puts men into comas through her sexual antics. Jane would love to be Honey [...]

    • Viviana Giorgi says:

      Mi è piaciuto un sacco. Più il protagonista maschile, Luc (ormai uno dei miei preferiti), che lei, Jane. Ma ciò è molto comune nel romance, perché descrivere grandi personaggi maschili è molto più facile. E poi adoro l'hockey e la Gibson sa anche parlare di sport senza mai eccedere. È una grande serie, questa dei Seattle CHinook, la consiglio assolutamente (anche perché i primi due sono già stati tradotti in italiano, quindi è accessibile anche a chi non legge in VO). Non do 5 stelle, [...]

    • Hollie says:

      cute although predictable sports romanceThis made for a sweet, light romantic read. I never really fell in love with the characters or storyline by it was still pleasant if you are looking for a simple, easy read. This would make a good beach read.

    • Splage says:

      This is a reread for me and since it was game 7 of the NHL finals tonight I thought I needed a hockey book. Cute story, not as good as I remembered, but still very good, sexy sports read. Highly recommend the series for those arrogant sports heroes that I love.

    • Nadia says:

      Cute and fluffy and exactly what I was expecting. And way better than the prequel.

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