A Thousand Bayonets

A Thousand Bayonets Upon returning from Afghanistan journalist John Webster discovers a gang war in his backyard Now he must find a way to survive in this Canadian warzone or die in the crossfire John Webster has seen t

  • Title: A Thousand Bayonets
  • Author: Joel Mark Harris
  • ISBN: 9781462032686
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Upon returning from Afghanistan, journalist John Webster discovers a gang war in his backyard Now he must find a way to survive in this Canadian warzone or die in the crossfire.John Webster has seen the terrible things human beings can do He s an experienced investigative journalist, recently returned from the war in Afghanistan John saw hell over there he looked deathUpon returning from Afghanistan, journalist John Webster discovers a gang war in his backyard Now he must find a way to survive in this Canadian warzone or die in the crossfire.John Webster has seen the terrible things human beings can do He s an experienced investigative journalist, recently returned from the war in Afghanistan John saw hell over there he looked death straight in the face He is glad to be back to the normalcy of his Canadian home that is, until he realizes there is a war brewing in his own backyard, and peace is a word no longer spoken.John gets caught up in the battle between two of the most powerful and murderous criminal gangs in the city Using what he learned on the foreign battlefields, he stays alive, despite the price on his head The only way to save his own life is to find the man responsible for the brutal neighborhood bloodshed When the police slap a subpoena on him, though, John finds his only solace on the streets.Suddenly, John is back in a warzone, fighting for his life Will he be able to stop the bloodthirsty crime lords The flashbacks to Afghanistan threaten to pull John into darkness Soon, the past and present collide, and he can t tell which way is up or down The need for redemption may be stronger than the need for survival as John Webster finds himself on his most dangerous assignment yet.
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      153 Joel Mark Harris
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    • Alexander S........... says:

      Good must read book of 2012Really interesting book, well written with good clear charactersWhen I started reading it I could not put it downit did remind me about my youth and days as security (Group4)life on the street.I really like and enjoy this bookI do hope Joel Mark Harris continue to write more he able to see and write about true streets.

    • Georgiann Hennelly says:

      This is a very goog thriller, John Webster is an investigative reporter, who has just returned from the war in Afganistan. Where he saw all the terrible things human beings can do to one another. But when he returns to what he thought would be a peaceful life, he follows up on a tip that puts him right in the middle of an explosive crime scene. John had been tipped off to a meeting of the top members of the Heart gang. To John the media and police it appears to be a gangland hit in the war betwe [...]

    • Joalby Phoenix says:

      I often tell my friends I'm not a big fan of works of Fiction because often it seems the author is trying too hard and overdeveloping the characters This book does NOT fall into that category. The build up to the multiple climaxes and low points in the books keep the reader intrigued and interested in what's next for John. From the minute you read the first page you're thrown into the adrenaline rather than take multiple chapters to develop characters and eventually 7 chapters in create the plot [...]

    • Susan Ashcraft says:

      John Webster is a handsome, broad shouldered experienced reporter, once stationed in Baghdad where he witnessed a bombing that killed and injured several people. While following the story he was shot in the leg. He is now a reporter for the Vancouver Daily Globe. Upon receiving a lead from his source, Webster is hopeful of learning more about the ongoing war between factions in Vancouver. Webster witnesses the shooting of 5 members of the Heart gang including Kenneth Dzyinski, the big boss; Anth [...]

    • Janet Newport says:

      I received this book as a First Reads winner.First off - please clear out an entire afternoon to read A Thousand Bayonets. It deserves that. It's a quick read that way. I started late in the evening and read 30 - 40 pages a night for 4 nights. But had to keep backing up because I'd gotten lost. Put it down and waited for a clear afternoon and when one came along, I started from page one and got through page 254 and only put it down then because the broccoli was burning (Dinner, anyone?).John Web [...]

    • Gayle says:

      My thanks to Giveaways and Author Joel Mark Harris for the gift of 'A Thousand Bayonets.' I look forward to receiving, reading and reviewing.I have received my book and look forward to reading! Thank you!I liked it! It was a good, fast-paced mafia mystery. If the genre is Sopranoish, I'm there! What bothered me, and perhaps I'm a little sensitive, but good golly, the protagonist's mother is all of 50 years old and has had hip replacement surgery, moves fragiley and has an old face with more wri [...]

    • A.B.R. says:

      A Thousand Bayonets is a good thriller. Returning home from the war in Afghanistan, John Webster, investigative reporter, following up on a tip finds himself literally in the middle of an explosive crime scene. To the police and media, and John himself, it appears to be a gangland hit in a war between criminal gangs. Despite haunting flashbacks from Afghanistan, a personal life in disarray, subpoenas from the police and threats on his life, John’s journalistic instincts, honed in war zones in [...]

    • Marie says:

      After reading the description of A Thousand Bayonets I decided to enter the first-reads giveaway and to my surprise I was a winner! This is a story about a journalist who after suffering a traumatic experience in Afghanistan gets involved in trying to live a "normal" life. It was an interesting read.

    • Jess says:

      Very good book about organized crime, and a journalists quest to find justice. Very quick moving book, with good characters, and an easy to follow story line. Thanks "First Reads" giveaways for the free copy!

    • Russeller says:

      I won a copy of this in a FirstReads draw. The plot line is a new twist on an old standard In a good way. I'm glad I read it, I'm not sure I would have even known about it of not for the giveaway. Thanks to Mr Harris!

    • Paul says:

      I won this book as a giveaway and I am glad I won. The story held my interest and moved along at a good pace. The ending was exciting and did not let me down. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    • Stacey says:

      Won an ARC on First Reads, look forward to reading it.

    • Phoenix Carvelli says:

      Review copy won on on 3-16-12.

    • Ashley says:

      Up until this point I didn't realize how many thrillers I read. I don't get it. It's not a genre that particularly intrigues me and yet, here's another review of yet another thriller. A Thousand Bayonets by Joel Mark Harris doesn't necessarily follow the typical formula. The books actually kind of reminds me of a 1940s noir film more than anything. A Thousand Bayonets follows journalist John Webster who after returning from Afghanistan, begins covering the gang wars taking place in his hometown, [...]

    • Kai says:

      A Thousand Bayonets is a story about redemption. John Webster, who is an investigative journalist, was haunted by one incident from Afghanistan. His nightmare is always about a Afghan boy that he didn't save because John froze. Now John is back home in Canada. His marriage has fallen apart due that one nightmare which he has refused to get counseling. His son Bryon doesn't talk to him since John hasn't visit his son in four months.One of John's source has led him into a war between two criminal [...]

    • Chandni says:

      First off, as a matter of full disclosure, Harris was brought up in Vancouver and the novel takes place there. I have this problem where I get strangely sentimental about books that place in the city I live in. I get a strange sense of delight when I'm reading about Gastown or South Vancouver or the Vancouver Public Library. This probably means I'm a little biased, but I'll put my thoughts down about this book anyway.John Webster is a deeply flawed character. He's a borderline alcoholic, not a g [...]

    • Christine says:

      This book tells the story of John Webster who is a journalist that has recently come home from reporting on the war in Afghanistan. While researching a story, he is a witness to a gang shootout and soon is on the run from both the police and people who are trying to kill him.My thoughts:John was a messed up guy. He wasn't someone that I liked. It seemed like he had made a mess of most of his lifeexcept for his work, which he was extremely dedicated to. He definitely does what he thinks is right [...]

    • Jenee Rager says:

      This is the first time I've given a book I won on a one. I feel terrible doing it, but I can't in good faith rate it any higher. I was drawn to the story of a reporter, back from Afghanistan taking on the mob through his work. What I got instead was a hot mess of a novel that seemed to be written using the standard mystery checksheet croocked cops, check, love scene, check (who cares if it was out of place and pointless we have to have one), crush on the single mom in tough circumstances, check [...]

    • Fred says:

      This was a good book and it kept me interested through out. It wasn't great, and I wish that I could give it three and a half stars but alas, doesn't go by halves and I have to keep reminding myself that three stars is "I liked it" according to the rating scheme so it's not as bad as I always feel like a three star book is. This is about a war correspondent in Vancouver British Columbia who has covered brutal conflicts all over the planet to include Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Congo, and is deal [...]

    • Hierarchy Against says:

      A Thousand Bayonets is most certainly a mystery novel. Before I read the publication, my interests were consistently convergent to a handful of topics, you know, teenage stuff, more or less. I decided to try my luck on the giveaway sponsored by publishers and distributed by and thought the book looked fairly interesting enough, despite being a departure from normalcy. To my surprise, I won and after the first chapter, I was hooked. As clichéd as my scenario sounded, the feeling was genuine and [...]

    • Kathy says:

      This book was a gift from . I was drawn to it by both the title and the synopsis. A military journalist, after spending time in Afghanistan, returns home only to find that living in current western society is sometimes even more frightening than living in a war zone; it's often more difficult to identify the enemy. After witnessing a mob murder, the reporter's own life is on the line. Inexplicably, the reporter puts himself in situations in which he could be shot or otherwise killed by an amateu [...]

    • Carrie Smith says:

      Joel MarkHarris’ A Thousand Bayonets is a Canadian cops a robbers adventure situated in Vancouver. The novel's lead character John Webster is a grizzled alcoholic newspaper reporter, who is scarred from his time in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has returned to Canada and is a crime beat reporter on a Vancouver daily, where he discovers himself entangled in the murder of a mobster and his cronies. It’s a Dick Tracy/Clark Kent adventure and it has an appealing pull throughout. Most importantly it [...]

    • Tania says:

      John Webster is a war-time journalist who has returned to his native Canada thinking to take on more tame assignments. The gangs of Vancouver have no intention of making his life that easy, though, and soon Webster finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery that threatens his life and maybe even the lives of those he loves. As dire as his circumstances are, he finds he has trouble focusing on them as the rest of his life continues to unravel. Grasping for straws, he drinks too much and seeks ro [...]

    • Sue says:

      I received a copy of A Thosand Bayonets by Joel Mark Harris through the Giveaway.This novel is a very good thriller, filled with lots of action. John Webster, an investigative reporter,returns home from the war in Afghanistan. There he saw the terrible things human beings can do.But when he comes home, to what he thought would be a peaceful life,he follows up on a tip that literally puts him right in the middle of an explosive crime scene.Webster had been tipped off to a meeting of the top memb [...]

    • Roger Royer says:

      Let me say that I enjoyed the book very much though I did have trouble getting through parts of it for some reason. I think it was probably because of something personal to me and not the book itself though the style did create some issues for me. The store on a whole was well done and the characters are well written if not as polished and complete as I would like but then again when are people the way we want them to be. I did find our hero to be more disjointed than I would normally care for b [...]

    • Jim says:

      For a thriller, A THOUSAND BAYONETS is only moderately thrilling. It is the tale of former war reporter John Webster, who has returned home to Vancouver, B.C. where he finds himself again enmeshed in violence when he witnesses the gangland style slaying of some local criminals. I never really developed empathy with the main character and probably because of this did not find myself concerned for his well being when I was supposed to be on the edge of my seat. Having visited Vancouver many times, [...]

    • Dale says:

      Published in 2011 by iUniverseJoel Mark Harris is a young Canadian journalist and new novel writer. The advice always given to writers is to "write what you know" so Harris has done that - the main character of this novel is John Webster, an experienced investigative journalist for a Vancouver newspaper. He carries physical and emotional battle scars from covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is too old to start a blog to promote his articles and he is definitely too experienced to be pl [...]

    • Kathy Russo says:

      A Thousand Bayonets by Joel Harris is a quick and enjoyable read that I got through in one evening. This book truly was a pleasant surprise. From the very first page I had been sucked in and immersed in the suspense, action and heart-clenching pace of Harris' book. It is unpredictable and engaging; I literally couldn’t put this book down, it is without a doubt a strong, realistic and emotive book that will draw out a response from readers.A strong yet brutal novel that takes a look at the dest [...]

    • Cassaundra Aunna says:

      I was not a huge fan of the book. That being said, I don't think it was bad. It had it's thrills, and the author gave good insight into the life of a journalist in the field. It is not the authors writing that I did not enjoy much, it is the subject. I just really don't care to hear about drug wars, turf wars, wars at all. If you are into that type of thing, you will love this book. If you are a journalist you will probably enjoy the book as well. It wasn't for me, but the writing was good, and [...]

    • Ryan Mac says:

      I received this book via giveaway. The synopsis (journalist returning to Vancouver after being a correspondent in Afghanistan and Iraq gets caught up in organized crime turf wars) sounded very interesting--the execution wasn't as good. I found the characters to be very flat and cookie-cutter. Journalist has ex-wife that he still loves and doesn't really know his kid, the old crusty detective with the new younger female partner, the newspaper editor who has been in the business forever and knows [...]

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