Bull Run

Bull Run Winner of the Scott O Dell Award for Historical Fiction ALA Best Book for Young Adults ALA Notable Children s BookIn this brilliant fictional tour de force which the New York Times called a deft poi

  • Title: Bull Run
  • Author: Paul Fleischman David Frampton
  • ISBN: 9780064405881
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the Scott O Dell Award for Historical Fiction ALA Best Book for Young Adults ALA Notable Children s BookIn this brilliant fictional tour de force, which the New York Times called a deft, poignant novel, Newbery Medal winning author Paul Fleischman re creates the first great battle of the Civil War from the points of view of sixteen participants.Northern andWinner of the Scott O Dell Award for Historical Fiction ALA Best Book for Young Adults ALA Notable Children s BookIn this brilliant fictional tour de force, which the New York Times called a deft, poignant novel, Newbery Medal winning author Paul Fleischman re creates the first great battle of the Civil War from the points of view of sixteen participants.Northern and Southern, male and female, white and black Here are voices that tell of the dreams of glory, the grim reality, the hopes, horror, and folly of a nation discovering the true nature of war.
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    • Maya says:

      Okay, this is partly the fault of Paul Fleischman and partly the fault of my teacher. I had this book as a summer reading assignment and it reads like it's written for much younger readers. The characters have no personality, and are all annoying. And there are too many of them. I think the ones that annoyed me most were Shem Suggs not only because of his weird name, but because of his weird obsession with horses. I have a bestie who is obsessed with horses, and its not annoying at all. But this [...]

    • Jamey says:

      This was a good book, but I didn't like how are the characters where scramble together. In the back of the book, in the notes section, it gives the list of names of each character and it gives what pages they are on. This was a nonfiction book. It had a lot happen in this book even though it was small. It may have been hard to follow, but once you figure out who that person was than it was good. It was a battle in the Civil War, and sadly before I picked up this book I had no idea that Bull Run [...]

    • Mrs. Van says:

      Common Core Reading Standard 5.RL. 6 states "Describe how a narrator's or speaker's point of view influences how events are described. Paul Fleishman's book provides a perfect opportunity to address this standard. This historical fiction novel presents narratives based on the experiences of the civil war representing sixteen different viewpoints. Stories are told from the points of view of males and females, northerners and southerners, blacks and whites, and youths and adults. Students can expl [...]

    • Sam B says:

      Bull Run is a historical fiction novel that uses different point of views of characters to tell a story. This is a very creative way to tell a story, however, the book can be very annoying and frustrating to read because the reader keeps jumping around from character to character. I found it hard to read this book because the reader often forgets about a character and is forced to go back and read about that character again and again. This book is also very short and doesn't really satisfy the r [...]

    • Lizzette says:

      this book is o.k, it tells you different characters perspectives, but it's really boring. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't get bored easily.

    • Caleb Christensen says:

      I liked this book. It was different because there was around 19 different characters in the book and they all have different perspectives on the civil war. I think the purpose of this book was to inform us of what all the people thought of the war because I couldn’t really pick out a theme because there were so many varying perspectives in the book. Overall it was very interesting the hear the perspectives of a General in the North and a wife in the south and I would definitely recommend it to [...]

    • Amber M says:

      Genre: Historical FictionAwards: Scott O'Dell AwardGrade Level: 5-6Bull Run would be a wonderful book to read to the students while studying about the Civil War. This book is told through 16 different characters. Different personalities and positions offer students a variety of characters with whom they can identify. For a follow up activity I would ask the students “How did reading different accounts help us to understand the war?” I would have them write a short essay for this question.

    • Gordon says:

      After reading this book, and Seedfolks, I find myself really enjoying stories told from multiple perspectives. I think this will be a useful book for my Humanities unit.

    • Will King says:

      February, 2017 Bull Run is an interesting book because it has multiple perspectives from both the North and the South. This makes it harder because I can't focus on one character, so I have to focus on the setting or the characters in groups. But, the book report must go on, so here goes nothing. The setting takes place during the beginning of the war, to be more specific, Bull Run. Most of the characters are fighting for the North or South. It starts out by telling them of all their origins and [...]

    • Amy says:

      This book was assigned reading for my son's history lesson. Now granted I had the same complaint many people did. There were a lot of characters in this book that were not fleshed out enough so sometimes it was difficult to differentiate one from the other. However, one character did stand out to my son which was the 11 year old who joined the war. This was an ingenious move on the author's part since the book is designated for about a 10 to 11 year old child. My son could immediately began to r [...]

    • Claire says:

      #ReadKidsLit2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge: A novel set during wartime-----------------------The concept of this book is fantastic. The history-changing Battle of Bull Run told from multiple perspectives, creating a multi-faceted portrait of a battle in all of its historical and human context. Considering that this book is barely 100+ pages long, there's a lot of depth to this story. It's gripping, it's visceral, and it's tragic (it's amazing the kind of gruesome violence that writers can get a [...]

    • Ryne says:

      It's really hard to keep track of which character is which (some symbols denoting Union or Confederacy alliance would have been nice) but this was still an excellent read with nice insights into the Civil War. I've loved everything I've seen from Paul Fleischman so far.

    • Chrissa Pedersen says:

      My friend Ellen loaned me this book. The battle of Bull Run (Civil War) told from multiple perspectives (16) on both sides of the fighting. The voices really rang true. Must have taken a lot of research to find the characters, perspectives and voices of the day.

    • Ami Pendley says:

      There are very few students who would just read this for fun and enjoy it. It needs to be part of a study of the Civil War.

    • Jerry says:


    • M says:

      Heard the audio book version that was narrated by a cast of characters. Short but entertaining.

    • Joe Holman says:

      The style is like the author took a bunch of diary/journal entries and used them to trace the battle. I found that a superb way to tell the story of the first great battle of the Civil War.

    • Randal Burd says:

      There are better choices out there on the subject matter.

    • Teige Seiden says:

      I found it interesting to hear stories about the Civil War from people of all walks of life.

    • Svalberd says:

      An OK read Not the best, as it was a little dummed down.

    • Lisa Budzynski says:

      we used the listening version and most of the 16 characters were read by different people, which made it easy to follow and interesting to listen to.

    • Alec Bongiovanni says:

      Bull Run by Paul Fleischman is about people who are in one of the battles in The Civil War .The main character is a 11 year old boy Toby Boyce from Georgia who plays the fife.Toby Boyce is desperate because on Page 13 he says that he wanted to kill a Yankee .He knew that he would never be able to look 18 so he over heard that the soldiers needed musicians to play for their soldiers.Then Toby said"I meant to join the band".After, he said that he played the fife even though that was a big lie.Also [...]

    • Lola C. says:

      FebruaryBull RunPaul Fleischman Imagine a life, with war all around you. People of all races, of all beliefs, fighting for one outcome, Union V Confederates, Battle of Bull Run. Bull Run is a book filled with many perspectives, ranging from pessimistic, optimistic, neutral. There are sixteen characters in total, 8 from the south and 8 from the north. both fighting for different reasons, or just standing there spectating the whole outcome. This book tells the truth, except the characters were fic [...]

    • Patrick says:

      I always enjoy books written in this style--multiple characters sharing short vignettes of their perspectives on common events. Like Witness, though this book is more focused and less deep, with 16 narrators telling the tale of one battle, the first battle of the Civil War.I thought the author did a good job of choosing a diverse cast of characters and showing the sympathetic and awful sides of both the South and the North. The story of the black man who wants to fight for the North, but has to [...]

    • Katie Fitzgerald says:

      This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.In sixteen different voices from both sides of the Civil War, Paul Fleischman's 1993 novel Bull Run relates the events of the First Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861. Included in the cast are men and women, black and white, who range from soldiers on the battlefield to artists and newspaper reporters, a young fife player, and a real-life general named Irvin McDowell.There are a lot of characters in this short book, and even with wood carvin [...]

    • Michael says:

      In this piece of Historical Fiction, award winning author Paul Fleischman takes us back to the Civil War and its many perspectives. In this novel Fleischman looks at the civil war from 16 very different points of view. The book is conveniently formatted into 1-2 page chapter, each by a different character. The diverse set of fictional characters (and one real one)eight Northern and eight Southern, black and white, male and female, describe their personal experiences with the start of the Civil W [...]

    • Brittany Davis says:

      Junior Book LogTitle: Bull RunAuthor: Paul Fleischman Category: Fiction Choice #2Source: Textbook pg. 5This is another novel I read with my fifth grade practicum students and I absolutely loved this experience as well. The teacher had actually bought a tape with this book, but instead of a normal voice this tape had a different voice for each character. The characters also spoke as that person might, whether it be a black man from the North or a plantation owner in the South. The author tells ab [...]

    • Kylee says:

      For my February book report, I read Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. This book genre is historical fiction. I know that it is historical fiction because the events in the book did happen, but most of the characters where not actual people during that time. This book had many micro-settings. This was because there were 17 different perspectives of the war. The macro-setting was in Virginia in the 1860's. Some of the main characters are Lily Malloy, Gideon Adams, Dietrich Herz, James Dacy, Nathaniel E [...]

    • Chloe Weintraub says:

      The book Bull Run by Paul Fleischman was about all races and ages during the Civil War between the Union and the Confederate. This book explained the harsh conditions of the war and how hard some characters had tried so hard to be able to fight in the war or even just play in a band for the North or South. Kids of all ages had dreamed of killing a soldier on the opposite side of them. There was a family in the book that had their son leave to fight in the war. In this book, I learned the pain of [...]

    • Derek P. says:

      Bull Run by Paul Fleischman, is a historical fiction novel and a story. It portrays the lives of many people who were connected or directly involved with the famous battle. Some people talk about their horrific experiences within the battle or how it affected them. These stories are mostly very grim or sad. I rated this book 2 stars because I enjoyed the history behind it. I believed the author portrayed the battle correctly. What I didn't enjoy about this book was the characters. I thought most [...]

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