The Gathering

The Gathering The world we know is gone There are no countries states or cities No traditional government police or military only survivors who have created a new world It has been thirteen years since the last

  • Title: The Gathering
  • Author: S.L. Dearing
  • ISBN: 9781453731062
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • The world we know is gone There are no countries, states, or cities No traditional government, police or military only survivors, who have created a new world It has been thirteen years since the last World War and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the old Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains The colony is preparing to host the falThe world we know is gone There are no countries, states, or cities No traditional government, police or military only survivors, who have created a new world It has been thirteen years since the last World War and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the old Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains The colony is preparing to host the fall Gathering Every six months, the Gathering occurs A ten day celebration to remember the past, as well as reconnect with old friends, and family, but just as the festivities begin, people begin to experience strange things they can t explain strange creatures in the forest, unseen forces attacking several guests, and the arrival of the ravens When they receive news of a horrific massacre at a neighboring village, they realize they must face an impending darkness that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must face this malevolent force alongside her oldest and dearest friends The fate of her people, the lives of her children, and freedom itself hang in the balance Will she have the courage to do what must be done and at what price This is the beginning of a journey that will change all of their lives forever The Gathering Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles is the first in a new Paranormal, Fantasy, and Adventure Series This book contains adult situations and is intended for a mature audience.
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      228 S.L. Dearing
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    • Kitty Chatfou says:

      "THE GATHERING" BY S.L. DEARINGIt finally happened, World War III tore the everything apart and once it was over the survivors have been forced to pull together where they could and rebuild the world into colonies. The village of Lia Fail is the largest colony with its own queen and is settled in the Hollywood area of the Santa Monica Mountains. It has been thirteen years since the war's end and the time for the Gathering has come again. As the colonies far and wide prepare to travel to Lia Fail [...]

    • Mary says:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.This is a story set in future of what was once the state of California. After the War and the years following it, villages rose from the ashes reminicent of the castle and keeps of the middle ages. For safety, each village built walls around itself to protect their citizens and maintain soldiers to protect them. Each village is self-sufficient but come together every six months for "The Gathering" - a ten day span to visit w [...]

    • Brenda Perlin says:

      There was a tremendous build up that kept me in great suspense. I was dying to know what bad thing was going to happen but I knew I had to be patient and wait. The characters were life-like and interesting. I was pulled in from the very first pages of this spell binding story.The writing was easy to follow and flowed well. I was entertained and at the same time impatient to know where this mysterious tale was leading. There was true life heartfelt emotion that tugged on my heartstrings and at t [...]

    • Kristy Griffin says:

      This book starts with lots of character information (very important), but I promise you need to keep reading! I loved the emotional roller coaster ride that S.L. Dearing took me on. I can not wait for the next installment of this must read series.

    • Magen McMinimy says:

      Amazing… not sure it’s a strong enough word for this book.I have read a lot of great books this year, some were even fantastic. However the depths that Dearing creates in this book is beyond all of that. I can only think of one other book that put me through all the emotions as this one did. That book would Burden of Sisyphus, but they are polar opposites in genre, however both had me crying, laughing and screaming at the pages from time to time.Starting out I was a bit overwhelmed by the am [...]

    • Celsey Seivert says:

      I received this book for an honest reviewThis story was an amazing roller coaster. I laughed, cried, cringed everything. I do have to admit it does seem like a long story because there is 100+ chapters but that is because the chapters are short so dont let that run you off. Another thing is at the beginning you get introduced to a lot of people dont worry if you can not keep up with everyone all at once it will all come together the further you get in.This story is about a huge war that hit and [...]

    • Brandy Rivers says:

      This book is epic. There are a lot of characters, and a lot going on, but it's all weaves together beautifully. It's not any one genre but it shows a world torn apart by war and reawakened by magic. Normally I would go into characters and things I love, but there is so much I love.It did take me a little while to get into the book, mostly because I was trying to piece together who went where, but once I Had that figured, I couldn't stop. The story is great, it spans a huge cast. There are magica [...]

    • Novel Grounds says:

      This book. I have had to sit a few days to get myself together and find words to describe how I truly loved this book. It was the first book to make me cry in public, with no change at not, in a long while. I mean how could one NOT cry at that point in the book? It was heartbreaking and emotional and Just *GAH* I felt for the other characters. This is THAT type of a story.I will admit in the beginning it is a little hard to keep up with the mass of characters you meet, and I did find myself refe [...]

    • Sarah Cradit says:

      I've had The Gathering on my "to read" pile for some time, but waited to sit down and read it until I could take the time to really invest in the story. I'm glad I waited, and equally glad I found the time to do it. The Gathering is well worth the investment.This is not your light, fluffy bathroom read. It will take your time, and your commitment, but I promise: you won't regret it. In the vein of Tolstoy in War and Peace (who created over 500 unique characters!), Dearing presents us with a larg [...]

    • Katie Harder-schauer says:

      If you took Divergent, A Game of Thrones, and The Stand and smushed them together, you would get The Gathering. I happened to be a big fan of all three of those books, so this was just awesome. Like A Game of Thrones, The Gathering has a large cast of characters that can be a little hard to keep track of, especially because we meet almost all of them very early on. However, there is a handy glossary of characters at the end of the book to help you out with that (also like A Game of Thrones.) and [...]

    • Michael Loring says:

      The Gathering is the first in Author S.L. Dearing’s Lia Fail Chronicles. Set in a post apocalyptic world where World War 3 has decimated our way of life and brought us back to medieval times, pockets of humanity have formed colonies in order to survive. It’s been thirteen years since the end of the current world, so the colonies have become very sufficient in their survival, but now a new evil is rising and threatening the colony of Lia Fail and its queen, Alia Stark.The Gathering is a time [...]

    • Joy Whiteside says:

      This was an incredible read that once I started I could not put down.The pace the story moved along was the perfect speed, not to fast and not to slow. The characters were amazing and you could not help but fall in love with them and the story sucked you in and did not let go until the very end.S.L. Dearing is an incredible author and I am going to definitely read more of her books in the future.

    • Penelope Bartotto says:

      Sometimes a book comes along that you stumble through the first few chapters, you may even start to consider not finishing it, and then wham it starts zooming along with adventure and you're hooked. This book is one of those. I am a reader who sets a number of pages that I will read before I put a book down and come back to it later, and if when I try again I still cannot get into it chances are it goes in the just not readable pile, and receives a Grade F. My apologies to the author that her bo [...]

    • Kathleen Kelly says:

      The Gathering is a big book that grabs you right from the beginning and doesn't let go until the end. The novel tells of the aftermath and survival after the third world war in what was once the Santa Monica Valley. There are similarities between this world and our own but it is reminiscent of the old west of California. The Gathering is a once yearly event where the people from other colonies get together for weddings/ handfasting and just to visit. Into this gathering comes evil where the peop [...]

    • Tonya says:

      How can you go wrong when unicorns are in a book? Really, you can't! I absolutely loved this book. Shannon is an amazing writer. It was kind of confusing at the beginning with all of the characters that were being introduced in the story. But, as the story continues, each develop a great story line and all of the story lines weave together great. It's a story about family and friends and the love that they have for each other and how they all come together every 6 months for a 10 day gathering, [...]

    • Pamela says:

      AWESOME READ!!! Oh my I really don't know what to say about this book I loved reading it I really couldn't put it down Let's just saywith all the different Religion in this book it may help everyone understand more about it especially Paganism/Wiccan since alot of people assume pagan/wiccan is nothing but evil you must read it

    • Janeen says:

      All I can say about this amazing book, is it has a bit of everything in it for everyone. It will take you on a spectacular journey into the future while giving you some of what I feel is the romance of the past. The best thing I can tell you get the bookab a bottle of wined settle in for a wonderful adventure.

    • Natalie says:

      "The Gathering" by S.L. Dearing SynopsisThirteen years after the last world war, the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. The village is making ready for the fall Gathering, where the other colonies from various parts of what was once Southern California visit for ten days of fun and reminiscence. What begins as a normal Gathering, soon changes as the people of Lia Fail begin to see magic around them. Then they receive news of a horrifi [...]

    • Nicole says:

      S.L. Dearing put a book together that is definitely a different point of view on the world. It's something that you can get into and fall in love with the characters. While there are many different ones, it's easy to fall in love with them.After the war, villages start for people to seek shelter and be around those that they have common beliefs with. Every six months, a village hosts The Gathering for every village to come together and trade with as well as visit with their friends and family. W [...]

    • Raquel says:

      I received a free copy for an honest review.The Gathering is set in post-apocalyptic Santa Monica. The survivors, living in colonies based on religious beliefs, travel to Lia Fail every six months to attend what I consider to be the equivalent of a fair to remember lost ones and allow everyone an opportunity to catch up on news. It also serves as the backdrop for the numerous romances that take place in this story. It is a happy time for everyone, but a sinister plot from an unseen enemy threate [...]

    • Sheila Ryals says:

      This book has a bit of everything and I mean everything! It is a Urban, Fantasy, Romance, with some erotica! Need to be over 17 to read this!!! The gathering is in a post apopoleptic world. This book does have violence in a sexual nature as well. Normally that bugs me, it did but it fit the storyline. The characters and there are a lot of them. are very well put together. It did take me a little bit to get into it with all the romance in the air with the children. Once we got past all that I was [...]

    • April says:

      This book is so freaking amazing!! I loved every minute of this book. Alia Stark is such a great female lead character she is smart, strong, independent, and loving mother. This is a must read book!!

    • S Hinchcliffe says:

      loved this bookeat read.I'd say this is very much a must read, for a fascinating socio-political outlook on today's society.

    • Sadie Yates says:

      I enjoyed my entire journey with these characters as I read. It was a fun quick read. I am excited to see how the journey continues in her books to come.

    • Aoife Sheridan says:

      I enjoyed this story. The characters where funny and likable. It was a fun and easy read. I am looking forward to seeing how the journey continues in the second book.

    • Kayla Eklund says:

      *Note: This is my husband, Seth's, review as he is helping me with my gigantic review pile.*I would like to say that I gave this book a lot of effort. I kept coming back to it in order to finish it. But each time I picked it up to read, it failed to grab me and pull me into the hole in the page that transports me into the story. I ended up only getting about one hundred pages into it and could go no further with it. I did not finish reading it. The characters were lacking in development from pag [...]

    • Marsha says:

      The Gathering by S.L. Dearing is a very well written book about our future. It is not, however, sci-fi, but more of a magical back to basics. I was a bit daunted by the size of the book, but was so engrossed that it took me less than two days to read. The characters are consistent and so very lovable. The story line is so full of plot twists and turns, it is like a roller coaster. Loved the fight scenes. Really, just a awful lot of fantastic stuff going on in this book. Don't miss your change to [...]

    • Joood Hooligan says:

      I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This story was quite different from anything else I've ever read. There were so many characters, and they each were important and with their own story. Sometimes I found myself having to think back and remember who each character was. Although there is a glossary of characters, looking back on a kindle isn't the easiest of things.It starts out slowly, allowing you a chance to get used to each of the characters, so you can form a bo [...]

    • Crystal w says:

      Well this book was really good. It takes place after a major war and there are so many communities left and each has their own religion and territory. They all get together every six months for a week. The book follows the main character Alia who has 10 kids. She runs on of the territories, the one that has the Gathering every six months. This book keeps you on your toes and is a long book. I loved it, there is a community that is just pure evil and is going after them for something. They all ar [...]

    • Claire Thake says:

      The Gathering has been one of those books I've had on my tbr list for a while that I was interested in reading, so getting the chance to review it I jumped in with both feet and I wasn't disappointed!Although at first I found the book different to what I had imagined, and it seemed to make me think a lot of Games of Thones. I felt a lot of characters where introduced rather quickly and sometimes I found myself getting lost as to who was who, which I was concerned about at first but it all fell i [...]

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