The Dead Woman

The Dead Woman Fourth book about Matt Cahill a man who died in an avalanche but didn t Now he sees evil where other people can t and is plagued by a being called Mr Dark

  • Title: The Dead Woman
  • Author: David McAfee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fourth book about Matt Cahill, a man who died in an avalanche, but didn t Now he sees evil where other people can t and is plagued by a being called Mr Dark.
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      215 David McAfee
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    • Lou says:

      This was a fun ride episode in the The Dead Man series, better than episode 3. David McAfee provides some good paced writing that keeps you in the story. The main protagonist is a man back from the dead, he can see evil in people, which manifests itself as a rotting festering sore that spread across the person's skin like leprosy. The town Crawford has a serial killer on the loose, called The Blake County Killer. Matt the main protagonist finds himself admits The Dark Man again and the web of th [...]

    • Randy says:

      THE DEAD MAN series is rapidly becoming a favorite. A combination of the old men's adventure series of the seventies, with a healthy dollop of horror mixed in.Matt Cahill is the living dead man, a man caught in an avalanche and it was three months before his frozen body was discovered, only to have him come back to life when he thaws. As a result, he now sees the evil in people that no one else can, manifesting in rotting flesh, pus-filled sores, things that signal this person is about to do som [...]

    • Jaime says:

      This was one of my favorite installments. I found it to have an interesting storyline and for the first time there was a serial killer loose among all of the other supernatural forces at work in the book. As usual this was a one session, couldn't put the Kindle down read and I'm eager to see what happens next. In this one Matt meets a hot woman, Abbey, who helps him along on his mission of discovering who he is and what his purpose is. After all, a man isn't brought back from the dead for no rea [...]

    • Andrew says:

      This fourth book in the Dead Man series feels more like suspense than horror, although there is a very clear supernatural element. While it reads perfectly well on its own, it also feels very much like a piece of the larger puzzle of the series. It's a more personal, character-oriented tale that introduces elements that show that Matt's circumstances--surviving death and being able to see the evil in others, pushed to the fore by the mysterious Mr Dark--may not be unique. The world may be a much [...]

    • Jayme says:

      I really like the premise of the series and the main character. It is a much better book than the third one, which almost made me quit reading the series. This book sort of explains why sometimes Matt can't see the evil in a person, which was one of the flaws of the third book. The Dead Woman has Matt going to a small town in TN and meeting someone who has similar "powers". It is really well written and does not feel childish or corny (again, like the last one). There is a pretty graphic sex sce [...]

    • Nathan Shumate says:

      One of the best of the series so far. Matt encounters a woman who may have the same abilities as himself, and gets a disturbing look at his possible future.The only flaw here is that the "Matt can only see the rot when it's convenient to the plot" factor is REALLY apparent. There would be no story here, really, if his ability didn't shut off for unexplained arbitrary reasons.

    • Andrea says:

      This is my favorite installment of the monthly Matt Cahill/ The Dead Man series. Although Matt can't seem to catch a break, it's good to know that he's doing all he can to hold on to his humanity and that there are others like him.

    • Debbie says:

      YAHOO! Dead Man is back on track! After a not-great episode #3, episode #4 The Dead Woman is amazing. Maybe the best yet

    • Ed Lynn says:

      The fourth book in the monthly (more or less) series. Still entertaining as hell. Looking forward to reading the fifth, which was just released a couple days ago.

    • Donnie Light says:

      Dead On!I read this ebook because I’m a big David McAfee fan, and he does a wonderful job on this story.I have to admit up front that I have not read the other books in this series by various writers, but I found McAfee’s story intriguing and want to know more about Matt Cahill, the main character who has come back to life after being buried under an avalanche with a newfound skill – the ability to see “evil” in people.McAfee tells about the wandering Cahill as he stops in a small town [...]

    • Chryse Wymer says:

      3.75 Stars = Above average--consider readingThis was a quick little read about a "drifter" coming into town who has an interesting sixth sense. He can tell, visually, when people are about to meet some terrible fate. A twist in this story's middle--if you want to call it a twist; it seemed extremely obvious from the beginning to me--tells us all about who the Blake County serial killer is. While this is an extremely fast-paced and well-written shortie novella, which took me about five hours to r [...]

    • Josh says:

      There is a theme emerging here…the last two instalments (Hell in Heaven and The Dead Woman) see Matt travel from one small town to the next in search of the ever elusive Mr. Dark but finding little more than blood thirsty paranormal activity. While entertaining, the repetitiveness is starting to impact on the reader experience. That said, ‘The Dead Woman’ is pretty good – Matt’s story is progressed and the foundations of a larger cause are exposed during an exchange with Mr. Dark. The [...]

    • Michael says:

      Ahhh, yes. Now here is a worthy entry to The Dead Man series. Much better than the last book, "Hell in Heaven" which seemed to be just filler and not even good filler. Matt's pursuit of Mr. Dark and the answers he may hold lead him to a small town in Tennessee. But if things weren't complicated enough for him, there's a serial killer on the loose and a law enforcement officer doesn't like the fact that Matt's taken a liking to a local girl. And before he's done, clues aren't the only thing Matt [...]

    • Tyson Adams says:

      Yes, that's right. Matt Cahill is back, visiting another small town, looking for Mr Dark, axe at his side. Welcome to another great episode in The Dead Man series.David McAfee is the latest author to throw evil at Matt Cahill. It is hard to say too much about the novelette without delving into spoiler territory. Matt is in Crawford, a small town with a big problem. There is a serial killer on the loose, could this be Mr Dark's handy work? Matt is barely in town a day before he spies the tell-tal [...]

    • Troy Lyons says:

      The Dead Man series has been a pretty mixed bag in then first four books. Book 1 was good, 2 was great, 3 was horrible and 4 was great. They are quick reads and make me feel like I'm watching a weekly TV show while reading. Book 4 was like the mythology episode. It was packed with lots of stuff that further the overall story. You find out more about Matt in this book, and his potential, than any other book so far. He finds out he is healing faster. He might not age. And, he found another person [...]

    • Dan Taylor says:

      The fourth installment of the excellent action-horror-adventure series. This time out, drifter/hero Matt Cahill lands in a southern town where he discovers someone he may finally be able to share his secret with. Unfortunately, Mr. Dark is also in town so things might not be as they seem. Like most DEAD MAN installments you can read through this one in one or two sittings. Another fun installment in a terrific series. I look forward to each new book like some folks await the latest episode of th [...]

    • Ryne says:

      Another entry in The Dead Man series gives some insight into Matt's abilities as a "dead man" as well as expands upon the conflict between him and Mr Dark. The twist isn't too surprising considering the title, but like most of these entries it's such a fast read that it's hard to hold that against it.

    • Joel Goldman says:

      Had a blast reading David McAfee's installment of The Dead Man series. He takes a different tack, giving Matt Cahill reason to wonder whether he's one of a kind or whether there are others like him wandering the land. The series tackles the age old battle of good v. evil both on the external and internal battlefields. Very entertaining.

    • Pearce says:

      This volume involves Matt searching for a serial killer in a small town, but it's more about setting up someone who's clearly going to be a recurring character in the series. These books are really starting to resemble a television series, which isn't too surprising given the creators' backgrounds. I'm still entertained, but even for a fast-moving horror series this is getting pretty lightweight.

    • Chris says:

      Yet another episodic book in this series that was initially designed to be a tv show at one point. New insights into Mr. Dark, a hint at the bigger picture yet again (could there be a Mr. Light?), and for this book, the specific villian and twists throughout, with a potential new nemesis for future reference, was quite enjoyable. Ready for the next one!

    • Brandon says:

      Even though I found this one predictable, I really enjoyed it. I feel like this one really gave the series some momentum, moving it in an interesting and intriguing direction. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Oliver Clarke says:

      For quick, fun, nasty reads the Dead Man books are hard to beat. Rabkin and Goldberg have done a great job of creating a series with the pace and feel of a TV show (no surprise given their backgrounds) that works perfectly in the Kindle age.

    • Coral says:

      Listen/read the review here - alchemyofscrawl.wordpress/

    • James says:

      Me likey this one! :)

    • John says:

      Enjoyable pulp. I'm still not convinced this novella format gives the hero enough chance to prove his mettle.

    • Rod DeBord says:

      Good story. I still like the Matt Cahill character a lot. Pacing is different from this author.a few logic mistakes were troublesome.

    • Lisa says:

      Why does it always have to be the woman? Am I starting to see a pattern here? Can't he just get laid by one pleasant, un-evil chick?Same review as Book 1

    • Ming Siu says:

      Fun, entertaining stuff, with a serial killer and a couple of surprises. Not so much gore, but that's ok.

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