Batman: El hombre que ríe, el origen del Guasón

Batman El hombre que r e el origen del Guas n En este tomo se presenta el nacimiento de dos de los peores enemigos de Batman El Guas n y Dos Caras

  • Title: Batman: El hombre que ríe, el origen del Guasón
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Doug Mahnke Leopoldo Alas
  • ISBN: 9788467470161
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • En este tomo se presenta el nacimiento de dos de los peores enemigos de Batman El Guas n y Dos Caras.
    • Best Read [Ed Brubaker Doug Mahnke Leopoldo Alas] ↠ Batman: El hombre que ríe, el origen del Guasón || [Philosophy Book] PDF ☆
      302 Ed Brubaker Doug Mahnke Leopoldo Alas
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Ed Brubaker Doug Mahnke Leopoldo Alas] ↠ Batman: El hombre que ríe, el origen del Guasón || [Philosophy Book] PDF ☆
      Posted by:Ed Brubaker Doug Mahnke Leopoldo Alas
      Published :2019-08-19T10:36:16+00:00

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    • Sr3yas says:

      The Man who laughs (2005)Modern Batman #5 Ready for your first joke?It all started with Gordon's famous lines.Joker, that's what happening to your city. On one fine evening, he appears out of nowhere and unleashes his unique brand of madness in Gotham. Batman and Gordon are trying their best to stop him, but somehow, they just can't predict his moves!Ed Brubaker mimics Frank Miller's Year One by utilizing Bruce and Gordon's POV to tell the story and to engage the readers effectively. Their narra [...]

    • AhmedEjaz says:

      One by one, they'll hear my call. Then this wicked town, will follow my fall.--JokerThis comic starts from where Batman: Year One ends. It's about the Joker story mostly. I loved it. Joker is trying to kill everyone in the Gotham city. Batman has to stop him. Joker is very clever. I really liked him. His way of killing is mind-blowing. His encounters with Batman are also very great. I loved them. (view spoiler)[He kills two persons in a tight police protection. One can't stop laughing while dyin [...]

    • Jeff says:

      Ed Brubaker, the King of Comic Book Noir. The Joker. Batman. It sounds like a match made in comic book heaven, doesn’t it? Brubaker offers up two Bats tales, both centering more on Batman’s abilities as a detective than anything else. The first story is a way back look at Batman when he first got into the crime stoppers business, when things were easier, when all he did was beat up a bunch of gangsters and hoodlums. Then…the Joker.You have a knack for the obvious, Batman. Very helpful. Tha [...]

    • Anne says:

      3.5 starsEdit:It has recently come to my attention (through a reread) that Kat's review sounds NOTHING like my classy & informative reviewing style.BecauseAnne = Classy + InformativeNotRambling + Whatever the opposite of informative is?*cough*Ok. So in response to Kat's Review, I'm going to try to write this review in Ms. Stark's style. Go easy on me, guys. I'm a little nervous here.*clears throat, taps on mike*Um, hey. Is this thing even on?*feedback squeals*Review a la Kat:Guys, this shoul [...]

    • Donovan says:

      The Man Who LaughsEd Brubaker gets the Joker. And the funny thing is, this isn't even the modern Joker. He's not dark, gritty, or suicidal. This Joker reaches back to his roots of merry prankster, with gags, a purple suit, and wanting to make people "laugh." This is an origin story. Like Alan Moore's The Killing Joke explained how Joker came to be, The Man Who Laughs explains what he came to be. And it's truly amazing. The story takes place somewhere around Batman Year One and The Killing Joke. [...]

    • Sam Quixote says:

      Set shortly after "Year One", this is Batman's first encounter with the Joker. Joker starts taking out the wealthy Gotham elite one by one with his Joker toxin, hi-jacking the Gotham airwaves with his messages of death and terror, finally threatening the destruction of the city itself. But with Bruce Wayne as a target, how will Batman stop the JokerEd Brubaker pens a masterful 3-shot storyline introducing the best villain DC have, the greatest foe Batman ever faced, and one of the best bad guy's [...]

    • Jesse A says:

      Fun story, apparently not canon, but good story all the same.

    • Keely says:

      I don't even know why I like the Joker anymore. Now that first statement is probably the most heinous blasphemous remark I will ever type (and will never type again) as an avid Bat-fan. But I felt the need to confess it because I've been keeping it bottled up inside sincewell, since Heath Ledger's outstanding performance in The Dark Knight film. It was only during and after Death of the Family crossover event that I think I became one of those fans who contracted the "Joker fatigue" wherein I f [...]

    • Evan Leach says:

      The Man Who Laughs actually contains two separate Batman stories. The first is a direct sequel to Batman: Year One. At the end of Year One, Gordon mentions that an unknown character called the Joker has been making threats against the city.This story picks up right where Year One left off, with Batman and Gordon confronting the Joker for the first time. Unlike the thugs Batman was taking on before, the Joker has no obvious motive for his crimes other than to spread terror and destruction. The Jo [...]

    • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay) says:

      I was about as averagely-impressed/underwhelmed with this as I was with Year One. Okay, so this is my introduction to the Joker? I think half the problem I've had with all these Batman comics I've been reading is that they never seem to live up to my culturally enhanced expectations(Not actually my "cultural expectation," it just makes me L-O-L as the kids say)I don't why, but I expected something darker, or scarier, or just SOMETHING-ER than what this was. Maybe I should just stop reading Batma [...]

    • Kemper says:

      The first meeting of Batman and Joker should be much bigger than this story. And the book is very misleading because only the first half is a Joker story.

    • Garrett says:

      Reader be warned, The Man Who Laughs is only a small section of this book! It's only 60ish pages and the rest is a boring, stupid comic about Alan Scott who was the original Green Lantern. It's a cheesy character, and the story ("Made of Wood") is tedious and not compelling. Sure Batman is along for the ride, but even his presence can't make this story exciting. Never liked this version of Green Lantern anyway so wasn't really surprised. As far as The Man Who Laughs segment, it's a decent Joker [...]

    • Logan says:

      Good! So Who doesn't like Joker? No one! Does Ed Brubaker write a bad comic? NEVER!!! Add these two together and you get a pretty good comic. Granted this isn't the best joker story, but its enjoyable. So this is basically Batman's first encounter with The Joker shortly after Year One! Like is said not the best joker story but still worth a read!

    • Ivan says:

      It's not bad but I expected lot more from first confrontation of Batman and Joker.

    • Scarlet Cameo says:

      Me gusto, mucho. Querido Brubaker, muy rápido te has convertido en uno de mis escritores de cómic favorito, pero el dibujo no me gusto mucho, cuestión de estilos

    • Brandon says:

      I was handed this by a friend who had given it a high amount of praise. When I saw that Ed Brubaker had written it, I couldn't blame him! Of course it's going to be awesome, it has Brubaker's name attached to it.So, before I cracked open this graphic novel, I knew two things:1) Ed Brubaker is the writer.2) It's the first meeting between Batman & The Joker.My expectations were through the roof on this one.Given that Alan Moore has already completed the definitive story on the origin of The Jo [...]

    • Gavin says:

      This is 2 completely different stories by Ed Brubaker, who is awesome. The first is a story of the Joker's first appearance in Gotham and his first run in with Batman/Gordon. A good solid story that makes sense and is enjoyable. Great artwork too. The second story is just as good, and I may even have enjoyed it more. 'Made of Wood' is a Batman story with Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott. It is fascinating to see the current protector of Gotham interact with the past protector (Green Lantern w [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Well the action of "just reading a few pages" didn't go well. It was great, such a good comic and love how twisted the Joker is. In the films he is played in such a way that you can't help but like him but, in this comic, you simply see him for the psycho he is. Adored the art work as per usual and I enjoyed the Green lantern and Batty story too. Really liked this comic.

    • DNF with Jack Mack says:

      Wordy, nice boot heels on Batman.

    • Mohamed Shoaib says:

      Batman teams up with green lantern it’s interesting but I didn’t care much for the story. Plus I never read any of Ed Brubaker’s work before and he seems like a good writer but writes a lot for marvel and I’m not a big fan of them so no thank you.

    • James DeSantis says:

      So this was a pretty good graphic novel. Well, the first half anyway. So this is after year one, Batman is still getting use to fixing up his city. Who comes along? The JOKER! Oh Snap. He claims he'll kill people and sure enough no matter what Gordon and Batman try to do he kills them. Goddamn tricky son of a bitch huh? The second half of this book is a boring ass filler story that I nearly fell asleep reading. So less said about it the better. The man who laughs is the only reason to read this [...]

    • Roxanne says:

      Brubaker is one of my fave writers, and joker is just one of my faves! So i thought this would be amazing, however it's just okay it starts off quite slow and takes a while picking up any speed but it has a good ending which makes up for the lacklustre beginning. Obviously i like me some gordon, and gordon did not fail, 90% shouting, 10% not sleeping, it had sassy alfred which was on point. It did however need more deadpan jokes from joker however this is sort of an origin tale as it's jokers fi [...]

    • Damon says:

      Good story for people that have not read batman obsessively. Short and could have been a bit more comedy, but the art was fun and expressive and nicely coloured.

    • J.C. says:

      An Unbalanced Collection of Two Batman StoriesI still cannot imagine for the life of me why DC Comics published these two Batman stories together in one volume, let alone why the volume was name The Man Who Laughs (other than the title story sharing the same name). I can only wager a guess that when it was published The Dark Knight (the movie) was looming on the horizon and DC Comics wanted to get as much Joker/Batman as they could on the shelves. The two stories contained in this graphic novel [...]

    • Paul says:

      Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke, and is intended as a successor to Batman: Year One.It tells the story of Batman's first encounter with the Joker in post-Crisis continuity. The plot is based on the Joker's original introduction in Batman #1 (1940). The story "Images" in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #50 (September 1993), is another, alternate take on the same story.The title is a reference to the movie The Man Who Laughs, whose star, Conrad Veidt, was an inspiratio [...]

    • Nessie McInness says:

      I'm on a book ban. I have too many books and maybe a little bit of a problem: every month I will read about 5 books and buy 20. Seriously. So I'm banning myself until the end of the year.This ban doesn't include comics or sequels of series I'm following. So today I went to the bookshop and spent a lot on comics. Including this one.This is definitely something that was waaaaaay down on my to read list, but it was the thinnest one and I had to entertain myself on the train.Basically this book is s [...]

    • Caitlin says:

      This is honestly one of those that's between three and four stars for me. I'm giving it four just because it does Joker so fantastically well. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the other incredibly awesome Batman stories I've been reading recently because while I really enjoyed The Man Who Laughs, I probably wouldn't put it in my top 10 favorites. It's very well-written and engaging but it just felt too easy for Batman. This story brings together Batman and Gordon against Joker for the first time [...]

    • Alayne says:

      Busqué en muchas páginas cómo leer Batman en un orden cronológica y muchas -ahora me doy cuenta que lo hacían de una forma muy resumida- ponían a este cómic como algo recomendable para leer después de Año Uno. Entiendo a qué punto iban, pero leyéndolo me di cuenta de que me faltaban muchas cosas por leer y no tengo ganas de leer 6 cómics que resuman lo más "relevante" por así decirlo, quiero leer todo lo que pueda Así que bueno, después encontré otra que lo ordena de una mucho m [...]

    • Muhammad Shakhawat Hossain says:

      The artwork is simply splendid. Loved the way The Joker appeared in the scene and planned to kill the Gotham city dwellers by making them laugh but the storyline stumbles in several places and fails to explain how Batman invented the cure to the laughing toxic. Batman is not 'The Batman' enough in this issue; The Joker stole much of the spotlight actually. For a Batman lover, this is an average story with an excellent display of drawing. I loved the name though. The borrowed name from Victor Hug [...]

    • Andy says:

      Pointless. The first story tries really hard to create continuity between "The Killing Joke" and "Year One" and accomplishes little else. I mean, this is supposed to be the first meeting of Batman and the Joker? What happened again? I already forgot, and I read it five hours ago. The second story has something to do with a serial killer and the original Green Lantern and a baseball bat or something.

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