A Married Man

A Married Man Widowed four years ago London antiques dealer Lucy Fellowes was plunged into single motherhood with two growing boys Since then she s had little time or inclination to think straight much less fall

  • Title: A Married Man
  • Author: Catherine Alliott
  • ISBN: 9780345462800
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Widowed four years ago, London antiques dealer Lucy Fellowes was plunged into single motherhood with two growing boys Since then, she s had little time or inclination to think straight, much less fall in love again Now, she s been offered an incredible dream house in the country Of course, accepting means having to cope with her domineering mother in law, her husband sWidowed four years ago, London antiques dealer Lucy Fellowes was plunged into single motherhood with two growing boys Since then, she s had little time or inclination to think straight, much less fall in love again Now, she s been offered an incredible dream house in the country Of course, accepting means having to cope with her domineering mother in law, her husband s wacky family, and all their assorted scandals But suddenly, none of it matters Because she s met HIM His name is Charles he s a famous television writer, gorgeous, witty, charming, and very, very attracted to her And, he s married Well, a woman can t have everything Or can she In this delightfully sexy, amusing romp through mishap and desire, Catherine Alliott hits the shores of America with a romantic comedy of manners and unexpected passion in which her plucky heroine discovers that despite her best intentions, love has a plan all its own
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    • Saleh MoonWalker says:

      Onvan : A Married Man - Nevisande : Catherine Alliott - ISBN : 345462807 - ISBN13 : 9780345462800 - Dar 416 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2002

    • Merryb says:

      I hated this book.The characters are a parade of grossly exaggerated and at the same time shallow caricatures. We have manipulative Rose, lecherous Archie, gin swilling Lavinia, drippy Hector and a couple of batty aunts too, all acting in ways which are totally unrealistic. The plot too is totally implausible and at the same time contains huge inconsistencies. (Just try and work out how old Lucy is). We are asked to believe that the intelligent Oxford-educated thirty-something Lucy with two youn [...]

    • Edem Onofeghara says:

      I actually liked this book. I chose it because of the title. I was curious to get another person's take on what it is that makes some women go for married men and what it is that makes some married men stray. At the end of the day, it's the same thing isn't it.ople's selfish desires. Wanting what you can't have and making excuses for it. Still I found this single parent's attempts at conducting an affair to be so amusing.

    • Redfox5 says:

      Bit of a slow start, the whole book could have done with being slightly shorter but the second half of the book more than makes up for it. Lucy is the kind of character where you want to hold your head in your hands and say "did she just do that!? yes, yes she did". This book made me laugh out loud, and the plot does evolve throughout the book. It's not about 'A Married Man' as much as you think it would be, given the books title. One for chick-lit fans.

    • Stephanie says:

      I really enjoy Alliot's work and I'm not sure how I found her! She writes chick lit, so it's not very "literary", but I enjoy her writing style immensely. She's english, so I'm predisposed to her style already, contemporary, humourous - if you are fan of Marian Keyes book, then you'll like it. I like her writing far better than Sophie Kinsella's books.

    • CLM says:

      Entertaining chick lit about a young widow trying to rebuild her life; worthy of 3 1/2 stars due to some original plot twists.

    • Bev Taylor says:

      lucy lost her husband 4 years ago and is only now coming to terms with it and bringing up her 2 young sons then she is offered a lifeline - the offer of accommodation in a converted barn on a large country estate in oxon with all bills pad plus the school fees for the boys and babysitting when required. even so, she feels she needs a job - part time - just to fell that but back in control h/e the estate belongs to her husband's family, an eccentric family to put in mildly and wildly at odds with [...]

    • Nicola Richardson says:


    • Kathleen says:

      Interruptions from my life prevented me from reading this book as quickly as I wanted. Alliott is a skillful writer with more depth than the book jacket reflects. Populated by some eccentric/non-traditional characters, the “heroine,” a widow of four years and an antique dealer, drew me in and kept me rooting for her even when she disappointed me. I admired her honesty about the challenges of her loss, her loneliness, and raising two little boys. Her friends, a diverse group, whose support ha [...]

    • Ivana says:

      It's kind of hard to write anything about this book. Because I didn't hate it, there were parts I really liked, and found well written and interesting. But then there were parts were I was sooo annoyed by it, it made me almost drop the book and not torture myself anymore. My biggest problem with the book was I liked every other character more than the main character. I personally have to relate with the main character, feel sth. for her in order to truly get into a certain book. Here, mostly I [...]

    • Bettie☯ says:

      [image error]Mopping mp3This is an unabridged version running for 16 hours. Read by Suzy AitchisonSummary - Widowed four years ago, London antiques specialist Lucy Fellowes was plunged into single motherhood with two growing boys. Since then, she's had little time - or inclination - to think straight, much less fall in love again. Now, she's been offered an incredible dream house in the country. Of course, accepting means having to cope with her domineering mother-in-law, her husband's wacky fam [...]

    • V.L. Locey says:

      At first I was really enjoying the book. The humor was slapstick in places and quite funny. Then we got to the ending and it felt as if the author was rushed and threw together a rather iffy reasoning for the plot twists that just didn`t work. I had some real trouble with liking the leading lady as the book went on as well. Her penchant for running off to chase a married man and leaving her two sons alone didn`t sit well. And then after nearly losing the boys to Social Services ( or the equivila [...]

    • Vandrion says:

      Lucy is a widow with 2 young boys. She moves to live with her crazy-rich in-laws who are a little on the odd side, the mother-in-law a complete control freak. Every chapter ends with the beginning of something else, so if you like to sit down to read thinking "I'll just read until chapter 3", then find a new strategy because you'll be itching for more at the end of each chapter!Probably one of the best books I've ever read.

    • Michele says:

      I laughed out loud at points throughout this book at some of Lucy's travails. It was a good read, but unfortunately, the last part of the book just didn't capture my attention anymore. I can't say exactly whyybe the plot line just didn't seem plausible anymore. The ending just seemed rushed, like the author was trying to come to a good conclusion quickly. That's the only reason I didn't give it four stars. All in all, a good book, with some characters you felt you really could sit and enjoy a 'c [...]

    • Jo Rothbaum says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this for a bit of beach head candy.Lucy the widowed mother of two finds her mojo after 4 years of a bitter longing for her dead husband. The first part of the book seems all too predictable and I started to wish for it all to end then a twist and Alliot gets you by the short and curlies till you finish the book. Although a bit of a formula for Alliot the story was really funny and although I can't believe that a tiny blonde chick thinks she is so undesirable she muddles thro [...]

    • Aileen says:

      Lucy Fellowes is a widow she has 2 children and when she has the offerfrom her in-laws to move from London to Chandlers Barn in Oxfordshire, she jumps at the chance, things have been hard for her money has been tight, they also offer to pay for Ben and Max’s education. She can see Charlie Fletcher he is very good looking and gets her pulse racing, however there is a small problem what can it be?I quite enjoyed this book it was a bit sad at times, and a bit slow, an Ok read.

    • Nina Draganova says:

      Толкова добре ми е, когато пренеса духа си в идилично описаната английска природа.Понякога докато чета , използвам съвременните технологии и намирам описаните места , за да усетя в детайли, това за което става дума.Разбира се , на пръв поглед "лековатите" и забавни книги на К [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Although this book started out cute, the heroine quickly became irritating, with hardly one likeable thing about her. The dialogue seemed very self-consciously British, with words like"sodding" and"bloody" on every page. Lucy also seemed to have a terrible relationship with her children.I would not even have finished this book, but I was on an airplane and it was the only thing I had.

    • Heidi says:

      I started reading this book a chapter at a time, usually before bed. It was an enjoyable read. However, last night, when I got to the finalejust couldn't put it down! They say that fairy tales don't exist anymore but who the hell are they anyway? This was a modern-day fairy tale with all of the angst, hope and love thrown in. I would highly recommend it. Be sure to stick with it until the end.

    • Terena says:

      Catherine Alliott writes excellent fast-paced farcical stories - the characters were complete horror stereotypes of upper class folk, but there was a serious twist to the end of it which made it both funny and shocking at the same time. OK, so it isn't going to win any prizes for originality or great literature, but I liked it!

    • Sheryl says:

      slow start, but then it took off! I could not believe the turn of events. Charlie turned out to be a twit. Who saw Jack sitting in the wings to save the dayww!! And Grandma?! WTH? Good lord, that is one CRAZY lady to go to those lengths to get her grandkidsd look what you went and didgone and got yourself killed! My oh my!

    • Cynthia Conley says:

      The book was great! The whole time I was hoping Lucy would end up with Jack. I had a feeling that there was something up with Charlie. I mean, he said he loves her after only knowing her a few days. REALLY??!! But with everything he's endured, I actually felt sorry for him. And Rosewow! What a CRAZY woman! I highly recommend this book!!

    • Cristi says:

      It was a good read until she started leaving her kids everyday with a nanny, chasing after the married man. And, then even after she has a near miss of having her kids taken from her by CPS, she turns right around and leaves them again to chase after another man. Kind of turned me off the character at that point.

    • Stacey says:

      I picked up this book at a thrift store, and intended to have it as a summer read due to its 567 page volume. Wrong, so wrong. I devoured it in two days, I couldn't tear myself away from it for more than a few hours. This book had everything to love from clever and witty laugh-out- loud moments to a perfectly romantic ending!

    • penelopewanders says:

      This is quite a roller coaster of a story, with the reference to Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca made by the narrator An interesting perspective on grief. This is the second I've read by this author, and although I wouldn't call it a relaxing read, it was certainly a page turner.

    • Dimples88 says:

      This author is one of my favorites. I love all her books that I've read. I really like this one too. There are some really big twists in the book, many of which u don't expect at all. Some sad stuff happens, but there's quite a happy ending. :) Really great book! Highly recommended

    • Tracy says:

      I allegedly read this. I recall nothing.

    • Kelly says:

      Light, good for the beach.

    • Lisa Trup says:

      Enjoyed this book thoroughly, obvious ending but very well done.

    • Dawn Stanton says:

      sweet and predictablelove, loss, and the English countrysided of course, a happy ending.

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