Seduced Shorn of her glorious raven tresses and dressed as a man Lady Antonia Lamb became Lord Anthony Lamb desperate to keep the property entailed to her twin brother who is missing at sea Trapped and lib

  • Title: Seduced
  • Author: Virginia Henley
  • ISBN: 9780440211358
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shorn of her glorious raven tresses and dressed as a man, Lady Antonia Lamb became Lord Anthony Lamb, desperate to keep the property entailed to her twin brother, who is missing at sea Trapped and liberated by her masquerade, Tony meets her new guardian, the devastatingly dangerous Adam Savage, who has returned from his plantation in Ceylon, determined to turn the innocenShorn of her glorious raven tresses and dressed as a man, Lady Antonia Lamb became Lord Anthony Lamb, desperate to keep the property entailed to her twin brother, who is missing at sea Trapped and liberated by her masquerade, Tony meets her new guardian, the devastatingly dangerous Adam Savage, who has returned from his plantation in Ceylon, determined to turn the innocent boy into a worldly man.A rake whose scarred face and ice blue eyes make strong women weak, Adam Savage, legendary adventurer, vowed to take young Tony to the fleshpots of London to teach him everything a young heir should know But not even Savage guesses Tony s deepest secret, a masquerade destined to erupt in passionate abandon on one scorching, unforgetable night.
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      243 Virginia Henley
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    • Mojca says:

      Little did Lady Antonia Lamb know that the sailing trip with her twin brother Anthony would turn out in an attempted murder and her brother's disappearance. To prevent their estate falling into the greedy, unscrupulous hands of their cousin Bernard, she decides to impersonate her brother.At the same time, the twins' legal guardian – so named by their father, Adam Savage, leaves his plantation in Ceylon for England, to set up a home there, take care of his wards, and plan his marriage to Antoni [...]

    • skein says:

      It is ironic that books are composed of words, because words cannot express how godawful this book is. THIS IS IRONY, people. Not fake mustaches; not retro furniture. THIS.Nothing about it is worthwhile. Even title -- so promising! -- raises expectations that it fails to deliver. NO ONE IS SEDUCED. Not the virginal heroine Antonia and certainly not her disgusting skank of a lover, who beds approximately fourteen other women in the course of the plot before getting around to noticing Antonia. I a [...]

    • Mary~❤️~DBO says:

      Description Antonia and her twin brother Anthony take a boat trip to the sea, but the hole trip truns out to be a very well planed "accident" , a murder attempt by their cousin Bernard, who wants to take their fortune. In the aftermath of this accident, Anthony is lost, and Antonia takes his place, to prevent Bernard to succeed in his plans. So Antonia disguises herself in her twin brother Anthony. Adam Savage is a very rich guy, powerful, gorgeous and sexy as hell. He is Anthony's and Antonia's [...]

    • Nisha says:

      There was a lot I liked about this book. Unfortunately, there were things that also detracted from it. Like Tony's mother and Adam's attitude and thought during the beginning of the book, the immense detail, the dumb villain. It's a great story, implausible, yet so fun to read. I loved Tony's male experiences. I didn't like Adam at first. Mostly because he wanted to marry Eve. I came to when we learned more about him.I wish the author bothered to write a little about Anthony's experiences and gi [...]

    • FlibBityFLooB says:

      This book was interesting, but it had potential to be much better -- if only it had been about 150 pages shorter and had lost the purple prose. At 530 pages, the author tended to dwindle on and on in useless details instead of focusing on the fun parts of the book. The interesting parts were with the heroine playing her twin brother and living as a young man in Georgian England. Too bad the editors didn't help cut down some of the useless bits. Also, you could definitely tell this was an older s [...]

    • Geo Marcovici says:

      O intensa poveste de dragoste, ce te tine cu sufletul la gura. Amuzanta si alerta, plina de situații care te baga in ceata, si totusi, misterul este rezolvat la final!

    • Heather says:

      This was an odd book. There was part of me that wanted to rate it a four, while other parts scream that it really should be a two. There were so many things that had me shaking my head and wondering if I should finish it.AntoniaThis girl was a study of contradictions. On one page she would be vowing that she hated posing as a male and then two sentences later she would be thinking about how happy she was as her brother. In the same vein, one minute she would be gushing over ladies fashions and m [...]

    • Lillie says:

      I'm so angry, you guys, you don't even understand how much.I read this book cause of two reasons:1) I love cross-dressing, historical romances2) I had forgotten how TERRIBLE of an author Henley is.It's because of that second reason that i'm not going to give my usual full rant review(yes, i know its long already imagine if i actually took the TIME to write out my full thoughts, geesh). Instead, I'm going to condense it down and give you my honest reaction:I have some major fucking problems with [...]

    • Crystal Hill says:

      So. Many. Details!!! I skimmed so many paragraphs. The author could have cut so much out of this book that just wasn't needed.I wasn't the most comfortable with the main character wanting both a mother and a daughter. Didn't sit right with me.I did love the sex scenes! They were definitely hot. I also love gender bender stories but this one was different in that in all the time she was masquerading as a male, he never had any perverse thoughts towards her. Would have been nice to see more of tha [...]

    • Tyna says:

      Masca inocenței are o intrigă bine conturată, dialoguri incitante, umor de situații, romantism și puțin mister. De asemenea, autoarea este foarte atentă la detalii și parcă ne simțim transportați atât în Anglia cea conservatoare, guvernată de reguli stricte bine definite, cât și în locurile exotice unde are loc acțiunea cărții – în îndepărtatul Ceylon, unde simțim din plin parfumul Orientului, la Bordeaux, unde savurăm vinurile franțuzești și șampanie, la Sardinia, [...]

    • Lizzy says:

      The premise of this book is what really intrigued me. A woman pretending to be her brother who finds herself falling in love with her guardian - who is trying to teach his "male" ward to act like a typical London gentleman.The story itself was definitely entertaining, but it was the style of writing that frustrated me with this novel. So much of this book focused on providing too much detail about events and characters and environments that were hardly essential to the storytelling. This book is [...]

    • Phildaughta says:

      Antonia Lamb was before her timee would have done well in 2013

    • SaturNalia says:

      Antonia (Tony) is masquerading as her twin brother, to protect his holdings and inheritance from their evil cousin, Bernard. Adam Savage is her new guardian, following the death of her father. This book is epic and long. Tony and Adam don't meet until 30% into the story. Tony manages to fool Adam, and the rest of London society, into thinking she is a male but simply using foul language and swaggering around town. Had to suspend belief here. It was funny at times, when Adam was teaching her to b [...]

    • Gwyn says:

      Guys. I can't . I just can't. I gave this book 80% because I really wanted to love it, but it is GOD-AWFUL! The premiss was so fun, but the writing was bad and it was about 200 pages too long. I couldn't finish it. So much side plot I didn't care about, and Antonia is annoyingly indecisive save yourself the trouble and just read 12th night (which is what I should have done)

    • Miad says:

      This is a long, well thought, well written book. I fo have a question though. In the book when Tony tells Adam that he doesn't know what happens between a man and woman, Adam gives him 2 books. One is Kama Sutra, but for the second one it is just said that it's about an concubine name Jemdanee and what goes in the harem. Bow I like to know if such a book exsist and if so what's its name?

    • Dianna says:

      So steamy!Loved how tony went through things from a mans perspective, i actually lol at times. Adam was so hot and so savage. It takes more than halfway through the book til tony is finally revealed but once she is, its gets so much better! So be patient in the beginning.

    • °мαggιє°(っ⚈ᴥ⚈)っ™ says:

      typical bodice ripper

    • Elis Madison says:

      Not long after they learn of their father's death in Ceylon, Antonia (Tony) Lamb and her twin brother Anthony (also Tony) experience a few too many accidents. Well, rather more serious than that. The kind that could kill a guy (and not just from embarrassment). And enough of them to start the family wondering about their cousin Bernard, who would inherit the title and estates (and pitch the gals out on their butts) if Anthony were to cock up his toes. When a combination of sabotage and a freak s [...]

    • Maira says:

      If you like cliche romance novels that are well written and descriptive you will enjoy this. I found this novel like most Virginia Henley's enthralling, comical, romantic with a story line that never gets old (like Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"). The setting changes several times and every location offers something very special, from the English countryside, to the beauty of the Greek Islands and the sensuality of Venice (to name a few).I guarantee you will not be displeased with this adventure [...]

    • Alicia Maybach says:

      Seduced, by Virginia Henley was a hard one for me to rate. I finally decided to give the work two stars.While the story is expertly told, and there is much of it, oh was there much of it! I felt somehow deceived by the novels description.I had been expecting an unusual if not a bit sordid romance. Something I would burn through in the late hours of the night. Instead, I was thrust into an EPIC. Literally!The reader is slowly (very slowly) cast into the world of Antonia Lamb who must pose as her [...]

    • Paula says:

      Good book but compared to the length of the book it is only about 1/4 romance the rest is plot and invidual character development rather development through a relationship. In fact probably only about 50 pages is dedicated to developing the romantic relationship between adam and antonia. Still I did persevere until the romance finally began to show itself near the end, it was mildly entertaining until then. I really enjoyed the romance when it finally appeared, I felt tingles during the deliciou [...]

    • Suna says:

      Really bad book. Sometimes I sort of liked it, and other times I HATED IT. There's a lot of stuff I didn't like, like how unrealistic it can be. Really? You're going to marry a guy who fucked like a thousand women? WHO WAS GOING TO MARRY YOUR FUCKING MOM?! And let me say, the mom is a total bitch! At least she apologizes for being a bitch to her daughter thanks to the awesome grandma. That has to be the only thing I was okay with. And maybe the death of the cousin but other than that: NO. The he [...]

    • Rachael says:

      This is one of my personal favorites, one I plan on revisiting many times over! This is far from the first historical book I've read where the lead female dresses as a man and acts outragously, but it is the best. I can't define what makes this book stand out in my mind, or so special You really get to know the characters in the book, while also seeing them mature and grow. It was everything I look for witty, charming, LOL funny, serious, sensual, and so much more! I will be comparing other book [...]

    • Grace says:

      God help me.I liked this book. I normally dislike romance novels. I usually revel in reading horrible romance novels and mocking them mercilessly. I set out to do the same with this one, I picked it for awful cover. But then I found myself liking it. Virginia Henley actually took great care to flesh the story out to more than just boy meets girl. I actually really liked the gender bender aspect, it was my favorite part. I liked the heroine, for the most part. Adam Savage was an alpha and normall [...]

    • Kelly says:

      First and foremost: Virginia Henley is my favorite author. With that being said, it was rather difficult to rate this story. Although the general storyline (heroine plays the part of her twin brother in order to ensure the family title In doing so falls in love with male guardian/notorious rake Adam Savage) was wildly entertaining, it was INCREDIBLY slow at times. It took over 150 agonizing pages until the hero and heroine actually met.It might be a loyalty I feel toward my girl Virginia, but I [...]

    • Irina says:

      Ok listen, let's call a spade a spade here. This is not a great literary work nor is it all that historically accurate . However!!!!! If you are in the mood for a great teaser which is- wait 250 pages before the hero discovers the love of his life in boy pants. And then proceeds to make passionate lovemaking with that said love, well friends look no further!!!! I put this up there with with the 12th knight and Mulan! It's a great perspective of the Georgian male culture through the eyes of a lov [...]

    • Mia Lor says:

      OkayThe story line was good but the delivery was blasé. There were too many instances of repeated explanations. I am certainly not a good story-teller but I appreciate good storytelling. There is wittiness to goo storytelling. In this book, there were too many repeated instances of descriptions rather than crafty descriptions through dialogue or action. For example, Savage repeats his internal thoughts on how he became successful at least twice within 1-2 chapters of each other. When I was read [...]

    • Teresa says:

      Ok so Virginia Henley - you either like her or you don't. This book was weird for me at times. There were a lot of eww moments and the book is packed with "nose wrinklers." But, I still kept reading! There was something about the story that I hate to say, sucked me in. So, in terms of liking it, probably a 2. But, because I couldn't put it down, a 3. It was a little long and wordy, so I feel some of it could have been chopped down to make a shorter novel. Hate to say, but I will read more from t [...]

    • Vivian says:

      This book is so entertaining, with lots of humor. Antonia's experiences while disquised as her twin Anthony are a hoot (what she finds the men of the ton do after the ladies leave them to cigars and brandy after dinner is laugh-out-loud funny.) Ms. Henley excels at her descriptions of all the cities and estates, with Ceylon as my favorite. The erotic parts are very sensuous, well done, and not too prolonged as to be the major emphasis of this story. If you enjoy spicy Edwardian/Regency era roman [...]

    • Carrie says:

      3.5/5Mixed feelings on this one. Adam was such a manwhore in the beginning it was kind of disgusting, but he redeems himself somewhat. Tony was far more likable but she was a tad foolish (she was a 17 year-old girl pretending to be a lord so I'll let that slide). The book was a bit overlong so I had a tendency to skip over the Prince George/Maria parts.(view spoiler)[And how could Adam still plan to marry Eve after she duped him multiple times and he stated he saw how avaricious (new overused vo [...]

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