Loss A k word or about printed pages novella of psychological horrorAfter Angie Chandler s husband dies in a car crash in which she was driving her life comes undone Though her soul mate is gone he

  • Title: Loss
  • Author: Glen R. Krisch Kealan Patrick Burke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A 29k word or about 110 printed pages novella of psychological horrorAfter Angie Chandler s husband dies in a car crash in which she was driving, her life comes undone Though her soul mate is gone, her memories of Paul linger as she tries to recover at their secluded wooded estate Ostracized from Paul s family the only family she has really known Angie s life spiralsA 29k word or about 110 printed pages novella of psychological horrorAfter Angie Chandler s husband dies in a car crash in which she was driving, her life comes undone Though her soul mate is gone, her memories of Paul linger as she tries to recover at their secluded wooded estate Ostracized from Paul s family the only family she has really known Angie s life spirals down a dark path of alcohol and pills In the blur of constant self medication, Angie is in no position to know what is happening to her Is Paul haunting her Has she gone mad Or is there another possibility, something far worse
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      437 Glen R. Krisch Kealan Patrick Burke
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    • Luvtoread says:

      Loss is a very fast read and hard to put down. I enjoy Glen Krisch's style of writing, the story ebbed and flowed nicely, but the ending seemed rushed and not as cohesive to the story as I would have liked. The storyline is so true to life before it jumps into the horror phase, which is what I was waiting for!

    • Kimberly says:

      LOSS, by Glen R. Krisch, is a novella of intensely poignant emotion. The feeling that resonates within the reader is one that takes over, consuming their mind for its duration so that any external stimuli are pushed into the background. We first meet Angie and Paul Chambers at one of Paul's family's parties. The characterization--not only of Angie and Paul, but also of Paul's relations--leaves out nothing. I immediately got a feeling for his mother's, Imogene's, barely concealed distain for Angi [...]

    • Ken McKinley says:

      Regret can be a hard meal to choke down. Angie and Paul have a great marriage, but are having fertility issues. The topic of adoption has come up, but the two can't agree on it. The two go to Paul's family's place for a get-together where the festivities kick into gear and Paul has a few drinks in him. Later in the evening, his younger sibling breaks the news that they're expecting. In the throws of excitement, not wanting to be outdone and fueled by alcohol, Paul blurts out that him and Angie a [...]

    • Char says:

      This was a relatively quick read and I absolutely LOVED it.Rarely do I say that I could not put a book/novella down, but in this case it is true. This story was fast paced, the characters were very likeable and I could feel the ache of the main character as if it were my own. Spend a couple of hours and see for yourself.

    • Vicki Willis says:

      This novella had a great intensity that made it impossible to put down. I read the whole thing in one sitting. There were lots of details that made the story so good! It kept me guessing and I did not predict the ending. I thought it was the perfect ending for the story. It was a 5 star read for me and I would highly recommend it!

    • Katy says:

      Please note: I read this January 2012; just updating the formatting, etc.Disclosure: I picked this book up free on after having read a few other books by this author and enjoying them. All opinions are my own.My Synopsis: On the night that everything changed for Angie, she and her husband had been at his brother's place and got into an argument. They had been discussing adoption, but while Paul was all for it, Angie didn't feel comfortable about it, thinking she would never be able to love an a [...]

    • Chris says:

      Wow. This one packs a punch. I was reminded of Greg Gifune's "A View from the Lake." I am not saying that it was derivative. Not in the least. I say that because it explored the same dark paths that people take through grief's landscape. Less internal than Gifune's "Lake", Krisch's novel and its main character, Angie Chandler is more grounded in the real world and its demons more tangible. I found myself cringing at her very realistic downward spiral, sort of like watching a horrible event that [...]

    • Martin Belcher says:

      Glen Krisch has done it again! Another amazing page turning novella. Loss starts off with the story of Angie and Paul Chandler, a couple very happy with their lives and the life they share with the wealthy Chandler family until one fateful night on the road on the return journey from a family party filled with revelations, Angie and Paul encounter a strange black mass on the road, is it a deer or a man? The panic caused by trying to avoid crashing into this mass causes them to run off the road i [...]

    • Jon Recluse says:

      This story is one Hell of a dark, scary ride through an emotional minefield that you won't soon forget! The pain contained here is heartwrenchingly real, powerful and will linger in your soul. An incredible piece of dark fiction!

    • Amanda says:

      It's not very often that you read a book and it physically hurts you. That's what this novella did to me. It hurt my heart. This was so astoundingly well written that the emotional pain just flowed off the page, you felt all of the emotions that the main character, Angie, felt. And she felt so much pain. I really cannot rate this story highly enough, everyone should read this. I am certainly going to pick up more of this authors work.Ps, I purchased this myself.

    • Bethica says:

      Wow! And that doesn't even begin to cover it. This book rendered me utterly speechless as I read through the final pages. The emotions embedded within leave you feeling like you're the one with the loss. Angie's deep turmoil and anguish are almost too much to bear. Krish once again surprises me with the depth of his writing abilities and leaves me craving more. I'll be anxiously awaiting his next release!

    • William says:

      I really liked this story,very creepy and dark.It also had me guessing right up to the end.This one was a freebie,but I'll definitely be checking out the authors other work.

    • Caleb Blake says:

      Angie has suffered a devastating loss. Her husband has been killed in a car accident in the snow and she was the driver. This is basically where we start with Loss.Glen Krisch wants to tell a story with this novella, but I think he also wants to explore loss - in this case Angie's loss - in detail. I'm no stranger to Krisch's writing and one thing that I've admired is his writing of characters. There is an honesty about the Angie's portrayal in her time of suffering. Instead of the romantic, swo [...]

    • Bandit says:

      The more I read of this author the more I like him, although so far my first read by him, The Nightmare Within, remains my favorite. This novella is paranormal lite with elements of suspense and not really horror (which would have been my preference), but it's got a great twist toward the end and really strong believable humane characters. Very talented author. Recommended.

    • Byron'Giggsy' Paul says:

      a good story, and a good length for it. Deals with the real-life trauma of the death of a close one, with some very interesting unnatural twists at the end that the horror genre can bring

    • Donald says:

      I liked most of this. I liked the style. The words flowed nicely. But then I got to the end and just sat there thinking about it. There was something missing. It was like I had just read a story written by one guy who put it down—just stopped writing it, and it was picked up by someone else who finished it without really reading it through first.Then it occurred to me what the problem really was. Darrel was dragged away by his brother. Why would we care about that? We don't even know Darrel. T [...]

    • Kat says:

      I'm conflicted on what to rate this one. I was asked by the author to review it for my site, and I was under the impression that it was a ghost/paranormal/thriller sort of book. Only it wasn't really, at least it didn't come across that way at all. On the other hand, the writing (in the begnning) was pretty spot on for how someone would feel after such a tragic event. In fact, it hit a little close to home after the death of a family member in a brutal car accident last monthBut once the last pa [...]

    • Trisha W. says:

      I really enjoyed this book The beginning goes back and fourth between them at Paul's mom's house and them in the car before the accident. The story just keeps better as it goes on. It tells how Paul and Angie got together, how much in love they were and some family problems they had been having. As the story goes on a new character is brought into the book and I have to say that I was not expecting it. Lost of twists and turns and even more family drama For sure a great read!

    • Francene Carroll says:

      I picked up this book to read for a few minutes and then found I couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting and enjoyed it a lot. The portrayal of Angie's grief is very realistic and the tension builds nicely. The ending is a little abrupt, but it wasn't enough to detract from my overall enjoyment. I recommend this book for a cosy afternoon of reading by the fireside.

    • Michele says:

      This was a great novella! I read it every spare moment I had. Glenn Krisch really knows how to grab the readers attention & keep it! Loved this!

    • Douglas Castagna says:

      A powerful blow to the gut. This short novella delivers the goods, it is at once a tale of suspense and an atmospheric ghost story that is never short on thrills, surprises or emotion.

    • Lida says:

      Just a little mushy for my tastes but a nice read overall.This is a fine book for fans of chick-lit. I’m drawn more towards the sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and mystery genre. This was a good light read while waiting in the doctor’s office. I’m sure it’s fine, just not my cup of tea and ends a little sappy.

    • Gini Rainey says:

      If you are interested in a good, quick read, you might want to try this one. Krisch explores the loss of Angie’s husband due to a car accident. There is an apparent honesty about in how Krisch portrays Angie’s character during her time of suffering following the accident. Instead of being a romantic, swooning with loss, but courageous and plucky to the end, Angie is seen as a decidedly messier and more plausible heroine. By the end of the novella, you won’t even be certain if Angie reaches [...]

    • Sally says:

      I will start this review with the positives. It is a novella and the story is very quick and flows nicely. Over all the writing was better than I was expecting. Unfortunately that is where the positives end. The book itself should not at all be listed as a horror story as it is heavily a story of drug dependency in dealing with the loss of a partner and the only paranormal aspect comes into play very late in the story and is underwhelming at best. All of the supporting characters are very one di [...]

    • Elusive says:

      In ‘Loss’, Angie’s beloved husband Paul dies in an accident. Depressed and unable to move on, she’s also filled with guilt as she believes it’s her fault that he’d died. If only that strange figure hadn’t suddenly appeared on the roadIt was easy to sympathize with Angie as the author did a good job delving into how such a major loss affected her in every way. She merely existed instead of truly living. Besides that, she became addicted to alcohol and pills. She couldn’t even func [...]

    • Jessica Bronder says:

      Angie Chandler is married to Paul, one of a family of rich people. At a Christmas party with the family, Paul announces that they are going to adopt a child since they couldn’t have one. Embarrassed and put out, Angie leave the party early with Paul, but on the way home they are involved in a car accident in which Paul dies.Angie has a hard time coping with the death. It’s worse when she starts seeing Paul. Because of the alcohol and pain pills, she has a hard time getting through the vision [...]

    • Esme says:

      Loss ist eine Horror Novella mit wenig Horror. Angie und Paul sind ein glückliches Ehepaar, nur ihr Kinderwunsch erfüllt sich nicht. In einer Winternacht kommt ihr Auto auf der Heimfahrt von der Straße ab und Paul stirbt. Die überwiegende Zeit geht geht es um den Verlust, den Angie verarbeiten muß und es nicht kann. Daran ist überhaupt nichts Gruseliges. Im letzten Viertel nimmt das Buch eine Wendung, die wie drangepappt wirkt, um die Sache irgendwie zu Ende zu bringen. Und selbst das paß [...]

    • Emmett Tullia says:

      Slow start and a sudden ending. The book dwells a long-time on the longing and loss, almost to the point where I wanted her (Angie) to either get over it and introduce something else or I was going to be a DNF statistic. It introduces a possible paranormal element but does not develop it. Suddenly everything is resolved and the book ends. I guess the author reached a maximum limit and had to end the story. I think the story has potential. A good editor would have made this novella a great novell [...]

    • Konstantinos says:

      I recently read Loss during a long flight. The story starts strong and with each subsequent chapter the mystery grows and the "emotional atmosphere" builds up. Unfortunately the story ends rather abruptly and a bit unsatisfactorily. I don't want to give too much away so I will just say that the antagonist's behavior as well as the final resolution are a bit at odds with the rest of the story. Although an entertaining read, I would recommend the Nightmare Within or Where Darkness Dwells by the sa [...]

    • Shannon Gambino says:

      More of a paranormal thriller with a psychological twist, LOSS takes the reader through Angie's grief-stricken, Xanax-induced, drunken thoughts of both past and present. As she deals miserably with the loss of her husband, Glen Krisch adds the perfect amount of plot twists and character details to keep the reader sucked into Angie's hazy abyss while pondering what might happen next. This is the first time I can actually say I really liked a book cover, too.

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