The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days

The Cursing Mommy s Book of Days Based on his widely read columns for The New Yorker Ian Frazier s uproarious first novel The Cursing Mommy s Book of Days centers on a profoundly memorable character sprung from an impressively fe

  • Title: The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days
  • Author: Ian Frazier
  • ISBN: 9781427226976
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Based on his widely read columns for The New Yorker, Ian Frazier s uproarious first novel, The Cursing Mommy s Book of Days, centers on a profoundly memorable character, sprung from an impressively fertile imagination Structured as a daybook of sorts, with the Cursing Mommy beleaguered wife of Larry and mother of two boys, twelve and nine trying or less valiantly tBased on his widely read columns for The New Yorker, Ian Frazier s uproarious first novel, The Cursing Mommy s Book of Days, centers on a profoundly memorable character, sprung from an impressively fertile imagination Structured as a daybook of sorts, with the Cursing Mommy beleaguered wife of Larry and mother of two boys, twelve and nine trying or less valiantly to offer tips on how to do various tasks around the home, only to end up on the ground, cursing, surrounded by broken glass Her voice is somewhere between Phyllis Diller s and Sylvia Plath s a hilariously desperate housewife with a taste for swearing and large glasses of red wine, who speaks to the frustrations of everyday life.From On the Rez, an investigation into the lives of modern day Oglala Sioux written with an impressive mix of humor, compassion, and imagination, to Dating Your Mom, a side splitting collection of humorous essays that imagines, among other things, how you might begin a romance with your mother, Frazier has demonstrated an astonishing ability to operate with ease in a variety of registers Here he tackles yet another genre with his usual grace and aplomb, and an extra helping of his trademark wicked wit The Cursing Mommy s failures and weaknesses are our own and Frazier, at the height of his powers as a writer and observer, gives them a loving, satirical spin that is uniquely his own.
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    • Suzanne says:

      This book isweird. Very, very weird. But I got a big kick out of it. It's NOT NOT NOT NOT for anyone who doesn't care for swearing in a book. It's pretty much half swearing, which I tended to just skip over after a while. The story, if there is a story, is about a married mother of two boys keeping a diary or blog of her year. The year is marked by her husband's boss getting a big crush on her, her husband having to go on business to Nigeria a lot, her caring for her father in a nursing home, va [...]

    • Leigh Ann says:

      I thought this book was awful. Reviews said how funny it is, but I didn't laugh at all. The main character is an alcoholic, insane, ignorant woman. The male author has quite a skewed view if he thinks this is the way women think and behave. The environment, ranging from the schools, grocery stores, companies, and every person she is in contact with, is horrific. I can't imagine anywhere as awful as this place. I'm not sure how or why I continued to read it, but it was justified in the end of how [...]

    • Kathryn Bashaar says:

      I am reading a lot of books these days, because I pulled a hamstring right before Christmas and pretty much can't do anything except sit around reading books and resting my leg.This book was funny. Although most of us don't curse or drink as much as Cursing Mommy, I think almost all middle-class mothers can identify with the desire to have the domestic talents of Martha Stewart and the Zen calm of the Dalai Lama - and to fall miserably short on both and become seriously annoyed - and need a drin [...]

    • Tamra says:

      I picked this up at the library because it looked like a quick, funny read. I had never read any other books by this author, but I hope they are better than this one. Some parts were funny, but some were just plain ridiculous. In one year there is a sand storm, a typhoon, and hailing locusts?? And the school stuff was ridiculous and so dumb, how can a school pick up and move over seas? The whole Boss/Client story was stupid and I don't know why it was in the book to begin with. I got annoyed at [...]

    • Michael Lipsey says:

      This is a very dangerous book!!! I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to hurt myself. The last book I read that was this funny was "Lucky Jim" by Kingsley Amis and that was about 50 years ago. I love the cursing mommy because she just has a #@#@ bad attitude and an amazingly ##@## way with words. By the time I was halfway through the book I was finding myself cussing more frequently and comfortably. I mean, what is the point of language if you don't use all of it? It is an actual novel, [...]

    • Janet Gardner says:

      After reading a review, I bought this as a holiday gift for my favorite cursing mommy. Then I figured I’d better read a few pages to make sure it was right for her. And I ended up reading the whole thing before wrapping it up for her. (She’ll never know. Unless I tell her. Which I will.) It’s a quick, lightweight, frivolous read, but I’m warped enough to have enjoyed it. It goes day by day through a chaotic year in the life of the unnamed Cursing Mommy. Her kids--one a thug, the other a [...]

    • Erin says:

      I was looking for a light hearted, easy read after finishing a long project which kept me from reading. I wanted to giggle, to nod with understanding and to shake my head with some fictional craziness. I did giggle, I did nod with some understanding, and I did shake my head from the craziness. But I have to say the cussing got old, real fast. It actually made things less funny, less likely to be like my life and the crazy stuff just shitty. I would not recommend this book. Especially to those wh [...]

    • Kathy says:

      Well, hmm. I liked this book and didn't like it. I liked the idea of it but found the execution lacking. It just seemed repetitive to me. After the first few times of the "Cursing Mommy" going from calm to frantic and potty mouthed lost is' attraction. I could relate to many of the "'mommy's" complaints but just grew weary of her constant bitching, frankly!Cynthia Nixon did a great job with what she had, but after the intial amusement of her screaming obscenities into my ears, it grew old. Maybe [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      I really wanted to like this book, finish this book, but I was bored to tears. This is the story of a dysfunctional alcoholic with a potty mouth, who is disgusted with her husband, kids, and life in general. She wakes up hungover and unable to deal with her life. When her attempts to handle situations fail, she cusses in a paragraph long tirade (in all caps) and then gets drunk. The process starts again the next day. I found all the repetition to be tiring. Did not get past 'March'. May have pic [...]

    • Pia says:

      Easily the funniest book I've read all year. Laugh out loud on the subway funny. Make people think I need to be checked into a facility funny. Just seriously damn funny.

    • Laura says:

      Amusing in the abstract. Repulsive in the particular.

    • Leslie Langtry says:

      As reviewed on Bookendbabes:The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days, by Ian Frazier, reviewed by a real Cursing Mommy – without actually using any cursewords.Posted on October 4, 2012 by Leslie LangtryMy name is Leslie Langtry…and I’m a Cursing Mommy…True story – two years ago, my boss walks into my office and hands me this column in The New Yorker, called ‘The Cursing Mommy.’“I read this and it reminded me of you…” she said cryptically before leaving – making me wonder if there [...]

    • Emily Dannenberg says:

      I had pretty high hopes for this book, seeing that it is about a lady who curses profusely and loves herself a good cocktail, things I can certainly relate to. However, since I am not near the childbearing phase of my life, it was hard for me to relate, except that she made children seem even less appealing than I already find them to be. There were 'laugh out loud' moments, but not as many has I had expected there to be. In fact, this book brought me as much sadness as it did laughs. This poor [...]

    • Joe says:

      I review Ian Frazier’s first novel, The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Daysin the October 10, 2012 edition of the Boston Globe. Like her columns, Mommy’s yearlong daybook chronicles her hopes, dreams, and frustrations with some aspect of daily life usually causing her to flip out, curse, break things, or give people the finger.Go to my blog:Have Words Will Write ‘Emand then to the Boston GlobeOn my Blog, you’ll also find an embedded YouTube video of Cynthia Nixon reading from “The Cursing M [...]

    • Alexis says:

      I've read Ian Frazier's Cursing Mommy pieces in the New Yorker, and thought they were hysterical. I viewed a book with trepidation, because every Cursing Mommy piece follows the same trajectory, and how do you keep that going? But, library book, why not?It is funny, as a collection of bits. As a book, it doesn't quite hold together. The humor flags. It never goes above being a collection of bits. As much as I laughed, I can't justify rating it higher as a book, because as a whole, it doesn't wor [...]

    • Julia says:

      I should start by saying that I read this book - I did not listen to the audio CD. I cannot imagine how I could possible listen to it with two kids in the car. You should be prepared that pretty much every other word in this book is the F-bomb. and it usually appears IN ALL CAPS. If that doesn't bother you than go ahead and read it. It's a quick read and at time was laugh out loud funny. Of course my 13 year old kept wanted to know what I was laughing at but I couldn't share without bleeping out [...]

    • Kathryn says:

      I couldn't read more than a few pages of this before returning it to the to-be-returned shelf. It's supposedly a fictional account of a year in the life of a harassed mother (what other kinds are there?) but the diary entries were silly, meaningless, not at all funny, and replete with lots of UPPERCASE words of 4 letters. I laugh about everything connected to being a parent, even when one of my children had cancer, but this book is just inane. It doesn't deserve even 1 star.

    • Darcy says:

      I admit that I only gave this one a try because it kept showing up in my library's home page of downloadable audio books. The title caught my attention and I thought it would be a fun one to listen too. I didn't make it very far before I had to give it up. I hated the mommy character, she drove me nuts with her potty mouth, disdain in her whole life, and patronizing tone that addressed her daily activities. In the end this one just wasn't for me.

    • Carolyn says:

      I found myself cursing right along with Cynthia Nixon in my car. although it has been a while since my two boys were in school, since I've been in a book group, etc. etc. I see things have changed little. The mind-numbing brightness of all the stay-at-home mommy blogs that link to Pinterest make this one f-ing funny satire/parody. What is the distinction between those two anyhow? If you can't find the humor and insight in this, you have no sense of humor.

    • Jody says:

      I enjoy gratuitous profanity as well as gratuitous George Bush bashing. I especially enjoy these in a book that makes me laugh out loud and is narrated by a character who bears an uncanny (and potentially worrisome) resemblance to the voice in my head. It's comedy, people. Take it as such and if profanity offends you I might recommend a book that doesn't include cursing in the title.

    • Harriet says:

      The first 30 pages or so of this book were hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny, smart, and entertaining. But then the shtick got old. Very old. Very fast. How many times can you read about the main character lying face down (or face up) under a hammock, on the kitchen floor, etc. etc. and find it amusing? My limit was two or three times. Which is why I couldn't even finish the book.

    • Nancy says:

      Gratuitous profanity. Gratuitous George Bush bashing. Gratuitous profanity. Gratuitous George Bush bashing. Repeat. Repeat. REPEAT. Now you know what the book is about and you don't have to waste your time reading it. Very weak.

    • Janet says:

      If I were a stay-at-home mom, this book would be my inner monologue. Surprised at the negative reviews, as this book is hysterical! Dry, acerbic, inappropriate, and completely off-the-wall. If you cannot comprehend un-obvious humor, this book is probably not for you.

    • Heather says:

      Oh my word, this was HORRIBLE. I picked it up from the library because I enjoy Ian Frazier books, cursing and mommy blogs. I got through maybe 10 pages before I started skimming. I suggest reading an actual mom blog, about something actually funny, and not wasting your time with this.

    • Pamela Huxtable says:

      Why didn't I listen to Sharon and forgo reading this piece of crap?

    • Kristy says:

      It was ok. Not as funny as I'd hope it would be. Some interesting indirect concepts about the state of our school systems and where they could end up.

    • Elizabeth says:

      An entertaining summer read that hit the spot for me! More like three-and-a-half stars. Thanks Mom!

    • Elaine says:

      Not that funny to me and it irked me it was a man writing it.

    • Kevin Stephens says:

      If you’ve spent (maybe too much) time on social media, chances are you’ve met somebody like “The Cursing Mommy,” and that recognition is what initially makes this satirical book quite funny. Then, you start to realize there is a sinister plot developing that the Cursing Mommy only dimly senses, because she’s too distracted by her frustrating, alcohol-impaired, often violent entanglements with ordinary domestic duties and projects, and that whets your appetite for some potentially fun a [...]

    • Nancy says:

      I struggled to rate this. On the one hand, there were some very funny bits. On the other hand, many of the bits were repeated, just under different circumstances. On the other (?) hand, when I was in a certain mood, the repetition itself struck me funny. I was going to write that this material would make a better series of magazine columns than a book; then I found out that Cursing Mommy had started out in Frazier's columns, and the book developed from them. Cursing Mommy does curse a lot! But I [...]

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