Vet's Desire

Vet s Desire Tim Clarke the handsome and rich playboy vet doesn t believe in happily ever afters Women are to date bed and leave in that order Then along comes plus sized party girl Cindy Lawson with her devil

  • Title: Vet's Desire
  • Author: Angela Verdenius
  • ISBN: 9781476013923
  • Page: 377
  • Format: ebook
  • Tim Clarke, the handsome and rich playboy vet, doesn t believe in happily ever afters Women are to date, bed and leave in that order Then along comes plus sized party girl Cindy Lawson, with her devil may care attitude, wicked humour and tender heart, and suddenly Tim s chosen path, while not very smooth to start with, has become a whole lot rockier.
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    • Genney Blass says:

      This story was very good. I truly Love the attitude of Cindy Lawson, she is my She-Hero. A Voluptuous Woman should walk with her head up high and tell the world, that even though she is not skinny she is still beautiful, sexy, inside and out. If people around you do not like what they see well that is there opinion and your opinion is more important. Tim Clarke what a Handsome, sexy ass hell, he was so emotional unstable, because he was not seeing that what was in front of him he deserved. His m [...]

    • PointyEars42 says:

      So close to 3 stars. Horrendous lack of editing - repeated use of the same words, use of cliches, & a frequent use of phrases more suited to a Brit historical romance than a contemporary Aussie one. On the plus size side its nice to see the philandering hero be treated the way he would be treated in real life: with justifiable suspicion & disdain because everyone knows he's a slut. It's also good to see him try to get to grips with why he behaves the way he does instead of the usual roma [...]

    • Anna D. says:

      It was refreshing to see Tim doubt he could deserve Cindy and that he, like the other heroes in this series, sort of had to “earn” their heroines, in a way – especially since these men were prizes and the women were categorized by society as undesirable. Knowing that Tim had the looks, connections, his name/reputation, and money to entice almost any woman, I really liked that he had insecurities because he knew Cindy would be able to see through his façade – and what lay underneath was [...]

    • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews) says:

      Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsVet's Desire begins with Tim being out on the town when he runs into Cindy Lawson, party girl who is friends with his friends. He doesn't understand Cindy, and he really doesn't like her all that much either. Especially after she makes a fool of him in front of another woman. But after that night he can't seem to get her off of his mind. And Cindy is finally seeing Tim for who he is. She's actually attracted to him now, but she knows he wouldn't go for s [...]

    • L says:

      3.5*I was glad to finally read the last in this trilogy - although it would be great to have more books like these where the heroine is a plus size girl (an actual plus size not just a size 8 instead of a 2!). I had enjoyed Tim's antics from the previous books and was not dissapointed by him in this one. Ya gotta love a hot vet! I liked the parts with little baby Al (adorable kitten!) and Cindy's brothers (they need books!) and of course the interactions between Tim and the hero's (his friends) [...]

    • Janey says:

      Last book in the series, finally Tim the vet and his luscious babe Cindy get their story, starts out rocky but a cute little kitten called Al brings them together, loved that the four characters from the last two books get mentioned and are involved on the stories Mike will always be my favourite. You get to hear about Cindy's brothers Marty and Alex and how chuffed was I to learn they have there own books and there ready to read, I'm thinking I'm going to like Alex. lighthearted fun series, def [...]

    • Amanda Sheila says:

      I LOVE ANGELA VERDENIUS'S BOOKS! Not only because i'm a big girl myself, but because the way she wrote her books are just Genius! I LOVE IT!Vet's Desire is the third book of Big Girl's Lovin' series and thank God I've read 'em all. But overall, my favorite is the second one. Don't know why, I just love the way Mike's authority style. Very Intense. Anyway, I can't wait to purchase the fourth book, The Virgin Sex Queen. Allan's story now! Gah!!!!

    • Yalda says:

      Nicely done!!! Not my fav of the BGL series, but a great one nonetheless. Love it when sexy boys adore girls with an extra somethin' somethin' xD hahahaFun, sweet, sexy seriesu gotta read it!Besides, being the author Australian, learned lots of slangs :D So thank u Mrs. Verdenius for helping me improve my vocabulary ;)

    • Amber says:

      I have enjoyed this book series so much I so wish the characters were real people because I would love to hang out with them if they were :) if you want to read a feel good turn your frown upside down series this is a fantastic series for you to read :)

    • Sarah says:

      LOVED it!! Cindy is the kind of person I would have liked to aspire to. Actually I would like to a combo of all 3 women in all the books. Please tell me there will be more books for this series!!

    • Leticia Isquerdo says:


    • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) says:

      Okay, forgive me for being super lazy, but I am going to review all the books in this trilogy in one review, this is to stop boring you with repetition as what I have to say about each book is pretty similar.The trilogy goes in this order:I normally reserve the first part of my review to give a general synopsis of the book, been as I doing a three in one deal I will give a general run down. In each book we have a heroine with body issues who unwittingly ensnares a hot man who then has the task o [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Book 3 in 'Big girls lovin series'. Let me just say, this book is hot. Hotter than the first 2. I enjoyed the story about the Doctor & the Cop, but by god this story about the Vet is the sexiest. Vet Tim Clarke, we met in book 1, he's a good friend to Dr Rick Reed, they are old school friends. Tim has the best sense of humour. His romantic story was a joy to read, he's very sexy, hot & makes the reader laugh.Cindy we got to know in book 2, she is the best friend to Maddy fiance' to Mike [...]

    • Jessica Vickery says:

      Although there was some parts that lacked editing this was simply an amazing book, I loved it. It's one of the few books that I didn't lose interest at some point, that's hard to do for me. This is the best book in the trilogy, they truly got better as you got to the next one. Cindy won my heart, normally the plus sized girls are so insecure and being bigger than the skinny girls myself that annoys me because not all plus sized girls are completely insecure. I simply loved her and she's my favor [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Vet's Desire shows how a man has power over his own heart, but does have the power over what to do once his heart shows him who is right for him.Tim Clarke is cynical and rich. His mother always told him he was not good enough, somehow being a veterinarian was not as a doctor, and so he has always gone for the hard edged women that way No'One was hurt when he walks way the next morning. History has taught him that mostly they want him for his mother's money and his last name.Cindy Lawson is a pl [...]

    • Chumchum_88 says:

      I'm loving Angels Verdenius books, I'm thinking of reading the lawson boys books next ^^- I was really shocked with Tim in this book, in the previous ones he was the funny joker guy in the group, but you notice glimpses of the sadness within. In here he really opened up, he looked within himself and took a closer look to his surroundings and finally FINALLY talked about his feelings. I liked how he became upfront to her, he might have stumbled in the beginning but caught up and spilled his guts, [...]

    • Goobledybook says:

      4-Star Book4-Star SeriesI'm not sure this book can be truly appreciated unless the first two books have been read. Tim is typical playboy leading male finding love for the first time, but the story was better than your typical because you really got to understand WHY he was very love 'em and leave 'em. The interactions between Tim and his friends were fantastic through the entire series and this book was no different.Cindy was a great example of a woman who accepted and liked herself as is, but [...]

    • Amy says:

      I liked "Doctor's Delight" and "Cop's Passion"--the two prequels--much better than this one. In this story, Time, a vet, acted more like an adolescent than a grown man, especially for someone who trained to be a vet. He always wore goofy, sexualized themed t-shirts in order to brag about his sexual prowess. Only a 16 or 17-year-old male would do such a thing in reality; a grown, mature man wouldn't need to advertise that he was a sexually mature man and would be above wearing such apparel. Also, [...]

    • ⚜️Trea says:

      I really liked this book, simply because it was so unexpected! The hero never thought that Plus Sized Women could be his type, and his heroine never expected to be attracted to him! I loved Cindy's flamboyance, her lack of concern about what others thought of her size, and her desire to just be herself. I really need to take a lesson from her! This was a very funny read, and I was sorry to see it end, but my Kindle tells me there is hope on the horizon: stories about her brothers!

    • Erica says:

      Great Story!!!Loved it!!Well written, great characters and a great story to go with it.I loved Cindy she was sassy and funny and took no crap.Tim was cool and funny His shirts crack me up.As a couple I think they really worked and I loved reading cameos of the other couples from the previous installments.All up a great story with a Big Beautiful heroine and a sexy hot hero.I will most definitely be continuing on with Cindy's Brothers' spin off stories and anything else Angela Verdenius has writt [...]

    • Taymara Jagmohan says:

      Like always in reality; for every innocuous and unfaithful bastard, there is a holy bunny out there.WHy does love have to be so predicted?I hated the story lines. How can someone who is totally versed in the opposite book lines belong to the heart-rendering strings of your middle? OH COMMON!Dont make love such a predicted notion. It isn't. Thus far, I have read and never understood about love.Im not going to feel it either, but it is just common. Too common. Conventional. I'd rather sit with boo [...]

    • Emmie says:

      Synopsis:Tim Clarke, the handsome and rich playboy vet, doesn’t believe in happily ever-afters. Women are to date, bed and leave - in that order. Then along comes plus-sized party girl Cindy Lawson, with her devil-may-care attitude, wicked humour and tender heart, and suddenly Tim’s chosen path, while not very smooth to start with, has become a whole lot rockier.My review:I love books by this author, and I enjoyed this particular book. I can identify with the characters and the book leaves y [...]

    • Sofia says:

      It started full force with great potential for an epic read. But towards the middle of the book all started go down hill for me, despite that it sould have me bouncing in the seat from giddiness from what was happening in the story.I haven't finished it yet, i'm giving it another chance and hoping for the remaining chapters to be good.March 15th 2015I read it from the beginning again.It's not a bad story, but once again was difficult for me to continue reading it.I was bored and sidetracted very [...]

    • SaN~ says:

      For me, the second book is the best from all three. This is a story about Cindy Lawson, the local party girl and yes, plus size, with Tim Clarke, the local playboy vet. Quite interesting but a bit lack of conflict. But I still enjoy reading it though. There are of course Rick and Cherry also Mike and Maddy here. And the funny thing is those three best buddies actually get the plus size girls. What a coincidence :)Next, of course I can't wait to read the story of Alex and Marty, Cindy's yummy bro [...]

    • PNR says:

      I didn't like it as much as the first two, but mostly because I like insecure, vulnerable chubby heroines who overcome their issues with the help of the hero. This, if anything, was the reverse. All cute, no angst. I think I just don't relate to the heroine of this one the way I do the other two. (2.5 stars)

    • Cassia Jao says:

      im not crazy about this book but i liked itd among the 3 books i loved this last bookTim is so cool with his t-shirts and all my favorite one was the last t-shirt that says "Please say yes" when he proposed to Cindyhe has the most outrageous proposald i laugh a lot on this one

    • Rupinder says:

      There were alot of spelling errors, but im used to automatically correcting the sentence as i am reading. So that did not bother me as much. But i somewhat enjoyed this series, it was nice to read about plus sized ladies.

    • Sunny A Rea says:

      SteamyCindy has much more depth than previously shown in the series. Vet's desire had some surprisingly touching moments too. While it is not my favorite of the series, it was very entertaining.

    • Linda Pidgeon says:

      A great a seriesI read all three book from all them were great not often are books about plus sizes women some are looking for that one person and all three did it a must all for everyone to read t he series

    • Leslie says:

      FantasticVet's Desire is a fantastic, sweet, emotional story. I am glad Tim got his own story, especially with Cindy. I loved their characters in previous books, and they made the perfect couple, despite Tim's hang-ups. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.

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