My Beginning

My Beginning Kline has woven a rich tapestry of romance science fiction and adventure Ivory s journey through an Orwellian post apocalypse grabs hold of you and never lets go Terry Matalas television writer FOX

  • Title: My Beginning
  • Author: Melissa Kline
  • ISBN: 9780984631759
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kline has woven a rich tapestry of romance, science fiction, and adventure Ivory s journey through an Orwellian post apocalypse grabs hold of you and never lets go Terry Matalas, television writer FOX s TERRA NOVA My Beginning is told through the eyes of Ivory, a 16 year old girl who has lived her entire life within the walls of an institution The institution Kline has woven a rich tapestry of romance, science fiction, and adventure Ivory s journey through an Orwellian post apocalypse grabs hold of you and never lets go Terry Matalas, television writer FOX s TERRA NOVA My Beginning is told through the eyes of Ivory, a 16 year old girl who has lived her entire life within the walls of an institution The institution is one of many supposedly set up to protect those within from a worldwide plague She and all of the other surviving children live a strict, mundane life full of tasks and responsibilities forbidden to go outside, congregate or even look at the opposite sex Despite the uncompromising atmosphere, Ivory manages to pique the interest of the only boy who did not grow up in the institution, creating a love affair neither of them expected Multiple secret meetings take a turn for the worse when they are caught and severely punished, but through unexpected circumstances they find themselves on the outside There is a lot to the world than they could have ever imagined when they learn of a war and lifelike machines that threaten humankind Ivory faces many unexpected challenges, and, ultimately, it is up to her to save Aidan and the world she has grown to love YA Fiction science fiction, for ages 15 and up My Beginning offers up familiar subject matter yet refreshingly showcases it from a seldom seen perspective By setting the angst and torture of a teenage coming of age story against the backdrop of a post apocalyptic plague ravaged society the reader gets to experience a world they ve become accustomed to through the astonished eyes of Ivory, the story s protagonist When you take Ivory s strong yet vulnerable character, throw in a shadowy corporatist boogey man and his army of the machines you end up with Cinderella meets Blade Runner Kline s descriptive and lush writing style, reminiscent of Richard Matheson and early Stephen King paints a visually rich world with vibrant characters that keeps you turning pages till there s no left to turn Sean Bishop, Dreamworks feature Animation
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    • Janice Williams says:

      Disclaimer: The publishing company I founded, Lucky Press LLC, is the publisher of My Beginning by Melissa Kline. Therefore, instead of a reader review, I'd like to share why, of the hundreds of manuscripts Lucky Press receives each year, I (for it is I who have the final decision) chose to publish My Beginning.My introduction to Melissa Kline was through email and her query was perfectly written and clearly explained the premise of her young adult novel. Though I am not personally drawn to dyst [...]

    • Melissa Kline says:

      This is my book! :) Available July 1, 2011 with Lucky Press, LLC.After a devastating plague, children are sealed in institutions. Ivory dreams of the outside world and risks everything to escape with her forbidden love, Aidan. They explore a new world, and find life unexpectedly thriving - but also a war raging. Will they survive?

    • Kelly says:

      * I received a free copy of this book through First Reads. *My Beginning by Melissa Kline is a fast-paced novel that takes readers on a wild ride and gives rise to several questions about what society–or lack thereof–will look like in the future.My Beginning is the story of Ivory. Ivory has lived in a cold, sterile institution her entire life. Sixteen years without ever stepping outside. Why? According to the mother nurses at the institution, a plague wiped out most of the life on earth, an [...]

    • Mary Ann says:

      Children are sealed in an institution after a devastating plague. Ivory, dreams of the outside world and will risk everything for it. When she found her love interest, Aidan, they fought together to leave behind the institution and find the real truth about their world.My Beginning is a story full of twists and revelation. I never thought that a book with only 201 pages will leave me pine for another one. Ivory was a swayable, serene and self-effacing person. She dreams of the outside world insi [...]

    • abbylee Oqueli says:

      Not quite sure about this one . . . I've read lots of fabulous books with the distopia/utopia premises, but I'm just not convinced that this one pulled it off.It was really short and so lacked development. It felt like it was all happening way too fast. I never felt like I really got to know the characters, or could picture their habitats as they were always changing. It was hard to buy into Geoff as a true villain when he was only a part of the story for 2 pages and was so easily overtaken. It [...]

    • Sherry Ellis says:

      My Beginnning is a futuristic novel set in a time when technology is so advanced that machines look exactly like humans. The narrator, a sixteen year old girl named Ivory, has spent her life in an institution. The human race had been nearly wiped out by a plague, and now young children and teenagers are protected within the walls of the institution. Ivory meets a young man named Aidan and soon finds herself falling in love. Unfortunately love affairs are strictly forbidden in the institution. Ai [...]

    • Isabel says:

      I won this book through First-Reads! YA books used to be my guilty pleasure just like romance novels, but more and more I'm seeing books like this one with characters that have more depth and with a great plot. I think my favorite part of the book was the freedom that the humans had in the communities. They were able to love each other and touch and hug and kiss. I was so glad that the author opted to allow Ivory and Aiden the ultimate expression of their love for each other instead of keeping t [...]

    • Chris says:

      I got this book through Lucky Press. I enjoyed it from the offset, as I enjoy dystopian fiction and Kline does a great job setting up the main characters and their world in the institution they live in. I'm not really a fluffy romance type of reader, but it was well done and I continued to be hooked up until the turn when we found out there were androids. It was still well-written to that point, but I felt lost with the whole plague thing falling by the wayside, which I had been interested in. I [...]

    • Elizabeth Mueller says:

      Whoa! This book will totally rock your socks off! I have every intention of writing a review first chance I get.Thank you, Melissa, for the engaging read!Updated:All Ivory knew was the Institution. A place of instruction akin to imprisonment. A place where Mother nurses watched you in case you made a wrong move. A place where awful things happened if you fell in love. It was the same, day in day out. Until Aiden came along . . .I am amazed at the whipping sharp turns that Melissa Kline takes me [...]

    • Katherine says:

      Ivory has lived her whole life in an institution with other children. She has been told it will protect her from the plague that wiped out the rest of the world. They live under mother nurses who ensure they follow the rules and never speak to the opposite sex and never touch other people. She breaks the rules and falls in love with a new boy at the institution. They break away and find a life outside, until everything she loves is threatened and she must find a way to save her new family.A good [...]

    • Emily Townsend says:

      This is the start to a fantasy series for young adults, and it leaves me eager to see what happens next.Although it started slowly, the momentum builds, and eventually I was totally taken in to the futuristic, dystopian world of Ivory, the main character. The book transcends genres a bit, and could be called fantasy, science fiction, romance, adventure, or all of those. I appreciated the frank exploration of sexuality in the teenage characters, something other writers of YA fiction seem afraid t [...]

    • Kathie says:

      Purchased at a new author self-publishing book party. This is young reader's lit and I couldn't really get into it. I wanted to give the author my attention so read the whole thing but found the writing not sophisticated enough -- I think even for young readers. The characters are 16 and 18 but seem much younger, perhaps because the story line keeps them sheltered from reality? Would be intereted in a middle school reading teacher's opinion.

    • Heather says:

      Great book! It was fast paced so there was never a dull moment, I had a hard time putting it down. My favorite part was when Ivory and Aidan were embarrassed to see the other kids in swimming suits. Of course it is understandable with the shelterd life they lead in the institution. I'm definitely going to tell my friends about this book.

    • Sophie says:

      I absolutely loved this book!The love that Ivory and Aidan share is so inspirational and the story line was exciting and creative.The book ended on an exceptionally good note as well (I'm quite fussy when it comes to book endings)!

    • Serenity Rey says:

      The true love experienced by the two main characters and even within the community is undeniable. It's a true testament to the happiness and loyalty that come with loving so unconditionally. This enchanting tale is a must read for the young and old alike.

    • Tfalcone says:


    • Jossie Marie Solheim says:

      An awesome book, that had me hooked from start to finish, this really is a must read, well done Melissa and congrats on your first published novel ((((((((hugs))))))))

    • Xperfumex says:

      beginning was good. but half way was just like wtf

    • Juliet C. says:

      A friend and lovely all around person wrote this book so read it!

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